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Thanks Zom.

Captain, I might need to find one. Though I find navigating their store untenable some days. Hence using amazon.

Crystal, hmm I thought all purchases used to come with the pdf. Maybe that changed a while ago and I never noticed. I used to buy at my FLGS when I had one.

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I bought the core book off Amazon (from Paizo no less) for the free shipping and did not get the PDF. I will look up Nethys. Thanks Crystal.

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Hey Guys I am looking for an easy printable list for all conditions and simple actions. (Strike, stride, crawl). Also a list of actions as part of skills would be really nifty.

I really do not want to have to retype a full list, I was hoping I could find something on the site.

Anyone out there have a link to something like this?

Best Regards,

Steel Forged Games

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Ah okay missed the ritual thing, thanks.

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Heightening is an option I suppose but looking there are only 2 spells that can heighten into that slot. I mean spending a 4th level slot to get 6 more hp with false life seems a bit of a waste.

Also where is our create undead spells? The only one close I see is level 2 bind undead.

I guess I don't understand the purpose of necros in PF2. I was making a villain for my campaign guess I'll have to change him. Hmmm.

Thanks for the replies.

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There are no 4th level necromancy spells that I can find. That means that the necromancer has a spell slot forever open. What did I miss?

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So here is the exact example of what happened. It is in the 'Wasps Nest' in the first book of the Rebel AP. They have killed/friended all of the monsters. They are searching the main room and out in the water is the statue of Calistra. On the statue under the water there is a hidden hatch with some goodies in it.

The DC is a 24 I believe I have a person with a +4 or better on perception. If the player takes 20 on that room do they find that compartment?

Steel Forged Games

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So I have some questions from you vets out there. There is a debate that rages in my group and it is tearing us apart. It is all about taking 20 on a skill check such as perception.

So we are currently running the 'Hell's Rebels' AP and they want to search the room. The perception check is like a 24 to notice something. They 'take 20' to searching the room. So now they automatically find anything in the room.

Is that correct?

If this is correct why put a DC at all on perception check? After combat everyone is obviously going to take 20 to search the room.

Please help with this debate.

Steel Forged Games.

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So I am about to start running this adventure. I am having a bit of trouble with the set up.

First is there some assumption that the players know each other prior to the protest? Right now my players are saying they don't. One is a human noble, one is a changling pirate ect ect and it is very possible that they do not know each other.

So the protest/riot happens and then big ole hell hound comes out and everyone runs. What keeps the players together? What makes them stop to save Rexus? I mean they are being chased by the thugs and watchmen, why are they stopping to help this random guy?

So many people have disappeared in the last couple of weeks when caught by the Thrune's goons, why stop?

I know it sounds silly but I am just having trouble finding a way to keep random strangers together after a riot was broken up and even more trouble with how Rexus would trust these unknown people with such private information. What if they are Thrune's agents?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Yeah Part 2 is showing under the unavailable products for Season 5. Is part 1 going to be made available at the same time?

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Yeah I knew that with my order being all over the board I was going to be at the end of the list to get my shipment. That is what you get when you spend $300 on mini's and paints. :)

I am just hoping they come in in time for this contest.

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Yeah I saw the banquet was gone :( but still gots to wait till the day of paying to buy the badge. Hoping it is not almost gone. Thank you Liz.

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I would be interested depending on the categories. I am medicore at best but it sounds like fun. *still waiting patiently on his Bones to come in*

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How are we looking for tickets are we close to being sold out? I have to wait at leasat another week before I can afford them. I already have time off work and everything. Now just the money thing.

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The Seattle show got cancelled.

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Pre-Ink? What is this that you speak of Geraint?

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In this case it is kind of sad that we are doing PFS, some of those ideas are grand Drogon.

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Nice.....There be dragons in them thar hills!!!

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So my players were talking about wanting to hunt themselves a dragon in the near future. Is there any scenarios where they hunt or fight a dragon? Even a small one works.


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Thanks guys.

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Next week my group is going to be sort of time crunched down to like 3 hours or so. Anyone suggest a scenario that can fit into a crunched down time frame?

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I don't mean redone with the same character I meant with a new character.

