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Berselius wrote:
I wonder if Shelyn and Desna or Sarenae can have any deific children with each other or others? If they could, would they be Godlings or actual deities? Can the Gods even have children and if they can do the children retain some level of the spark of divinity of their divine parent?

Are YOU going to tell them no?

They're deities, I'm pretty sure they can have children if they wish.

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Yoon: *thumps down on the deck*

Ship's crew: *pulls weapons*

Yoon: My apologies, I was unexpectedly delayed.

Love this story!

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UnArcaneElection wrote:
Maybe they could come back to Drow in a future supplement?

Or call them shadow elves or dark elves, those feel suitably generic. But Paizo is moving away from drow in the remaster in any case.

keftiu wrote:
It does make me wonder if some Hellknight goodies are on the agenda for the not-so-distant future...

Hellknights are so 1e though.

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But where's the Shadow Lodge pin? *ducks*

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I really like this. No divine power, no certainty of study, just throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks. Mios rocks!

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I LOVE Bella! My cat, Mordred, is a black American shorthair too. And yes, he's an attention monster too. When he has decreed it's time for attention, he will sit on my keyboard until he's sated. Or I exile him from my desk. And gods help me if I try to sleep past the time he has decreed for breakfast. Or be tardy with kitty treats.

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The best kind of ambush to walk into is the one you know is there.

Is there an official Discord server for PFS play? My daughter and I are looking for a game, and online play is our best option.

Wei Ji the Learner wrote:

Also 'tonight at the inn' and 'not being alone' could easily mean without stretching too hard Seelah, Valeros, Lem, Seltyiel, Amiri, Quinn, Korakai, and Jirelle in any combination.

When Iconics grow in enough number to take over an inn...

Reminds me of a 5e game I once ran. If everyone showed up, we had seven players. They weren't an adventuring party, they were an armed mob.

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Ha! I loved this one. Wonderful to see the lives of adventurers from a bystander's perspective. Although I wonder if she won't turn into an adventurer herself now.

Are the puzzles for sale anywhere besides Paizo's website? I've looked but haven't found them.

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Thank you for this. My own partner is trans so it means a lot to me.

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So adventuring is her third career. Huh.

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No more skittermanders? I has the disappoint

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Mark Seifter wrote:
Aaron Shanks wrote:
Cyrad wrote:
Would you consider extending the playtest to end on November 1st? I'm attending a convention that occurs on Halloween weekend.
Psst, the secret is that we likely won't turn off the survey until Monday morning. So not officially, but it is manual and we want your feedback.
I actually have turned it off on the listed end date in the past, which might be why they asked. But Aaron you make a really good point, so, in the way of the thaumaturge, quick someone use my weakness to compel me to leave it open!

Bah, here's his true weakness - *brandishes a copy of The C Programming Language

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Perpdepog wrote:
Alex Speidel wrote:
Let's get weird.
I was already weird, so can I get wierder instead?

I'm aiming to go straight to wierdest

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Killing the horse was unwise. Whenever you go to loot a hoard, you're going to have to carry it away somehow.

Awesome, and thank you! Can we apply it to preorders too?

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I love Archie! A prim and proper werewolf, all told.

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I started suspecting something was odd partway through. But a hag in a loving relationship? I did not see that one coming! Wonderfully wholesome and delightful.

Oh good, I needed new boots.

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Any chance of getting this in a printable format so it can be slid into the back of our first printing core rulebooks?

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Ed Reppert wrote:
Cthulhu vs. Rovagug. Who wins? :-)

Me. I get calamari.

Sara Marie wrote:
Dr. Rockstar wrote:
I purchased the book via the Humble Bundle back in July and didn't understand that I had to come to this website to redeem a purchase code. Now (Oct 2020, Year of the Doom), I've tried to redeem it. I get a message that reads, "That code is not recognized." Is the code still valid, or have I missed out?
Was just checking in on the thread to note that the CRB is still on backorder, and saw your post. It looks like you already redeemed it on your account in July and you are all set. You should be able to see your order in your order history, and I resent the confirmation email as well.

I ordered a second copy via the Humble Bundle (eternal GM) and I'm not seeing the order on my account.

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But what are we going to do after tea?

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Fumbus is my favorite of the iconics. Though I think Paizo missed a trick when the didn't give us a goblin champion.

