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Liz Courts wrote:

Technological elements (not elemental, sheesh, more coffee required) have been in the setting since the beginning

Nice one !

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Cthulhudrew wrote:

I'd caution against completely boycotting the company and its products just because a particular portion of what they're doing isn't for you; if you've enjoyed much of what else you've been buying, it doesn't seem logical to me to suddenly stop buying everything because you don't like the Iron Gods AP.

You might also find yourself surprised by what you get. I know I had considered suspending my subscription through the Mummy's Mask AP, because it didn't sound terribly interesting to me, but I'm glad I stuck with it, because so far I've enjoyed the heck out of what Paizo and its designers have done with it.

Thanks, but I don't think I'll be surprised at all. I'm roleplaying since 1985 and I know what to expect from such an Adventure Path.

And I'm not boycotting Paizo. If anything I'm boycotting WotC. :o)

After all this is a well done system, superb Artwork and reeeally nice Face Cards - an Idea I credit this company with.

I do what some of you said above - I give my opinion.
I'm concerned, I don't like the direction and I state it.
I guess I will cancel my subscriptions after the Mummy's Mask AP. (The Comics Subscription for the insanely bad Subscribers exclusive Covers)

I don't know if I will ever subscribe again, after all I'm also a collector and there will be a gap now I'm NOT willing to fill.

I sure enjoyed Pathfinder up to now, it's just that the hiccups are getting worse if you ask me (Hello, James Jacobs ! It's your watch !) and I will maybe just watch from a distance for a while. I know it's not easy for a company to stay afloat today, but the constant "Next Edition" of virtually every other System up to now is nothing that keeps customers. I applaud Paizo in that regard that it keeps by it's Rule-System and supported for that reason alone with much-needed money.
A different setting for this and I would have just shrugged it off and kept going. But I fear more plots being twisted the Sci-Fi way from now on and I won't support that.

Well then - Opinion stated. I hope it helps.

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Auxmaulous wrote:

Good luck with whatever you do and hopefully your time away will get you content that you like and can use.

Thank you for your understanding !

Have fun !

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Heine Stick wrote:

Paizo caters to a wide variety of gamers. Some like Egyptian-themed adventures, others don't. Some like planet-hopping, others don't. Some like gothic horror, others don't. Some like tech in their fantasy, others don't. Personally I think Paizo's doing an admirable job satisfying the tastes of all those many gamers with an insane range of likes and dislikes. Science-fantasy's up come August, but after that it's something else.

So, if you hate tech in your fantasy, unsubscribe for 6 months, then come back if you feel the next adventure path is more to your liking. Paizo's absolutely cool with that.

Umm - no, that's not completely the point for me here. It's the direction per se I'm not cool with.

You see - for example I really liked Reign of Winter, Nice Theme in the North, Ice Witch, Barbarians and all, Good Story, nice Art, Fantasy Opportunities - I WANT to GM this. And then the whole AP died with Earth/Rasputins appearance IN-A-HEARTBEAT.
In Children of the Void there was a first small taste of this inclusion of SciFi in Fantasy, and in Iron Gods it's now completely included so that I expect this now to happen more often than I'm willing to take a look at.

I made the immediate Jump from D&D to PFRPG, just to support the old Dragon-Magazine Crew and because the Product was of good quality, but this direction is NOT satisfying for me!
I understand the cartering to different tastes, and as long as it's _based_ in the Fantasy Setting to be ignored at my leisure, I can work around it.

But that is not it at all. You expand from Fantasy to guns to tech. That's ok from a GURPS-perspective. But I didn't expect Golarion to be Generic for everything. I expect Golarion to be a Fantasy Setting with all it's diffent tastes, Mummys, Vampires, Pirates and all. And all those fit together. Sci-Fi is a completely different beast.
If I want GURPS, I play GURPS. I do. Or Babylon 5 RPG for that matter. I've got no problem with Sci-Fi. I have a Problem with Sci-Fi in my Fantasy Setting and the increasing appearance of it.
I really am disappointed.

I guess I will have to take a look at Rolemaster again, or some other Fantasy System. God knows my book shelves are full of them... I might even look at the new D&D, though I despise giving WotC another $.

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Well, not to fall in on the parade ....
But I'm not excited at all.
Quite on the contrary - I'm pondering stopping my subscriptions because of this ...
I do not want Tech in my Fantasy World - and the only way to not be pestered by in for half a year in my mailbox is to stop my subscription!
I'll ponder this for the next two Months, but it is REALLY turning me off.
Children of the Void was a close call, Winter Reign a disappointment, but it was ignorable. This is not my kind a RPG and there are other RPGs that won't go the "Eberron" way.
I've got about absolutely everything up to now, but ... No ! Thanks, but no. If your Ideas end at "Tech rained from the skies" then that's the end for me. This should be after all a Fantasy Setting.
Every time a "D&D" RPG comes at a certain point, it answers with introducing Tech, and that's usually close to the end of it. Dark Sun/Spelljammer AD&D, Eberron D&D ...
Make it optional, make it it's own line - ok. But this is not for me and if there will be a 6-month gap, I can also stop with what I have.
Sorry to see it go this way, I'd have liked to see more "Fantasy" Adventure Paths, but really - NO !

