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Jason Bulmahn wrote:

Will this be within the hour or should I just check on it tomorrow morning?

How it differs greatly matters to the alchemist, which would like to create mutagens with advanced alchemy. But it can't. Because mutagens are uncommon and advanced alchemy only works on common alchemical items. So the alchemist has to pay money to use its mutagen class abilities.

But the Goblin's rough rider ancestry feat allows for a bird mount then right?

Mergy wrote:

Except that's ignoring the Dependent Abilities section spanning from page 296 to 297.

** spoiler omitted **

It says to Strike, so it has all the effects of a Strike, including multiple attack penalties.

I missed that...well, that's fine. Still allows for three bomb attacks with penalties.

Thanks for finding that guys!

Mergy wrote:
Colette Brunel wrote:
Terrordactyl wrote:
The quick draw feat allows a strike on my interact action to draw a weapon (bomb). Because the multiple attack penalty occurs only on attack actions, and this feat uses an interact action to strike, then you can draw three bombs and attack with them at your highest attack.
Does Strike not have the attack keyword?
Strike absolutely has the attack keyword. I believe he's making the argument that his action is doing the strike instead of his character doing it. I think that's a farfetched interpretation personally, but the rules are new.

I wanted to show that the Quick Draw has no attack trait and uses the interact action, which surpasses the multiple attack penalty and can therefore be abused by thrown weapon users, especially for thrown weapons that you can stock up on like bombs, shuriken, or daggers.

I made a build that exploits this with the alchemist, because the alchemist needs all the love it can get right now.

The greatest benefit is to thrown weapons. Melee you'd only draw once a combat probably, or two if you dual wield.

That's why I'm confused, because if it was supposed to have the attack trait, it'd mention it under the rogue trait for the feat.

Skirmirsher Strike rogue class feat is similar in that it combines action into one, but that one has the rogue, move, and attack traits.

The Quick Draw class feat of the Rogue says: "You draw a weapon with the Interact action, then Strike with the weapon you just drew."

The feat has the rogue descriptor and nothing else.
However the Strike action has the attack descriptor.

With Quick Draw then does it have the attack quality because it mentions strike?

Goblin Alchemist level 6

Str14, Dex18, Con16, Int18, Wis10, Cha14
Ancestry Feats: Flame Heart (1), Burn It (5)

Class Feats: Far Lobber (1), Rogue Dedication (2), Rogue Feat - Quick Draw (4), Calculated Splash (6)

General Feat: Remarkable Resonance

3 attacks, Alchemist Fire 2d8+1+3persistent+4 splash(from Int)
So 3 x 2d8+8 fire damage

The quick draw feat allows a strike on my interact action to draw a weapon (bomb). Because the multiple attack penalty occurs only on attack actions, and this feat uses an interact action to strike, then you can draw three bombs and attack with them at your highest attack.

Here's the reference:
"The second time you use an attack action (anything with
the attack trait) during your turn, you take a –5 penalty
to your attack roll. On your third attack (and any
subsequent attacks if you have a way to take more) you
take a –10 penalty."

Also the alchemist class states alchemist's fire is 1d6, but the item entry says 1d8...

The Quick Draw feat of the Rogue says: "You draw a weapon with the Interact action, then Strike with the weapon you just drew."

Does that mean it's an interact and a strike action? Or is it ONLY an interaction action with the effects of strike?

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It's funny, because I thought that they wanted to steer away from magical bonuses and enhancements which were almost required to make some good character builds in 1e...but it seems they did the opposite?

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Choosing half-elf ancestry equates to being just that, gaining only half of everything the elf ancestry gets. There are no benefits.

The half- ancestries are supposed to be versatile, but how can they be versatile when there's nothing to work with at level one?

Also doesn't making the half-elf and half-orc available only through the 1st level human ancestry make them not actual ancestries? Just ancestry feats of human?

Yeah, I get they're trying represent their mixed parents, but now it shows the half- ancestries as lackluster. In 1e, their diverse parenthood was celebrated by giving the half- races with abilities that rivaled the other races.

I suggest that the half-elf and half-orc automatically gain the benefits of the half-elf ancestry feat or the half-orc ancestry feat and still get a 1st level ancestry feat.

Darn. Oh well. Thank you!

Not going to disguise my intention: I want to use the

Halfling Opportunist's Exploitive Maneuver:
Exploitive Maneuver (Ex): A halfling opportunist can use an enemy’s actions in combat for her own gain, as if the opponent were using aid another to assist the opportunist, giving her a bonus on her next skill check, attack roll, or to AC against the next attack (Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook 86 and 197). The enemy must be able to reach the opportunist, and the opportunist must activate this ability as an immediate action and succeed at a combat maneuver check against the enemy’s CMD; at the GM’s discretion, the opportunist can substitute another ability score modifier for her Strength modifier when making her combat maneuver check (such as using Dexterity for an agility-related action or Charisma for a social-related action). If the halfling succeeds at this combat maneuver check, she adds the aid another bonus to her action on her next turn and subtracts that bonus from the enemy’s roll for that action. Note that if the combat maneuver check is successful, the outcome of the enemy’s roll is irrelevant to this ability—a halfling opportunist can use a giant’s swinging club to jump farther whether the giant hits or misses with its attack roll.

