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Milo v3 wrote:
The Evil Queen wrote:

Elasmotherium = Karkadann.

Though I like the Desert Unicorn much more than another rhino monster.

We already have karkadann stats don't we?

I know, just wanted to teach people something they probably didn't know.

Elasmotherium = Karkadann.

Though I like the Desert Unicorn much more than another rhino monster.

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I wanted to wait till Bestiary 6 is out before wishing for 7, but since many people already wish and I know that most creatures from the first two wishing pages make most chance to appear in the books I have to post them already.

I wanted to make a top 10 most wanted creatures of myself, but I couldn’t choose between many so it became a top 20. They are put on ABC, not on which I want most.

1: Agrippa (Construct) – Or any other monster based on a animated monstrous Grimoire that can summon monsters it swallowed/absorbed into its monstrous unnatural pages.

2: Asag (Div or Demon) – Or another demon/stone demon that spawns smaller versions of itself out of its rocky back, much like the Pod Demon from D&D.

3: Batibat (Fey) – Or another evil Dryad, but Batibat is perfect, they could be dryads that lost their trees and this tragedy turned them into ugly, fat and evil killers.

4: Bauk (Fey) – Or another bogeyman-type creature that can teleport though shadows.

5: Binaye-Ahani (Demon or Aberration) – Or any other twin-based monsters that don’t look like normal humans.

6: Bonguru (Magical Beast) – Or another creature which body functions as a living hive for other smaller creatures to inhabit. Bonguru itself is from Solomon Island mythology, they are large boar-like creatures which bodies are infested with hornets which dig through their flesh and which use their fleshy body as living hive, on its back grow all types of parasitic fungus that also use the body for food and soil, making the Bonguru a very hostile and aggressive creature as it is in constant pain.

7: Eintykara (Vermin) – Or another creature that is a swarm of flying insects that can take the form of humanoid, demon or other monsters (but still as swarm) this swarm become more intelligent the more insects join in.

8: Empusa (Demon) – Most famous greek monster still missing, hopefully it turns into some cool half mantis half woman thing. They hate men and attack them first, they only attack women if they attack the Empusa first.

9: Fear Liath (Monstrous Humanoid) – A cool psychic mountain-living sasquatch that can summon psychic fog around it and assault the minds of its victims with images and fear.

10: Ichneumon (Magical Beast) – Small creatures with high CR ratings, pure dragon killers, ALL dragons should fear them.

11: Jubokko (Plant) – My favorite mythological creature still missing, a vampiric tree that grows on the edge of battlefields and which drains blood from its victims, its leaves are bloody red.

12: Mahaha (Demon or Daemon) – Ice Daemons or Demons with mad laughter and long nails with which they tickle their prey to death, they are insane and evil.

13: Mambabarang (Monstrous Humanoid / Hag) – An evil insect-eyed hag with insect features. They are the Queens of all insects and they control most insects/vermin with ease. Riding around on giant beetles and summoning swarms of stinging wasps or flesh eating scarabs.

14: Marabbecca (Aberration) – Horrifying monsters living in Water Wells.

15: Raktavija (Demon or Rakshasa) – Or any other creature that uses its own blood as weapon, they can harden their blood into a red obsidian like material and they drain blood from other creatures to regain their lost blood. They can even summon duplicates of themselves with their own blood.

16: Shellycoat (Fey) – Coastal/River bogeymen which steal voices of their victims and lock them in their many shells, they use shells for everything, weapons, clothes, jewels, shields and even houses.

17: Sianach (Magical Beast) – Giant evil stag monsters which antlers are covered with magical runes and skulls, they are the steeds for many hags. If they kill a creature the spirit of the creature is absorbed and they are seen flying as will-o-wisp like creatures through the enormous antlers of the Sianach.

18: Stray Sod (Plant) – Strange plant creatures with magical grass on their backs. They burry their body into the soil and leave their magical grass exposed and hope creatures step on it, this will have various effects, like losing your mind, becoming a beacon for demons or undead, losing your way of direction or becoming very hungry.

19: Yara-Ma-Yha-Who (Aberration or Fey) – Nothing to add, just search it up on google if you still haven’t seen it. Cool Australian mythological bogeyman.

