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Every time I play pbp there's server downtimes. It's not that it bothers me a lot but it has left me with a bad impression.

I don't really have a token that I would like for my character, to be honest. But you can use any one that looks like a scruffy technomancer.

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I needed this in my life and I thank you for it. Second edition seems to be shaping up awesomely. I really needed an update for everything, and things seem to be getting better. To my sensibilities, of course.

I hope the playtest keeps giving me hope like these posts do. Gonna have to wait and hope 'til then.

GM Khaoz wrote:
But you'll only able to hold the liquor in your pouches for about 30 minutes, after all alcohol is an irritant.

If they're serving mudder's milk, I don't think it has that much alcohol in it, really.

Firefly much? Now I'm gonna start calling Talbot Jayne.

Hey, everyone. Khaoz contacted me and it seems I'll be joining you for this scenario. Glad to make your acquaintance.

I'll be creating a Technomancer for this. I'll try to be as quick as possible in creating my characters so the start of the adventure is not delayed much.

Hope you're OK, Poblano. Don't worry, take your time and be safe.

"There's no need for rash actions," Altronus says with his blade and pistol in hand as he moves down the stairs. There's no need for pistols here."

I ready my standard action to shoot if anything shoots at me first.

I also have 2 points of Stamina damage. But it should be noted in my avatar header.

Can we all see in the darkness?

I agree with Azih, and would like to add that I don't feel things have gotten out of hand. Things are going quite fluidly, actually.

And don't worry about the blue text in the gameplay tab. At least not on my account. The fact that it's blue actually helps me separate it from the actual narration.

I will, however, bring anything blue from there, to this discussion tab from now on.

Quig -Khaoz wrote:
Thewissen wrote:

@Navaso and @Raia

Guys, doesn't Iseph have to move the ship first, and then me and Obo have to fire before you can taunt and scan?

ROUNDS AND PHASES: HELM.... Also during this phase, any character taking on the role of science officer can use the Starship’s systems to scan vessels or target foes. Science officers must act immediately before or after their Starship’s pilot, but they can jointly decide the order they act.

So, Navaso can take his action at any moment, Engineering goes first, but that's mainly to know where boosts are going, in a regular table, talking while Gunnery happens, you can figure out boosts, that part is a bit harder in PbP. Helm has Pilot "speed" and Science Officers and Pilot can act in any order and the team can decide the order as well (Science Officers act together). Why? Because the pilot can move away from Scan range, and waste a Sciencers round. And gunnery goes last, they need map position to figure out Arc and range.

I'm running another PbP, what I'm doing this round, is to have the Captain, Engineer, Pilot and Science Officers (as a block) act in HELM in any order. I rolled everyone's Piloting at the beginning of the round, and move any enemies that go before the Pilot. Gunners can roll for attack before moving, and we apply range penalties later. After the pilot moves, either me or the gunner who made the roll goes for damage. And we're getting about a round a day.

Yes. What I was saying is that they were initiating another round already before we finished this one. Neither Obo nor me have had a chance to fire guns yet.

Azih Pregens wrote:
Ah I see Thewissen... you just mean rolls, not rolls and actions.

Yes, exactly.

Poblano said wrote:
I could see it working bothways really but it would take some 'maneuvering' and calling targets during the final RP. currently though as you will see it will need to be a two stage process.

Indeed, it would be a Roll stage, and an RP stage, which would let us concentrate better on RP once it's our turn to narrate events. I think it could work nicely, and we would have all the information ready by the time our "turns" come up.

However, I know it might be a bit too much right now. The way we're handling it right now works. So I'll understand if my suggestion never becomes a course of action :D

@Navaso and @Raia

Guys, doesn't Iseph have to move the ship first, and then me and Obo have to fire before you can taunt and scan?

But that still applies even if we roll at the beginning, doesn't it? For example:

Engineering Rolls
Goblins: 15, 16, 8
Us: 30

Helm Rolls
Goblins: 13, 14, 15

Piloting Rolls
Goblins: 20, 17, 23
Us: 21

Gunnery Rolls
Goblins: 10, 11, 12
Us: 10, 15

In this scenario, Engineering acts get resolved, and Helm actions get resolved.

