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Hello all,
Just had a fabulous brunch whose conversation focused on dragons. I explained to my friends what I remembered of the Pathfinder dragon lore, and people were enthralled. So I have a handfull of folks who want to play for the first time. I am looking for an adventure path that involves dragons as a result. And involves them early. Like first session or two. Ideally, there should be presence of metallics, because this group loves the idea of "good" dragons.

Any suggestions?

I want to keep this a bit hidden since I know some people that could get spoilers from this. But the question is simple

I am looking for a way to deal Dex damage. Not as a GM, rather as a PC. The PC is a lvl 5 sorcerer, so he has access to spells up to level 2.

I am also willing to use items, potions, consumables, and I have a party to help out (summoner, monk, rogue, ranger).

Any ideas?

This may be stupid, but I am having serious issues.

I am trying to make a fun character, and I am thinking about using Garuda-blooded Aasimar, So I am trying to put that into hero lab, and I can only find how to make the base Aasimar.

Anybody know how to change the Aasimar heritage?

SO I have been building a gunslinger, or at the very least thinking about it.

I am thinking human musket master. However, I am running into some issues. I am sure I will run into more but I was just wondering if people can help me deal with these.

1. No + to damage. while a d12 with a musket damage is awesome, there is no + anything, except when I take deadly aim and point blank shot (all I have at LVL 1). That seems just kind of pathetic, given that a +4 (which is super common) would bring my base damage (without feats) to be the same as a d6. That's kind of sad for a primarily damage dealing class. Am I missing things?

2. Misfire- great concept. Totally great idea, but to me it looks like it starts to break the game every time you get more attacks. With a paper cartage i am misfiring 15% of the time. With 3 attacks a turn, thats a ~40% chance of misfire per turn. That seems crazy for lvl 11, and it looks like I will be loosing a lot of progression, and almost regressing.

3. Lack of flavor. Muskets are huge, and I do mean huge. "drop to one knee and aim a shot" looses flavor very fast. It also does not regenerate grit. Without calling a shot, which shouldn't be horrible given the touch attack ability, how do I do something cool? How do I add flavor.

I am looking to play musket master in a new campaign and I am looking for a good mini. There are some absolutely awesome ones with pistols, but any idea on good ones for muskets? So far I found this guy but I would love to see what people have to say

Long time lurker, first post.

So I am leveling up my human sorcerer in HL and my favored bonus is clearly +1 spell. I've been getting cantrips and now I am level 4 and can get level 1 spells, but when I switch it, it switches all of them (from lvl 1 to 3) to give me extra lvl 1 spells, and so I have excess cantrips. This seems like this is not how this particular bonus should be interpreted, otherwise i could get +20 lvl 8 spells at level 20, and that just seems wrong.

Anybody know what I am doing wrong?