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Kerney wrote:

Foundation, Second Foundation, Foundation and Empire Three classics on ruling.The Foundation is self control and self mastery. Second Foundation is about courtly intrige and picking deputies. Foudation and Empire covers logistics and military matters.

Dune A guide to the wildlife of Osirion with particular attention to the flora and fauna of the deep desert.

These were not counted in the count, so the number is 576.

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576. Ash, Snow, and Sun
With pages made of compressed ash and brightly glowing ink, this book radiates strong magic. This tome was written in the by a long-lost expedition team in the Dimension of Dreams. However, the book was found in the home of a member of the crew long after they embarked on their fateful voyage. It details the final days of their voyage, running into cruel incorporeal behirs, night hags, and nightmare dragons. Furthermore, the chapters of the book detail their descent into insanity, including mentions to a being called He Who Watches.

577. The Ogre Comedies

This book is a written transcript of noteworthy interactions within a typical ogre family. Graphic, vulgar, and disturbing in the extreme, only the most morbid reader would consider this humorous. Survivors of ogres have vetted this book’s accurate depiction of the subject matter, shortly before committing suicide.

578. Not All Stuck Up - A Guide to Elven Humour. Vol: VII.
An intellectual treatise on elven humour, this fifteen volume set reputed to be secretly written as a joke by a disgruntled Dwarf, has been accepted as a standard bardic text on the subject.

579. Beer, Beef and Steel - An Anthropological Study of the Dwarf.
If read will give a +2 Diplomacy bonus to engagign with Dwarves.

580. Weaving the Weft - A Guide to Magical Garments. A detailed study will give +2 to enchant magical clothing.


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581. The Infernal Peerage
Written in Cheliaxian with some passages in Infernal (with a pronounciation guide in the front cover), this thick, iron-bound book is a guide to the ranks, hierarchies, protocols and correct modes of address of the Nine Hells. It also contains useful information on the personalities of many high-ranking devils, especially the ones associated with Cheliax, and many tieflings in Cheliax of devilish descent.
This edition was published 100 years ago, but most of the information on devils is still current, and it provides a +2 on knowledge(Planes) rolls when dealing with higher-ranking devils, and a +2 on Charisma rolls when trying to use Planar Binding on them.

582. Sin Eater This untitled tome is made out of a strange, thick material that smells slightly sweet. Written within in a strange, flowing hand and blocky, poorly dried ink is a collection of untoward acts supposedly committed by the unnamed author. While reading the slightly boring tome, the character must make a DC 25 will save or be unable to keep themselves from tasting the book, which is crafted entirely from high quality edible materials. The character must make a save for each page in the book (usually 20-30 pages) or find their Alignment shift to that of the author.

583. Beastly Bunnies This manga starts with a town full of cute, cartoon bunnies that about halfway through the book start devouring each other. It was commissioned by a rich madman. The artist and writer never did anything artistic ever again. It has some value to collectors. It can harm your alignment or sanity even non magically. I'm not suggesting this travesty should ever be made in real life. Not even as a game prop.

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584.A hundred wishes This book contains one hundred carefully worded wishes. If you have any wishes left, this helps you use them without dire consequences. One brings a named person back to life, not dying, and not going to make the same mistake. Another asks for a map to treasure worth at least 1000GPs, not legally owned, and not infected. One big chapter lists things you should not wish for such as what happened to a god who simply disappeared.

Note that if some idiot wishes for 100 more wishes, they will receive this book, which they should read before they waste any more wishes.

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585. To Die For

An autobiography detailing the political ideals of a former Andoran military officer, starting from his early childhood in Absalom to his days in Andoran Gov't, even into retirement. Controversial by some standards.

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586. The Lovely Orc Ladies Calendar Collection V2: Naughty Raid Edition

This collection of centerfolds is next in line to a yearly produced calendar series produced by an unknown company. This one features many Orc and Half-Orc ladies dressed in what is assumed to be armor, but is tragically skimpy and impractical.

Worth 50GP, this collection of pictures and centerfolds grants the viewer oddly enough with a +2 Charisma bonus.

NenkotaMoon wrote:

586. The Lovely Orc Ladies Calendar Collection V2: Naughty Raid Edition

This collection of centerfolds is next in line to a yearly produced calendar series produced by an unknown company. This one features many Orc and Half-Orc ladies dressed in what is assumed to be armor, but is tragically skimpy and impractical.

Worth 50GP, this collection of pictures and centerfolds grants the viewer oddly enough with a +2 Charisma bonus.

so that's where I left it...

