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ArenCordial wrote:

I'm curious Sean, what's the designers feel at Paizo right now on the Slayer?

Is it considered done or are you guys debating adding certain things?

Also curious! I'm hoping for an update on many of the other classes soon as well.

I'm sure they're tirelessly plugging away at things--but it'd be cool to hear about what directions they're leaning towards.

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I think "advanced" is more related to the concept of the classes.

Fighting guy - basic concept
Sneaky Guy - basic concept
SneakyFighting Guy - slightly more complex.

And I for one am always in favor of non-magic using classes. I think they still have plenty of design space.

I for one wanted a class that could once per rage heighten D6's to D8's, (or even to D10's!)Or increase save DC's because he was so angry. Change save types because he was so angry. Increase the number of dice rolled because he was so angry.

A guy who could make Detonate the go-to-spell. Hurting myself with AoE is a-okay cause it hurts you too.

Increase the amount of damage based on proximity.

A class ability that would let him deal a natural attack's damage at range. (Because he's so angry).

I wanted a caster that worked out of pure rage. And I wanted that to be reflected in the class abilities.

A true Khornite caster.

I wanted Evocation to be given a second life, and a prime-time spot with this Sith of a caster.

Heladriell wrote:
Stephen Radney-MacFarland wrote:
Rynjin wrote:
Wait, I thought there was ALREADY a Talent to reduce Inspiration for attack rolls to a single use instead of two?
There is. I believe the argument is to get rid of that talent or modify it and to make that talent's inspiration cost for attack rolls the default.

Why don't we do this:

Inspired Strike(Ex): When the Investigator hits a target with a melee attack he may spend an inspiration point. If he does so, he adds 1d6 extra damage. This damage increases to 2d6 at 3rd level and adds another d6 every two levels after. If the investigator is attacking with a weapon he's proficient, he may also add his INT bonus.

This would make a damage source balanced with the alchemist's, and give the investigator better usefulness in combat.

I like that!

(I assume the INT bonus doesn't multiply on a crit) I'd like it even more if the extra damage was classified as an insight bonus.

SmiloDan wrote:

I think the swashbuckler should tie extra damage to moving. Like the 3.5 scout's Skirmish ability. For example, maybe they should only get Precise Strike damage if they move 10 or more feet prior to the attack roll.

This would also synergize well with high Dex builds, since the SB would need to use Acrobatics to tumble to avoid AoOs for moving.

I like the idea of being rewarded for movement on the battlefield (same goes for fighting multiple opponents). But I wouldn't want it to become a "must do" and have it end up denying you full attacks.

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Just wanted to bring up some comments Google made which I largely agreed with wholeheartedly. Mostly that it's in this section I feel the class needs a large amount of work.

Googleshng wrote:

Derring-do: Not worth paying for the way panache works. I'd be fine dropping it, it'd be neat if it was always on with a panache in reserve.

I agree, I'd basically never use it. The only situation I can see coming up is if I needed to use Escape Artist to get out of some kind of grapple wherein my CMB wouldn't cut it. Panache is currently too important for my damage for me to waste out of combat on skills. I like the idea of exploding dice however.

Googleshng wrote:
Dodging Panache: It's incredibly rare that you can find a use for it, but it is good when it comes up... at very low levels when you have nothing better to do with your panache. Upgrade the movement to 10' at level 7, or just in general even, and it's worth keeping.

Agree with the bold section. It allows her to occasionally avoid full attacks, (of course not if the monster has reach, or step-up type feats). Even if it didn't interrupt full attacks, by being more than a simple 5' step it still provides possible respite for next turn's potential full attack.

And we've also just added to her mobility in combat.

Googleshng wrote:

Parry/Riposte: Needs to come later because it's too much dip-bait as is, and I still think you should only be able to do it on something that will hit you. As is it's a no brainer to blow every point of free panache you get on it. If you couldn't do so basically every round, it'd be risky to horde for it and you'd look around.

I like this move a lot. Perhaps level 3 is a more appropriate time to get it. I agree that it should only be usable if something is indeed going to hit you. That makes sense to me fluff-wise and mechanically.

This is the primary use of Panache, and Immediate Actions (the Riposte).

Googleshng wrote:

Kip-Up: Perfect as it is and where it is.

