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More support for every archetype.

Like Mindwyrm Mesmerist deserves support for its breath like the feat make s it have a secondary effect after dealing dam. Maybe fire choice sets them on fire. Cold entangles. Electric dazzles or deafens. Or something

And maybea breath feat for +3 or 4 uses (it is limited pretty badly to just Cha uses normally)

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Unchained Spiritualists?
It could do with better spell caster list (making it faster, getting a few spells quicker) like Chained Summoner (ironically chain made it better).
A better summoner archetype for Spiritualist.

Unchained Ranger. He could use a tiny improvement.

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I like that 2E spell Grim Tendrils

I think to convert it since it would way too strong to level up naturally so much:

Grim Tendrils
Class Wizard 2, Cleric 2, Spiritualist 1
Casting: Verbal, Somatic
Area 30 ft line, 5 ft wide
Save: Fort (half)
SR: Yes
Tendrils of darkness curl out from your fingertips and race through the air. You deal 1d4/2 lvs (Max 5d4) negative damage and 1 bleed damage to living creatures in the line. Each living creature in the line must attempt a Fortitude save to negate the bleed and half the negative damage.
The bleed damages increases by 1 every 5 lvs (2 at 5th, 3 at 10th, max 4 at 15th).

Also Shield Block, while 2E monsters deal way too much at higher for shields to survive, 1E monsters likely won't (a lot of monsters do multiple weak attacks than one big one).

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PossibleCabbage wrote:
I've had a couple of characters whose parents were a half-orc and a half-elf, so how do I handle that? However I do it, it's probably better than the PF1 version of "pick one parent to take after."

That was covered:

You can only have one heritage trait feat.
But if you take the 1/2 elf feat twice, it lose heritage trait so you can now take both.

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Deadmanwalking wrote:
eddv wrote:
Each of those would need to be viable.

Well, most of them anyway, yeah. If they aren't that's a bit of a balance problem, but that hardly means the whole idea of different resource distributions is bad.

eddv wrote:
Given just how little resonance there is to go around, there really is just one choice unless skill healing is SO GOOD that it renders this entire discussion moot.

There's plenty of Resonance to go around. A 10th level party will probably have something like 25 points that aren't used for non-consumables. That's a fair bit of healing if using remotely on-level consumables (3rd Spell Level Wands of Heal are around 65 HP for everyone for five charges, for example).

And Skill Healing is probably quite good, as the oft-cited Barbarian example indicates.

eddv wrote:
Either way, these aren't interesting choices. They just aren't. The whole point of this was to inject more interesting choice into the game in the form of magic items that aren't REQUIRED.

Indeed. And the Wand of CLW is no longer required. So that's a thing.

But if it is no longer required, isn't changing wands rules over kill?

This is like Improved Critical and Keen not stacking all over again.

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Secret Wizard wrote:
Temperans wrote:
What? So is the new AC higher or lower in the end? (compared to rogue in both editions)

Comparing to previous editions is misleading.

Seems like the Monk is below the Rogue in total AC if they go DEX by 1 KAC, and by more if they go STR.

Although, they qualify for all Expert feats regarding armor.

Assuming, they have good ones printed, the monk will be fine.

Because that is what Mastery system depends on: what does it grant you access.
Just like having Expert on a skill is a small bonus, but access to amazing feats make skills want to be Expert.

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bookrat wrote:

How will the same condition stack/not stack?

Let's say I have Slow 2 for five rounds.

Then something puts Slow 1 on me for ten rounds.

Am I immune to the Slow 1, because I already have Slow 2? Or do I have to track both (lose Slow 2 at round five, at which point Slow 1 shows up for those last five rounds)?

You are slow 2 for 5, then Slow 1 for 5: since only highest applies each time.

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Arachnofiend wrote:
I guarantee you that nobody other than dedicated caster fans think that a spell that grants completely unavoidable damage should be an infinitely spammable cantrip.

It is only 1d4+1

The cantrip version can have a hard only once per turn limit.

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Talek & Luna wrote:
bookrat wrote:
Talek & Luna wrote:
The paladin code does not bend to the fact that you are in a different culture.