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So even Goblins and Thornkeep cannot be redone at 2nd level?

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Yeah all I seen on MotFF was the tier 1 requirement. That would say to me any level 1 character.

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Thanks Lab....looks like most of this can't be repeatable for 2nd level right?

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Thanks Doug for some reason that list did not come up at first. That was odd. It literally only showed half of your post. Did you edit in the list?

So If you run the Godsmouth Heresy at level 1 can your run the 1st steps for level two? I was pretty sure 1st steps was level 1 only not tier 1-2.

The reason I ask all this is because I am a GM on a tight budget and if I can reuse adventures for the home game I would like too. And still get the players some xp for their new characters.

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Doug...that was absolutely the one I was talking about. Crap I did not know about that restriction. I just remember a local GM saying there were enough repeatable adventures to get to level 3. I know that Season 3 had those 3 beginner adventures and there is We be goblins!. What else out there is repeatable?

Thanks so much for correcting my scenario name, for some reason I keep getting the name mixed up wiht that Terry Goodkind book. *Facepalm*

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I see that the chronicle sheet says just Tier 1 not 1-2. Does this mean that level 2's cannot get credit for it?

The reason I ask is that some of the GM's at my local store said there were enough repeatable adventures to get your players to level two. What are those 6 adventures?

Thanks you guys you are amazing.

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Got ya thanks so much for the help those were all things I missed.

@Bod thanks man I totally looked over that section.

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Skylancer...I don't think that shifting times is a huge deal since it last hours per level. But you are right if he deals with an enemy that is focused on ranged like a manticore he would be in trouble.

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Bodhranist...where does it say replace vs upgrades?

Noether....I think you are right pushes the build out to 9th.

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Noether - Ha first error in build but I think you can adjust the feats around that though.

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So I had a player show me a build that I feel is totally broken. This is for PFS play so there are some limitations. However he seems to have all of his ducks in a row. Is there anyone out there that can help me figure out if this is truely meant to work this way?

The Build of Awesome:

Druid 5/ Ranger 3
Race: Half Orc
Trait: Toothy

1) Natural Spell
3) Improved Natural attack via Ranger combat style
5) Shaping Focus
7) Vital Strike

So he will use wild shape to change like the spell beast shape III, into a Huge animal.

A) His animal of choice is a beheamoth hippo who has a bite attack of 4d8.

B) Improved natural attack moves your base damage 1 category. So 4d8 becomes 8d8?

C) Spell Strong Jaw gives you more silliness and moves you to a 12d8 dmg

d) Vital Strike for 24d8

So where is his error, has to be one in here somewhere. 24d8 just seems silly.


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I know there was a post a while back that had a build of a Syth with a 58 strength. Pretty crazy.

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I think rules wise they have to be complete ioun stones not cracked but don't quote me on that. I know I have to use one because I have a 6 Wisdom and I hit HARD. Had to buy it to protect my party as much as myself, lol.

edit: oh and your welcome.

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I am looking to build a monk. This is PFS so I have a 20 pt buy. I went Tengu so I could get the +2 to dex and Wis. I spent 5 points each on Str, Dex, Con and Wisdom. So my stats seem good at:

Str: 15
Dex: 16
Con: 12
Int: 10
Wis: 16
Cha: 08

So the concept I want to go for is a debilitating monk. I want to focus on being able to weaken monsters not being all about damage. So what kind of feats would you suggest?

What I am thinking at the moment is:

1) Crushing Blow (L) and Combat Reflexes (C)
2) Scorpion Strike (C)
3) Mantis style (L) I like this one for the making SF harder to avoid
5) Dragon Style (L) For when I need some extra dmg
6) Gorgon Strike (C)
7) Dragon Ferocity (L) Not where I want to go but kind of lost here
9) ??? (L)
10) Medusa Strike (C) I liked this a lot at first but then I realized you have to give up two potential hits to set it up. Fights are ususally over by then.
11) ??? (L)

Any thoughts on how to build a monk like this?

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magic jar is a pain, lol. At least it was not a bag of devouring. lol, our party cleric just found out what one of those is like.

