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Those are great points. Maybe a sorcerer dragon disciple focusing on strength after charisma so I have spells and my beefy thews when spellcasting isn't an option.

I have an upcoming game that I expect to have a couple of scenes where we will be stripped of eq or be in a completely magic free zone. What classes or designs will be able to function well in such a situation? Any classes that are virtually non-eq reliant? I was thinking about either a zen archer or a rage bred natural attack style rogue/slayer hybrid.

That was what I expected. Thanks

Plasma weapons do both Electrical and Fire damage in their description. When applying Energy Resistance does either type of energy resistance apply to the full damage? Or, do you have to have both resistances to get any reduction in damage? Is the damage considered half electricity and half fire?

So, for example the Red Star Plasma Pistol Level 7 does 1d8 E & F and for our example lets say the PC rolled max damage 8 plus half their level 8 for the weapon specialization in small arms 4 for a total of 12 damage. The Target has Fire and Electrical resistance of 5. Does that mean that the Target only takes 2 Damage (12 - 5 - 5 = 2) applying both resistances separately or 2 Damage (12 as 6 E - 5 = 1 and 6 F - 5 = 1) or 7 Damage (12 - 5 = 7) applying the resistances together? And, if the Target only had one resistance Fire 5 for example would the Target take full damage of 12 because you can't apply both resistances?

The source would be appreciated. Thanks for the help.

Starlord does it with his jump boots multiple times. I would say that barring anything that would harm you on the ground you can at 1/2 speed. I do not feel it is over powered nor does it truly affect game play. As a side note if you have true flight like the fly spell there is no reason to "stand up" you can just fly. Superman flys prone all the time...

NaeNae wrote:
Thanks for all the replies, helped a lot. Sadly due to differences between me and DM I left the group. But if I ever find another one for Starfinder, I will surely use the info from here.

If you are located in the Baltimore, MD area shoot me an email we are always on the look out for more talent.

What about some cool call sign, titles or handles that a Cyberneticist would have? Dr. Hook, Dr. Gunnar Armstrong, Mr. Plug and Play, The Full Metal Cyberneticist, Lead Foot, etc.



Thanks guys. I will have to debate the dip. The Kirin Strike is a cool concept for a high Int PC. Maybe a magus build, but I don't think it will work here. Any other suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks for checking behind me. Just was hoping in one of the many books someone had found a magic bullet.

I don't want to dip to Alchemist but a potion swilling alchemist fire tossing bad@$$ witch just appeals, so throw me some suggestions.

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I imagine the people would become so use to the wild and wacky that shapeshifting for fun and kinky reasons would become a thing.

Whole industries would completely become useless, so in spite all of the advancements in magic the economy would suffer because of a permanent underclass. Don't worry they wouldn't starve but they would be either teleported away or possible choose to sell themselves into slavery.

Your caster level isn't high enough to create that item.

So, I was thinking just going with a Zen Archer and using UMD but it feels like I wouldn't get the most out of the spell so I was considering some dips to get additional bonuses to damage or other cool attachments to the arrows. Maybe after the 6 levels of Zen Archer that seem pretty much required I can start dipping into Slayer or Ranger? Sorry I know this is super vague but it is all I have at this point.

So, I have only every really built one archer and I didn't even play the character. But, I was looking into an archer build around a 2nd level spell I plan on getting access to through either wands or a wondrous item, Arrow Eruption.

Arrow Eruption:

Arrow Eruption
School conjuration (creation); Level ranger 2, sorcerer/wizard 2
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, M (arrow or crossbow bolt)
Range long (400 ft. + 40 ft./level)
Area 30-ft.-radius burst
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance yes
Description: You create exact duplicates of the arrow or crossbow bolt you used to kill a creature in the previous round and launch one at enemy creatures within a 30-foot radius of the corpse. You can target one creature per caster level (maximum 15) within range of the burst and must make a single attack roll and apply it to each arrow. These duplicate arrows possess all the intrinsic magical properties of the arrow that killed the original creature as well as those passed on to it by your bow. They also enjoy the full benefit of any bonuses or modifiers you applied to the attack from other magical items, feats, and class or racial features. However, this spell cannot reproduce any spells or other limited-use magical effects that you used to enhance that particular attack. This includes such effects as the true strike spell, as well as any area spell you might have placed on the arrow by means of the arcane archer’s imbue arrow class feature.

