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I would have to disagree. Having been in a war myself, what I can say is that wars are very different based on your role. If you are in the trenches, I would agree, the Paizo system would be clunky and hard.

However, special operatives as part of a war would be amazing. You could be spies, with a propensity for wet work. Not necessarily assassinations (although that could be an option), but more of dealing with protecting hidden bases (caves, whatever), invading secret research/headquarters dungeons, protecting from assassination attempts (and you don't have to protect a dragon, you could protect an important politician who is siding with the dragons), etc, etc etc. The way you set it up for flavor, is that you work for the dragon in the beginning, and there is no war as you level to lets say 6 or so, and then you become their favored operative, the war starts, and due to attrition and experience, you become the elite forces by lvl 12.

The big battles could be part of the flavor. That is not what you directly interact with, but you are just hearing about it, etc. They would be there to set up the drama. You could even be partially involved in some, where you attack a flank and disrupt formations, etc. The options are huge without actually doing a 15,000 foot soldiers vs 10,000 foot soldiers and 300 heavy cavalry thing.

Maybe the final battle could be flying on your bonded dragons across a massive battlefield in order to get to a central magic ritual happening in the back of the opponents lines, such as several dragons putting together a ritual curse, etc. You then land, with battle swirling all around you, in a magically protected circle and engage in one last desperate battle for the end of the world. You could be separate from the rest of the battle by the circle, or you could set it up that every 2-3 turns, a random number of characters (1d4 lets say) enters your combat from both sides. You could even have a rule about how the battle is going that would shift one side or the other up or down from 1d4 to 1d4, or 1d6, etc, etc, etc.

To call it epic, would be an understatement. By this mechanism you would avoid constantly playing against dragons, ie always turning it up to 11, but get to have a vehicle where in one campaign 100s of pages of lore about dragons are written, and we learn more about them. And the end, would be just so amazing.

I know this is a very big bombastic kind of an ending. But thats me. One of the self written modules I played ended when we shoved all of our silver coins in a cannon that the DM put there for flavor and blunderbussed a horde of werewolves instead of running away. He had to rewrite the rest of the story.

I have been thinking about this for a long time, and more so lately. I have some friends who are super excited about the idea of playing with dragons.

Ideally, what I would love to see is a world that is involved with dragons. That doesn't mean that there are tons of them, just that you are involved with them.

The way I see this playing out is that you start off at a lvl 1 by being in a dragon cult/retinue. So lets say, following one of the ancient gold dragons. In the beginning you deal with a bunch of stuff that they send you to do. Could be as simple as dealing with some annoying goblins, etc.

Than as you spend time working for them, and learning from them, a war breaks out between the chromatic dragons and the metallic. It can be a quiet cold war kind of thing initially, but eventually you start to see large scale fights. Most of the time you are not fighting dragons, but their flunkies.

Eventually when you get to lvl 20 or so, you can each bond with a metallic dragon that suits their temperament. Then, you have to navigate a massive dragon battle field, think dragon Ragnarok, to get to the far field to kill an ancient Red Dragon that is bringing about the massive battle

It could be a great way to learn a ton of lore about the hidden dragon culture, and the battles would not be non-stop dragons.

Thank you guys. It seems funny that there isn't a dragon centric one. I get its a cliche, but its a cliche for a reason. I would love to see one focused heavily on dragon kind. With a group of adventurers getting involved in a battle between chromatic and metallic dragons, etc, etc.

Hello all,
Just had a fabulous brunch whose conversation focused on dragons. I explained to my friends what I remembered of the Pathfinder dragon lore, and people were enthralled. So I have a handfull of folks who want to play for the first time. I am looking for an adventure path that involves dragons as a result. And involves them early. Like first session or two. Ideally, there should be presence of metallics, because this group loves the idea of "good" dragons.

Any suggestions?

I love the idea of a cestus. Just the thought of holding the gun with a cestus and bashing an AoO between shots, even though not very effective sounds great.

I have craft alchemy, and access to a master alchemist. What poison could i use?

I can only have one at a time. And I do have augment summoning.

Any other ideas?

I was hoping to stack a few methods.

Thats a great idea, I just think that the boss I plan on fighting will not even be hit by the centipede except on a 19 or a 20, and when it does, will laugh at a dc 13 fort save.

I want to keep this a bit hidden since I know some people that could get spoilers from this. But the question is simple

I am looking for a way to deal Dex damage. Not as a GM, rather as a PC. The PC is a lvl 5 sorcerer, so he has access to spells up to level 2.

I am also willing to use items, potions, consumables, and I have a party to help out (summoner, monk, rogue, ranger).

Any ideas?

Fair enough, I know that they can get a bit on the pricy side. The issue is that I am a bit of a newer player, and a casual player. So hero lab makes sure I do things right.

This may be stupid, but I am having serious issues.

I am trying to make a fun character, and I am thinking about using Garuda-blooded Aasimar, So I am trying to put that into hero lab, and I can only find how to make the base Aasimar.

Anybody know how to change the Aasimar heritage?

Fair enough, now that I re-read it it makes more sense. How about any ideas about the role play? Any ideas on cool role play during battle?

SO I have been building a gunslinger, or at the very least thinking about it.

I am thinking human musket master. However, I am running into some issues. I am sure I will run into more but I was just wondering if people can help me deal with these.

1. No + to damage. while a d12 with a musket damage is awesome, there is no + anything, except when I take deadly aim and point blank shot (all I have at LVL 1). That seems just kind of pathetic, given that a +4 (which is super common) would bring my base damage (without feats) to be the same as a d6. That's kind of sad for a primarily damage dealing class. Am I missing things?

2. Misfire- great concept. Totally great idea, but to me it looks like it starts to break the game every time you get more attacks. With a paper cartage i am misfiring 15% of the time. With 3 attacks a turn, thats a ~40% chance of misfire per turn. That seems crazy for lvl 11, and it looks like I will be loosing a lot of progression, and almost regressing.

3. Lack of flavor. Muskets are huge, and I do mean huge. "drop to one knee and aim a shot" looses flavor very fast. It also does not regenerate grit. Without calling a shot, which shouldn't be horrible given the touch attack ability, how do I do something cool? How do I add flavor.

I am looking to play musket master in a new campaign and I am looking for a good mini. There are some absolutely awesome ones with pistols, but any idea on good ones for muskets? So far I found this guy but I would love to see what people have to say

Still new to this game, and learning everything as I go along.

Sorry ladies and gentelmen of the board, I just figured out how to do it. SOrry

Long time lurker, first post.

So I am leveling up my human sorcerer in HL and my favored bonus is clearly +1 spell. I've been getting cantrips and now I am level 4 and can get level 1 spells, but when I switch it, it switches all of them (from lvl 1 to 3) to give me extra lvl 1 spells, and so I have excess cantrips. This seems like this is not how this particular bonus should be interpreted, otherwise i could get +20 lvl 8 spells at level 20, and that just seems wrong.

Anybody know what I am doing wrong?