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Even a monk is not overly awesome. I mean assuming a level 10 monk with 16s in Dex, Con and Wis you get +10's across the board. Assuming a +2 cloak that is +12's. So even a 10 monk with good stats only has a 50/50 shot and avoiding everything.

And as Petty said if someone is going to pass on dominating the tank with the great sword in the front for the bard, um please. His biggest fear should be getting hit by some sort of AoE, so with Pettys augments you have a what 70% chance of avoiding those.

I think he is fine.

Another option if he is concerned about being dominated is grab a wayfinder and throw a clear spindle ioun stone in there. Total just just over 4k and you pretty much are immune to mind affecting things. Pretty much.

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Would it be wrong to change where I made the final encounter happen say

In the main hall(C5) instead of the off shoot room(C13)

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Well first it is a home game and we are using PFS. So it is not the typical event per se. So the VC or organizer is not someone I can really bring into the mix.

@Off Yeah talking about that guy.

@Natertot and Belafon He specifically mentioned he has been reading the forums and knew what the last guy was going to do. I also know when we were running AP's he had a subscription as well and read them when they came in.

@Drogon The BBEG has like a 24 Int, pretty smart cookie. His minions have already went missing. I think it would be reasonable for him to come looking for them. However you are supposed to run the adventures with Tactics as written and that says for him to wait in his little room waiting for everyone.

Would it be wrong for me to dock the chronicle sheet if they guy just leaves the dungeon when they head back to town? In a broader sense what do you do when players just walk out of a dungeon to rest?

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So this post might need to be on the advice board or in that nifty Thornkeep thread down there (looks down a few posts at the really nifty Thornekeep post, then back up. 'Wait a minute how did you get up there?' Oh nevermind).

So this is happening in the Thornkeep dungeon but it could happen in any dungeon or any scenario really. Scenarios though for their part seem to have better pacing to avoid what I am about to talk about. So I have a player who likes to read ahead. And if he does not have access to that book then he reads the forums like crazy to find everything out.

Then he goes one step further and acts on it. Memorizing spells that no one in their right mind keeps on tap, like cure posion. I mena you might have a scroll of it but using one of your slots for that, just not likely. Unless you know what is coming. My newest answer to this is not to tell the players what I am running until we get to the table. I hope that helps.

Right now the biggest problem is we are doing The Enigma Vaults of Thornkeep and this player has read all the encounters. They are not near the end yet but this character has taken some ability damge. He wants to leave the dungeon and rest up to get it all back. Because he knows what is at the end. It would take 8-10 days for him to get it all back.

Got to love Touch of Idiocy. I rolled a 6 on the spell and he had alredy taken CHA damage from the Endless sky room

What do you do as a GM if the party decides to leave? Does the monster stay there chilling out and waiting? I was thinking of having the monster leave if they do,

after all there are multiple exits from the place.
and then just dock their chronicle sheets for the lost gold. Thoughts?

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Yeah been paying 11gp for my paper shots.

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So this was last week. I think the scenario was from a season 0, just remember the overall plot was investigating whether or not someone was embezzling from the Society. I play a character named Tacheon Pulse, a character who is from a noble family in Andor. Recently he has earned his commission as a Lance Corporal in the Eagle Knights. I mention this for he has recently acquired himself a squire and herald to honor his new position. It plays into the story.

So the party arrives at the lodge to investigate this Venture Captain, so naturally Tacheon feels there should be a proper introduction. So he turns to his herald and hands him a trumpet. At which the party freaks out and tackles the Herald, prior to his introduction. Tacheon is upset over this and an extended conversation occurs about the proper time for introductions. At this point Tacheon is flustered, after all he is no common thug collecting a gambling debt he is a member of the Society and an esteemed member of the Eagle Knights. Turning he yells, 'SWORD BOY!!!!' to get the attention of his squire, who carries his sword.

Later the party is investigating this odd machine in the laboratory. It is creating very bright light, almost the same as the sun. Tacheon was classically educated and that meant many hours studying many topics, engineering being his principle course of study. The problem is this machine is very complicated, more complicated than he has ever seen. However he will not admit that, ever. He closes the door to the room, so that the rest of the party cannot see him fumbling with the machine.