Umm.. that's literally part of the new Paladin Code. You have to abide by the laws of whatever country you're in. And since the paladin doesn't follow a specific country, then it doesn't matter if their home country forbids something or allows something that this new country does not. They have to follow the laws of the country they're in.

You would be expected to uphold the tenants of your deity regardless.

Yes, that's exactly what I've been arguing the entire thread. And if the deity had no qualms about poison, then it's not against their code. It's entirely dependent on the deity and the current country/culture the paladin is located in.

For example, you stated you were in the military. During the time you were part of the service, you are expected to follow military rules and regulations regardless of where you are stationed and you could be penalized by your branch of service for not following a rule or regulation even if the local culture or government did not have a prohibition in place for the rule your broke under your military code of conduct.

That's not always true. There's no drinking age in Germany, and my fellow soldiers under the age of 21 were allowed to go out drinking, depsite it being illegal in the US.

One guy in my unit, whom I went drinking with nearly every weekend, got out of the army just after we returned from a tour in Iraq. His 21st birthday was in 2 weeks when he got home, and he wasn't allowed to drink back home.

The military didn't care one way or another. Therefore, drinking under 21 was allowed for us when we were stationed in Germany.


Same rule applies for paladins. If you want to play a less stringent character then play any other class except a paladin.

Cultural rules & norms < paladin code

The only thing a paladin must abide is his deity, his code, and the

Except for those acceptable poisons like tranqs, flashbangs, tear gas, etc.

So poisons are okays long as we don't call them "poisons", eh?

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Monks probably add the Forceful, Sweeping, and Agile property to their fists as a class feature.
This helps with emulating flurry of blows.
Forceful: +1 damage if same person in an additional attack (stacks)
Sweep: +1 to hit a second person in an additional attack (stacks)

That helps them tremendously I think.

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Diego Rossi wrote:


I am literate not iconerated. (term probably invented by R. A. Heinlein)

But working at Walmart taught me that most people are not that literate, they can't read the price/the signs/etc.

Whether they are too lazy or busy or just can't, they can't read the signs right in front of them.
So Icons might help.

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Malk_Content wrote:
John Lynch 106 wrote:
I can aim a bow all day of the week. I don't need an enemy to target.
No you can't. You can probably aim a bow for about 30s before your arms and hand start to get fatigued. Same reason you can't just hold Horse stance all day an expect to be fine. In fact that sort of stuff is used as physical punishment.

Nope, lasted three minutes before only noticeable tiredness set in.

Could have gone longer but figured that was long enough.

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Unicore wrote:
Isn't this the same as it ever was? except now instead of being a game winner early and useless later on, color spray is mildly effective at all levels. If it is deep in the boss fight and it seems very very injured, a first level magic missile could easily be win spell too, especially if the party has been struggling to get its hits in. Early in the fight, against a boss, I don't think any first level spell is probably going to be appreciated as the go to spell by the rest of the party.

Colorspray is never useless unlike sleep. It causes unconsciousness regardless of level. Now extended Colorspray (wand or Metamagic) is better useage, but never useless.

Even sleep resistance is useless to it since it isn't a sleep effect.

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Jurassic Pratt wrote:

I'll bring it up again, how are poisons different or worse than bane weapons or slaying arrows? Or hell, even Corrosive weapons?

They're all designed to make you more effective at fighting an opponent. In fact, poisons will actually have less impact on average than the others.

Poisons are not in any way more dishonorable than making your weapon "become slick with acid" or magic weapons specifically made to be more damaging/painful to creatures.

If the issue is it is a hidden benefit? The paladin can announce before every attack they have poison on their blade.

So enemy knows, now it is honorable.

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Big question can the new paladin play old AP's:
Let' us take an official campaign: Curse of the Crimson Throne.

The first minute of the first book: There is a guy, let's call him Mr X, he's a petty criminal and each PC has something against him (they have to define it at character creation). Someone reunites the PCs and gives them the address of Mr X. The book expects the PCs to break in Mr X's house, kill his 4 guard and kill Mr X.