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On the website menu, if you go Pathfinder -> Rulebooks -> Downloads, everything on that page is for 1e. Where are the downloads for 2e? Granted, there's not much yet (the official character sheet and the CRB errata) but it's probably best to start keeping things organized now.

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That chimera is why we don't let wizards drink around here!

This one came up a while ago, but I'm just now getting around to posting it.

Telekinetic projectile can throw any item of Bulk 1 or less. Bombs are bulk L items. So can you use Telekinetic Projectile as a magical grenade launcher? I see this going one of three ways

a) You do the bomb damage but not the damage from telekinetic projectile.

b) You do the damage from telekinetic projectile, but not the damage from the bomb

c) You do the damage from the bomb *and* the damage from telekinetic projectile.

Personally, I'm in favor of a. That gives them some benefit from combining the two without the player feeling they're wasting the bomb. C feels just a touch overpowered.

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There's a line from a song that comes to mind here. "This is a gift, it comes with a price/who is the lamb and who is the knife"

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Opsylum wrote:
Did...Jatembe (holy heck is he back) just beat Baba Yaga at a game of chicken?

I think poor Ivy became the subject of a wager. And I'm not sure who won, or if the game is even over.

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So, are kobolds going to be allowed in play after the APG releases? I can just see an all-kobold Society game now.

Seriously, when I started my last PF2 game, I had a table full of goblins. And one half-elf. It was chaotic fun, especially when one of them decided to snack on the dead, diseased cow.

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Troodos wrote:
Still disappointed about losing Alahazra but this character's pretty neat. Love the descriptions of Gozreh and the elemental lords, and the whole "drowning and returning as a prophet" bit reminds me of a more functional Aeron Damphair. Plus I'm just always a sucker for storm-themed characters.

I always thought her outfit looked kind of ridiculous. The headpiece looked odd as part of an adventurer's outfit. And the rest of it was barely there!

But I am totally digging Korokai. Bird is the word.

What is ConCurrent?

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I'm wondering how much I hate my brother right now...

I just realized that's a wyrmwraith on the cover. Are they in here? IhopeIhopeIhope

Fumarole wrote:
Janis Joplin: a bard like no other.

I read this as "A bird like no other."

And yes, very true in the original.

beowulf99 wrote:
This is obviously before factoring anything that creature is carrying.

Thanks! I was looking for it, but I couldn't find it. So he probably couldn't have thrown the kobold that far. But it was funny!

Does anyone have any idea what the bulk rating of a dead kobold is? Or how far you could throw it?

This came up in play tonight and I let it go with a Strength check and treating it as a thrown weapon, but I'm curious what the hive mind has to say.

The situation: The party was fighting some kobolds, including some kobold warriors and a kobold dragon sorcerer. Our cleric, a cloistered cleric who thinks he's a warpriest, charged a kobold and failed to kill it. The champion ran to his rescue and finished it off. On his next turn, the cleric picked up the kobold and wanted to throw it at the kobold sorcerer. He missed.

I play with crazy people. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Lanathar wrote:

I would want that really early picture (page 32) from the treetops

Does anyone know where that is supposed to be?
(Shame it is portrait)

Sorry for the derail

Asking for a specific piece is not derailing. :)

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Does anyone know if any of the second edition art of size big enough to be used as desktop wallpaper have been posted? I did some looking but wasn't able to find any.

The hidden pit and drowning pit hazards say you can Catch an Edge to avoid falling in, but fail to give a DC. So do I use the DC from table 10-5 on page 503? Is this the same DC to climb out?

Also, no spiked pit?

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Joe Pasini wrote:
I still say her show should've been called "Barsala Lasatha the Science Kasatha!"

You! Off my planet! There are plenty of others for you to inflict your alleged humor on!

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I am reminded forcibly of my own gaming group...

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I love it! Iseph is my favorite of the iconics, and I enjoyed seeing them in action.

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Just because he's a solarian doesn't make him a nice guy.

"Wipe the floor with these worm-faced bastards." Ha, wonderful line.

Mark Moreland wrote:
Joana wrote:
Looking forward to the Age of Ashes Player's Guide ... hopefully soon....
Very soon


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Bardarok wrote:
So it begins...

There is a hole in your mind...

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Love this!

Instead of doing an Iconic Evolution for Fumbus, what about a video talking about the process of developing the character's look? He doesn't deserve to get shorted his glory.

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