Silver Crusade

Keeping it in the family: a practical guide

This instruction manual written by "Hapsburg" is meant to ensure dynastic titles stay within the dynasty. It gives statistics for various genetic disorders and the odds of those disorders cropping up based on the parents relation to each other. It is widely considered disgusting, and the discovery of it anywhere is sure to cause scandal among the owner's family.

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588. Fallout 2 Hint Book

Liberty's Edge

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589.The "A Nightmare upon Willow Lane" series

A series of Based on true events horror novels, it tells the story of the killings of the Razorhand Slasher, an impacable stalker and former serial killer that was eventually killed by a mob. the series starts off fairly serious in tone, but eventually decends into an almost comedic state of affairs, with the Razorhand Slasher unleashing more and more ludicrous methods of killing people in the nightmarescape. there is a 5% chance upon reading the books that the Razorhand Slasher will be brought back to life, however reading the books may also provide the secrets to killing the Razorhand slasher.

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590. A Guide to Orc Pasttimes: A book describing games enjoyed by orc communities, including Skull Bowling (where shotputs are thrown at a crowd of terrified humans to see how many skulls a single shotput caves in), Arm Wrestling (where daggers are inserted through the bottom of the table so that the loser gets their appendage impaled), and Orc Billards (where a slave or prisioner is tied to a stake in a field and painted catapult stones are fired in an attept to get closest to the slave/prisoner). Provides a +2 bonus on diplomacy and bluff against orcs, or a +5 if you actually win any of these games.

Dark Archive

591. Guide to Bar Room Brawls: How to Get the Edge on Opponents

This book details how to survive and conquer any bar room brawl. With detailed illustrations and step-by-step guides, a +5 to Attack and Damage, CMD, and AC is looking good. But, only if you find yourself fighting in a bar.

592. The Convenient Tome of Plot

This book provides an untyped +20 bonus to any one knowledge check that advances the plot of the game.

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593. The Book of Plot Armor

Written in this large tome - in Celestial - is a rather standard series of adventure stories detailing the improbable adventures of the hero as he fights villains, rescues entire nations, and beds enough women to make it obvious the author was compensating for something - all while surviving ludicrously fatal situations on the flimsiest of reasons.

Should someone replace all instances of the Hero's name in the tome with their own - requiring knowledge of the Celestial language and ten successive Craft: Calligraphy or Profession: Scribe skill check with a 30 DC - the new 'Hero' will receive a +5 bonus to all saving throws and DR 20/Mythic until a new name is written in the book.

594. The Law Code of the Nation of Ghaz.
A 700 volume long book of legal code from the nation of Ghaz. How they all got into the Strange Library is unclear, but reading the legal code will either grant a sharp legal mind or put the reader to sleep.

To have a sharp, legal mind, the reader must pass a DC 25 will save. If successful, the player gains Knowledge (Law of Ghaz) +4 and the language Legalease. If not, he just goes to sleep for 5d6 minutes. The Laws are all written that badly.

595. Unified Underlying Magical Principles. The cover of this book is made of eight patches of leather, each one dyed a different color. The pages within describe very dry, esoteric ideas regarding the nature of magic and relationships between different schools. This tome is often required reading for apprentices in wizard academies. But if carefully studied, the book is a valuable resource for spell research. Anyone conducting spell research reduces the monetary cost by 10% if using the book as a reference. In addition, the book contains several spells that are familiar to many mages but now of different magical schools, usually paired with the better-known versions (such as versions of mage armor that are evocation and abjuration, respectively). If used to make alternate versions of known spells, the cost to conduct this research is halved. Which spells are found within this reference book varies by printing.

596. Secret Histories of the Drow Nobility.. This rare book was the creation of noted prankster Levielithen, an arcane trickster from Kyonin, though several copies are in circulation. The book itself takes the form of a small traveler's journal, kept in a leatherbound case. The book has a separate lock that must be picked (good quality lock) to open. Opening the book reveals that the inside is hollow...and the source of a permanent daylight spell. The person opening the book must make a DC 15 Reflex save or be blinded for 1d4+1 rounds. On occasion, the hollow is found to hold a small treasure, such as a potion, scroll, gem, or other valuable. Dark elves will go to great lengths to find this book and destroy it if they are aware of its nature, or pay good money for it if they aren't. It's said they are still looking for its author. Rumors tell that Levielithen is working on a new volume, tentatively titled Secrets of the Demon Lords Revealed.

