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Im up fur adoption.

I've been waiting to see that.

Belphegor is banned for showing his off-colored pigmentaition.

Too late! And Eye Win.

...along with Amelia Earhart, her co-pilot Fred Noonan, and the Alcatraz Three: Frank Morris, and brothers Clarence and John Anglin.

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spits out the skeleton of Jimmy Hoffa

Gurgles incoherently

Aberzombie wrote:

Tries to cover his eyes, all of them.

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June Cleaver wrote:

*takes a shot of holy water*

*vomits a slain mohrg*

Mmm. Spicy.

Wow! You really are the Beast.

Aberzombie wrote:

WOOHOO! I'm invisible!!

runs around

I can see the outline of your....


The Minis Maniac wrote:
Vicon wrote:
The Minis Maniac wrote:
So I was feeling pretty rotten about my weight loss today and how slow it has been going. Felt really fat and awful. Then a hideous looking man, in a wheelchair with fatrolls almost over lapping the arms of said wheelchair went by. I guess I'm not that fat in comparison.
I hear the sound of false modesty, Mr. barely can walk straight. :P

That was because [Redacted] on the sex swing and the [redacted]. A [redacted] inserted [redacted] and [redacted] again and again and again and again.

** spoiler omitted **

I looked at the spoiler and now I'm BLIND!






Don't watch!

Singing as it stalks through the Underdark: "I can see clearly now, the rain is gone, I can see all obstacles in my way. Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind. It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
Sun-Shiny day."

TOZ wrote:
The_All_Seeing_Abomination wrote:

If so, what instrument would you use and would you be able to set said device in motion?
The oboe. With enough plastic explosive, yes.


TOZ wrote:
The_All_Seeing_Abomination wrote:
TOZ, what is best in life? And from what angle do you approach it?
Death, approached from a precise 180 degree angle.

If so, what instrument would you use and would you be able to set said device in motion?

TOZ, what is best in life? And from what angle do you approach it?

Celestial Healer wrote:

To reiterate my earlier point - apartment hunting makes me want to gouge out my eyeballs with a knitting needle.

That is all.


taig wrote:
Crimson Jester wrote:
Happy Birthday Badger!!!!!!!!!

Yay! Thanks, CrimJ!

Face ripping reprieve for everyone today!

Thank you master, thank you.


Studpuffin wrote:
Awww, I stepped in a pie. I didn't even see it until my foot was in it.

I saw what you did. Don't deny it.

Cob? Corn-on-the-Cob. If you want cob, drive through Nebraska. Yeesh. Some much corn it makes me angry.

The lead singer of INXS swings on through the thread, hanging by his neck, from a cord.

The_All_Seeing_Abomination wrote:
Demon Lord of Tribbles wrote:
"Sure you can use em, and if the gnome don't want to worship me you can eat him as well"

Good Master! Good!

Slurps Noisly

We can make pigs of ourselves at Club Calistra....

Goes back to slurping on thigh of Tarresque.

Demon Lord of Tribbles wrote:
"Sure you can use em, and if the gnome don't want to worship me you can eat him as well"

Good Master! Good!

Slurps Noisly

Demon Lord of Tribbles wrote:

hey a cultist. Hummm hey you want more power!"

shrugging his shoulders the Demon Lord looks back to his new minion

"Oh, my yes was a fine BBQ, we roasted a few hundred thousand from a new world somewhere. Feel free to do some raiding however. Nothing keeps the worship up like bloodshed and orgy's I always say"

Oooo! Oooo! Oooo! I have special eye powers, 6 or more as I loose count. Can I use them in the next raids? Can I eat crazy gnome too? I have an extra eye in my navel.

Goes back to eating his BBQ

Demon Lord of Tribbles wrote:

yay A fifth of swag. Puts it into the vault

"Now humm new minion, sure we have tribbles, and have some soul to torment and twist as well. You can help with that too, hummm ...feel free to eat a few of the mortals we got around, left overs from the BBQ mostly."

An impossibily long tongue descends from his tooth-filled orifice and licks his full lips. He slurps out loud.

BBQ! Mmmmmmmmmm!

Demon Lord of Tribbles wrote:

The Demon Lord stretches and goes for a bit to eat, snacking on a tribble as he makes his way though the Halls of the great hall. He has much to do and soon, so many souls to claim. He stops when he sees Evil monkey and a many eyed Abomination eating at the table.

"When did I get a new minion?"

I don't know. That Troll, uh I_want_to_Touch_You, said something to me, and here I am. I'm still hungry. Got any tribbles to eat.

Evil Monkey wrote:

The large ape awakes, rolling out of his circular bed. None of the ladies had come over from the harem last evening and he was alone.

Hmm. The boss must be back from his adventures. Oh well, I needed a break anyway...

Scratching one hairy butt cheek absently, he shuffles over to the refrigerator and begins pulling out several old pizza boxes, chinese food cartons and a partially-devoured Larva roast.

Man am I Hoooooongry! He chortles

Sitting down to his early-morning snack, he ponders the Runelord's bargain.

I gotta tell the boss about this caper .....

Placing some old egg foo young on a slice of double anchovy pizza, he absently crams the morsel into his gaping mouth and chews meditatively

Hmmmm, looks good. Got any more left-overs.

Calls out loudly

FROOOOGIE! Getcher green butt to the outhouse and bring back alla those banknotes what're in there!

Uh, can Iza move inta you ez outhouse?

A movement to the porcelain alter.

"I tried to show them what smurf-manity is made of.
But wrestling with Darkseid, it's like trying to beat the ocean unconscious."

"Hosanna! We live another day. Give us a sign, Great Darkseid.
Thumbs up for the triumph of the smurf spirit!
...Or thumbs down to summon a Holocaust that will never end!"

"My smurf...," The smurf is simple.
Because, here, at the end, there's no smurf at all.
Only Apokolips and Darkseid."


"Give in."

- Final Crisis, 4 of 7