Moments later Tacheon notices that the machine is behaving badly. It appeared to be overloading. It was time to leave, he throws open the door and announces to the party that the machine was booby trapped. It is at that point that he sees a fight has broken out. He advised the room that all parties should probably vacate and proceeded to leave the room.

Sadly not all parties felt the same way and were intent on continuing their engagement. Soon after there was a rather large explosion. Luckily Tacheon was able to roll with the blast and took minimum damage. This was even more impressive when you realize he was in full plate.

All of the Pathfinders survived, their enemies however were not so lucky.

The night just got better for Tacheon. He decided to climb down a chain to explore a cavern. Remember how I mentioned he wears full plate, yeah that is not very conductive to climbing. So yep Tacheon loses his grip and plummets 40 feet, through the boat that he was supposed to ride. Yeah full plate plus 40 foot fall = Missile. Luckily he had a ring of water breathing. YAY!

All in a days work for the Champions of Freedom.

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Man I wish this was not limited to Season 4, I had an amazing adventure last week that would have made a great story. Why limit it to season four?

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So if I used the arch type swashbuckler I could get one extra combat trick into the build.

Would it be worth trading bleeding attack for Furious Focus?

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So last night we are playing and we arrive at the investigation location. Everyone is getting ready to sneak and I point to my herald who pulls out a trumpet and attempts to announce our arrival. One of the other players quickly grabbed his trumpet and shushed him.

IC I was like, 'What are you doing?! We are no common criminal, grave robbing scum. Well you might be but I am not. I am Sir Tacheon Pulse, esteemed member of Pathfinder Society. They should know of my arrival and make all necessary arrangements befitting a man of my station.'

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The concept was a skilled swordsman. That is it. A middle ages Knight if you will. Good on the battle field but knows how to stab someone in the back when appropriate.

I agree min damage is higher with straight fighter or barbarian though which statistically speaking comes out better. On the other hand what fun is that? :)

Did I mention I used prestige points to have a squire (whom I yell SWORD BOY!!! to) and a Herald to announce my arrival. :D

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@Ill I also have a very good reflex save even without the evasion. Luckily the Full plate does not reduce the reflex save as a whole. I think that is worth it. The whole concept is to tank but also do a solid amount of damage.

So when I max out at level 11 I will be doing 2d6 + 15 (HA! that is where the 15 came from silly PA), +2d6 for vital strike and +5d6 for sneak attack when I can feint or flank. So that is a total of 9d6+15 almost comparable to a wizard that level. Not to mention adding bleeding damage at that level of 5 a round.

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@Ill I think I should have mixed it with Ninja instead of Rogue. The Ki pool could have done a lot to offset that loss of evasion. At least I could give myself Darkvision and a few other things. In PFS I am only 1hp per level behind a fighter so at level 11 it is a total of what 13. That is a lot but not a huge difference.

@Rynjin How are you getting +15 damage? I have an 18 str right now. Am I doing my math wrong somewhere? The whole concept is based off using feint to get sneak attack. As I said I think Ninja would have been better now that I look at it. Problem is I am in PFS and level 5, can't really fix it.

I think building in Furious focus at 7 and moving the rest of the feats down and discarding toughness is the way to go. Since the build is planning to only do 1 attack anyhow.

Criminey I just looked at PA and I have been doing it wrong. Should be -2 + 6 right now. So my damage in PA mode should be 2d6+12 + 2d6 for sneak attack.

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@Rynjiin Weapon Training is a Rogue talent that that gives weapon focus.

@Ill not sure what you are talking about. I have full plate +1 right now. By my calculation I am only 2 attack off a fighter. I feint and they lose their dex bonus, then at level 5 I hit for 4d6+9. I have a +20 to bluff (5 level + 3 class skill + 3 skill focus + 2 Deceitful + 5 mask + 2 charisma) at 5 so I am pretty much auto feinting most things.

I think furious focus will be a good idea to get rid of that penalty from Power attack. This is espicially true since I plan to vital strike. So at level 8 I will be doing 7d6+12. That seems like decent damage to me.

I currently have a 22 ac and if money goes well enough I should be at 29 ac by level 8. That seems okay.

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