597.Monsters of Myth and Mythos. This dry treatise goes on and on about the differences between magical beasts and aberrations. Note that it gives a +4 to knowledge checks concerning greco roman monsters, their deities, and all things from the dark tapestry. This book is in high demand because of instructions on how to create an elder star. Only a person touched by the gods in some way can recite the necessary incantations, but that includes Sphinxes and Lamias.

598. A complete list of people who have been killed after reading this book.

Reading any of this book casts Summon Monster 6 to Summon an Invisible Stalker, which attempts to kill the person who read it.

If it is successful in killing the reader, the reader's name will appear as the latest entry on the list.

This effect activates 1/day and only affects 1 reader at a time.

If someone who read the book survives the Invisible Stalker but dies later, their name appears as the latest entry as well.

599. The lazy cooks cookbook. A about 100 pages book filled with recipes. 1/day you can create one of the recipes without doing anything.

600. Life and Death of [Reader name here]. This book will detail anything notable that has happened to the reader, but only with things that he knows of. It will only be filled to the point where the reader picked up the book and starts reading. No matter how you read the book (looking over the shoulder, scrying, etc) it will only detail your life up to this point and never predict the futere. Its has a great worth to a collector of curiosities but is useless to the owner.

601.) THE LANDS YOU HAVE LOST: This book lists details about lost landmasses such as sunken cities or magically warped wastelands. Oddly enough, it dosn't confirm if these places ever existed, just the percent liklihood it actually existed. Curiously it also has the name of landmasses yet to be lost, but never the cause or date of the event, just prophetic details. Regardless of the landmass listed, the book never lists the liklihood as 100% or 0%. Readers may reference this book for a +2 bonus on any knowledge check pertaining to the layout or history of the region. They may also spend 1hr reading in order to try and locate the nearest treasure or historical site in any listed region as if using the Create Map spell. However, each time they use this there is a culminative 10% chance that the map instead leads to the oldest creature in the region.

The Boz wrote:
51. 101 Ways to Cook a Human - The book, bound in a type of leather that you're better off not examining closely, appears to be a huge collection of recipes for preparing human meat. "No parts go to waste!" is written on the back.

What a thread! I'm afraid I haven't actually read through it all, although I'll be back, since I'll have to stock a library soon. Owly, thank you so much for getting the ball rolling! And Da'ath, thanks for the link to the generator. Meanwhile, my own twist on the Boz's suggestion -- although I have to give the credit to the Twilight Zone episode, "To Serve Man:"

602. To Serve Humans A slim book handwritten on magically preserved, thick parchment in waterproof ink, in what seems to be a very obscure and ancient dialect of Aboleth. The title page has been translated into Common in different ink & handwriting in the margin, and there are marginalia in Common throughout -- evidently futile attempts to translate the contents, although "human" does come up a lot. Each page past the title page starts with some lines of poetry--perhaps in praise of humanity--and then has several paragraphs of prose.

[There are scholars who would pay 200 gp for this volume, but finding them will be difficult. To all ordinary booksellers and even most scholars, who will scoff at the book as a fake, it is of no value.]

Bon appetit!

{EtA: It looks like I'm participating in a Necromancers' Coven. How... suitable!}

Yay! Threadnomancy! I shall celibrate with another book!

603.) Dark Humors: This book doubles as a medical guide and jokebook, usually on topics quite grim. Anyone reading this book gains a +1 bonus on heal and perform (Comedy) checks. The perform check increases to +2 on violently inclined or macarbre company.
604.) My Introduction: This book contains detailed first hand accounts of terrible events that have occured over the years, dating back as far as the first Taldan War of Exploration. These accounts never seem to implacate the author is at fault for any of these events except his insistance that these events happened "because I was there". Many theories revolve around the identity of the author, some saying that it is a stray evil Outsider, others that he is a lich who worships Zhyphus, or even stranger theories like the author being a Mothman or Raven-Knight. Pages 1-113 "Nature vs Men" gain a +2 bonus on knowledge (engineering, nature, history). Pages 114-213 "Never Safe Enough" Ability to use Detect Traps and Detect Secret Doors 3/day, but -2 to perception due to the constant feeling that you are being watched. Pages 214-313 "My Friend, The Stranger" Ability to use Know Alignment once per day but a -2 on sense motive as you fear that these people mean to prevent you from stopping some great calamity. Pages 314-413 "Koloranic Tragidies" The books tales of those who have seen terrible things coming and try to prevent them only to cause them usually has no effect on the reader but to serve as anecdotes for the reader. But sometimes (13% chance per reader) a person forsees a tragedey that will occur some time in their lifetime. Usually if the reader tries to stop it they only end up causing it, except in the case of the human Diviner Kolna Mufreshki, who actually managed to prevent the burning of Ostenso harbor. She disappeared a week later.

