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Threeshades, any chance you can revive that layout page? The link is dead.

I'd gladly do a review for a copy.

For 2 feats from the Animal Archive, your bard can have an animal companion. That's the route I'd go. I haven't played a character without an AC since they came out.

Rungok beat me to the answer DM. Scent the Impossible allows you to have a set number of scents you can pick up basically no matter what, after memorizing them through exposure. It takes time, so you still need bloodhound s to track of a quick sniff of something, but it's the best scent ability in the game as far as I know.

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Thanks, I'll add these to my list of needed errata.

1 round. However, you could use Lockjaw from Improved bite with Thrash from Vicious bite to maintain the bite, and therefore the shaken condition, for multiple rounds. The canid fighter being played in my game uses this combo with Improved Trip to take opponents down and flail them about very effectively.

I would say yes. 2 feats for 2 steps damage is in no way overpowered. Again, my players canid fighter does this as well.

My intention for the Dwarven Bully is that it loses Racial Diversity and Quadruped, and gain Slow and Steady. This is balanced out by gaining Darkvision.

You are correct, you could not take it. My mistake, I haven't designed a canid in a long time. (This is intended to show that a Bully breed can still walk on all fours at their base speed, not at a crawling speed like a normal biped. I could have worded that clearer, and will fix that in errata.)

[Response to edit] If you mean the racial points, ala ARG, I view them as a guideline, but not law. Numerous threads point out major flaws in some of the design rules. When I build a race, I write down what I think it should have, and then compare to Human, Elf, and Dwarf to determine if it's too powerful. While there is math to race design, some of it still has to fall to feel and gut instinct.

I'd use one of the ratters for a corgi.

What do you mean DM?

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I have to get some edits done, but I've been working a lot at my day job and have not been able to get them to the publisher. If there's any questions you have I will gladly answer them.

Rungok, glad you liked it! If you have time, I'd really appreciate it if you'd take the time to do a review.

For a pug paladin, I'd do Dwarven Bully with the Small In Stature trait. Should get you right to where you want to be. I also might take the No Tail racial trait.

I add Perception and 2 skillsof the players choice, 5 skills per level, and good Reflex OR Will save.

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Cure light wounds is the only viable answer.

I wrote Canids, a pdf about dogmen (obviously). It came out of Fat Goblin Games and there are plenty of options to customize. Let me know if you have any questions.

You'd probably just be better off using the Mad Dog archetype from Animal Archive. You can find it on the SRD. This is underpowered, in my opinion.

Then I pick enough to make 20 and a d20 is rolled.

I have the player roll 3d4. They can pick that many races as options. Half can be weird, half have to match the setting, all up to approval. They can double up, but no more than 2 slots

I'm running a white necromancer right now. It's awesome.

Fat goblin games put out a humanoid dogs book called Racial Ecologies Canids, and they can function quadrupedally .

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For monks I've always allowed 5 feet of movement for each attack in their flurry, and works well. Doing similar for a fighter shouldn't be game breaking.

I use the PDF "Houserule handbooks: spellpoints," and then just delete whatever spells will break my game as intended. I've deleted almost all high level spells, but ones I want to allow are easily available. This also allows a lot of low level spells to be cast, so the raw power is replaced by longevity. This also helps fight the 5 minute work day.

End, thanks for the review! I have some of the errors you noted in que for fixing, but you found some I had missed.


If it's not crass to plug, I wrote Ecologies: Canids, which you may be able to use.

I'd allow it at my table.

The point system is for eye balling at best. For that campaign, I'd run it for sure as a balanced race. Steal feats and such from catfolk for added flavor.

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I, for one, am outraged. ;)

It's in the "creature" section of that room. I assumed it worked, but maybe it was just my read.

The head kase, it's with the adversary in the basement. That was clear on my read over, at least.

Thanks for the go over. I tried to follow B4 exactly, guess I made a mistake or two. I'll compare side by side when you release. Unless you want to email me back....


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Zerzix, did you ever get my email?


Posting it messes it up. I'll email it to you.

Am I missing something, or are the draconic brownies missing their breath weapon from the fluff in the stats?

Zerzix, we had spoken about a dragon, but I did it myself. I'm curious to see if we match up.

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Can you list the race combos for the Honorables? I can guess some, but not all, and I want to KNOW.

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The fact that Giant Space Hamsters have not been brought up is a travesty .

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The host by little red goblin games is exactly what you're looking for.

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I will plan a long campaign, in a flow chart, from start to end, and then note where levels will fall. The game I'm running now has probably spent 12 sessions at level 8. They spent 4 at level6.

It's what works with the story, not the xp, that matters

Very interesting. Hopefully someone with more system mastery that myself will do the math.

Check out the book of drakes.


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The Host be LRGG is pretty cool and different.

I'd allow one out of common sense, but you can't take a feat twice unless it says you can. Also, why do you need to be small?

Caged dragon games put out PDFs that are just what you're looking for.

Magical beast companion is the book.

Caged dragon games put out PDFs that are just what you're looking for.


Took longer than planned, but allow me to necro this thread because the PDF is out. Should be out here in the next day or two.

Thanks for looking!

Did some playing around with builds today, and some really cool options are possible. I especially like that you can make a fey Warlock easily. This class definitely takes some mastery to build. That said, I still don't think half bab works here, without full spell casting. My player is going to run it D8 and 3/4 bab for a few sessions, and we'll see.

I have been following their facebook.

Right, but I don't see how it will keep up with them. We are playing tomorrow, I'll see how it works and post again.

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