I know it is kind of a niche build but just think of the look on a DM's face the first time you drop this into a crowd of mooks. So, what I need is a list of the feats, magic items, class and racial features that I can stack on this killer arrow.

Separate the WBL and Kingdom wealth. Explain that the PCs are welcome to invest WBL into the Kingdom but cannot do the reverse. The simple answer is that the Kingdom money is incorporated into the infrastructure.

Price 1 cp; Weight —
This fat piece of white chalk easily marks wood, metal, or stone. You can write with it for about 24 hours before it is expended. Chalk also comes in other colors, but these are rarer and can be more expensive.

Price 3 cp; Weight —
Made of waxed cotton or cork, earplugs give you a +2 circumstance bonus on saves against effects that require hearing, but also cause a –5 penalty on hearing-based Perception checks.

Smoked Goggles
Price 10 gp; Weight —
These spectacles have lenses made of smoked glass that help protect against creatures with gaze attacks. You are always treated as averting your gaze when dealing with gaze attacks, and you gain a +8 circumstance bonus on saving throws against visual-based attacks (any attack that a blind creature would be immune to). You take a –4 penalty on Perception checks while wearing the goggles, and all opponents are treated as having concealment (20% miss chance).

Weapon Cord: 1SP Weapon cords are 2-foot-long leather straps that attach your weapon to your wrist. If you drop your weapon or are disarmed, you can recover it as a swift action, and it never moves any further away from you than an adjacent square. However, you cannot switch to a different weapon without first untying the cord (a full-round action) or cutting it (a move action or an attack, hardness 0, 0 hp). Unlike a locked gauntlet, you can still use a hand with a weapon cord, though a dangling weapon may interfere with finer actions.

Wrist Sheath, spring loaded
5 GP Source PC:AA
This item works like a standard wrist sheath, but releasing an item from it is a swift action. Preparing the sheath for this use requires cranking the sheath’s tiny gears and springs into place (a full-round action that provokes an attack of opportunity).

Filter hood
Price 10 gp; Weight 4 lbs.
This snug leather hood has built-in goggles and a filtration tube containing sponges. A filter hood uses your helm slot and imposes a –2 penalty on hearing- and sight-based Perception checks. While the sponges are moist, the hood grants you a +2 resistance bonus on saving throws against inhaled poisons and other airborne attacks that require you to breathe them. Moistening the sponges with water is a standard action. The sponges dry out after 1d4 × 10 minutes and should be thoroughly rinsed after each use.

I remember a version of this in a novel. The army had archers and whenever there was a place in the battle their warriors were not currently engaged but had been in battle they fired a colored whistling arrow with a mass cure X spell and the warriors all knew to run towards that arrow if they needed healing. I thought it was pretty ingenious and crafty.

Dastis wrote:
Is that all you are worried about? Seriously my contingency kit is currently 3 pages long and growing. I agree completely with Daw. That said if not dying is causing you to not have fun, feel free to die. There is no such thing as paranoid enough

I would love to get a copy of this as well.

I would be very careful with this because the ability of any tom dick or harry to reduce a spellcaster to a commoner is extremely potent. If you are going to do this then there needs to be a counter as well. To avoid causing an issue by introducing a new mechanic I would suggest using the Spell Resistance rules to make this work. Look at the highest spell resistances offered by magic items and cap it the same way. For example the Robes of the Archmagi on provide an SR 18. This is especially important if you are going to forge it into weapons and have it affect a character struck by these weapons. This will allow higher levels of spell penetration to counter these mundane items.

Read the section about creating undead and the undead traits. From memory I am fairly certain that the undead creature loses all of their abilities the original creature had in life.