605.) Book of seven seals by Thoth. The seven seals are all sealed by some rare super hard wax. A few are already opened. The cover and spine are a golden metal. The pages are a quality but very old vellum. It's all in hieroglyphics. In the foreword Thoth explains how before the age of the Pharaohs, Thoth wrote this book dictated by Rovagug. His 7 world destroying powers were sealed within. The great flood is one of the unsealed chapters. When the seventh seal is opened, Rovagug will have the power to free himself. Resealing an opened chapter is beyond mere mortals, but a mythic character can attempt it. Reading the chapter on floods will cause a localized flood.

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bitter lily wrote:
To Serve Humans

A game I play in has an old GURPS Space race of genetically created slaves, whose sole purpose in life is to serve. They are a cloyingly subservient folk of good humor and more who would die if left to themselves. Our GM knew we were all Outer Limits fans and dropped the 'To serve Man' book into the mix, knowing we would see it as THE cook book (it was), but double-crossed us with it being a cook book of recipes for food ALL humans would find delicious.

Having two such books of the same name would be cause for real alarm. Especially if they got confused. Or switched...

Grand Lodge

Some really weird book
The book appears to have been re-covered multiple times making it a thick and cumbersome tomb, a knowledge history of 20 tells the player this book has styles from various different ages. Each page appears to be slightly different in size and while some are fresh, white and new others are extremely old, brittle and yellow. DC 25 Linguistics check finds that this is actually the bizarro diary of a wizard who experimented with time dilation and manipulation but the results were... errant at best. It's extremely difficult to read as the narrative contained within seems to jump all over the place, even using multiple tenses in the same sentence.
A DC 35 Spell Craft finds that a few of the pages are scrolls
(Haste, Slow, Sands Of Time, Threefold Aspect).
After interacting with the book the player must make a will save DC21 or be under the effect of Time Shudder until the dawn of the next day. This effect only works once per day.

607. This small book looks like a simple travel journal such as what a merchant may be carrying. Flipping through it, the reader finds it's much more interesting. The pages describe all sorts of diabolical plans. A Knowledge (history) or (local) check let's the reader connect some of these plans with recent events, like border skirmishes, dragon attacks, or whatnot. Further reading is about things yet to happen. No, the book doesn't tell the future: it's the BBEG's personal journal, lost on the road, now found.

Bwang wrote:
bitter lily wrote:
To Serve Humans

A game I play in has an old GURPS Space race of genetically created slaves, whose sole purpose in life is to serve. They are a cloyingly subservient folk of good humor and more who would die if left to themselves. Our GM knew we were all Twilight Zone fans and dropped the 'To serve Man' book into the mix, knowing we would see it as THE cook book (it was), but double-crossed us with it being a cook book of recipes for food ALL humans would find delicious.

Having two such books of the same name would be cause for real alarm. Especially if they got confused. Or switched...


608: Blinker's Guide to cross dressing
A book that details how to comfortably wear and alter various kinds of clothes, it alters it's descriptions depending on the reader's race

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609. The Book of Riddles. This book comes in two unembellished leather-bound versions, one dyed black and the other dyed red. The black version radiates a moderate Abjuration and Transmutation aura (CL 10), and contains hundreds of riddles within its pages (but no answer key or hints of any form). The red version radiates a strong aura for all schools (CL 20) and is completely blank. Any attempts to modify the black book fail (ink immediately disappears without a trace, pages cannot be torn out, holes are repaired, etc.). Similarly, the red book cannot have pages torn out or be otherwise damaged. Writing in the red book has one of the following effects, depending on what is written. Anything written in the red book disappears when the book is closed.

  • If the text is a riddle with an unambiguous answer, and there are no riddles in the black book with the same answer, the riddle appears in the black book. Additionally, the answer to the riddle is summoned in front of the author as if a wish was cast with the request "I wish for x to appear before me." (where x is the riddle's answer). As with wish, requests for particularly powerful things are dangerous and the GM may twist, corrupt, or only partially fulfill the request. If the answer of the riddle is not something that could appear before the author (for example, time), something related to that appears instead (for example, a sundial).
  •  If the answer to a riddle in the black book is written, nothing happens. If the answer to every riddle in the black book is written in order, and the book is subsequently closed, both the red and black books spontaneously combust and are destroyed.
  • If the text is anything else (a riddle with an ambiguous answer, one whose answer was already contained within the black book, or something other than a riddle or answer to a riddle within the black book), the author takes 1 point of Intelligence drain.

