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Bardarok wrote:
So it begins...

There is a hole in your mind...

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Love this!

Instead of doing an Iconic Evolution for Fumbus, what about a video talking about the process of developing the character's look? He doesn't deserve to get shorted his glory.

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I'm wondering who she's dressed as in the picture. And yah, huzzah!

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And also, good story. Paladins, sorry, champions always go back for their companions.

I think you reused the art from Sajan's Iconic Encounter by mistake.

Wheras I get people who play Dwarf, son of Dwarf, who was a-wait for it-dwarf fighter.

Sara Marie wrote:
Character Specific Questions:
  • Ustalav is far from Dwarven homelands. Who sent you here to become a champion?
  • The clan knife you carry is not the one that was made to celebrate your birth. Whose is it and what happened to yours?
  • Who is the one person you wish you could apologize to, even though you know you never will?
  • Give me one embarrassing detail about your character.

I'm curious about the answers to these myself, especially the dagger.

CorvusMask wrote:
I'm confused what you mean, I mean, aren't experienced roleplayers and gamers also real? .-.

I think some of the players are less experienced than others, especially with PF2. Just because you work at Paizo doesn't mean you're a die-hard gamer.

Feros wrote:
Only 3 hours and 45 minutes to go! :)

I wanna be sedated!

Or maybe claim no clan at all, depending on how angry she was with them.

Are there Starfinder forum avatars available? I was looking for one and couldn't find them.

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Sara Marie wrote:

I'm really looking forward to playing a Neutral Good Holy Warrior type character. As I mentioned on the stream, Pharasma is my favorite deity in Golarion's pantheon and I am excited to explore what this means for gameplay.

If you've got a suggestion for a good Dwarven last name or a sweet battle cry, I'm all ears.

Well, for battle cries, I saw a couple of good ones in the chat:

"Don't make me ax you twice!"

"Pharasma wants a word with you!"

And for the last name, why not go back to the Quest for Sky? Skyseeker!

Sam Phelan wrote:

Hello captain yesterday,

Thank you for letting me know that. I certainly overlooked that.

Also, Thank you Steve for helping out! I feel like there have been some questions lately that the community has been very helpful with! It is so appreciated to have everyone's accumulated experience!

Heh, yeah. Thanks for the help everyone; I think I've got it figured out.

I purchased the PDF of Dead Suns 1, expecting it to include the maps as a separate file so I could use them with a virtual table top. But the maps aren't there. Are they available, and if so, where can I find them?

David knott 242 wrote:

Things may be a bit different since it is the start of a new edition.

I can't recall whether I got my Starfinder PDFs before their official release date, for example. I do remember that the traffic on the Paizo site was so heavy that it took me a few days before I could actually download the core rulebook PDF.

Yeah, I wouldn't even bother trying to download them until Thursday evening or Friday morning.

I remain curious and optomistic about this new edition. There are things I liked about the playtest and things I didn't, but I'm given to understand that there have been big changes.

Steve Geddes wrote:

They aim for you to receive it on that day. However, given the volume of orders, it is impossible to achieve that. Most will get it on or around that day. Some will be earlier and some will be later.

If you subscribe and if paizo provide a free pdf to subscribers (not yet confirmed) then the pdf is granted when your subscription ships. Usually, most subscribers get access to the pdf before streetdate (although that isn't true for every case - occassionally ones subscription is last/delayed).

I knew subscribers get their PDF early, I wasn't sure if that would still apply. My gaming group meets on Fridays, and I wanted to know if we'd have the book in hand that Thursday or Friday. PDFs are one thing, but hardcopy is handier at the table.

So if I subscribe or preorder directly from Paizo, will it actually arrive on August 1st? Or is that just the day they'll ship the books? Or is it anyone's guess?

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There's always that player that's going to be a nuisance no matter what. A prankster paladin (sorry, they're called champions now) is something interesting to see.

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Never subscribed before, but I'm thinking about it for 2e. Which one would I use to start with this book?

There's a bit of a typo in the the Expert Wizard Spellcasting feat on page 283. The second paragraph reads like so: "At 14th level, add two level 5 spells to your spellbook, and you gain a level 5 spell slot that you can use to prepare a level 5 spell from your spellbook. At 8th level, add two level 6 spells to your spellbook, and you gain a level 6 spell slot that you can use to prepare a level 6 spell from your spellbook." As that stands, you'd get your 6th level slot before you'd even qualify for the feat. :)

Is this going out of print?

My vote for Hero Lab as well. I love HL.

1. Can the following items be enchanted:

Adamantine Breastplate, Dwarven Plate, Dragonhide Plate, Elven Chain, Mithral Shirt, Darkwood Buckler, Darkwood Shield, Mithral Heavy Shield

I think they should be able to be enchanted, since they're not magical and it's the material they're made of that gives them their properties.

2. Why does a Bag of Holding have its normal weight even when empty? Shouldn't it be the lesser of 1/2 lb (the weight of a sack) plus contents or its max weight?