20: Ziphius (Magical Beast) – Or another fish/whale based creature with a very large and sharp dorsal fin it uses to slash through creatures and boats.

Because when Robots eventually invade the bestiaries, there is no stopping the SF-theme anymore, and all the themes will be be replaced by it.

I don't mind and even like the aliens, the movie freaks, the clockworks and the lovecraft SF monsters mixed in with the fantasy/mythology ones. But anything with a computer in it or machine gun is just too far off in my opinion and shouldn't be in a book like this. Innersea books are perfect for them though, and bestiaries were perfectly fine without the Robots all these time, so why change it, keep pouring them in special books, innersea bestiaries and the current AP-line and let the Bestiary 5 be free from them to please multiple parties.

And I probably get hated for this again, but you asked so I answered my own opinion about them.

the "i'd rather see" sentence was more to annoy Kthulhu btw, because he obviously wanted to annoy me.

Moskitto Info & picture

Here is the info WDL

And I post all my new discovered mythology critters, I don't even want some in the bestiary 5, but we just share cryptids and mythos here.

And I rather see 10.000 mosquito's than 1 robot.

Glue-Keek sounds awesome, gonna check it out.

And Kthulhu is just jealous and hatefull, nevermind him.

We have like age-catogories for dragons.. but I understand why you did this. But its from mythology and I want most mythos in. But this dragon sized mosquito doest have priority.

Moskitto is from lumberjack American folklore called fearsome critters. Why ushi-oni as big boss? In my univers they will probably replace bebelith.

I found some new critters:

Zitiron - Armored merman, very strange and war-like.

Osschaart - Strange animals dressed in chains, jump on the backs of people and become heavier with every step.

Raven Mocker - Humanoid ravens that control flocks of ravens and which feed on the old, sick and dying.

Moskitto - Enormous mosquito's.

Ushi-Oni - Bull Spiders

Berberoka - Female swamp monsters that suck in and spit out water.

Anthony Adam wrote:

Hmmm, I might have a go myself at spec'ing up a version of that Bas Celik - it would fit in so well with the Iron Gods campaign ;)

I could make the drink water aspect a dehydrating touch attack - ewww a touch attack that debilitates and dehydrates - nasty ;)

The wings could close around the angel to act as an impenetrable barrier/shield giving it some major DR maybe while it casts healing on itself... total immunity to damage isn't a great thing to give a creature ;)

Maybe some sort of spinning / pouncing from fly by / wing buffet that does some sort of slicing and dicing effect.

Yeah, definite possibilities.

As long as it isn't sciencefiction-based, robot or with laser attacks i'm fine with it! I see the Bas Celik more like a clockwork creature or a iron golem creature, not a high tech creature for numeria.

Anyways check my Pinterest page, it has huge updates, many creatures added, I hope they all shine one day in Pathfinder bestiaries! Pinterest page 2 clicky

Pinterest page 1 clicky

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Bas Celik is a awesome creature from Serbian myth.

It resembles an evil angel with steel wings that needs to drink water in order to stay immortal and immune to damage.

I find Ga-Gorib hard, as it is so similar to many other creatures.

Nargun has the same ability of rebouncing stuff.
Nependis and Argopelter behave a bit like it.
Gegenees has six arms, turning Ga-Gorib less unique if they both show up in a game.

Can't believe i've ignored these two little pearls all this time!

The bizarre Zhen comes from Chinese Mythology.
They are beautiful birds (probably birds of paradise, but I love the bird in the picture, its perfect) that ate many snakes and other poisonous creatures so that their feathers became green and poisonous, so toxic that it kills you before you swallowed it. Instead of this Lavellan poison, I think it would be better to give it the ability to have hallucinating poison.

The jaguar-people known as the Nagual come from Aztec mythology and are pretty awesome and very different from Catfolk.
They always resemble jaguar-men and mostly women that use magics and which act much like warlocks, they summon other wild beasts to their aid and are like the Ewah, very xenophobic.

My question back at you Wanabee is, how would you picture Ga-Gorib (African Myth) in pathfinder? What appearance? Abilities?

