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Janus Grey wrote:
"We will stay in Daggermark and ensure that the Lodge is protected until Bosk returns or the Ten send a replacement."

Bosk ain't coming back.... And technically you are to take Timnic back to the Grand Lodge. He returns only if convinced to do so at this point.

Janus Grey wrote:
Janus looks to Timinic, eyes cold and unfeeling, as reptilian as their crocodile counterpart: "We have no authority to discipline you. That falls to the Ten, who will of course receive our reports. In our opinion you are incompetent and your incompetence placed your fellow Pathfinders in peril."


Andolyn Featheredbow wrote:

"Timinic. You seem to have chosen to be here, and chosen to join the society. Sometimes, people die." Andolyn removes her helmet, taking a full minute to assume not only a different appearance, but a different personality entirely.

"The people of this land likely need you here. There's nobody else to run the lodge, and there won't be anybody here until we report back and Ambrus or Zarta or somebody sends someone else up. We need not loose our holds. We have so few worth upholding. Please stay with the society, at least until somebody can come take the hold from you. Unless, of course, you're aware of an oath you broke. If so, let's just get you out of here under the cover of this stupid storm."

With that, Andolyn's scarred face offers a mildly believable smile as she pats the gnome on the head and leaves.

If I need to roll to get the point across or something, feel free to do so for me, GM. That was my attempt at diplomacy.

First, I've gotta figure out how. That's a big mod for a -2 penalty. Alright, fighter.... Nothing. Masked Maiden.... Okaaay. Feats? Traits? Hmm....

Ah, what the Hell! Diplomacy?!?: 1d20 + 12 + 4 ⇒ (10) + 12 + 4 = 26

"Well,nowthatIknowRamylaissafe. Um, I-mean, now... that... I... know... Ramyla... is... safe, and I really do want to continue my research. I have so many xeno-biological projects beyond the C.H.U.D. There's the mysterious Assquatch, and the Plum-hued-aerial-carnohorn , just to name two. Why I could request that Grand Lodge send you all back to help me with my all projects! Wouldn'tthatbeGREAT!?"

"Ezren! I didn't know you were a diviner!" shrieks Timnic in admiration of the wizard's foresight.

"Wait, so it was because of ME that you killed the Venture-Captain?!" Timinic cries.

Hosser Cready wrote:
" A dwarf officer in the militia, and an academic type, lived in a mansion with a manservant. Names were Clovesh and Bosk, respectively" Hosser said.

"Wait you mean Bosk is dead?!?" shrieks Timinic from the doorway. "You dragged me down here knowing that the Venture-Captain and the sergeant were killed by these assassins!? I thought you wanted to help with my research into the humanoid underdwellers!"

Hosser Cready wrote:
"Who the hell just say that?" Hosser said, looking about. He will assist Timinic across.

"Thanks!" says the still dry and relatively odor-free Timnic.

"DEAD!" shrieks the gnome. His high-pitched voice echoes through the sewers for an uncomfortably long time. "Oops."

He blinks once and stares off into the distance. The colored part of his glassy eyes reducing to pin-pricks.

"But I haven't made any oaths!" he hisses in a loud whisper.

"Well, here we are. This is about as far as I'd traveled before the venture-captain and Sgt. Clovesh stuck me in hiding. Speaking of Clovesh, I should get back. He's supposed to be bringing some food by."

"I have my pen!" Timnic says producing a stylus. "It's pretty pointy and I am told that they are mightier than swords, though I have no empirical proof as of yet. OUCH! See? I told you it was pointy." He starts sucking his finger.

Using the maps here the party can get a good idea where in the sewers to start searching (basically somewhere beyond that lower level door in the Dripping Wall Distillery).

Timinic considers for a moment. "You're right 'guide' does sound a crass. How about 'trail-blaze?'"

Then he goes on. "Most of my research points to someplace near the Dripping Wall Distillery--have you been there by chance? They serve the best copulation on the sandy shoreline' It comes with real silicate. I'd like to go, but I'm supposed to be getting out of town like the Bosk said. He is the venture-captain after all."

A quick look at the maps and some of the gnome researcher's notes make it clear that they could be of immense help and finding the "CHUD's" lair.

"Allofthem, er, all of them." Timinic says with forced slowness. "Well, I made some copies for Bosk."

"Do you think it was my discovery of the CHUDs and their lair that put me in danger?" he says looking gleeful. His eyes stare glassily into the future fixated upon his soon-to-be groundbreaking article on the hereto unknown subterranean humanoid species in the next edition of the Pathfinder Journal.

"Ohsure. IwasinvestigatingtheDaggermarksewerswhenInoticedanunusualamountofsubterrane antraffic. Venture-CaptainBoskwasveryinterestedinmyworkandtrackedmyreportsonthemysteri oussewer-dwellers(Iwasgoingtocallthem'Chuds'curioushumanoidundercitydweller s-whaddyathink?). AnyhowhetrackedmyreportsveryverycloselyandthenonedayIwenttoDrybladeHouseand foundBoskandSgt.BrandurClovesharguingabout“somebrokenoath.” Theyspiritedmeawaytothisplacewithorderstostayoutofsightuntilhelparrived. Andtahdahhereyouare! Herearethemaps! Doyoulikethem? Ireallylikethatbitrightthere."

"Suresuresure! Comeincomeincomein! Areyoutheextractionteam? I'venevermetanextractionteam. What'sitlike? Hmm?" He invites everyone in through the window, remembers there is a door, opens the door, and invites everyone in that way. Then he remembers that there is a table blocking the small foyer and moves it to the side. The place is a narrow crowded ramshackle but surprisingly clean. "WhereamIbeingextractedtoo?"

As Janus turns from the cloudy window, it flies open revealing a pale, androgynous gnome with a scary grin. He says: "Didyoujusttelepathicallysay'weshouldidentifyourselvesasGuardiansoftheOpenR oads?'" all in one breath.

"Youdidn'tbringanyquicksilverandsandwicheswithyoubyanychance? I'mstarved."