Adds mobility, and combat usefulness... a static benefit and at a cost a better one. Sounds good.

Googleshng wrote:

Menacing Swordplay: Does it really need to be a swift? Can we just have it once a round, after dealing damage? It's a minor and obscure enough mechanic to be easily forgotten even then, and with all the demand on swifts, it becomes real hard to remember you can do it on rounds you aren't spending panache. I could also see just dropping it, if you want to do this, there's a feat.

I've never personally cared about demoralizing my foes in combat. I'm definitely not spending a swift action on it (which could be instead free damage with a riposte, or enhanced Precise Strike). Like he mentioned, there's a series of feats for this. Why waste class design space?

Googleshng wrote:

Precise Strike: Enough with the weird half-measure approach. Stick it at level 1, drop the panache spending, let it crit normally. Just don't call it precision damage and tada. As written it is a very hard to detect trap which effectively locks you out of every other deed with no real benefit.

I like Precise Strike's first paragraph. In a nutshell I agree.

Googleshng wrote:

Swashbuckler's Initiative: Drop it and free up a slot for something good. Gunslingers benefit because they get to make a ranged full attack against an AC of 10 in round 1 if they go first. Swashbucklers just get to... move out of range of the wizard casting haste on everyone.

I understand why it's here. I'm not against it from a flavor standpoint, but in practical applications it isn't terribly useful. What if this just became an increase to base move speed?

Googleshng wrote:

Superior Feint: Drop it. It's basically a mandatory teamwork feat that wastes your turn.

It's potential utility which I'm not entirely against. I'd only want to use this in very specific occasions however. Maybe if I could just sacrifice a single attack out of a full attack action to do this.

Googleshng wrote:

Targeted Strike: Drop it. The gunslinger version's good for cinematic stuff when someone's way across the room or on a balcony or something. Swashbucklers can just use maneuvers and not waste their whole turn.

I'm not as against this as Google is. I hold staggering, confusing or knocking prone an enemy with no save in very high regard. And it's a shout out to the class' gunslinger routes.

Googleshng wrote:

Bleeding Wound: Perfect, don't change a thing... I'd suggest maybe moving it to 15, but around there it's hard to find things that bleed.

I like it. It's worthy of the Panache point spending, and doesn't gum up our action economy.

Googleshng wrote:

Evasive: Good, but maybe break it up? Seems weird to skip directly to improved Evasion.

Not sure what Google means about "skipping to improved evasion"

Googleshng wrote:

Dizzing Defense: Drop it or maybe give it out at a low level. Really low. It'd be pretty neat at 1 or 3.

I'm still confused about this ability.

Googleshng wrote:

Perfect Thrust: Drop it. This isn't even a case of the gunslinger version working because you have ranged touch attacks. This is nerfing the gunslinger equivalent to the point there is no sane reason you'd ever consider it.

The practical applications of this are very limited. I'd vote to drop it.

Googleshng wrote:

Swashbuckler's Edge: Move it to level 1? Maybe 3? It's neat, but pointless this high up. At level 1, I'd require a panache point to use it though, probably.

I agree that it feels useless at this level. By level 15 the skills that matter to you probably get a bigger bonus than you could roll on the d20.

Googleshng wrote:

Stunning Stab: Redundant, might be OK many levels earlier.

I'd love to see this around levels 7-12.

After reading and participating in several of the other threads, I'm really hoping the Devs/Designers can find a way to extend their timetable (as unlikely as it may be), to allow for another wave of public testing.

Encumbrance aside we still have Save issues, action economy problems, and mobility Issues. Am I forgetting any of the major ones?

Google did point out something interesting which was when you use a 15-20 crit weapon you should be getting a decent amount of panache back.

I second the "remove the crit tax" on precise strike. It negates the panache point earned by criting, and hurts action economy. Granted, as-is it does allow you to apply x2 Precise Strike on non crits as well--which might be kind of neat at levels 5-10...but I'm not sure that's worth it given the potential problems.

Javaed wrote:

I like the theme of an Investigator having followers, but I don't really think they need a talent for it. Especially at early levels such a talent could be pretty powerful, and we already have available feats to help out.

Squire - picked up at level 3 with a dip into another class. Fighter (Lore Warden) would be really tempting.

