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Ive had 2 witch characters,one had a monkey farmiliar and one had a turtle.With the monkey when it came time to prepare spells the farmiliar would go into a trance and begin writing uncontrollably,and I would memorize them like it was a scroll with it turning to ash.The turtle's shell would become translucent when it was time and I would read it as it scrolled by.Both seemed to me like I was getting deep insight into the way the universe meta-physics or the like.So int was perfect for deciphering the secrets long forgotten or not yet found by mortals.

Seems more Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde to me,but the witcher fits as well

Threads like these are kinda misleading because all the classes can shine regardless of a +1 here or there or even numbers in general.Sometimes after reading these I do get caught up in the hype and think, what if I did make a ranger instead of a fighter....then game day comes and Im glad a made a just would not be the same as any other class.People if you want to make a fighter,make one..if not,thats cool too.

Maybe your looking for something specific and each time treasure is found you cant help but be a little disappointed....what it is could be anything because its not greed that drives you but purpose or necessity.You might not even be sure its real,just some myth or story your hoping is true and you know success is a longshot

Despite the many archetypes that have imposed on the rogues skills and abilitys alot of people still play them and enjoy the class.For groups that dont worry about optimizing or dont feel the need to thats all that matters.I personally enjoy them.

1:Try and save the people on fire and maybe give them a service if not possible
2:Converse with the caster asking him if he knew that they were alive and assert that there was a better way to handle it....a good paladin creed is words 1st,sword 2nd..they have diplomacy and cha
3:If the caster cannot be swayed with words its up to you to travel with him to guide him
4:Let it go...its difficult enough for the pally watching his own actions much less trying to control his would be foolish of the dm to punish the pally for not wrecking the group and seeking a non violent way to keep the adventure going

Norgorber for sure....though hes granting boons to another dieties worshipers,in essence "framing" him

There some cleric domains that might grant what your looking for,its still part of the divine aspect but alignments are usually kinda flexible..they may not be full bab but they can do the job pretty well

Staff of Seclusion

Thought to be created by followers of Norgrober(though unable to verify)this staff emits almost smoke like fumes as if theres embers under the surface.When in hand it grants a +4 to stealth checks.When standing in dim light or less and holding staff you are treated as if effected by ring of mild shielding....each time this ability prevents a probing it drains 2 charges.
Darkvision:2 charges
Darkness: 2 charges
Silence 2 charges
Sanctuary 1 charge
Rumor has it that the only way to recharge this dark staff is to use the it as part of a funeral pyre for a criminal(or hero) who commited treason and sift it from the ashes.

Getting a feat every level is awesome...its enough to bring utility that people think the fighter doesnt have....things like lunge,stand still, and imp bull rush....(of course anyone can get them,but most dont bother because they are feat tight) and change them out later if something else comes up.He may not have the staying power of the pally or the raw might of the full raged barbarian...but he can be close enough people are bringing in math and more importantly he can be really fun.

If the mount is attacked by a dangerous spell that requires a save and the player rolls low enough for the horse to bite it,thats potentially a spell that would have killed the cavalier since he rolled low or even another that the mount died but it may have given its life so a party member can live on.....the fact that the dm wants to target a npc with something heinous is almost a boon for the cavalier.

Sounds like something that alchemy would cover,shouldnt be much harder to make a smoke arrow than a smokestick.

I could see a paladin lying to protect his friends if that was the only way to save them....if he had to and others lives were in peril,he would not like it and it may even bother him for some time.I dont see him lying to save himself however.

Lunge is really good,it gives you full attacks to creatures you normally couldn't reach without taking a move action(5 ft step then lunge has some serious range)and flying creatures that are just out of reach..I would find a way to get both...a bad will save can be a party wipe.

If your still looking for players I would be interested..esp if its pathfinder.Ive played very little WhiteWolf but I would be willing to try it and learn.I have no problem meeting at a neutral location(preferably toward Monaco).Ill drop you an email so you can contact me if you need another player or decide to run something.Thanks

Norgorber and Sivanah both cover domains of keeping things secret from what I understand..or at least knowing more than others.If the other gods had knowledge of all things a lot of what they are would have no purpose. Who knows,one of them (or a cohort) may even be influencing them to be hidden.Im sure keeping something from a another deity is a great accomplishment

Lunge is awesome,Im glad I got it when i played my fighter.Depending on your GM it may be useful to hit low flyers that hover and getting a full attack action when you might have not otherwise been able too.

Thanks for the reply...Im really just looking for a cool group but I might like to try PFS,I don't really know that much about it other than what I have gathered here and there on the forums.

Hi,just moved here to Denver recently and looking to find a group to play with.Before moving my previous group was in book 4 of Kingmaker and was trying to finish but didn't have the time.Ive played of a few modules other than that one and lots of 3rd and 2nd edition DnD as well as Rifts and all kinds of other rpgs.Im in the 80224 area code so a local game would be awesome.

Anytime I look at the inquisitor it almost seems too im about to cheat when I make one.Im not sure what it is,I just cant shake it whenever I look at them.

Bard or inquisitor...probably bard

Seems like a cool mix between witch and alchemist...I like it,those are my favorite classes at the moment

Maybe a figurine of instant lab or something of the sort that he can put down that counts as an alchemy lab with a bowl to brew potions as well....or like a folding door that works like a portable hole but when its opened a little room area is in there with a lab where he can place all his excess materials that alchemists tend to build up

I personally think dwarves are the best with humans a close 2nd...though i play more halflings because I like them better

I picture a tribes warriors as a mix of fighters,barbarians,rangers and all kinds of combinations between those....the tribe can be lawful but the barbarian is the crazy guy with the short temper who gets in arguments fast has a very different opinion at times but hes the brother so hes always forgiven because everything he does is always for the benefit of the tribe (or at least he thinks so)

1 most of the art is awesome
2 i find scrolling annoying and prefer turning pages
3 i like to support paizo,they came out of nowhere to our group and put out quality products and fresh ideas when we were still scratching our heads about fan of knives

chief sootscale ending up taking the position of spymaster.nobody would ever suspect a kobold to work for 4 dwarves so i think hes perfect for the role.his loyalty is kept in check with fear after the "incident" he witnessed,and if he does turn on us..hes a kobold and barely missed

I really like the bard but the singing or performing in combat really pushed me away from playing one.My gm thought it would be cool if they used pitch and tone from vibrations made from hitting their weapon on the ground.all the mechanics are the same,the sound just triggers certain parts of the brain or emotions or anything really to rage,calm,or disorient.Perform being used to manipulate the frequency and really help me me view the bard in another light as a smart melee hybrid caster and not that guy dancing on a table the fighter pretends not to know.

I always picture a half-elf as moody and a inner storm brewing..shifting from place to place like the wind

I love being a rogue,maybe with disregard for fantasy and crunching numbers other classes can do things better than me.In all fairness I can do EVERYTHING almost as good as them with the resources..which being a rogue I have access to.Plus I open up a whole new outlet of info from the shady side of town..last time the bard went down there nobody trusted him because he was famous and the sorcerer got mugged.Working as a team I give the fighter someone to watch his back,a ranger someone to help scout and sometimes track,the bard to run is different circles to gather info,and pick up that wand of cure if the cleric suddenly drops..and countless other things like fencing goods,actual theft,and dealing with many to name really....I tell the fighter not to wait up, I'll be in late