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These are all the creatures from my lists that have sound based attacks, songs, laughter, whisper or other sound oddities (like the Manananggal) abilities and powers.

I've also added the mimicry creatures.

- Shadhavar
- Siren
- Sirin
- Alkonost
- Bukavac
- Barghest, Cadejo and probably all other dog monsters.
- Ahkiyyini
- Ahuizotl (mimicry)
- Banshee
- Boobrie
- Cu Sith
- Encantado (dolphin form)
- Harionago (Laughter)
- Jinmenju (its fruit)
- Kokopelli
- Mahaha (mad laughter)
- Olitiau
- Sagari
- Crocotta / Leucrocotta
- Vila
- Wendigo (whispers)
- Camazotz
- Lorelei
- Fossegrim
- Ahool
- Amarok
- Harpy
- Poltergeist
- Manananggal

- Faun & Satyr
- Muse
- Selkie (singing probably)

That creature is a Taniwha, at least that is what a awesome Taniwha should look like.

TOo bad it probably just a Linnorm that by accident looks like a Taniwha...

I can't wait to have Iron Gods over with, and that this awesome AP starts! Can't be January soon enough!

But now all the Lovecraft monsters are gone, i'll kinda doubt seeing any more than 1 more bestiary, maybe for the Devil-Lords.

I also hope all the monsters from the Monster Codex (like the Gnoll Flind) are only for that book and don't end up in the Bestiary 5. While I didn't mind the monsters from the Bonus Bestiary and strange monsters revised (Flumph & co) made it into a bestiary, these monsters would be too many and it would kinda cheap in my eyes.

Good enough till Bestiary 20.

Can anybody post as many mythological constructs as they know off? I'm in need of some.

I already know about most of the Japanese animated-objects so they can be left off the lists.

Maybe there are some cool monsters with those so I can wish for them too.

Cuelebre - Flying Snake dragons which scales become harder with age, becoming almost industructable when they reach 100 years. Their skin (when reaching 100) is harder than Adamantium, and so their skin is wanted to create weapons from.

Petsuchos - The mummy crocodile with a strange alien mechanism on its head that fires laser-like beams of light.

Manaia - New Zealand myths about creatures that can appear like birds or like Seahorses. That gave me the idea to turn them into chimerae composed of Hummingbird and Seahorse parts, being flying seahorse monsters.

Scitalis - An update, I really want this to be a rainbow-dragon with scimmering scales which bedazzle any onlooker. much like in this picture.

And last but not least, a awesome guy on Deviantart (named Emeraldfury) has created the best version of the demonical twins from Native American myths i've seen to date!


Also i've never been a huge fan of the Cat Sidhe because I like the Nekomata better for that role, but Emeraldfury just created the best version of Cat Sidhe ever!
So I like to see the Cat Sidhe in a form similar to this.

My question to bardess: out of all that hundreds of wishes, why a big butterfly?

I hope they add more original mantis and beetles monsters as they are lacking. I really thought the spider and scorpion adds in bestiary 4 were boring.

now that the Nightbloom won the competition, I really hope to see that version in the Bestiary 5! Together with my other nightshade wish, the Nightslither (ooze nightshade) and maybe a nightstalker (hunting beast/tiger nightshade)

And two people made Shadhavars for the competition, that means people pretty much like the evil-unicorns, so they should probably end up in Bestiary 5 :-p

Two Shadhavars?

My my! I really like to see those! They are among my favorite myth monsters and I wished for them like 20 times, i'm happy to see two of them make it.

To all people from Paizo, see that Shadhavar are very popular, more reasons to put these evil unicorns in bestiary 5! :-p

Ah! Congratulations! And Celebrations! Your cool version of my wish the Nightbloom won! bravo!

Can't wait for the interviews! :-)

I thought we got 4 revised books every year? its been a year, and we got zero?

Are the revised books ever gonna be made again? They were among my favorites!


I found a new broom-yokai, a good-alignment Tsukumogami (animated objects) that uses its magical broom body to sweep away evil spirits from a house.

Awesome idea, and unlike many good-alignment monsters (think Shedu/Lammasu) that I really dislike, this creature is actually awesome.