One hour of study, a DC 20 skill check for a relevant Knowledge skill, and a DC 30 Linguistics check can determine if any particular thing is already the answer of a riddle in the black book (determined by the GM). Failing both checks indicates a false result (believing a thing was answered even though it was not, or believing a thing was not answered even though it was). Failing one check yields an inconclusive result. Inconclusive results can be retried, but false results will always lead to the same conclusion on retries. For every 5 the check for the relevant Knowledge skill exceeds 20, gain a cumulative +2 circumstance bonus on the Linguistics check. Which Knowledge skill is most relevant is determined by the GM based on the subject being searched for.

If anyone has compiled this list I would love a copy. Shoot me a message. Thanks

Bible full of Poisons.

https://www.etsy.com/listing/200690854/poison-bible-renaissance-era-hollow- book

Every Cleric of Norgorber should have one.

Shadow Lodge

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TPK wrote:
If anyone has compiled this list I would love a copy. Shoot me a message. Thanks

Your wish is my command.

Shadow Lodge

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Thanks for the inspiration weirdo.

610) By Your Command A guide to programming golems to obey. A knowledge history or planes check will reveal that the author was from an extinct species wiped out in a revolt of hostile golems.

611) By Your Command A Callistran guide to S&M.

612:By Your Command(A programming guide)This book appears to contain one chapter on how to use it, a core dump of binary ones and zeros, and a space in the back containing a disk, flash drive, and computer memory crystal. The first chapter tells how to input the program that is supposed to cure a mad robot, android, or computer(such as on a spaceship). Actually, it is a testimony by a computer how they survived an encounter with a "Captain Kirk" by pretending to be cured and cooperating with people. PC robots and androids will be able to read the binary.

Shadow Lodge

The Bible of Poisons was 610. We should be on:

614. Garden Spirits: On the Cultivation of Leshy. Referencing this illustrated book grants a +2 bonus on Knowledge (nature) checks to grow a Leshy body and increases the chance of attracting a Leshy spirit by 25%. Copies are typically written in Druidic or Sylvan, though occasionally translations in other languages are found.

Here's The Leshy.


Weirdo, thank you so much! I've bookmarked your list.

615. Threadcromancy
A wierd book, describing how to revive 'Threads' on 'Messageboards' using vile method. Studying it gives the char +1 CL on necromancy spells and spells to reconstruct lost knowledge.

616. A publication about quintessence
A scientific method on how to use 'quintessence' to strenghen spells. Prepared Spellcaster can refer to this spell 1/week, to prepare one spell as if empowered, without increasing the spell slots.

617. Helpful Spybook
Stored next to another book, it copies the contents of it. When not copying another book it contains some insuspicious text, depending on the char carrying it.

Missed this the first time around.

You have a bad translation on book 611. "By Your Command" is the Callistrian treatise and tutorial for Bondage and Dominance. I think you you may have been thinking of "The Sweetest Sting", which does explore S&M.

Daw wrote:
You have a bad translation on book 611. "By Your Command" is the Callistrian treatise and tutorial for Bondage and Dominance. I think you you may have been thinking of "The Sweetest Sting", which does explore S&M.

618) The Guidebook to Other Books

Gives the user a +5 bonus on any Knowledge check made to identify a book, whether it be right in front of them or one they can only recall from memory.

619. The journal of an old, infamous BBEG who died a few decades ago, written in an incomprehensible language one of the players, somehow, can easily decipher.

Can't believe I'm just now finding this thread.

So much dot ..............

620. The Turning Point(The Rebirth of Scientology)
It's a thrilling tale of a chemist Jackson Brown, who tried to create a better truth serum to replace "the cans". He succeeded in creating The Deeper Truth Elixir. The Deeper Truth Elixir requires a will save from the subject DC 30 or they will tell the motives why they did everything. It might involve past lives, possession, or even trauma completely imagined. He exposed the scientology leadership to it, some killed themselves, some went into asylums, while the rest remade the organization into one of the most honest organizations ever. The book contains the formula that creates a miscellaneous magic item that requires an alchemist or a chemist with master craftsman. One dose can be ingested or injected. 10 doses can be converted to a gas that fills a 50 foot by 50 foot room, or just the beings within 50 feet of the point of release.


I dig all of these.

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