The GM decides whether the enemy’s action can benefit the opportunist in the desired manner. Circumstances occurring between the enemy’s turn and the halfling’s turn may prevent her from following through with the desired action); if this occurs, she loses the bonus from aid another but can take her turn normally.

in conjunction with the
Inquisitor's Solo Tactics ability:
Solo Tactics (Ex): At 3rd level, all of the inquisitor’s allies are treated as if they possessed the same teamwork feats as the inquisitor for the purpose of determining whether the inquisitor receives a bonus from her teamwork feats. Her allies do not receive any bonuses from these feats unless they actually possess the feats themselves. The allies’ positioning and actions must still meet the prerequisites listed in the teamwork feat for the inquisitor to receive the listed bonus.
The goal being to pick up the
Harrying Partners teamwork feat:
Prerequisites: Any teamwork feat, base attack bonus +6.

Benefit: When you successfully use the aid another action to improve the Armor Class or attack roll of an ally who also has this feat, the benefit from aid another lasts until the beginning of your next turn.

Normal: The bonus granted by aid another either grants your ally a +2 bonus on her next attack roll against an opponent or grants your ally a +2 bonus to AC against that opponent’s next attack made before the beginning of your next turn.

and, if not in PFS, to get also the
Exceptional Aid teamwork feat:
Prerequisites: Bonded Mind.

Benefit: When you successfully use the Aid Another action to assist an ally’s skill check, and the ally also has this feat, the bonus is +4 instead of +2.

This would allow the bonus from aid another to be instead +4 and would apply constantly until next turn. Then Exploitive Maneuver increases the aid another bonus to you to +7 total.
But in order for this to work, the aid another action must make whoever is using it an ally willingly or not, otherwise the teamwork feats won't apply.

Precedent comes from

Unwitting Ally:
A rogue with this talent can spend a swift action to attempt to make an opponent act like an ally for purposes of providing a flank until the beginning of the rogue’s next turn. The opponent must be able to hear and see the rogue, and the rogue must succeed at a Bluff check opposed by the opponent’s Sense Motive. If the check succeeds, the opponent acts as an ally for the purpose of providing a flank. Whether or not the check succeeds, the rogue cannot use this trick again on the same opponent for the next 24 hours. If the rogue fails the check by 5 or more, she cannot use the unwitting ally ability on any opponent within line of sight of the failed attempt for 24 hours.
This makes the opponent an ally for purposes of flanking.
Does the Exploitive Maneuver make an opponent an ally for the purposes of aid another?

Except if you're a kinetic knight, in which you lose metakinesis to get all the blade infusions. See, I would rule since the kinetic knight MUST use kinetic blade or an infusion that requires k blade as a prerequisite, and since all of them are supernatural form infusions, and since the elemental blade class feature of kinetic knight alters the kinetic blast, and since a form infusion causes a blast to "manifest in a different way" but does not describe the extent or how, I rule rage/raging song can work at least with the kinetic Knight's blasts. They just can't gather power.

Deadly Dealer only considers cards ammunition for the purposes of working with magical enhancements, but are otherwise treated as thrown weapons,ie darts. If the cards were ammunition, they would not work with Harrowed Spellstrike as that specifically mentions thrown weapons.

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The Aides-de-camp ability of the Daring General cavalier archetype gives me a "modified version of the Leadership feat at 6th level."
Does this mean that I cannot take the leadership feat at 7th level?

Could I take Vile Leadership instead?

If it's a modified version of a feat, does that mean it is still subject to traits that change the cohort level requirement of the Leadership feat, such as Wicked Leader?

What about interacting with the prestige class Noble Scion?

From the Bolt Ace archetype :
Inexplicable Reload : At 11th level, loading a crossbow becomes unthinking and automatic for a bolt ace. As long as she has at least 1 grit point, she always starts each round of combat (even a surprise round) with her crossbow loaded. Also, the amount of time needed to reload a crossbow decreases by one step: a standard action becomes a move action, a move action becomes a swift action, a swift action becomes a free action, and a free action becomes not an action. This deed replaces lightning reload.

The description for the ballista is as follows: A ballista is essentially a Huge heavy crossbow fixed in place.

Given this description, can the Inexplicable Reload affect light ballistas? Can other abilities of the Bolt Ace affect light ballistas? Would the only obstacle one would have to worry about is the size of the PC wielding said ballista?

Just clarifying, no staves right?

EDIT: Never mind, just found confirmation. No staves, rings, rods, or wands. Got it. Back to the drawing board.