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Always in the mood. I like to have guns all over my fantasy. I've amassed several products revolving around firearms over time, but it's been a bit since I relentlessly perused 3PP. Also wondering if there are any products that don't specifically sell themselves as firearms supplements but nonetheless contain much in the way of firearms content.

As of now, I have:

Class Acts: Gunslingers

The Secrets of the Gunslinger

Ultimate Options: Grit and Gunslingers

New Paths Compendium

Anachronistic Adventures

Super Genius Presents: A Brace of Pistols

Northern Crown: New World Adventures

Pulpfinder: Fantasy Adventure in the Roaring 20s

Pure Steam and Westbound

Grand Lodge

There is an older book called Sorcery and Steam for DnD 3rd edition. Since the book is about turning your game into a Steam Punk adventure it has rules for guns, cannons, bombs, and alchemical gun powders. But it also has a bunch of other cool toys to add.

Silver Crusade

Gunslingers of Porphyra includes a few gun mods and alternative construction material for firearms, plus gunslinger stuff.

The Deadeye Hexer from Legendary Games doesn't expand on firearms, but it is a hybrid gunslinger/witch class.

Scarab Sages

The 2nd-Edition Player's Handbook includes rules for an arquebus - a pain to use and maintain, but with a "cascading dice" effect in the event of maximum (on 1d10) damage rolls. That might be interesting to bring back in some fashion.

Fantasy Firearms.

Flying Pincushion has some awesome options, the Gungineer not the least of them. Into the Breach: The Gunslinger.

Freeport: The City of Adventure (Green Ronin Publishing) has some new firearms as well as a few archetypes available to gunslingers. That's a fairly small part of a HUGE book, however, so might not be worth the price ($75 print, $30 PDF) if that's all you want from it. (The setting as a whole, however, definitely is worth it. But I'm a little biased.)

Pathfinder Short Cuts: Magic Firearms of Freeport (PDF, Green Ronin Publishing), on the other hand, is short and sweet, and only $2.95.

Add to that list Fat Goblin Games' Call to Arms: Firearms and CtA: Fireworks. They collate and expand upon the options. The Player's Guide to Vathak (a monstrous, amazing tome) also has a VERY big firearm chapter.

Rhune has some additional options for smoke from gunfire, recoil, the affect on mounts. Guns are a serious part of the setting.


Spiros Blaak is a 3.5 campaign setting with firearms and firearms rules.

Ptolus by Malhavoc Press is a big 3.5 setting as well with some firearms and firearm rules.

En Arsenal Pistols is a short 3.5 sourcebook on firearms.

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