There is also this good-scarecrow Tsukumogami named Kuebiko, it also protects farmers from evil creatures and spirits during the night in the field.

I really dislike the less than CR1 take on the creatures, I really hated this with Undine, Oread and Sylphs. Rather seen them as none-Playable races.

I don't mind creatures like Cynocephali being created into P.Races, but anything on my personal wishlists I rather see above CR 1 (or CR 1 itself) and not as P.Races.

Anthony Adam wrote:

I know what what wrong with mine - and it got me auto DQ'd >.< - I used two types and on reflection realized my maths had made it match up with an existing template - I had even used the template name without realizing - gah!

So I won't be posting mine for feedback, I'm kicking myself enough as it is.

If anyone wants to see my version of a Vila, they can PM me and I'll gladly share it with them - but not till after all the voting is done, I don't want to distract from the top 5 and the voting.

I hope you post it! And any other person that did a monster I wished for too!

Dragon78 wrote:

Looks like the Warpstar used several things I was asking for, interesting.

A "wookie-like" race would be interesting, hope they make it monstrous humanoid.

I would love to see races:

Fey blooded
More planetouched
-positive energy
-negative energy
Magical Beast
more Fey
more Plants
more Monstrous Humanoids
more bird(hawk-medium, humming bird-small size)
centaur-like(medium size version)
snake lower body one
more aliens
more aquatic(both fish-like and non-fish-like)
Cyclops one
three eyed race
tiny size one(fey)
minotaur one
medusa-like one(well snakes for hair)

In other words, everything should be a P.Race lol.

Also I found a creature that could replace the Kaster or combine its features.

Katsura-Otoko (the beautiful man of the moon in japanese myth) could have the Kasters gems.

EDIT 2: Ikiryo: There aren't many monsters based on Envy (one of the 7 deadly sins) and this creature is Envy's champion unit.
Green (the color of envy) ghost-like creatures that manifest when a evil person suffers from severe envious feelings, the envy becomes a creature on its own to torture all objects of the evil beings envious feelings.
- These creatures are spectral but not undead.
- These creatures have 2 sets of eyes, so four eyes in total.

I dont care for p-races at all. But I hope no mythology creatures are used to create them. Just original designs and mythology creatures as solid cr choises not as cr 1,2

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Actually I wish 4 of them end up in bestiary 5, but I wouldn't mind all 5 as well, that would be cool little extra's for you guys, seeing your versions of the monsters in the bestiary 5, well with some minor improvements maybe after reading the judges comments.

And you inspired me with the wings on the Splintercat, that is actually a very cool spin on the creature. I love it!

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I hope 3 of the monsters end up in bestiary 5! :-p

Can somebody link me to the page where I can vote please! :-p

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Wannabe Demon Lord wrote:
So, does anyone know where the contest entries are being posted? I'd love to see if any of my guys got made.

You have to read here *clicky* for the entire conversation and links.

This is the top 5

Top 5:
Taniwha by Wendall Roy (I think this was your wish)
Warpstar by Douglas Schaub (This was a wish from Dragon78)
Sianach by Joe Kondrak (This was a wish from me)
Nightbloom by Nicholas Wasko (This was a wish from me)
Splintercat by Mike Welham (This was a wish from atheral me thinks, as he was the first to wish for the Splintercat, I wished for it too later in the thread, I don't know if you also did.)

Thanks :-) (although 50%, or even more in the bestiary 5 wishthread are wishes from me, Wannabe Demon Lord and Dragon78 lol)

But I liked to see my hag-mount and antler-decoration wishes come to life in Joe's awesome Sianach entry, just like I pictured it to be! Hope Paizo gets inspiration from that and uses it in bestiary 5! (The hags can really use some cool animal mounts and allies)

The Nightbloom is at this moment my favorite, I never thought that creature would be used, I even forgot about it (as it was a very early wish), thanks for reminding me of it, and creating that awesome version of it!

WOW! Awesome! 3 of my wishes made it in! And even one I made up myself! (A nightshade flower creature!)

I like all five entries! Good job and who ever may win, congrats!