3. Can a Wight use its energy drain in a grapple? I think it should be able to, but only if it chooses to do damage as its grappling action.

Any chance of getting some different Pathfinder shirts? I think the Pathfinder launch poster would make a good shirt. Or maybe the core rulebook cover.

Maybe do a CafePress store with the iconic characters?

Or just put the Pathfinder compatible logo on a shirt. There's an awesome fashion statement.

I think it's sad that things like this still happen. Still, I think it shows how far we've come that this has generated such an outcry. Personally, I think this judge should be fired with extreme prejudice.

I personally refuse to discriminate on the basis of race, nationality, religion*, disability, sexual preference, gender, age, or most of the other lines we use to separate humanity. I do this for the simple reason the the capability to be a jackass or idiot knows no bounds and is endemic to the human condition.

*With regards to religion, I must confess to a severe dislike for Satanists. I've never gotten along with any of them I've met.

Looks like a good job. Any chance of a version without a white background? All that white space makes my eyes hurt.

Can anyone see the Sagawork Studios products? When I click on them under PFRPG compatible products, I get an empty page.

Good to know. Any chance of a more printer-friendly version of the errata for printing? The errata is beautiful as it stands, but really printer-intensive. If you like, I can add any new errata to my printer-friendly version and send you a copy.

Are there any plans to update the official errata on the website? From what I've been reading here, lots more errata have been found. I know I've posted one or two.

This article just makes me sad. And I have a similar tale to relate as well.

Someone I know in the USAF is currently divorcing their husband because he won't stop playing WoW. He's also currently in trouble for a variety of reasons that stem from the fact that he just doesn't give a damn about anything But WoW.

Myself, I play WoW. I'd much rather play real RPGs though. And when did video game geeks become gamers?

If you want to go ultra-light on the rules, check out Risus. A short read, it's free, and the rules are very flexible indeed.


I just want to admit here and now that I'm a bit overwhelmed by how enthusiastic Pathfinder fans are. The amount of fan-created material and support is just amazing. It seems like every day I'm finding somewhere new to swap ideas, get material from, and other goodness. It reminds me a lot of how M&M fans tend to be.

So in a word...

I'll add the OGL and send it right along.

Edit: Sent. The OGL makes it a two-page document, but I put it in due to my respecting Paizo's IP rights.

It is indeed a plain old black & white document.

Very high stat rolls are statistically unlikely, but they do happen. My second AD&D 1e character had straight 18s. Funny thing is, the DM flat-out asked if I was using loaded dice in front of the other players. My reply was "They're your dice."

My suggestion is, keep a quiet eye on the other player's dice rolls. If he's a little too lucky a little too often, say something to the DM.

Use Advanced Goblin Stealth Techniques: Hold your weapon or a tree branch in front of you!

I've produced a more printer-friendly version of the PFRPG errata. Can someone suggest where I can post this? And (somewhat more importantly), does Paizo object to my distributing this?

Side note: I know some people have spotted more(!) errata in the core book. Any idea when there will be an updated errata file?

That was hilarious!

I notice there's a Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign setting for OGL. Is there a plan to do a PFRPG version?

I believe I have found an error on p. 203. The last sentence under Distracting Spellcasters reads as follows:

If you damage the spellcaster, she may lose the spell she was trying to cast(as determined by her Spellcraft check result).

I believe that instead of calling for a Spellcraft check, this should be a concentration check.

Rules and publisher for me. I was hooked at the beta, and the final product has me chomping at the bit to run it. Many things I didn't like about 3.5 are improved in Pathfinder, even some things I didn't realize irked me. Detail and flexibility has been added to all the core classes. Attacks of opportunity, grapples, and more are all much improved.

And although I didn't get to run the beta rules myself* I was floored by the fact that Paizo just put the playtest rules up there for anyone to download. No application, no NDA, just pdf awesomeness for the taking. That speaks a lot for publisher attitude for me. Plus I remember the Paizo run of Dungeon & Dragon magazines well. I kept reading even while I wasn't running D&D just to get more material.

Admittedly, I haven't looked at the setting yet, but I build my own worlds and borrow stuff from published material anyway.

*Forgive me, about the time the beta started, I was getting ready to become a father. Baby before game.

Would it be possible to add a category in the store for all the third-party Pathfinder-compatible products? I think it would be useful to be able to browse them all in one place.

I love the PFRPG* and am considering subscribing to it. Could I choose which product my subscription begins with? I already have the Pathfinder core and don't need another copy.

*Is that the accepted acronym for the Pathfinder RPG? Pardon my asking, I'm new here.

I was intrigued by the Pathfinder Chronicler prestige class in the PRPG. But I'd like to learn more about the Pathfinder Society. Can someone point me in the direction of information about it?

Unfortunately, a variety of RL events have kept me from having the money to buy a copy of the playtest rules till now. I would gladly have paid the money for one.

(Sad to say, there's only place I can get one printed in town. And their cost on a 400-page print job is prohibitive.)

Guess I'll just wait for the full rulebook then. It'll make a good birthday present for myself.