When it comes time for the ships to move, two goblin ships would move first, then us, then the last goblin ship.

All the rolls would be made at the beginning, and then we act them out according to the results. Since damage is also applied regardless of whether we're hit and disabled, those rolls could also be made at the beginning.

Actually, call me crazy, everyone, but wouldn't it be faster if everyone, including NPCs, rolled everything at the beginning of every round, and then we just play out the results?

Before rolling we would announce if we're changing roles in the ship, of course. And if the GM doesn't mind, he could roll everything in a single post.

What do you think?

Navaso the Iconic wrote:
In fact I don't even think there are gunner "stations" it's more like you can choose to be a gunner and you sit at a computer which allows you control of any weapons you want to shoot. As normal, you can pick one gun to shoot a round or as a Push action you can choose to shoot 2 weapons and take a -4 on your attacks.

I kind of get the same idea, but I guess the Corebook is vague on it on purpose? Some people will want to imagine their ships having stations, and others will like to have a computer terminal and control the guns.

Who knows. But what is true is that you have to choose which gun to fire every round. And aiming is, unfortunately, not automatic :P

Azih Pregens wrote:
I believe you will move the Junkers and then we will move our ship before the Gunnery phase right?

Yep, that is right. Since they got lower results on their piloting checks, we get to know where they're moving before we do so we can use that to our advantage.

Just chose one in the discussions tab. But, just in case, I'll state it here. Forward station. The +2 from the computer should make that attack roll a 13

Yeah, I reread what you said in the Gameplay tab. Sorry.

And I will choose the forward station for this round. I can change it every round, right? So, I believe that with the +2 bonus from the computer, the total roll for that attack would be 13

Question. Could the bonuses from the duonode computer be applied to checks other than attacks? Like engineering and piloting checks?

Huh. I haven't run into this in my games, so I'm gonna ask. The blue ship is facing our forward Arc. Obo fired the the turret, but I notice that our forward facing weapon is also a light beam. Can I fire that one right now, or should I fire another weapon?

Quig -Khaoz wrote:
btw Thewissen, the tag you're looking for is [smaller], that didn't work?

No, it did not.


GM Poblano Pepper wrote:

Hey gang sorry for the absence yesterday and today. Irl VO duties kicked in. And life in general.

I have it under control now and will be posting more regularly.

-Posted with Wayfinder

Awesoooooome :)

Venture-Lieutenant, Mexico—Guadalajara aka Thewissen

Suffice it to say...

Ah, sorry. Not correcting to be a jerk. I just saw this mistake more than once in the same post and I wanna help the writer out.

Quig -Khaoz wrote:
If the rest of the crew agrees, I was planning on starting to grease the tentacles of the Warden with 500 cr. (I believe, now, this is something we could've discussed earlier =P)

We could wait for the Warden to answer my question as to why his funds are dry. Perhaps a "prize" might come naturally from that conversation, and some diplomacy rolls could lower it, hopefully.

Oh! @Poblano. If the Life Science roll is to remember facts about xenobiology, the DC would be lowered by 5 for me. Is this the case?

Azih Pregens wrote:
Hopefully there's some bonus for the augmentation being internal? :)

Bonus to conceal it? As long as you're not scanned I don't think there's even a chance of people discovering it.

Flat-footed here does not mean you lose your Dex Mod to your AC. Here, you suffer a constant penalty of 2 to your AC.

Ok, so! I thought I'd post things that stand out to me as I read the CRB so that we can all keep it in mind if it ever comes up. Mostly, I guess I'll be posting the differences I note from Pathfinder to Starfinder.

And the very first that kinda screamed at me is that there are no more caster level checks if you get distracted while casting a spell. You get hit, or fail a saving throw while casting, you fail, and that's that.

I like simplicity :)

GM Poblano Pepper wrote:
Also thank you all for being awesome. I am enjoying this too. Sorry for the long delays in posting.

We try our best :) And even though I know group activities always include an effort in coordination and adaptability, I have a good feeling about this.

