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Can we get a list of the events days and times..I cannot make heads or tails of the set up.

I found this book at the local game store on Tuesday and I love the background and info in it. So when is it legal for me to make a new character based on it?

Ninja PC wearing all red, "Pick any name you like it doesn't matter as long as you pay me."

GM NPC, "Okay Bubbles it is."

Later in same mod Facing a minotaur Ninja PC in red, "Oh God I pray that beast does not think am a bullfighter or something...Toro, Toro"

My ratkin is to longer up for trade..Mercurywolf I agree to your terms

I like your idea Tony, will have to pass that on to my boss

Want Viskanya

Have Ratfolk

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Do I have the only Harrower out there..I even use the harrow cards as props?

Wonder news indeed, I hope this helps out local players and GMS..