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WAHHOO! Letza get drunk and go 4bying.

Silver Crusade

Do you think yer gonna have a normal kin, zombeh, or an abomeenation from beyond thet veil? We shore could use anothur abomeenation roun' here.


Im up fur adoption.

Scarab Sages

Ah reckon.

Ah Teh yew wut

Silver Crusade

Ah lahks them abomeenashuns.


boah yew sane them ku thewlews?

Scarab Sages

Thet's whut ah wuz thinkin.


Heh Heh, I put on a new cowcatcha on my truck. Itell you wut ifum I see me a god%@^d hippeh lib ur awl or commie bast@%d, Ima gonna send them sturate to reye lay uh.

Silver Crusade



Scarab Sages

Goddang hippehs

Well Gaaahhhhhllly!

Were's amh shotgun?

I got one ina back of meh truck

Scarab Sages

Whar'd evybuddy git?

*peeks out from under porch*

Justa tinkerin with ma injun.

Hey any of ya'll wanna play this here newfangled game I got at the flea markit, it's called dunjins and dragginz

Silver Crusade


Well awraht, Yew can be the preacha

Rolls over and goes to sleep with his shogun in curled in one arm and a large bottle of Jim bean in the other

Well naw y'all can be the fahtah

Scarab Sages

Ah reckin.

Well naw looks like y'all can be the nekkidmancer

mumbles in his sleep

Young whippersnappers....

Silver Crusade


Gettin' quiet around here. It's like we gots jobs or soemtin...

I teh u wut.

Wut? Spitz it out. Ain'ts gots all day.

Silver Crusade


Scarab Sages

Ah don't git it.

Who has a job?!

Silver Crusade

Sky Wyrm wrote:
Who has a job?!

Who's wantin' to know? You a revenuuuer or somethin?

Does deeee-liverin shine count as uh jahb

*drops a mangled gopher on the front porch*

Tax man says ah owes him money becaus ah hasn't paid encumm tax in the last ten years.

Grue has the rite ider with the goffer.

Dont you worreh bout no carpetbaggin yankee reva newer, Ifum they showz there face round here. ima gonna sendum to meet ther maka.

*Loads 2 guage double barreled shotgun*

Silver Crusade

Ayup. Yer alraht, Moutheh.

"Boyew dayum ribinoore! I kiyya! I kiyya daid! Beshtuh GIT!"

*wanders into the pasture*

"I shewt uh grew."

Grue boy, where's ya goin?

hopefully to find that dad gum reva newa. mmmmmm hmmmmmm[/sling blade]

Silver Crusade

French frahed potaters.

and potted meat mmmmmm hmmmmm.

Scarab Sages

Ah shor does lahk me sum taters.

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