If you are planning on trying to do this to teach the PCs you need to make it completely and insanely obvious. This like a cartoon super hero team shouting attack pattern ALPHA and doing X then Y then Z to make their team more effective. So for each tactic you are trying to instill make the bad guys use them vs. the PCs and announce them with super villain style over the top commentary. For example if you are trying to get your players to target the spell caster 1st because they are the biggest danger the have the super villain dream sequence have someone point out their cleric or wizard and bellow orders to take out the caster, then the martial leader scream focus fire and a stream of attacks go right to the caster. But be clear that it is the tactics and the teamwork that is making them super dangerous. Maybe even make out of character statements like wow that worked even better than I thought. These guys are your power level but the tactics are really taking it out of you. Again if you aren't crazy blatant expect some people to miss the lesson. I also suggest a letter or something you hand to someone who is out of the fight with something like please stay quiet, sit still and you are not dead. Afterward are you going to explain where the warning came from? Is it a divine character's god trying to warn them? Something like your cleric's face spreads wide in a smile and looks totally at peace as a voice not their own issues from their mouth and says something like take this knowledge and make it your strength, your lives are at stake. I hope this helps. I would love to hear how it turned out.

60. OK, everyone has a backup character right?

The Salty Spray - a picture of a whale's blow spout on the waterfront you bunch of dirty minds.

So, I was considering having a Spellcaster with an alternative spell book like tattoos or some such. Is there any Paizo Official source I can read for ideas?

If anyone has compiled this list I would love a copy. Shoot me a message. Thanks

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So, if they are all playing melee combatants how about handing out teamwork feats like candy... This idea was bandied about a while ago and I worked up a very doable and powerful version that can seriously increase the power and versatility of any melee focused group. Hell if the group has hunters, rangers, druids and summoners this gets ridiculous!!! This build alone adds 2 feats to EVERY character by 4th level and increases the number of AOO in a group as well as having a bardic inspiration and the ability to give extra bonuses to saves in clutch moments. By 7th level you are handing out 3 teamwork feats. 9th level is 4 team work feats. Honestly when I get a chance to play this PC I will rework the feats a little and avoid feats that are combat feats because with the martial flexibility I can grab the combat feats including teamwork feats whenever I need them. I included some suggested equipment at the bottom as well. I hope he serves you well. Drop me some feedback if you give him a shot.

LVL Class/LVL Special
1 Holy Tac/1 Aura of Good Detect Evil Weal’s Champion 1/Day Combat Reflexes and Exotic Weapon Proficiency Fauchard
2 Holy Tac/2 Divine Grace and Lay on Hand
3 Holy Tac/3 Battlefield Presence, Tactical Acumen Lookout, Mercy and Flagbearer
4 Guiding B/1 Deeds, Panache, Swashbuckler Finesse Weapon Finesse, Outflank
5 Exemplar/1 Brawler's cunning, martial flexibility, martial training, and Broken Wing Gambit
6 Exemplar/2 Precise Strike, brawler's flurry (Two-Weapon Fighting)
7 Exemplar/3 Inspiring Prowess and Bonded Mind
8 Guiding B/2 Charmed Life/Charmed Guardian 3/Day
9 Exemplar/4 Knockout 1/day Battle Song of the People’s Revolt (Seize the Moment) and Improved Critical (retrain Precise Strike feat)
10 Exemplar/5 Intercept Charge, Field Instruction,
11 Exemplar/6 Martial flexibility (swift action) and Take the Hit
12 Exemplar/7 Inspiring Prowess
13 Exemplar/8 Weapon Focus Fauchard, brawler's flurry (Improved Two-Weapon Fighting) and Dazzling Display
14 Exemplar/9 Field Instruction
15 Exemplar/10 Martial flexibility (free action), Knockout 2/day and Lingering Performance
16 Exemplar/11 Power Attack, Inspiring Prowess
17 Exemplar/12 Field Instruction, martial flexibility (immediate action) and Weapon Specialization Fauchard
18 Exemplar/13
19 Exemplar/14 Great Weapon Focus Fauchard and Greater Weapon Specialization Fauchard
20 Exemplar/15 Brawler's flurry (Greater Two-Weapon Fighting Inspiring Prowess

Sandals of Quick Reactions (4,000 gp): Wearer can take standard and move actions in the surprise round.