How doesn't this count as 5 murders ? Mr X is a small criminal, but there's no way any law allow random people to enter his house and kill him.

Can the new Paladin play it?

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Mekkis wrote:
Rogar Valertis wrote:
Wermut wrote:

Sorry maybe Im misunderstanding things, but how does this create more work? The worst case scenario as described is a GM without experience playing with experienced players (who ignore the GMs skill level) on a high character level. In that case even a martial character randomly attacking NPCs is a problem.

The reason why wish machines cause more work for the GM is the PCs become more powerful than they should be and gain the ability to "break the game rules". A GM has the tools to fix this, but as stated above it requires him to block actions, deflect requests, continuously rule on issues and build encounters taking in account access to infinite wishes. Much better not to allow them beforehand imo.

Scry and Fry and loophole exploits risk destroying a GM's work and they are actually meant as such. You built a dungeon with a story and several encounters tied to it? Well, you wasted your time, bt RAW PCs are allowed to just "win" by scying/teleporting and assassinate the final boss. Again, the GM can easily deal with this by making every lair impossible to teleport into but that kind of solution is (1) heavy handed and (2) inelegant in the extreme. Better to tone down teleport/scry while keeping them useful imo. The same goes for stuff like limited wish/geas.

Basically what I'm asking is for these loopholes not to be allowed anymore by RAW. If someone enjoys them and their GM agrees they can house rule them into the game, not the other way around.

Every time someone brings up exploits such as "Infinite wishes", it reeks of theorycraft. It just doesn't happen in-game. If it did, the game wouldn't last long. Likewise with limited wish/geas.

There are elegant means to prevent "scry and fry". The "final boss" can be an unknown. The "dungeon with a story and several encounters" could have an objective more complex than "assassinate the 'final boss'". There are several means to hinder or stop scrying or teleportation.


But one of the AP's has Infinite wishes as an in game thing that is allowed (the BBEG does it so we know it is).

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Dragonchess Player wrote:
HWalsh wrote:

The scenario is simple:

If you do not kill the youth, he will expel the gas cloud and almost everyone in the city will die. You and the boy will be fine.

If you do kill the youth, only he will die.

And even THIS is horribly contrived to be honest.

The scenario is simple, but so is the decision:

With no other options (teleport to a distant location, plane shift, etc.), the paladin will ask the boy's forgiveness and kill him, even though he falls.

Why do we assume he falls?

If the boy allows him to kill them, then it isn't murder.

Murder is because you don't have the right to kill for no reason. If the person gives you a reason, it is no longer murder.

That is why self defense is allows: defending yourself is a good reason.
Permission is another.
This is why executioners aren't tried for murder: they are given that permission as prisoners lose all right legally.

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I wish we can gain proficiency with alchemy to boost damage as other classes, seems sad that only alchemist can boost bomb damage.

Even if not as high, it would be better to me.

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Deadmanwalking wrote:
Trimalchio wrote:

The more I think about the resonance the more issues I have with it.

The heaviest users of hp are front line fighters, it seems especially punishing for a class that traditionally dumps Cha to depend on it for healing, leaving less resonance for actual magical advantages.

Next it hurts the cleric because everytime they use any spell that isn't a heal the party tank is going to grumble that it's one less heal and they'll need to compensate for it with their limited resonance pool.

Well, using a Wand costs Resonance from the person who uses it, not the person who benefits, so I think this'll even out more than you seem to be implying.

Additionally, it seems likely that Fighters probably can't use most items like Wands or Staffs that cost Resonance per usage, so their Resonance will actually be about the same comparatively even with their greater need to use it to heal.

But Fighters do use potions and now they can't do that as much.

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Since Goblins are core, will Goblin dogs be both animal companions in core book and mounts?

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Friendly Rogue wrote:
DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:

The "hundreds of thousands of exceptions" thing is nonsense though. At each individual table there might by a half dozen heroic PCs. There might be one or two adventuring goblins.

The problem is when people treat the options in the CRB as what is average or normal. By the virtue of being Player Character options they are not normal. They are the exception. Your typical human is a dirt farmer. Your adventuring human is a wizard, or fighter.

