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I want to keep this a bit hidden since I know some people that could get spoilers from this. But the question is simple

I am looking for a way to deal Dex damage. Not as a GM, rather as a PC. The PC is a lvl 5 sorcerer, so he has access to spells up to level 2.

I am also willing to use items, potions, consumables, and I have a party to help out (summoner, monk, rogue, ranger).

Any ideas?

summon a giant centipede with monster summon 2

Thats a great idea, I just think that the boss I plan on fighting will not even be hit by the centipede except on a 19 or a 20, and when it does, will laugh at a dc 13 fort save.

Augment Summoning
Your summoned creatures are more powerful and robust.

Prerequisite: Spell Focus (conjuration).

Benefit: Each creature you conjure with any summon spell gains a +4 enhancement bonus to Strength and Constitution for the duration of the spell that summoned it.

Raises the and the attack chance and the dc by 2

So 10% better chance to hit, 10% more chance to fial the poison.

If you bring enough of them flanking and stacking poison

I can only have one at a time. And I do have augment summoning.

Any other ideas?

I was hoping to stack a few methods.

You can summon more if you have the spell.

You can cast summon monster 2 as a spell slot and then use the SLA ability to get one more.

AT your level it is hard to do ability damage. If you had someone with craft alchemy they could make poison for dex damage to.

I have craft alchemy, and access to a master alchemist. What poison could i use?

Giant Wasp Poison

Type poison, injury; Save Fortitude DC 18

Frequency 1/round for 6 rounds

Effect 1d2 Dex damage; Cure 1 save

in the glossary of the core from the prd

Sovereign Court

Disfiguring Touch or Touch of Gracelesness might help depending on your situation. Web can grapple someone, giving them -4 to dex. Sadly, you're still a long while away from Calcific Touch...

Touch of Fatigue (fatigued condition doh :p)
Tanglefoot Bag (Entangled condition)

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