Banner of the Ancient Kings (18,000 gp): +4 initiative, +2 vs. mind-affecting and re-roll, doubles flagbearer bonus, +4 to bardic performance level


Depending on the level you could always use area of effect spells or splash weapons to make them staying bunched up like that stupid. Lightning Bolt, Alchemist Fire and Burning Hands are just begging to be used here.Also don't forget the creatures they are fighting often are intelligent. They can take advantage of the situation tactically or feel free to have them call for back up/alert the remaining monsters in the area. And, don't forget that there could easily be a monster that comes up from behind and attacks the rear of the group.

They are magically infused and created by a creation feat. I cannot imagine that they do not detect as magic.

OK, this is an odd ball question...

If you get an AOO from a NPC moving past me and I choose to do a sunder on the NPC's weapon can I add the SA damage?

Kazaan said: Yes because, even though you're damaging the object, the Sunder maneuver is against the creature. It'd be no different than if you sneak up on a flat-footed opponent and Sundered instead of attacked. Objects are immune to critical damage, but not against precision damage (which SA is). Effectively, you are aiming your attack for the weakest structural part of the weapon.

claudekennilol said: PRD, Core, Rogue wrote:

Sneak Attack: If a rogue can catch an opponent when he is unable to defend himself effectively from her attack, she can strike a vital spot for extra damage.

p.s. You'll find better help in the rules forum.

Can someone move this to the rules forum so I can get clarification on this?

OK, this is an odd ball question...

If you get an AOO from a NPC moving past me and I choose to do a sunder on the NPC's weapon can I add the SA damage?

So, I am building a character that I am having a hard time deciding between a couple of weapons. I definitely want a reach weapon and one of the classes I am using gives me finesse so I was considering using the Elven Branched Spear but the Fauchard fits better for a little crit phishing and will synergize with the build. I did not want to worry about a rebuild in the middle of a campaign so I was looking into options that would help me be flexible with weapon choice in case theory craft fails to take something into account that I have not considered.

Any suggestions and guidance would be appreciated.

OK, not so much as issue as a simple question. Is there a race that gives all polearms as a racial weapon training like the Tengus have for all swords? I prefer Paizo only but will entertain 3rd Party material.

Spear Dancing Style (Combat, Style)
You can use polearms and spears as double weapons.
Prerequisite(s): Dex 13, Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Focus with the chosen weapon.
Benefit(s): Choose one weapon from the polearm or spear fighter weapon groups. While using this style, you grant the chosen weapon the double special weapon feature, using the weapon's normal statistics for its main-hand end and the statistics of a light mace for its off-hand end.
A weapon wielded in this way loses the brace and reach special weapon features.
Special: A character with the weapon training (polearms or spears) class feature can use Spear Dancing Style with any polearm or spear, respectively, in addition to the chosen weapon.

I had an idea of doing this with a rogue and the Elven Branch Spear. This would be an amazing character that gets to be almost entirely SAD Dex based with very little investment required. I would love to see if anyone had similar ideas for brainstorming.

Great concept both mechanically and story/plotwise. Dotting to keep abreast of the growth.

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Angelskin Armor is a non magical method of reducing or completing removing the detection of evil. And, it is not noticeable by a PC using detect magic to see if anything is blocking their detection.

I am surprised that no one has responded... Has this concept been beat to death?