Shadowborn wrote:
The Evil Queen wrote:

Who ever wished for the Warpstar?

Anyway congrats you two.

I do remember several requests for more oozes on the thread. Not all requests were specific.

Ohhh so all by all, you just could create anything you liked, because Dragon78 wished for more Fey, Ooze, Plant, Everything else... Didn't knew that, that is kinda random then!

Anyway I have my favorite already, or another of my own wishes makes the top 5. :-p

Who ever wished for the Warpstar? (I do love it!)

Anyway congrats you two.

Ahhh a monster I wished for! The Sianach! I love it how the guy used my own ideas about the creature in his version!

Thanks for picking my wish! It is awesome!

I've read somewhere that the Ettercap was taken from Tolkiens work, or otherwise the Arrach maybe.

Carrion Crawlers probably came from AWD Goggie.

For the beholder they probably thought about the greek Argus lol but wanted to be original.

But I let my dislike for D&D take over again, they probably created their own creations, but I don't want to admit that.

I think D&D is very uninspired lately, always using the same old monsters and never come up with something new anymore, while Pathfinder keeps on pouring us in obscure mythology monsters and awesome new designs + some extra spices from books, lovecraft, fairytales, child stories and even horror movies.

And lethifold from Harry Potter? Damn... I really hoped that was an original monster much like the green tree goblin with frog features...

Are the monsters posted in this topic?

Lindworm is basically just the real name for the Linnorm.

You forgot the best part about the Knucker...

The Knuckerholes in which it lives, (seemingly endless water pits/holes) that is which makes the creature interesting.

I can see the knucker look like something like the D&D Kazrith, another creature that lives in water holes, and which was obviously inspired by the Knucker.

none of D&D monsters is unique, they are all stolen and corrupted from Mythology, Lovecraft and fairytales if you just search good enough.

NEVER call an Ettercap, Cloaker, Bulette, Carrion Crawler, Julajimus, Zorbo, Aboleth original, they all got links with myths and stories.

MMCJawa wrote:
try looking up the plural form, Flagae. I noticed a lot more links using that term

Thanks mate! Now I see it is a real creature and I can use it without doubt.

It is even on this site and if it is on that site it must be truth.

The Kastor would be nice to be real, but I doubt it.

And can anyone give me more info on the Flaga? Which is suppose to be a european (or something) mirror spirit?

Flaga info

Also about the Kaster, i've found another site "victim" that now spreads that the Kaster is a real creature, probably taken from Deviantart as the only picture of the kastor is taken directly from the only picture and source on the internet.

Well how do you create a myth? Just have good drawing skills, draw a creature and say that it is from forgotten myths of your country...

Famous myth site with Kaster.

Ahh the human traditions... Never liked them. So every Monster Manual 1 will be 100% the same as the other because no monsters can go lost. I hope pathfinder 2 (if it ever happens) won't copry bestiary 1 100% but mixes monsters from 1,2,3,4 and 5 (if it will ever come out) and not only D&D monsters.

I hate Hobgoblins unlike any other people on this earth, I never understood their fame.

But what if that creature becomes more special, give the beast-training to the beast-like Bugbear and the stupid early-enemy feel to goblins, but give EXPLOSIONS to the Hobgoblin, that makes them special and gives them a fun link with the spiderman-enemy they are created from (as hobgoblins from myth are actually the gentle variety of goblins)

They should LOVE explosions, they should try to create as many explosions as possible and thrive in the chaos that explosions create.

Yes a Hobgoblin that is addicted to any form of explosion and uses explosive traps and weapons would win me over.

I've received Monster Manual 1 5th Edition.

And while many of the monsters in that book are awesome like always, many monsters are duplicates and unneccesairy adds, and NO Destrachan and Astral Stalker, but a Grick and a Darkmantle, means BOOO!