Leadership - grab it at level 7 like anybody else

Dynasty Founder - the perfect way to start off with your Baker Stree Irregulars.

Really what I would support would be a talent that lets you use Intelligence instead of Charisma when calculating your Leadership Score, or simply one that gives you some bonuses to Leadership.

Someone pointed out "Leadership" can be a dirty word at some tables. I agree.

I was hoping an Investigator side-kick talent-tree/archetype could give some unique uses for the companion (like storing inspiration, or acting as a spell book, or providing daily-re-rolls) that apply in clever ways for the investigator. Not just to improve upon Leadership. Most agree leadership is too powerful unless house ruled appropriately.

There are of course other ways to do it (as you mentioned above)--but if it's class specific we might see even more fun (and balanced) additions to game play.

Throne wrote:

I think I can probably just stop posting, and favourite everything Google says instead.

Best posts throughout the playtest.


SmiloDan wrote:

It is strong, but requires at least 16 Charisma to do once per day (and at least 18 if you don't want to lose all your panache reserve abilities!), or a feat to gain extra panache.

Would 1 point to move, 3 to standard, and 5 to full attack be more balanced? It's basically a once per day (or once per encounter at most) ability.

That's fair enough point about the CHA. We wouldn't see this being used very often.

I've been mulling it over (and had been hoping to see more comments on it from our fellows) but I'm actually okay with it balance wise at 1,2,3.

Particularly because so many abilities require you to have at least 1 Panache. And this is a fighting class. You're supposed to be able to dish out damage.
It's strong, but it feels like an acceptable level of strength.

Reasonable arguments could be made for this being potentially too strong, as I'm sure we'll see. But I sincerely like it.

SmiloDan wrote:

Swashbuckler's Speed (Ex): Beginning at 7th level, as long as the swashbuckler has 1 point of panache, she adds her Charisma modifier to her initiative rolls and increases her base speed by 10 feet. Once per round, she may spend panache points to gain extra actions: 1 point to gain an extra move action, 2 points to gain an extra standard action, or 3 points to gain a full round action.

Gut Reactions:

1 Point for a move seems reasonable.

2 Points for a Standard...Seems strong. Basing it off of other classes Monks and Ninjas for example can spend 1 ki point for an extra attack. This is obviously much better than just an extra attack, as theirs doesn't stack with haste, and is restrictive. But then again our points pool is more limited. So a more finite resource in theory should indeed be given higher value.

3 points for what could be two full attacks in one round? That seems very powerful. Not that I'm against power. But I've just gotten better DPR spread than a TWF of my level. Very strong.

Matrix Dragon wrote:
Malachi Silverclaw wrote:
Vrog Skyreaver wrote:
Malachi Silverclaw wrote:

Re: swift/immediate action bottleneck:-

Dizzying Defense: can someone explain this to me? This ability allows you to fight defensively as a swift action instead of a standard action, but the choice to fight defensively doesn't cost any action at all! It just allows you to fight defensively while attacking or full attacking. Does this ability allow you to attack (defensively) as a swift action? That'd be great! But I don't think that's what they mean! Help me!

Core Rulebook page 184 wrote:
Fighting Defensively as a Standard Action: You can choose to fight defensively when attacking. If you do so, you take a –4 penalty on all attacks in a round to gain a +2 to AC for the same round.
Core Rulebook page 187 wrote:
Fighting Defensively as a Full-Round Action: You can choose to fight defensively when taking a full-attack action. If you do so, you take a –4 penalty on all attacks in a round to gain a +2 dodge bonus to AC for the same round.
as you can see, fighting defensively is not a great answer, and RAW doesn't all you to use it on quite a few different things, including combat maneuvers.
My point is that if you replace 'standard' with 'swift' then Dizzying Defence allows you to replace 'Fighting Defensively as a Standard Action' with 'Fighting Defensively as a Swift Action'. Brilliant! But since the ability is called Dizzying Defence and not Dizzying Attack I don't think this 'swift action attack' is what they intended.

Actually, now that I think about it.... if Dizzying Defense allows you to fight defensively as a swift action, then can't you make a full attack without penalties and *then* use Dizzying Defense as a swift action to gain the fight defensively bonuses until your next turn?

