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I am looking to play musket master in a new campaign and I am looking for a good mini. There are some absolutely awesome ones with pistols, but any idea on good ones for muskets? So far I found this guy but I would love to see what people have to say

there are a bunch of good ones in teh chronoscope line reaper makes:

Like this
or This one But they are all using weapons more advanced then muskets.

Check out Lars and the Guild Riflemen from the Malifaux line by Wyrd Miniatures.

The Exchange

I use this one and it is totally perfect for my Musket Master, who is a pith-helmet wearing Explorer's Club-type braggart.

Warmachine minis from Privateer Press:
They have a line for the wargame Warmachine (linked above) and a line for the RPG Iron Kingdoms:

All kinds of options there. My musket master was a piratey privateer mini from the above line.

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