Pathfinder Battles—Heroes & Monsters: Seelah, Human Paladin

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Pathfinder RPG combat comes to life on your tabletop with Heroes & Monsters, the debut release in the new Pathfinder Battles prepainted miniatures line! Produced in cooperation with Paizo Publishing, Heroes & Monsters presents a fascinating array of 40 beautifully painted miniatures perfect for use with the Pathfinder RPG or any fantasy miniatures game! From the brave Gnome Fighter to the mighty evil lich, Heroes & Monsters offers a wide range of player characters and dungeon denizens that make a perfect start to your Pathfinder Battles collection!

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***( )( ) (based on 8 ratings)

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not that bad

****( )

i was pretty weary of this mini. i've heard some bad reviews of it, and after seeing the drastic difference between the vampire's box art and the less intriguing actual mini, i was worried how well seelah would look as a finish product. however, having collected every other iconic hero, i decided it was necessary to take a chance on her. truth be hold i was pleasantly surprised. While the head could've used a bit more work, and she's a bit too short, this is all and all a great paladin mini. the armor is great, the come-at-me stance is cool, and the color choice really works for her. honestly this is great for a figure this early in a set, and it would be top tier in any other nonpathfinder prepainted miniature line. it simply suffers from being a good mini in a line of great minis

What happened with the head?

**( )( )( )

I was really looking forward to this figure but the product in hand is a disappointment. Though well-painted, it is somewhat smaller than the figures released in the Beginner Box Heroes. However, my main complaint is that Seelah's head is simply a ball without any features; no nose, no mouth, no cheeks, with eyes and hair painted on it. This is a not only a rare but an iconic; it should be better than this.

Bit dissapointing.

***( )( )

This mini is a bit meh, in my opinion. As the first one I got, I had high hopes, but kinda let down. The head not that well detailed, unlike the rest of the mini, which was very well detailed. Second, it came of the base rather easy. Was fixable with glue, but could cause trouble with players who handle minis a bit rough.
Another thing I noticed was that it is a bit smaller than my other plastic minis. Not by much, but it is noticeable thing. In all, a decent first attempt.

Great detail, meh pose.

****( )

First off, great detail, as well as good work with making an Iconic. Seelah is definetely good to have on the board ad can easily be repainted to another version various female paladin/cavaliers/sword and board melee classes. I do have to say, though, I'm not real thrilled by the pose, since it gives the distinction that she was about to be or has been hit by something big, bad, and unpleasent.

Race wise, I can not see much besides human/human based forms. But that could just be me.

Overall, a good piece to any one's collection, especially if you have lots of players rolling up female melee types, in which case getting one or two and repainting one could be useful.

Not in the face! Not in the face!

***( )( )

I wanted to like this piece, I really did. And I suppose I do, because there's a lot to like, from the neck down. Above that...well, read on.

In general I like the sculpt. The pose is strong and dynamic, the way she holds her shield out from her body is great, and there's excellent detail on the armor and other gear. The problem is head, and specifically the face. Maybe I just got a bad print, but there was virtually no facial detail at all -- a suggestion of a nose and that was pretty much it. Maybe it represents a doppleganger imitating Seelah?

The paint job was very good, again except for the noggin. The armor is subtle, the symbol of Iomedae on the shield is very well done, and the cape had a nice, subtle wash that made it pop. However, the face was once again nigh featureless; one eye was just a nearly-invisible black dot on the dark brown of her skin, and the other one was all white. Deeply disappointing, and easily the worst quality control I've seen on any of the minis so far.

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