This way, you can gain the benefits of fighting defensively with almost no penalties. The attack penalties would only affect your...

Oh. That makes sense I guess... Downside being that this won't be used often (if ever), given the action economy choke-points happening with the Swashbuckler as-is.

Xaratherus wrote:

The general desire is for a character who is functional in melee in a chaotic, damaging, not-defensive-at-all fashion but who also can throw around some interesting and damaging arcane spells while they're doing it.

I still love the idea of allowing the Bloodrager (while raging only) to cast a damage spell with an 'Area' aiming description (such as Fireball) as a swift action - but doing so adds the phrase "centered on you" to the area description (see the spell Detonate for an example).

So rather than being a targeted area spell, Fireball would become a 20'-radius burst centered on the Bloodrager.

I loved the idea of Detonate (had Dragon Ball-Z/Vegeta flashbacks). It would be super cool to have that as a build/area of focus for the Bloodrager.

Athaleon wrote:


Archetypes aren't there to fix the base class, though are some cases where it looks like they tried. The base class should be effective on its own, with archetypes making it different, not better.

You're absolutely right of course. Really it seems like the community agrees on the need for adjustments to the saves here.

For my part, I'm just waiting for Developer commentary. I'd like to know where their thoughts are on the subject of the Swashbuckler at this point.

So it sounds like either Swashbuckler needs to be able to use Charmed Life as an "immediate free action" and get plenty of uses of it.

Or better yet, she needs to get Fort as a good progression, and swap CHA for WIS for Will saves.

(I'd be happy with swapping Fort for Ref in terms of good/bad save progressions, and upgrading Charmed Life to usefulness...but that doesn't necessarily match flavor.)

Otherwise we're looking at a rather frail front line fighter.

Perhaps we'll see some help via archetypes.

Lemmy wrote:
Trout wrote:

Could an increase to the use of Charmed Life help remedy the saves issue?

Maybe uses equal to her CHA mod per day, only usable if you have at least 1 Panache Point?
As long as it takes an immediate action, Charmed Life is pretty much unusable most of the time. Assuming it took a "immediate free action" as some have suggested, it could work... Sometimes... But it'd still not compensate for having slow progression for both Fort and Will save.

Personally I'd be okay with that weak point, presuming I had proper offensive/utility compensation.

If I was able to use Charmed Life as an "immediate free action" and could use it up to my CHA mod per day that is (or maybe my CHA Mod + X). Mostly because in later levels as your CHA gets higher it'll scale well and see you through those hard do-or-die saves.

Of course that still makes early levels really rough... Which was the primary weakness many pointed out.

Could an increase to the use of Charmed Life help remedy the saves issue?
Maybe uses equal to her CHA mod per day, only usable if you have at least 1 Panache Point?

ArenCordial wrote:

Frankly I just hope Paizo is agreeing with some of the feedback here that the Slayer does need some more distinctive features given the changes in the other classes since in the revision.

Slayer's Momentum
When the Slayer reduces kills Favored Target he may make an immediate charge attack against another Favored Target in reach.

Still not sure on what type of interaction FT and SA should have

Yeah, tricky thing with design and balancing is even if you think A is done, any modifications you make to B might cause A to require adjustments.

I love the idea of Slayer's Momentum. A cool unique Talent.

Possibly a lot of design space for things reminiscent of Deadly Juggernaut (applied to Favored Targets of course).

Steven_Evil wrote:

Stephen already said we won't see the final revision before it ships. He said this is the last one we'll see.

A toast to optimism then!

I'd love to hear Stephen or another Dev's final thoughts as they move into the next stages of Development for each of these classes. Perhaps when testing ends.

LoneKnave wrote:
Raspen wrote:

Would giving the class a second swift action fix the bottle neck?

at say level 7 or so.

Could show the speed a swashbuckler has over a fighter.

I actually really like that.

It did get me thinking "could I use it to cast 3 spells (2 quickened, 1 normal)?" right away, but I think it's hard capped at 2.

I'm not opposed.

I really feel like this class is almost at the perfect spot. Just gotta fix that battlefield flow.

Are we going to get to preview another revision of it before it goes to print?

