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It's funny, because I thought that they wanted to steer away from magical bonuses and enhancements which were almost required to make some good character builds in 1e...but it seems they did the opposite?

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Choosing half-elf ancestry equates to being just that, gaining only half of everything the elf ancestry gets. There are no benefits.

The half- ancestries are supposed to be versatile, but how can they be versatile when there's nothing to work with at level one?

Also doesn't making the half-elf and half-orc available only through the 1st level human ancestry make them not actual ancestries? Just ancestry feats of human?

Yeah, I get they're trying represent their mixed parents, but now it shows the half- ancestries as lackluster. In 1e, their diverse parenthood was celebrated by giving the half- races with abilities that rivaled the other races.

I suggest that the half-elf and half-orc automatically gain the benefits of the half-elf ancestry feat or the half-orc ancestry feat and still get a 1st level ancestry feat.