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BigNorseWolf wrote:

I would not rely on ventriloquism. The sounds are illusionary, and aren't you talking, they're a spell talking. I'd say they wouldn't work (and so would most others i think)

You probably want Beastspeak which will do that.

Thanks Wolf!

I think that spell is only if you are an animal though.

Any spells or items that would manage the prerequisite for Somatic component?

So ventriloquism 1st level (1 min/level ) for speech or Tongues (3rd level) 10 min per level. Or Ring slot for Ring of eloquence

Ok adjusting

If we are not psychic caster

Verbal: Language or Ring of Eloquence. WIld speech not an option unless Druid 6 and wild shape . Use Meridian belt to switch out function of rings if necessary.

Material: Eschew Materials

Somatic. Still spell or opposing thumbs.

Trait Magical Lineage to Still spell one spell for no bump in level.

Any additional help by Trait, Feat, Spell, or magic item?

So to sum up so far.

If we are not psychic caster

Verbal: Language or Ring of Eloquence. WIld speech not an option unless Druid 6 and wild shape . Use Meridian belt to switch out function of rings if necessary.

Material: Eschew Materials or polymorphic pouch

Somatic. Still spell (by Rod in Poly Pouch or feat), or opposing thumbs.

Thanks all.

Thank you all.

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SO Natural spell only applies to those with wild shaping.

So what are the rules for a caster that uses a form spell (take your pick of Beast shape, giant form, undead anatomy, monstrous physique, dragon form, alter self, etc.) to still be able to cast a spell in that form?

Does the form have to speak a language? What appendages allow it to satisfy the gesturing part of a spell? If material components are needed, do they have to be in a polymorphic pouch? Will certain magic items effects (like ring of eloquence help with satisfying this requirement)?

I would imagine that humanoid bipeds with language would work here. Also dragons since they are spell casters? What about other non bipeds that have language and have spell like abilities in their real (non polymorphed) forms? What about elementals?

Thanks for the input. I have played a Druid for a longtime and Natural spell takes the worry out of such situations.

James Risner wrote:
lemeres wrote:
It is mostly a nerf due to the fact that it cuts off the new power that others added onto what they originally intended.
Ok from those rose colored classes, it is a nerf.

Wow that is a massive nerf. Expected it for PFS but who seriously would want this feat as changed?

The original description made sense and if too powerful could have had specific spells excluded. Too bad. Thanks for the replies

BigNorseWolf wrote:

You can get a cheap res with this off of raise animal companion.

Animal growth +strong jaw on a shape shifted T rex would be sick.

SO as a wild shaped druid with a larger form (i'm medium and shape change to a huge animal), I could use Animal growth with strong jaw even though I used a polymorph effect that increased my size and the effect of animal growth is based on a change in size?

How much does a druid need to "enter" a tree to activate the spell?

Example. Could a druid in earth elemental form put his hand through a Wall of Stone using earth glide and have his arm "enter" a tree (from a feather token) with his other hand touching his comrades, and trigger the spell transporting his group to safety (hopefully)?

Second question, is there any magic that brings a character's party next to him for such an evacuation scheme?


Does alter self remove race restriction?
I.e. Changing to a dwarf allow dwarf related items, belt of dwarvenkind, etc.

Yes sir.

Would this actually increase damage one step on natural attacks? It says not with light weapons.


Another idea in addition to the occasional item in the chronicles, is a companion with a set of lets say 10 or 20 acceptable combos with a price based on their value in PFS (not strictly by the formula). These would be balanced for play by the devs but allow a little versatility and in something folks could purchase in a companion.

Thanks for attention and review all as usual.

I'm ok with continuing to give John the pleasure of hashing a new exciting combo design for chronicles.

Hi all,

Can we come up with an unbroken ruleset for combining magic items in pfs like boots of speed and feathstep sandals. All at an overall increased cost of course. There are so many basic items that an adventurer needs to survive in PFS (cloak of resistance) that many of the other helpful items are not as practical.

We're bright. We should be able to figure this out.


SO does a natural weapon attack bonus increase a grapples CMB

For example: Dire tiger has grab with its claws and bite. I have a AOMF with a +1 enchantment. Would the +1 to attack role from the amulet increase the CMB for the grapple since the weapon is used to grapple. I thought that bonus only applied to disarm/sunder but thought I would ask.


Animal Soul + Animal Growth == Gargantuan. + Strong jaw's language of double damage on all your natural attacks instead +VS == Death on a STEEEEEEEEEEICK

Too bad not PFS legal


Meat'n Taters

Thanks for that detailed explanation!

So if I have multiple attacks with improved grapple that all have grab associated with them (Like tentacle attacks or vine attacks) and constrict associated with them, do I do constrict damage for EACH successful grapple check that round AND successive rounds on the same creature? separate creatures ( so I made an attack with my vines on lets say 4 creatures and hit 3 of them and made successful grapple checks). I know this is basic but I still have issues with it. Thanks

Also don't underestimate dire tiger (or dinosaur) animal companion with druid buffs can be truly frightening

Tiger is large and do not have reach beyond 5 feet

Also for ignore difficult terrain cast mass feather step

For increased speed cast longstrider (always up)

Healing wands you can use anyway.