Rune wrote:

On our playtest here on the forums a question came up:

When exactly Dodging Panache comes in? When you have to declare it? Before the enemy rolls or can you do it after?

The exact situation: an enemy attacked, I tried parrying it and failed (I had declared in the previous post and already rolled the dice). Since it's a PBP, there's no delay before the DM announces the intent to attack and rolls the hit (and damage). The enemy hit and the parry attempt failed. But since the DM had already rolled damage, I don't know how to proceed from here.

RAW it says:

Dodging Panache (Ex): At 1st level, when an opponent attempts a melee attack...

Opportune Parry and Riposte (Ex): At 1st level, when an opponent makes a melee attack...


"makes" and "attempts" aren't necessarily keywords (to my knowledge), but it seems like you're supposed to use a Dodging Panache first, (as they are attempting to hit you) and then the Parry if the Dodge fails...which also makes sense from a flavor standpoint.

However the choice to parry is made before the enemy attack roll happens...So I'm not sure.

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Ruggs wrote:
Heladriell wrote:

Debilitation (Ex): Upon reaching the 4th level, the Investigator can chose to inflict a status effect when performing a Studied Strike. He selects a Debilitation at 4th level and can chose another for every three investigator levels thereafter. Unless noted otherwise the duration of the effects is equal to the investigator’s INT bonus in rounds. The save to avoid the effect is (Fort. 10+1/2 the investigator lvl. + INT mod.). Effects:

At 4th level, the Investigator can select from the following initial Debilitations:.
• Fatigued: The target is fatigued.
• Shaken: The target is shaken.
• Sickened: The target is sickened.

At 7th level, an Investigator adds the following Debilitations to the list of those that can be selected.
• Dazed: The target is dazed.
• Staggered: The target is staggered,

At 10th level, an Investigator adds the following Debilitations to the list of those that can be selected.
• Exhausted: The target is exhausted.
• Frightened: The target is frightened.
• Nauseated: The target is nauseated.

At 13th level, an Investigator adds the following Debilitations to the list of those that can be selected.
• Blinded: The target is blinded.
• Deafened: The target is deafened.
• Paralyzed: The target is paralyzed.
• Stunned: The target is stunned.

- The damage provided is not too high, being lighter than the rogue or the spell based attacks. Getting a one hit (if it hits) mid-to-high damage follows the concept.
- This mechanic allows the class to be viable in a fight from the 1st level.
- The debilitations add flavour causing status that are already available at the required level (and not breaking the balance).
- The rogue (or vivisectionist or alchemist) will still deal more damage in most situations.

I was thinking of this post specifically as a concept. I love the creative, "I'm-an-intelligent-guy" concept that the investigator represents. Would it be desirable to include some intelligent tricks...

This is shaping up to be my absolute favorite class concept.

Take some of these notions, work in an investigative sidekick option, and Paizo, you've done it again.

Cheapy wrote:
A talent about getting a sidekick would be nifty. Maybe as a Cohort that has a certain number of base skills per level. Maybe just an Expert that you can 'store' Inspiration in and make use of it later, like a ring of grit.

One thousand times yes.

Every Sherlock needs his Watson.
Every Dr. needs his Companion.

Put a talent tree in for this and I'm sold.

(Maybe an archetype that replaces mutagens?)

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Malachi's suggestions sound great to me. Although, I honestly wish I could keep riposting (multiple times in a round) up to my number of available AoO's via burning extra panache... but perhaps that'd be too strong.

Precise Strike: Would it be too powerful to have both options? Spend a Panache as a swift action to deal double your level as precision damage...or spend 1 panache and have it deal your level in damage that can multiply on crit? (seems a bit strong to give that much flexibility tbh. Having cake and eating it too). Or Perhaps leave it as is, and later on in the class they can start multiplying the extra damage on crit? (as a new level 16 or 19 ability?)

I am also confused about Dizzying Defense.

Lord_Malkov wrote:

Critical Slaying: When the Slayer confirms a critical hit that is also a sneak attack, he does not need to roll his sneak attack dice, instead, he deals...

Yes please.

As a matter of fact the MORE ways I can convert my sneak attack dice into static bonuses, like Bonus damage, to-hit, or AC, or Saves, or anything vs my Favored Target the better!... That allows for Slayers to have a good amount of variety in terms of builds and flexibility.