Your typical goblin is a murderous little arsonist. Your Adventuring Goblin is a murderous little arsonist who is pointed at the threats against your typical town.

But none of the other core races have the reputation of being always chaotic evil.

Dwarves aren't known for eating babies. Elves don't have a reputation for despising dogs. Half-orcs, despite being discriminated against in most human cultures, do not hold the reputation of being disruptively anti-social.

Maybe your dwarfs aren't. But mine do. Goblin babies. He was a paladin, he has to or he falls. Gorum himself told him.

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Dasrak wrote:
Friendly Rogue wrote:
Historical accuracy should come secondly to game design;

There's a balance to be had here. No one expects Pathfinder to be a historical simulation, but at the same time the weapons should be grounded in reality. Their strengths and weaknesses should reflect their real-life properties so that they feel like what they are trying to represent.

I don't think there's anything inherently wrong from a game design perspective of having the default of firearms being that they can be loaded before battle, but take too long to reload in-battle. A character who discharges their firearm then enters melee is central to many iconic firearm-using character archetypes, such as the musketeer or swashbuckler. I'd like to see the PF2 firearm rules give them a better shake. Doesn't mean the flintlock cowboy can't exist, I just don't want him to be the only viable way to use firearms.

The problem with PF 1 firearms is they are too expensive so you can't have multiple loaded ones, so the optimal ideas was just reloading 1 firearm multiple times.

If they lower the price, then you can have multiple.

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Shadow Kosh wrote:
Gorbacz wrote:
- gets the inevitable bunch of "YOU KICKED MY PUPPY I'M NEVER GOING TO BUY A NEW EDITION" people to vent their steam off
Alanis Morissette should write a song about this portion of your post.

I think she did:

If it weren't for your nerdrage none of this would have happened
If you weren't so fun to play beyond your years I would've been able to control myself
If it weren't for my attention you wouldn't have been successful and
If it weren't for me you would never have amounted to very much

Ooh this could be messy
But you don't seem to mind
Ooh don't go telling everybody
And overlook this supposed crime
We'll fast forward to a few years later
And no one knows except the both of us
And I have honored your request for playtest
And you've washed your hands clean of this

You're essentially an employee and I like you having to depend on me
You're kind of my protege and one day you'll say you learned all you know from me
I know you depend on me like a young thing would to a guardian
I know you math me like a young thing would and I think I like it

Ooh this could be messy
you don't seem to mind
Ooh don't go telling everybody
overlook this supposed crime
We'll fast forward to a few years later
And no one knows except the both of us
And I have honored your request for playtest
And you've washed your hands clean of this

What part of our history's reinvented and under rug swept?
What part of your memory is selective and tends to forget?
What with this distance it seems so obvious?

Just make sure you don't tell on me especially to members of your family
We best keep this to ourselves and not tell any members of our inner posse
I wish I could tell the world 'cause you're such a pretty thing when you're done up properly
I might want to play you one day if you watch that weight and keep your firm body

Ooh this could get messy
Ooh you don't seem to mind
Ooh don't go telling everybody
and overlook this supposed crime
We'll fast forward to a few years later
And no one knows except the both of us
And I have honored your request for playtest
And you've washed your hands clean of this

Ooh this could get messy
Ooh I don't seem to mind
Ooh don't go telling everybody
and overlook this supposed crime
We'll fast forward to a few years later
And no one knows except the both of us
And I have honored your request for playtest
And you've washed your hands clean of this

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I'm hoping for Penetration rather than touch AC.
My personal rule for is:
Penetration bypasses the combination of armor, natural armor, and/or shields within 2nd increment (however, keep reading). One-handed firearms have a PR of 3, two handed firearms have a PR of 6, but this is ½ outside of 1st increment. Also PR automatically increases based on enhancementx2, so a character with a +5 musket bypasses 16 points of AC from armor, natural armor, and/or shields within 1st increment, but only 8 in 2nd increment.
Broken Condition: Penetration lowered by 4 (minimum 0).

