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I am getting my figures out to use for the game rather than having the large art card taking up more table space then it has to. So far here is what I have and what I am missing. Does anyone know if any of the missing figures are available other than in card stock or metal format? (I am listing where the ones I have came from so others can get them if they want to... unfortunately some are out of stock at this time.)

Amiri. - Shattered Star and Out of Stock

Lem. - Shattered Star and Out of Stock

Ezren, Kyra, Valeros, & Merisiel. - Beginner Box Heroes

Seoni. - Rise of the Rune Lords and Out of Stock

Harsk. - Rise of the Rune Lords

Seelah. - Hero's and Monsters

Lini - Not sure if it is out yet so suggestions wanted.

Sajan - Not sure if it is out yet so suggestions wanted.

I'm planning to do the same; if you're not picky (or cost-conscious), you can pick up Amiri, Lem, and Seoni through places like eBay.

Also, Erik Mona let slip that Lini is scheduled to be included in Legends of Golarion, which I think is supposed to be out in October, so that might mean a short-term alternative until then. Reading between the lines, it's possible that Sajan will be included in the same set.

All the items linked I already have as I managed to get everything except for Lem as part of my case sub. I ordered Lem along with some other singles shortly after I opened the case to round out some of the figures I wanted multiples of. So I am good on those... and I am glad to hear that maybe Lini and Sajan are coming out this year as well. (I have not received my case yet this month so was not sure if they were in that or not.)

I mostly was looking to see if anyone knew anything about Lini or Sajan... like you posted... and put everything else up their to help fellow board members in case they wanted to get a full set as well.

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Your list of Pathfinder Battles prepaints is correct (for now).

I know you specifically asked about "other than card stock and metal," but just in case anybody who wanders in would like to consider those...

Reaper offers all 11 characters in their unpainted metal Pathfinder Miniatures line. (There are actually two versions of Valeros and Seoni to choose from).

Later this month, Reaper is also releasing unpainted plastic versions of 8 of the 11 in the new Pathfinder Bones line.

As for cardboard pawns, Ezren, Kyra, Valeros, and Merisiel are in the Beginner Box, and all 11 iconics are in the NPC Codex Box.

Cool. I did not know about the Bones line for Pathfinder stuff so that is great. I do have the metal mini's but those are going to stay in my main figure cases for normal RPG games. I like the idea of having extra of the plastic items to just toss into the box for when I bring out the card game.

I know a lot of people like the pawns... but they are just not my thing.

The info is appreciated as always and you offer lots of great options Vic.

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On the other hand, I think pawns will be perfect for me; that way I can keep my actual minis with the rest of my minis, and store the pawns for the iconics used by the ACG in the ACG box. Good deal.

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