Slayer Talents are really going to make or break this class for me.

Upgrading Sneak Attack against a single target, or dishing out de-buffs against your target's AC or Saves (like Slowing Strike), and giving more talents that have DCs to take advantage of that aspect of Favored Target.

As long as there is a nice, large spread of unique options for Talents (that fit with the Slayer/Murderer motif...serial killer talents anyone?) this class will work out great.

Alright, setting DEX aside (as Stephen's acknowledged it)...Did we get a solid foothold on the Swash's action economy?

Immediate actions + Swift actions?

This guy is supposed to be a rapid, mobile fighter, doing it all (with style!)

Ideally in the final build I'll be able to deflect an attack or two on it's opponents turn, and then add twice my level in damage on my turn (or during these parrys).

Just wanna make sure all of that is do-able. (I believe it is currently?)


Also, final thought: I realized I pretty much don't care about any of the other class abilities... Targeted Strike I'm okay with, Bleeding Wound isn't bad and Evasive is clever...all the rest that involve panache however (Swashbuckler's Initiative, Grace, Superior Feint, Perfect Thrust, Edge) I find pretty useless.

I'm hoping we'll see an expanded list in the final version.
Do others disagree? Any of those abilities particularly useful to you guys in testing?

Slayer VS Guide (Ranger Archetype)

Seems like the slayer sacrifices damage for the potential of utility. Correct? Because Guide gets twice as much attack and damage bonus of "favored target".

I'm having a hard time of seeing the Slayer as more effective at "killing one specific target" than a Guide, or a Ninja.

I didn't math-hammer anything, just took a look at numbers as presented. Anyone have insight/experience in playing murderer type characters?

Sir Jacobs, I was just reading over some Carrion Crown and was wondering....

In developing adventure paths which of these have proven to be larger restraints in regards to the amount of content you all can put in:

Deadlines/Schedules/Shipping Dates?


Costs of printing/editing? (Including keeping the prices affordable for buyers)


Also on a way, way more serious note:

What are the odds of us ever seeing: a Druid wildshaped into a Tyrannosaur, riding an enlarged Tyranosaur Animal Companion, summoning additional Tyrannosaur cavalry as a boss fight at the end of an AP?

Because I feel a glorious charge of Tyrannosaur (Tyrannosaurus?) is a decent avenue to explore. You know. Creatively.

Congrats to her, and to you on the landmark!
Also... you know, on being wed eventually.

Slipstream wrote:
ericthecleric wrote:

Nice story, and good for both of you! :)

Just wait till she reaches the ** spoiler omitted **, though! Might change her mind then! hehe :D

That's the thing she killed actually.

She should be immensely proud.

I would rather pit a level 2 Character against a Glabrezu than fight even a single one of those. :P

Male Human Ninja 10/Red Mantis Assassin 10
nightflier wrote:
Trout wrote:

There are two concepts I'd like to pursue and would love to hear opinions on.

** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **

Both of those are excellent concepts. And both can work with the character who will join the party at the later date.

Excellent. Given that I won't be joining until later I'll see how the party forms up and finalize the decision afterward with whatever can work best.

Excited to see how this game unfolds. =)

Male Human Ninja 10/Red Mantis Assassin 10

There are two concepts I'd like to pursue and would love to hear opinions on.

Odd Man Out 1 - Kalam/Sorry Archetype:

This type would be a character that joined the service not necessarily out of duty or loyalty, but for another reason (possibly to capitalize on their own talent. Possibly because they were running away from something)

This character is suited to taking orders, and not squeamish in the least. Always willing to do whatever unpleasant deed needs doing, this type would likely have become a criminal if they hadn't enlisted.
Cold, calculating, and accurate, they're slow to anger, methodical in thought--but exact in execution.

Despite dancing sociopath undertones, this character is not treacherous in the least. They are dedicated to their direct superior, trusting their orders almost to a fault. The reasons for this dedication however are rarely traditional.

This would be a Ninja(Assassin)/Ranger (Scout) (Would have to take ranger for TWF given my stats. Otherwise I would have enjoyed going Inquisitor or Samurai with it.)

