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I am planning to attend Origins 2017 in Columbus, Ohio, and wanted to know about volunteering to GM. Can anyone provide information?

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What did you want to know? Last I heard, there was still a need for GMs, but I do not know details.

The GM application is here:


Card Game application here:

Source: Am Columbus OH VA, though I do not do the Origins planning.

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I know a few have put our names in got the hey we received your applications and will get back to you in early March. Still haven't heard anything back yet.

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I am trying to register for PFS events, but am not finding them. Anyone know if they in the system?

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First World Bard wrote:
I am trying to register for PFS events, but am not finding them. Anyone know if they in the system?

I just got an e-mail regarding registration; it appears that there's a bug in the system. Registration is closed until Friday at 1. Try looking again then. The names of all PFS sessions begin with "Pathfinder Society Scenario".

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Nope, I'm still having trouble. The only session I've seen so far is Pathfinder Society Academy (kid's track) game. I'm trying to get into a Friday evening slot game, and I can't find it by either the session # listed in the Origins spreadsheet or by checking all the RPGs on Friday from 7 to midnight.

Can we get a list of the events days and times..I cannot make heads or tails of the set up.

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For a list of event days and times, there is the Event Grid on this page: (First orange button)

Locating events in the registration system can be a bit tricky since the registration system considers any event that ends at 12:00 midnight to span two days. The key then, is to search for "All" days, rather than a specific day. Don't forget to specify a category: "RPG" or "All".

Example: To register for the Saturday night special "8-99 The Solstice Scar", search for "Solstice Scar," "All," and "RPG." Each table of 6 has its own event code this year.

To view all the PFS events (18 pages worth!) you can search for "Pathfinder Society," All,", "RPG."

There are events all 5 days starting at 1:00 Wednesday through 1:00 Sunday. Start times are 8:00 am, 1:00pm, and 7:00 pm. There are games for Pathfinder Society, the Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild, and Pathfinder Society Academy (for the kids).

PS: Netapolis is not quite correct. Not all events have "Scenario" as part of the name. There are also modules, and card games, and the academy. (Oh my!). They *do,* however all start with "Pathfinder Society."


For your convenience, the PFS-only portion of the event grid. w8yuaVzM/edit?usp=sharing


Cirithiel wrote:

The key then, is to search for "All" days, rather than a specific day. Don't forget to specify a category: "RPG" or "All".

Yep, that's the key. The system is really buggy, if you specify a day then it returns none of the night events. For a convention that's getting bigger by the year, they sure have a lot of technical problems they need to work through.

Less than 3 weeks, looking forward to it! Looking forward to Solstice Scar! Scar sounds really interesting, hopefully this interactive is as good as it sounds.

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I don't know that this is considered the "official" Origins forum thread, but I want to say I am a HUGE fan of the event and encourage everyone to attend, but it has the absolutely worst website I've ever had to navigate. It is extremely non-intuitive, the event catalog appears to be a randomly organized list, and the filters do not work as expected. Its just a hot mess

I registered for The Solstice Scar Tier 3-4 and when it processed, gave me a Tier 1-2 ticket. I emailed the registration address with no response. I (think?) found the way to return a ticket for credit, but now I cannot find The Solstice Scar in the event catalog at all. So, now I'm completely without a ticket and at risk of missing out. Quite frustrating.

...and by the way, the PSA event is called Angel's Flight, not Angel's Wing

EDIT--Well, I finally found the listing (Thanks Cirithiel) and got my ticket. WOW, what a disaster.

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