In the spirit of a couple of posts I have read in the past I want to design a PC that for his/her action is buffing the party by taking a group of PCs and adding teamwork feats to the group. There seems to be plenty of classes that do this and I wanted to design a PC from 1st - 20th taking advantage of dips and feats that will maximize this concept. I do want to give credit to General Dissa Ray and claudekennilol who inspired this concept and I think the build will be a significant addition to any party. I have cut and pasted their links below for reference. So I was looking at 1 Level of Guided Blade Swashbuckler, 3 Levels if Holy Tactician Paladin and at least 3 levels of Exemplar Brawler or VMC into Bard. BUT, I want to find a class that offers similar abilities and has an animal companion because Pack Flanking is too good to pass up. Any of the classes that offers the ability to shares these teamwork feats must meet only 1 requirement and that is to share those feats to anyone and not require them to have the prerequisites. I prefer only Paizo material but am willing to expand to 3rd Party.

Can't wait to see what the community comes up with for this build!

Any other ideas?

These are great guys. Keep the ideas coming!

So, Our characters are 10th level and have a significant amount of cash on hand for preparing and crafting magic items. We have hired two talented crafters dedicated to making us whatever our little hearts desire. We know we are heading into a land heavy with undead. What items are good calls for dealing with undead? I would also love some suggestions on spell selections for an arcane caster when dealing with vampires and ghouls. One note is the undead are not necessarily any specific alignment because in this home brew nothing has hard alignment restrictions.

Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
TPK wrote:
I would like to read more about this for some places I am designing. Tiny Coffee Golem where is the deep discount written up for MI that are immobile? Thanks

"Discount" might not be the right word. I just meant it's cheaper than a mobile magic item that does the same.

It's an as written use of the magic traps mechanic. The basic premise is that there's nothing that inherently says magic traps must be harmful.

The cost for an auto resetting magic trap is : +500 gp × caster level × spell level

The cost for an at will magic item is: +2000 gp × caster level × spell level

Wow, that is mighty interesting! Pretty cool ideas are now rolling around in my head! Thanks

Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:

What classes and level is your party? Your available options will vary wildly based on that.

General advice, if you have any casters I highly recommend craft wondrous item so that you can make custom magic items for your keep. If your DM follows RAW then you'll be able to make immobile wondrous items for the keep at a deep discount. This is basically taking advantage of the "trap" rules and making beneficial "traps." Is it cheese? Probably, but personally I like it. In my mind theres a significant difference between an orb of storms (or whatever) that you can carry around versus one that's permanently attached to an immobile structure.

Edit: Also, how large of a structure are we talking and what's the surrounding area like?

I would like to read more about this for some places I am designing. Tiny Coffee Golem where is the deep discount written up for MI that are immobile? Thanks

Just make sure you have ways to handle anyone immune to you charms. Oozes, Undead and Constructs spring to mind.

SpectralTimer wrote:
But the rules for fast healing specifically describe it as being "just like natural healing," while the healing from spelleating is not mentioned as being magical.

With the fact that fast healing works just like natural healing You should only be applying the Fast Healing feat bonus HP once a day on any fast healing benefit.

I think there is a lot of twisting to the RAW and intended meanings to get this to give a PC the increase to their fast healing 1 and jumping it up to fast healing X because of a beefy con score and a single feat. Considering there are plenty of other ways you can get fast healing and better fast healing than this method I am not sure why people are focusing on this so strongly.

OK, so normally I design a thematic and potent PC. But, I have been playing with level dips for fun and profit as well as getting X to Y and I wanted a cool 1st to 20th build for a SAD potent character. I don't mind wacky and weird as long as it is effective and fun! So, WHAT YA GOT?!?!?!?

Morlaf wrote:
TPK wrote:

I think this is something a lot of games are missing to one extent or the other is the danger factor. There is nothing that makes the value of a character shine is seeing the loss of another PC. Don't be afraid of it. But, make sure your players are OK with a possible TPK.

dude... is your name actually "TPK" ???? hahahahahaha

no wonder you have that attitude - one I really admire, to be honest; thanks man....

Yeah, you wipe out a party of Werewolves in the opening scenes of a WOD game and no one lets you forget it. But, I say this because I really do like a gritty game. If at no time during a session do I have a true concern that my character might not make it then MEH... But, if PCs are dropping like flies and I am watching the dice like a hawk praying I don't get one shotted, and NOW we have a game.

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