The loss of a druid caster level versus the bonus of the cleric level is questionable

If this is not a PFS build take animal soul feat from ACG and cast anmal growth and atavism on yourself (illegal in PFS)

Don't need greater magic fang and +1 on AoMF. Consider furyborn instead of +1 and spell storing on AoMF or just holy. AOMF does not require +1 enchantment like standard weapons do.

Not sure if armor spikes would stay when wild shaped since wild armor only retains the armor bonus.

Belt of Strength

There are other posts that address good items to have for wild shaped druids

Ok thanks

When in wild shape form, wild armor you preserve armor bonus and lose penalties like armor check, but do you also lose the max dex restriction?

Thanks all for the discussion

Sebastian Hirsch wrote:
John Compton wrote:
Sebastian Hirsch wrote:
Surtyr wrote:

Awww Animal Soul :(

Dangle the carrot, dangle the carrot then snatch it away :)

You say that now, just wait for all the evil druids with dominate animal.^^
Amusing as that would be, the feat's text actually calls out that charm animal and dominate animal don't work—at least not unless the PC wants them to.
That's what I get, for not looking up the feat before I post ^^

Just cuz Animal Growth and Atavism makes the wild shaper abit more burly ;P

Nefreet wrote:

So, if you can play in a 16-18 mod at 18.2, level up to 19.2, and finish up with Race for the Runecarved Key, you'd have a level 20 PFS character.


RRK only gives on xp tho right? That won't take us to 20?

Awww Animal Soul :(

Dangle the carrot, dangle the carrot then snatch it away :)

Sebastian Hirsch wrote:
Surtyr wrote:

For druids,

Animal Soul allowing Animal Growth and Atavism on your druid. Brutal.

Improved Share Spells. One cast and divide the duration +extend rod

Animal Soul is already banned in PFS, according to the additional resources page... and now I know why.^^

Oh the pain!

For druids,

Animal Soul allowing Animal Growth and Atavism on your druid. Brutal.

Improved Share Spells. One cast and divide the duration +extend rod

What deity's and wizard schools are good for your build Hogeyhead?


Great info thanks.

Would activating the Lunge feat help on an Overrun attempt versus someone wth 5' mor ereach thanI usually have. I.e. Tiger large with 5' reach with lunge does a greater overrun attempt versus ogre with 10' reach. Would lunge keep him from getting an AOO versus the tiger?

Wow great build ideas. Looks like quite a few options.

SO what's the final build(s) Proto

SO this looks like two new feats to consider for druids especially, combat druids.

Improved Spell sharing would require both companion and druid to have the feat, however being able to cast a spell once for both and divide the duration would be nice specially with a regular/lesser rod of extend and a beast bond brand.

Animal Soul opens up the ability to cast Animal Growth and Atavism on your druid which are both large buffs especially to AC, Hitpoints, and Damage.

Problem becomes what feats would you switch out to get these? Planar wild shape, Powerful Shape, Power attack, Vital Strike, Greater Grapple, etc.

Thanks all for the responses.

Chester thank for the Ring idea. I missed that earlier. Would likely do Common, and 3 Elemental languages to talk with Summoned Elementals.

Chess. Already have natural spell feat. For my second levels I usually cast Bull's Strength, Bear's Endurance, and Barkskin at least.

Nice to have a spell that helps in this regard but have some issues with it.

It allows both speech and spell casting while wild shaped.

1) Duration is much shorter than the time spent in wild shape. Would have to drop out of wild shape to recast.

2) Most every druid at least takes Natural Spell at 4th level as a feat which is more reliable long term than the spell.

3) The real hole that needs to be filled is a spell for Wild Speech (talking in wild shape). A first level spell with an suitable duration/level would be preferred here. I don't think giving up a feat for Wild Speech is very helpful for a druid. In fact, I'm not sure how much the game mechanic is served by having the shape changed character not be able to talk in a non-native form versus the feat/spells necessary to accomplish it. Perhaps it would be better to just make it a part of the class wild shape progression if the need is felt that it contributes to role-play/game balance.



Thank you

Seranov give me an idea please about level progression with your Dwarf Monk2/Warpriest. 20 point build

My druid is getting on in years and is paired with my son who is off at college.

I have always been partial to casters of all types. I like versatility and utility in a caster and have usually played wizards in D&D for this reason.

I have been reading about the arcanist and some of the differences between them and the wizard and sorcerer classes.

I am asking to see if anyone has come up with some specific arcanist build that they like and would be good to play through in PFS for 12 levels. If you are willing to share your build here with me I would appreciate it. It helps me get my head around how a class works when I see good builds by folks who understand it better than I do.


Is there any way to increase the number of people checking out the customers. Even two more would help the line. Can the curtained area be shrunk (not eliminated)and the area be used for more checkers. Can more space reasonably maintained. Can some of the product for restock be held in an area close by and brought in when sold tally's get high and stock low? Can the guys signing autographs be relocated to the signature area at Gencon or in space nearby freeing that space for more checkers? Just some thoughts from someone who has had to manage large lines a few times in the past.

Now that Bestiary 4 is out as well. For those arcane casters who like to use beast shape 4, what are your favorite forms to use.

Ok thanks

If someone finds that they are unable to make the Friday night Gen Con Special and would like to sell the tickets please PM me. Looking for two. Thanks

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