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So, I was considering having a Spellcaster with an alternative spell book like tattoos or some such. Is there any Paizo Official source I can read for ideas?

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Closest I can think of is the Varisian Tattoo feat from the Inner Sea World Guide-289, and the associated Tattooed Sorcerer archetype from Inner Sea Magic-40, which give a spell like ability from a tattoo. The spell-scar magus arcana gives what are basically scrolls inked into your skin. Blood of the Moon-21.

Arcane Anthology has a few paragraphs on what spellbooks look like, but they're still books (more or less). Same for Ultimate Magic.

A couple of archetypes give a wizard a familiar for spells (like a witch, instead of a spellbook), specifically the Familiar Adapt from theFamiliar Folio-8, and the Spirit Whisperer from the Advaced Class Guide-133.

There are several witch archetypes that alter her familiar, the closest to what you talking about is the Bonded Witch, limited to half-elves storing spells in a bonded item instead of a familiar. Advanced Race Guide-43.

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Magus has an ability that let's them use a limited number of tattoos as both spell scrolls and a spell book.

You can using a quipu. In my campaign setting the flinds and gnolls use them to record spells.


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