It's my first pbp experience, after all. I'm glad it's a good one.

I wanna thank the rest of the players as well.

Madchappy wrote:
I am liking this...lots of fun

I know! Me too! Hope Poblano becomes available soon!

Navaso the Iconic wrote:
I'm a communist captain, I take all input! We'll try not giving identities and see if we can come anonymously and maybe bribe our way in without having to give any info. If they demand it we'll send info and just say we are investigators and hope nothing more comes from it.

Sounds good to me!

And so! Our heroes await to hear the response of The Sauna comms center, hoping that Navaso's claim to be the crew of investigations they're expecting is enough to make them forget about asking for our IDs again. :P

Don't worry about it, @Navaso. Make a decision and we'll go with that :). If anything goes wrong, we can always try blackmailing. Let's give @Poblano our intention so that when he can post something, he'll have our intention to react to.

If we can make it out of The Sauna without giving our identities, it would definitely be an advantage. However, I think that'll be pretty hard to manage :(

But hey, that's what your high social skills are for! Give us an order, captain. :D

Hope you have fun, Poblano! Take care!

GM Poblano Pepper wrote:
Would someone try posting on the game play thread. It's not letting me post in the forum there

Hey, @Poblando. I tried posting something too. It won't show it. The same happened when I ninja dotted to get my characters in the character tab. Thought it was a feature you could turn on or off as the GM

I'm good with Altronus. Can't wait to start, actually :)

GM Poblano Pepper wrote:
@Thewissen Here is the stat block for Altronus.

Thank you very much, Poblano. Time to put it to use.

Can't wait to start.

Azih Pregens wrote:
I'm going to try and download that good stuff overnight! See how it goes.

Yeah, sounds like a good plan. I'm actually getting used to the idea of waiting 'till tomorrow to download my PDF.

It's nice to get a sense for the excitement around Starfinder, though :)

Whew. Time to get a-reading, then.

Let's meet our characters, guys!

Navaso the Iconic wrote:
Can't go wrong with genies, magic, sexy princesses, lions, monkeys and Robin Williams.

Aaaaah, good elements to concentrate on. Made wonder if a setting could be created and adapted to RPGs...

How about a fist bump, @Navaso?

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GM Poblano Pepper wrote:

@Thewissen: With my PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS! I have changed the character list.

Are you GMing within an ity bity living space?

I could... use my third wish to... you know...

Hey, sorry. I messed up. Is there a way to remove "Thewissen" as a character?

Alright, cool cool.

Do I have to do anything to include my character in the Characters tab? And to add my self in the Players tab?

Could you not stand up from prone with acrobatcs as a full round action, then? All the examples Khaoz enlisted let you modify the action needed to stand up from prone. But I don't see one prohibiting you from doing it as a full round action.

And a question: Would it be advisable to create an alias for gameplay?

OK... well... I'm not one to force conversation. I actually find silence quite comforting. But reading those articles Poblano shared, it says that we might want to try and post something everyday. So... yeah. I'm going to bring out a subject I'd like to discuss with you guys.

It's a rules "question".

When I run adventures with new players, and they fall prone, they, reasonably, want to stand up. I warn them, however, that they will cause an attack of opportunity from any adjecent enemies.

And once, I was asked, "Can I do it all fancy and acrobatically to NOT cause it?"

I ruled he could. After all, you can roll Acrobatics to move through enemies' threatened areas. Throwing his legs up in the air to spring up and then pull them under his body to land on them with acrobatics while avoiding attacks sounds awesome and cool.

And, of course, if he failed the roll, he'd still cause attacks of opportunity, and I figured I could take away half of his movement in case he wanted to move after that (which he didn't).

But of course, that was my table. What do you guys think? Perhaps we could take this chance to have any table rules presented to us?

@Poblano, Oooooooh, I loved that one. It's really fun!!!

And running it is just as fun. Good luck with it!

@Poblano, thanks! I'll be reading those.

Hope you had fun with that! Is it a Society Scenario? I remember running one like that, with a huge four armed gorilla and an ancient construct.

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