Issue in hero lab with sorcerer


Long time lurker, first post.

So I am leveling up my human sorcerer in HL and my favored bonus is clearly +1 spell. I've been getting cantrips and now I am level 4 and can get level 1 spells, but when I switch it, it switches all of them (from lvl 1 to 3) to give me extra lvl 1 spells, and so I have excess cantrips. This seems like this is not how this particular bonus should be interpreted, otherwise i could get +20 lvl 8 spells at level 20, and that just seems wrong.

Anybody know what I am doing wrong?

Sorry ladies and gentelmen of the board, I just figured out how to do it. SOrry

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Yes. You have to click on the Customise Favored Racial Class options below your list of class levels.

Still new to this game, and learning everything as I go along.

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