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John Lynch 106 wrote:
Malk_Content wrote:
I don't think you need to have a comprehensive break down of all difference you dislike. I do think that "this is like 4e with out stating why it is at all similar and why I don't like that element of 4e design" is totally unhelpful to discussion or the developers. It isn't valid feedback because it isn't actually helping get to the root of the problem one iota. Especially when everything you have said "is like 4e" seems unlike 4e to me.

Storm's Retribution sounds like a spell. It seems to operate like a spell (doesn't deal weapon damage). Has a damage + affect format (much like most non-striker 4th ed powers), but it is gained in a way that appears to not be from the Vancian method (it's called out as a feat). Storm's Retribution, based on the information we have (which I acknowledge is quite incomplete) sounds a lot like a 4th ed power.

For a while now I can't help but think of "class power" and "utility power/skill power" when I hear about skill feats and class feats. Storm's Retribution only further emphasises the similarities. I'm not the only one to notice this "spell that is not a spell" doesn't seem very Pathfindery. Furthermore now that durations don't scale the developers/designers are tweaking and manipulating the spell durations to essentially make them last "until the end of the encounter" (another rules element that is shared by D&D 4th ed). Sure they're technically not for the "end of the encounter" because they have a duration of "1 minute" or "10 rounds" or any other stand in. But the end result is effectively the same.

Many here also agree there's a lot we're getting that's not very Pathfindery, they're just happening to celebrate that rather than disliking it.

Although I suspect short of finding a power in a 4th ed book with the same name and same rules text I'm not going to convince you of any similarity. That's fine. You're entitled to your opinion.

Do you remember Domain powers in 1E Pathfinder?

This is one of those.

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First let us note all the current weapon properties:
Agile property means 0/-4/-8 for attacks.

Versatile: Can Switch weapon type to one not listed

Finesse: Dex to hit instead of Str if wish

Sweep: +1 to hit a second person in an additional attack (stacks)

Forceful: +1 damage if same person in an additional attack (stacks)

Deadly: +1d10 dam on a Crit

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Gorbacz wrote:
Romance visual novel which goes hardcore horror at the moment when you'd least expect it.

So a dash of Doki Doki Literature Club?

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Rise of Runelords done in TOEE or D&D Tactics (PSP game) style, I prefer turn based Pathfinder.

While, I wouldn't mind Baldur's Gate, still like turn based more.

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What does this mean?
"What if I walk into combat with 7 loaded guns?
You shoot 1 gun per round, unless you have Rapid Shot then you may shoot 2"

Why can't you shoot more than one since they are all loaded?

I still think Penetration is a better rate than just limiting to 1 shot/rd to take away misfire.
I might be bias because I invented it.

Replace misfire and Touch AC mechanic;
Penetration bypasses the combination of armor, natural armor, and/or shields within 2nd increment (however, keep reading). One-handed firearms have a PR of 3, two handed firearms have a PR of 6, but this is ½ outside of 1st increment. Also PR automatically increases based on enhancementx2, so a character with a +5 musket bypasses 16 points of AC from armor, natural armor, and/or shields within 1st increment, but only 8 in 2nd increment.
Broken Condition: Penetration lowered by 4 (minimum 0).
Deadeye Deed: Same method by extends penetration
Quick Clear: If Firearm gains broken condition, can ignore for 1 minute.
Gun Training: Raises Penetration by 1 every 5 levels.

Alchemy cartridge: Lowers Penetration by 1 or more when used (use misfire value)
Dragon's breath: The nonmagical flame deals 2d6 + BAB points of fire damage to all targets within the cone of the scatter firearm (DC 15 Reflex save half). If you roll a 1 with either of the damage dice, the firearm gains broken condition or explodes if broken.

Makes magic guns better than normal guns but that fits thematically.

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Natan Linggod 327 wrote:

A female friend of mine asked me "What do ladies of (insert setting here) do when it's that time of month? Are there pads/etc? Is there magic for it?"

Now my first thought is "Yes, there should be magic for it, given that civilizations been around for thousands of years with access to magic". Then I thought "Would there be? I mean, magic is pretty expensive".

I eyeballed the cost of a magic belt that used the Clean function of Prestidigitation as a magic 'pad' to around 200gp at the cheapest even with limitations like "Only works for one specific purpose". Doable for the affluent but not so much for everyone else.