Odd Man Out 2 - Internal Affairs:

This character has a healthy dose of military tradition, and a respect for queen and country-- while still having a keen eye for career advancement.
Through their actions they have built up somewhat of a reputation as an "Internal Affairs" type, or Military Police. This reputation was built through the characters' natural talent for weeding out spies, and interrogating enemies. Though--he himself does not much relish the duty.
As a result he is often at odds with the regular soldiers. They think he believes himself 'above them' given his talents and status within the regiment. He on the other hand assumes they wouldn't understand if he tried to explain the truth--that he envied them. That he wanted nothing more than to fight by their side, instead of being forced to pick out their flaws.

For this I would probably go Magus/Inquisitor with the knowledge domain.

Hurray! I'll get a character prepared.

Stat Rolls:

2d6 + 6 ⇒ (1, 6) + 6 = 13
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (4, 1) + 6 = 11
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (2, 1) + 6 = 9
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (6, 2) + 6 = 14
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (2, 6) + 6 = 14
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (5, 4) + 6 = 15
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (1, 2) + 6 = 9
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (2, 3) + 6 = 11
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (6, 2) + 6 = 14
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (4, 2) + 6 = 12
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (3, 1) + 6 = 10
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (1, 4) + 6 = 11
Edit: Hah, gotta love those rolls.

(Right now looking at either Assassin(Ninja) or Magus to really define the character)

Two brief questions before I jump into character creation:


The Weapon Bond trait, is it functioning like Heirloom Weapon (So one particular weapon) or is it functioning like Weapon Focus (All Longswords?)
I ask for the purposes of TWF.

And if one had TWF with light weapons would Ambidextrous drop the penalty from -2/-2 to 0? Or can it not override the -2/-2 base?

Thank you kindly.

I would love to be in on this. The Malazan books and Black Company were both great, and I have been reading along your midnight game for some time. (Inspired me to try the setting with the folk's at home. They loved it.)

Sadly, I'll be traveling for a week on the 15th.

Would you accept candidates for 'would-be's were anyone to drop out?

Definitely like the thought of a Magus being able to emulate the fighting styles of the different melee classes.

A more Roguish Magus for example. It doesn't need Trapfinding necessarily but a blend of class abilities and new arcane pool tricks/spells to allow the archetype to feel more like a Rogue would be very cool.

Same goes for Barbarian...Paladin...

Perhaps kinds that build off of different abilities?

Fast Magus (for some additional synergies with Dex)
Strong Magus (" " Strength)
Tough Magus (" " Con)
Wise Magus (" " Wis)

Not sure entirely what this would be, just throwing it out there.

Or a similar thing but with alignment based themes, such as:

Lawful Magus
Chaotic Magus
Good Magus
Evil Magus

Their spell list could change a bit as well as their Arcane Pool allowing some additional boosts (such as anarchic or unholy wep enhancements).

...Lastly would a Magus with an Animal Companion be too much? Because if that could work out, I would love to see it.

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Things don't look good for the prospect of pancakes. D:

Evil Lincoln wrote:
Trout wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
Actually... there IS a new Alien movie coming out next year. It's a prequel. Directed by Ridley Scott. I have high hopes.

Alien was fantastic...

Do we know who it was written by?

More importantly, do we have guarantees there won't be an alien body suit used?

They used a body suit in the first and second one, and I think they were way the hell better than CGI...

That is, if I understand you comment correctly.

Off-topic but.

Aye I believe you do good sir.

Alien had me at the edge of my seat... until they showed me the guy in the body suit. Keeping the xenomorph mysterious and abstract was a good choice...I also understand the choice made to reveal it at the end.

But I saw it and was knocked out of the moment a bit. " in suit..."

It could be that it was better than the CG for many people. I'm just a fan of the mysterious cloak and dagger threat over the more obvious monster.

To bring this back to relevance:

HIGH LORD JACOBS, preference? Monster shrouded in mystery ala Jaws? Or stampeding behemoths such as Jurassic Park?
(Or a reasonable in between?)

James Jacobs wrote:
Actually... there IS a new Alien movie coming out next year. It's a prequel. Directed by Ridley Scott. I have high hopes.

Alien was fantastic...

Do we know who it was written by?

More importantly, do we have guarantees there won't be an alien body suit used?