Monsters I would have left out of the MM1:
- Aaracocra (better for later editions),
- Deva (When they finally come up with more interesting angels instead of re-using these boring ones),
- Animated Armor (Uhm, almost the same as Helmed Horror, of al animated objects possible why Armor while you already have the horror? I love the sword and rug though)
- Cambion (Yes in a book with limited space I would also put Succubus + Incubus + Cambion...)
- Cyclops (Is tomed down into just another ogre/hill giant clone, I liked the 4th edition Cyclops much better.)
- Darkmantle (WHAT! This creature is more iconic than the Destrachan? It is a copy of so many other creatures I won't even try.)
- Manes (With dretch already there, I think its a wasted spot, and where is Babau?)
- Spinagon (And Hamatula in one book? At least i'm happy the boring Spinagon isn't replacing the Hamatula this time already.)
- Allosaurus (No Deinonychus but a T.Rex wannabee? Wasted opertunity!)
- Brass Dragon (One of the smartest things of 4th Edition was that they replaced the Brass Dragon with the Adamantium Dragon, why they undid that? The Brass Dragon is by far the worst dragon ever.)
- Flameskull (No Bodak, Nightshade, Morgh and Devourer, but a Flameskull? Which is just a Demi-lich but weaker? I don't get them...)
- Flumph (I know many people love this thing, but I don't understand why they suddenly have to use it again after so long? Probably because Pathfinder made it more awesome or something and they wanted to do better. Anyway I would liked something else.)
- Ghost (With banshees, Poltergeists, spectres and wraiths around, I don't think Ghosts make sense at all.)
- Hill Giant and Storm Giant (I would have replaced them with Death and Eldritch Giants to make it more interesting, and Hill giants are just big Ogres and two eyed cyclops.)
- Gith (I just hate them, when will they finally stop excisting.)
- Svirfneblin (What?!? No Spriggans, no Derro and No Quicklings, but Svirfneblin made it in? Wha!?)
- Clay Golem (Yeah... the most boring golem ever. It is time to break the habit and replace that golem with a more interesting one, like Bone or Glass.)
- Grick (one of the most boring D&D critters ever, it should be in a later MM.)
- Hippogriff (of all mythological monsters, this boring creature and clone of the Griffon makes it in? Don't make me laugh.)
- Hobgoblin (NEver cared for them, Bugbear and Orc are much better.)
- Jackalwere (nice for later MM's but not for MM1.)
- Mephit (Never undestood them, just imps with an element added...)
- Modrons (Yeah right... bleghhh! At least used Automatons or Clockwork Horrors, not these comic-creatures.)
- Bone Naga (instead of Dark Naga... what a crime!)
- Half-Ogre (boring)
- Pseudodragon (Yes, have two small dragons Faerie and Pseudo, and make them both the same and good-alignment... makes sense!)
- Sprite (Yes, have two small faeries, Pixe and Sprite, and make them both good-natured...)
- Quaggoth (Probably one of the most boring creatures in the book, could they not find a better Drow-Slave than that white bugbear thing?)
- Revenant (Rather seen more interesting Undead)
- Shield Guardian (Looks like a Stone Golem to me)
- Slaad (Oh, not them again... Such a boring lot!)
- Spectre (At least give them something interesting, these have nothing special, they are just weak ghosts...)
- Water Weird (While i LOVE The Water Weird, I don't get it, two water elementals in one book?)
- Yugoloths (Ah, Pathfinder turned them so cool and awesome into daemons, that I really disliked the Yugoloth more and more. Ultroloth is cool tho)

There are a lot of cool artworks in there though and some monsters did improve, but overal i'm still a bigger fan of Pathfinder's monsters, they add new stuff, while D&D keeps hanging around with the (always the same) old.

One new creature though (A titan variant if i'm not wrong) called the Empyrean has a VERY interesting new ability.

This creatures emotions influence the entire landscape, when it is sad it will storm or rain and animals and plants wither and die, when it is happy the sun will shine and animals will be on their prettiest.

Awesome new ability. Would like to see this ability somewhere in Pathfinder. (Not the Empyrean tho)

A Japanese critter.

Amanojaku (Japanese) - Strange shapeshifters that take the forms of cute little kittens to lure prey into a false sense of safety so they can be transported by their prey into towns unnoticed. Their true form is that of a huge cat/baboon/lizard like horror. They are also close related with Djinns, they can forfill desires, but at the cost of your soul.

They remind me of the Julajimus from Monster Manual 2 of D&D's 3.5 version.