Then I wondered, what about other things we take for granted that improve our quality of life? Like flushable toilets? Heck, even toilet paper? Air fresheners? Clean water access? Food cooling/storing? Household cleaning? When the first vacuum cleaner became available it was a revolution...

So how about you? How accessible are quality of life type magics in your games? Are they subsidized by enlightened governments? Strictly for the affluent? Do any of the Good religions supply them or are they mostly secular made?


For actual magic pads, I'd price them as 1 shot items that last a month so 25 gp.

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Rhedyn wrote:

Actually I find this interpretation more compelling now.

An SU ability has to be suppressed in an anti magic field. I doubt oozeform is the exception. "This" is ambiguous. In rules text, you can always refer to the ability because it is assumed in context. But in English a pronoun normally refers to what is most recently talked about.

But if oozeform is not a polymorph effect, then both developer intent for magic items and the rules being functional are satisfied. You still end up with wonky interactions with flying races or other special movespeeds types, but oozeform is nonviable anyways because you can't use magic items in it.

SIDE NOTE: Since you revert to oozeform when unconscious, you can never get 24h perma bonuses.

Few effects cause you to need sleep... Even spell casters don't need sleep, but must rest (do nothing for 8 hours).

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graystone wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
See problem I have with uses based on per hour is what If I miss call my use for 1st hour for easy fight then I run our at hour 6 or so for the boss cause maybe I thought we would rest or something in between.

Only an issue at 1st level. At second, you use one block and still have a second block to use later.

When you do rounds you're VERY limited to use/scope, especially for form changes that have non-combat uses. You have a dozen or two rounds of change and that not much use in an underwater/swim adventure or flying/climbing up a mountain, ect or scouting an encampment as a skunk.

So rounds/day make sense for a combat buff like rage but not so much for a more universally useful buff like changing your shape.

Instead of rounds, how about you get 1 hr/level, but use them in 10 minute increments minimum.

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Bloodrealm wrote:
There's a lot of I've heard about that makes me excited for the book, but the Shifter seems disappointing from what I know. It doesn't sound like it should be named the Shifter, being worse at the shapeshifting gimmick than anything else that can shapeshift (except maybe Kitsune or Skinwalker Commoners) or cast polymorph spells (which is almost anything with spellcasting), or even be its own class. It sounds like it should be an archetype for Unchained Monk that gives it some of the more underwhelming Hunter features (does anyone actually care about Wild Empathy, Track, Trackless Step, or Woodland Stride?). That said, we did need another full BAB class and another non-Charisma martial class.

No, it is more the Totem, channeling the totem animals since it barely shifts (and limited in number of shifts).

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Rysky wrote:

No, you're the one trying to insist a rules exists when there isn't one. You're claiming that these are special archetypes that ignore the normal rules for archetype stacking and overlap when nothing in the books suggests this is a thing.

"That you, the player, cannot double trade out an archetype is not the same thing that a general you (paizo in this case) cannot double archetype."

You need to point out where this is actually written out and not just something you're assuming, because until then there's not really any point to this and we're just going round and round.

Actually, the rules only state you can't have two archetypes trading the same thing.

If A trades out B and give C.
Nothing in the rules says you can't have an archetype that trades out C.

But that would be weird since most archetypes only affect the class itself. Nothing forbids it though.

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Cattleman wrote:

Warning: Depressing real life dilemma inside
** spoiler omitted **

Stuff like that is far more interesting to probe IMO, as the positions to choose from are clearly not ideal. In the situation presented in the op, the ideal solution is "Lol I get to slaughter this guy with no consequences"; which is just a "having your cake and eating it too" solution.

No, you knock the kid out or just wound the kid then send him to an orphanage later.

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The Sesquipedalian Thaumaturge wrote:
IonutRO wrote:

Restrictions and access are abstracted by your level.

Low level average Joes won't have access to military gear because military gear is higher level.

High level Joes have access to military gear because they're high level, so most likely they're someone of enough repute, with experience under his belt, and connections to buy such gear.