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F. Wesley Schneider wrote:
.... Might have to give them a salary bump up to four magic beans.

But that's..that's almost twice as many beans!

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Haha I really hope the effects of working in an obviously haunted office building over night will manifest in the AP.

I cannot express to you the joy that would come from reading it and being able to read between the lines and say "Ah...yes this is where Wes was assaulted by the spirits...oh and here is where he drank some!"

When was the last time you Ran/Participated in an "evil" campaign?
(The poor struggling criminals taking down the scary scary paladins!)

And do you think in theory, that writing an adventure for an assumed evil party would be fundamentally different than writing an adventure for a good one?
(Structural changes in how it's set up, or just noun changes?)

I'd consider some levels as an evil cleric, or grabbing leadership and an evil cleric cohort.

If you have the Death Domain eventually you too will be healed by negative energy. So you can burst, heal your shadow and yourself and hurt your enemies (who hopefully will be taking strength damage as well).

Just a thought, great way to keep you and your little friend alive. =)

Definitely something I'd be interested in. I'm into the Magus play-test right now, but am willing to play any class.

What method were you looking to play by? You mention messengers such as Yahoo and Skype as opposed to playing on the forums.

My concern is that since it's a PBP we may have trouble co-coordinating dedicated time for us to all be on and game.


I feel you could argue for it either way.

It is a light weapon (only weighing 2 lbs) but mechanically is treated as a longsword when you don't have proficiencies.

Maybe others can provide more insight or a firm ruling, but I'd say it's up to your GM to decide.

Generally speaking I don't think any amount of proficiency with a weapon should confer indirect penalties. (Such as causing its official listing to become "Blades, Light" when you have invested Weapon training with Blades, Heavy.)
But RAW that may be the way the cookie crumbles.

It was really nice to see events work out so smoothly like that. =)

High level is very rare in my group, I'd love to hear more about the campaign world.

Kaisoku wrote:

There is a direct way of using it: when it's used as a secondary natural attack.

If a Ranger uses unarmed strike or a weapon, he can make iterative attacks with it, and then add his claw as an extra attack. This extra attack is treated as a secondary natural weapon (even if it's normally a primary weapon).

So a Ranger who intended to get the most attacks in a round would be using a weapon with one hand, and a claw as a secondary attack. Multiattack effectively gives an extra +3 to hit on that attack (from -5 penalty to only -2)... three times better than weapon focus, but for a specific situation.

It might not be the most completely useful usage of the feat, but it's not a dead feat choice at all, and has it's place.
As noted, a Ranger with unarmed strike and claws would get a LOT of use out of an Amulet of Mighty Fists.

The example was given multiple times. Your lack of responding to those posts, and instead responding to and getting very defensive against the toll remarks made me feel like you were being a bit negative for negativity's sake.
I try to give the benefit of the doubt though, so I'm going to assume you missed this inherent class usage in your out-of-hand dismissal. I hope this helps make the class option make more sense for you.

Out of curiosity, does that (a ranger using a weapon in one hand and claws for his natural with the Multi-attack feat) essentially replicate TWF?

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northbrb wrote:

The Class worked out great for the first game i played with it but i wanted to get some ideas from you guys, i need to add some more weapons to their proficiencies. Also i need to come up with maybe 10 more healing powers.

any ideas or thoughts would be much appreciated.

War Razor.

Back in "the day" Barbers were also often surgeons.

Sounds like it could fit. Also...War Razors are cool--so there's a plus.

Umbral Reaver wrote:

I've played in a game where undead could [i]only[/b] be destroyed by crits or massive damage. Since they couldn't feel pain or suffer from general damage, they would ignore any ordinary wounds. You basically had to crit them (dismemberment, broken bones, etc.) until they couldn't move anymore.

This made critmonsters/precision fighters way more useful against undead than anyone else.

That's interesting, I actually really like this.

It would be pretty cool to see some official undead included in future products that had this quality.


As far as some of them having smaller amounts of fortification I think that would be fine as long as you tried to balance them a bit. (possibly lowered HP a tad?)

Really I think the best call is to apply it in your game as you see fit. If you don't think the wood golem should be Sneak-Attackable, then modify it appropriately. The Rogue'll pout (I know I've done my share) but it's not the most unreasonable thing in the world.

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