Just my 2 cents.

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Shawn S. wrote:

I don't think this is as difficult as you think. Even a monster with unlimited SR can voluntarily allow any spell to be cast on them. Any worn item or armour uses its wearer's saving throws and a person can voluntarily fail a save.

Now if the person became dominated or possessed then you would have another concern. ;)


I don't think it's that easy.

Yes, without a combat situation - ok.

But in a combat surrounded by anti-magic armour you can't make the armour work selectively or not (as might be the case by natural SR).

Either it works (it does!) and then it's restrictions apply to enemy and friedly fire or not...

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Just wanted to say "Thank you !" for the conversions.

They come in real handy and right now I'm in the Middle of GMing Armageddon Echo and having fun. Part of that is because of your work.

Thanks !

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Just one Question - is the size of the box so that I can shelter my Player Companions in it ... ;o)

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Thank you very much - this is a great help !

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Well, I see it this way :

1. Worldwound, lot's of demons and combat and artifacts
2. Varisia, a plot involving the nomadic tribes ...
3. Linnorm Kings/Vikings, a quest by sea along the shores ?
4. A religious Quest for a Iomedae or Desna-Cleric and his friends ...
5. Retaking of a Dwarven Citadel
6. Osirion, some rather unfriendly cults ...

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Simonutti Pierre wrote:

Here is a map fo the escape of Depora.

WIP close to final if not final

Just to share and have comments to improve/adjust the map!

Thanks for the effort !

That will surely be a help for me.

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Akari Skullseeker wrote:
We have just started the war against the dark ones in Celwynvian. Interesting question came up last night. As it is more difficult to cast spells against those wearing noquil armor, how does the friendly cleric cast cure spells or buff spells on the dwarves fighter in noquil full plate? We didn't have an official answer so we made it up. We decided the caster needed to make a spell craft check with the DC of 10 + spell level + 2. If the an official ruling on this?

I'd really like to know if there is an official wording for this problem ...

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Thank you very much !

Those are awesome and come in really handy !

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Tharen the Damned wrote:
Will Paizo be at the Spiel 2011 in Essen, Germany?

Interesting Question, That !

Since I'm there Sat - Sun I'd like to know that, too.

Thanks !

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Playing Final German Pathfinder Rules :

Well, we are nearing the End of "Shadows in the Sky", all are Mid-Level 3. I skipped some parts and included some of my own, since the group originally should have been a Forgotten Realms D&D3 Group and I had already planned some parts when the Pathfinder Rules & Second Darkness hit us.
Saul was slain by the Raid, the Gold Goblin was theirs for a short while, but they were held responsible for Saul's Death by a NPC that set them up and they traded the Ownership to Cromarcky to "be proven innocent" ...
All that's missing right now is Depora herself, the tunnels below are half explored and I'm eagerly awaiting their reactions to the drow ...
They still have no real clue that there might be an additional party involved in this ...

Cassandra - Female Human Cleric of Desna
Eichenblatt - Male Wild Elf Rogue
Emilio - Male Human *shh* still secret to the rest of the group ..., but definitely magic abilities ...
Fenrir - Male Human Fighter (from the Northern Lands)
Tharen - Male Elf Mage

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Just to give some Feedback :

I also expected more "prophecy" Abilities for the Oracle and were a bit disappointed - it's basically a cleric variant with no spells of it's own.

I hoped for some Divination, clairvoyance, fate and Prophecy spells or powers unique to them.

Heck - you could even throw in some Equilibrium Combat Powers of seeing the enemy act before he acts (which is actually close to the 1st Level cleric Spell "Guidance").

I really were intrigued by the Oracle class and the Possibilities for the GM of planting hints via dreams or visions.

Ever considered getting a vision in the midst of battle triggered by an unsuccessful Crit Threat followed by a Will Save?

I also think WIS would have been the better Base Attribute.

So - that's my opinion.

I'll try a Druid 1/Oracle 1 on a Con near me this Weekend.

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Thank you !

I really appreciate this !

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I'd really be interested what's the official Stance on this.
Do PC Elves know about the Drow Problem ?

I do have two Elves in my party and am just starting to play this AP.
One is a Wild Elf from the Expanse and so I guess has no Knowledge, but the other is from a Elf City in the Area - he might know or suspect it.
Up to now I have them both oblivious to the fact.