Are laser rifles and frag grenades not military gear? Those are both 1st level items, so presumably anyone can buy them, as long as they have the cash. Also, I believe the opening sequences of Incident at Absalom Station are set on the titular station, and I presume the PCs have access to their gear for those encounters, so it seems carrying these weapons on the station is allowed.

Wimpy grenades and Azimuth Laser rifles aren't military gear.

The good stuff is military gear. You can make an Azimuth laser in real life (blind people, light things on fire, singe things, etc), but the military stuff is like level 4 and higher.

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John Lynch 106 wrote:

For me, the 10% sale-back price is all about the type of stories you want to tell. Me? I'd like to tell the stories where people are, at best, as mercenary as the heroes in Firefly. Even in Firefly, how often do you see the crew systematically stripping all of the dead bodies and then going and selling every single item (including small clothes) for 50% retail value?

After 9 years of murder-hoboing and greyhawking every single dungeon, I'd like it if my players stopped greyhawking everything they come across. Once upon a time it wasn't the default behaviour to Greyhawk stuff, let alone baked into the rules.

Dude, all this does is make us have to greyhawking MORE stuff as we get less each one.

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Peat wrote:
Shaudius wrote:
Starbuck_II wrote:
A Mechanic should take Drone and dip Soldier over take Armor boost choice as well.
I'm confused by what you mean by this comment.

Guessing it's saying take one level of soldier rather than the Exocortex Class option that gets all the other proficiencies.

Which I would strongly disagree is equivalent since you wouldn't get free Longarms specialization at level 3, and wouldn't get full BAB progression.

Certainly an option for certain characters but not a 100% sure thing.

You don't get full bab, you get the ability to use a move action to target foe then to boost your attack roll as a bonus of what you lack in BAB against them. Yes, this is +5 for pure Mechanic, but you have to use a move action vs each foe.

And Specialization is just a feat away (versatile Specialization applies it to all weapons you are proficiency (except grenades since you can't specialize them).

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If you are hasted 30 minutes after taking or immune to slow effect:
Blood Sap (Rival Guide): Extracted from swamp roots this potent red syrup can energize warriors for short bursts. For 30 minutes users gain a +1d4 strength bonus and +1d3 dexterity bonus, but then they're slowed (as the spell) for 3 hours. It also does 1d4 constitution damage. 150 gp

Slight chance to be a ghoul, but:
Mumia (Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Lost Kingdoms): In case the name didn't give it away, Mumia is made from the flesh of mummified corpses. Those who can overcome their distaste for the drug's base components will be able to cast all spells at +1 caster level, and will gain +1d8 of temporary hit points along with a +2 alchemical bonus to saves against spells and effects that have the curse or disease descriptor. Mumia also renders users fatigued for 1 hour. The drug does 1d2 wisdom damage, but for every week one remains addicted there's a cumulative +5% chance that he or she will become a ghoul. Use at your own peril.

Take Mumia and Aether for +2 caster?

For battle:
Wyrm Keif (Pathfinder Player Companion: Dragonslayer's Handbook): Introducing a vial of dragon's blood to keif as it's being concocted creates a very different beast. For 1 hour it provides 25 temporary hit points, and for 1 day it provides a +2 alchemical bonus on saves against sleep and paralysis. It also does 1d2 wisdom damage.

For a Str bonus:
Zerk (Gamemastery Guide): This unusually named drug provides a +1 bonus to initiative for 1 hour. Addicts will also receive a +1d4 bonus to their strength. Zerk does 1d2 constitution damage

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Well, most of my stuff I haven't updated in a while-
my Unchained Hexblade:
Unchained Hexblade

My FF7 based Fighter that uses Grit: Allows you to emulate SOLDIER like Zack, Angelo, and even Cloud.

