Quick Draw have the attack quality?

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The Quick Draw class feat of the Rogue says: "You draw a weapon with the Interact action, then Strike with the weapon you just drew."

The feat has the rogue descriptor and nothing else.
However the Strike action has the attack descriptor.

With Quick Draw then does it have the attack quality because it mentions strike?

I think that the activity would have the attack trait. Would the feat have all the traits of the activity(s) it enables?

That's why I'm confused, because if it was supposed to have the attack trait, it'd mention it under the rogue trait for the feat.

Skirmirsher Strike rogue class feat is similar in that it combines action into one, but that one has the rogue, move, and attack traits.

Feats generally have all the qualities listed out, meaning that the strike from quickdraw wouldn't be an attack. Quick Draw should probably have the same markers as Skirmish Strike.

As written, you wouldn't take the multiple attack penalty by quickdrawing for every attack. I imagine that wasn't intentional.

The greatest benefit is to thrown weapons. Melee you'd only draw once a combat probably, or two if you dual wield.

I made a build that exploits this with the alchemist, because the alchemist needs all the love it can get right now.

This looks like an editing error. There's quite a few other abilities not listed as being attacks. Sudden Charge, Predator's Pounce, Vicious Evisceration, and that's just from the Barbarian list. The markers either need consistency, or players need to be reminded which attacks aren't being penalized.

Some class feats specifically call out they apply for multi-attack penalty, like Double Slice. I think they mention it there because it's two attacks as part of one double action. I'd assume unless the feat says otherwise, each attack as part of a class feat counts towards the multi-attack penalty.

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Complex actions inherit All the traits of their dependent actions according to the rules.

So Quick draw inherits the Attack trait from Strike dependent action.

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shroudb wrote:

Complex actions inherit All the traits of their dependent actions according to the rules.

So Quick draw inherits the Attack trait from Strike dependent action.


Dependent Abilities, pg 296 wrote:

An action, activity, free action, or reaction might call

on you to use a simpler ability—usually one of the
actions under Basic Actions on page 307—in a different
circumstance or with different effects. The dependent
ability still has its normal traits and is modified in any
ways listed in the more complex ability.

Here the Strike enabled by Quick Draw is the dependent ability.

Cool, I new it had to be in there somewhere.

It would have been nice if this appeared in the other abilities section, or if they actually used the heading of the "complex" ability to indicate what traits that ability had and what actions needed to be taken. As is, most of the complex action's header is useless.

I guess that means that skirmish strike has some unnecessary tags.

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