Unchained Swashbuckler:
Unchained Swashbuckler

Redone Corruption from Horror:

Redone Corruptions

Also working on a FF7 type campaign.
My Gunslinger archetype Wand Slinger, it uses a Wand Rifle (redone) from an earlier Pathfinder book.
Instead of firearm proficiency it gets ability to use wands.
Example of features:


Wand Mastery (Su): Whenever the wandslinger uses a wand, he calculates the DC for any spell it contains using his Cha modifier, instead of the minimum modifier needed to cast a spell of that level. If he also has the Mysterious Stranger archetype, he uses his Charisma modifier+1 instead. He may also recharge an empty wand by paying ½ the cost of each charge (a 1st lv caster wand of magic missile’s charges are each worth 15 gp so he must pay 7.5 gp to recharge 1 charge) Adding a charge cost 1 hour per charge added.
Wandsmith: At 1st level, a wandslinger gains one battered Wand rifle and two battered wands, each containing a 0th-level spell with 50 charges. The wand rifle and these wands function only for the wandslinger, and each have negligible sale value (2d10 gp each).
Knowing the tools of his trade, the wandslinger gains the extraordinary ability to identify wands merely by handling and examining them. The character spends one minute studying the wand and makes a DC 15 + the level of the stored spell Spellcraft check to determine the spell stored in the wand. No retry is allowed on this check. This replaces the gunslinger's Gunsmith ability.

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Well, I got the Control Die.
I think you edited it, it now reads, "if result of Power die", before it said if the result beat the DC.

Which is why I was curious which you meant before.

The wild magic does fit how Warhammer was like.

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The Thing From Another World wrote:
Lore Warden. Was supposed to be a fix to the Fighter class. To me it really not. The updated version was made worse in the Adventurers Guide. Nothing really interesting in terms of class features. I can do better taking a Arcane Duelist. It's not a bad archetype but I would not take it or recommend it.

The question is what is a lore warden?

Is it supposed to be a intelligent Fighter?
Why not give him Inspiration for a few skills, 4+ Int skills, free Combat Expertise, Use Str or Dex instead of Int for Prereqs for Combat Expertise feats, Know Thy Enemy, Swift Lore,
And from Adventurer's Guide: Exploit Weakness and Swift Assessment.

The Combat Maneuver ability doesn't really mix well with the text's flavor.

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PossibleCabbage wrote:

Well, suppose the PDT's response is something to the effect of:

"Use the one you want. We're not telling you to use the Adventurer's Guide any more than we're telling you to use Pathfinder Unchained. It's your game, so use whichever options you and your players like the best."

What then?

Then we won and lost by doing so.

We won because we got an answer.
We lost because they didn't even answer the question we asked the way we asked it.

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PossibleCabbage wrote:

Brute Vigilante: "Being the Hulk" is a great concept, but "taking control away from the player" is a line too far.

Oh, Brute has way more issues than just control.

It has limited/daily. Limited hours of being a Brute (which you are likely to just turn back anyway)
No armor, etc.

They nerfed it likely due to fear, but they should have realized it should be fun too.

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Ascalaphus wrote:
Slashing Grace requires the off-hand to be entirely empty. Bladed Brush only makes it "count as not attacking". So it doesn't work.

Just need to dip Juggler Bard, it offers free hands for everyone.

Real question is are these real free hands or metaphysical hands?

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For example, every first-level Starfinder character is likely to have armor that protects against extremes of temperature and pressure, and provides breathable air, thus protecting them from gaseous poisons or even complete vacuum for up to 24 hours. In Pathfinder, that level of protection isn't available until much higher level, and many characters never acquire it

Um, this is 4th (if crafted) to 6th level (earliest to buy):

Necklace of adaptation: The magic of the necklace wraps the wearer in a shell of fresh air, making him immune to all harmful vapors and gases (such as cloudkill and stinking cloud effects, as well as inhaled poisons) and allowing him to breathe, even underwater or in a vacuum.

Only reason one wouldn't have it is due to needing neck slot for other fun things.

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PossibleCabbage wrote:
CraziFuzzy wrote:
the key issue being whether the ruleset itself is damaged by these conflicts
I don't see how it possibly could be. Almost nobody plays games of Pathfinder with all the rules in play (who wants to play my Guns Everywhere Words of Power Unchained Action Economy Mass Nautical Combat Mythic game?)

You forget unchained action system.

But I'll play.

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Instead of at will, how about charges per day?
25/day, that'd be 2000 x5= 10K

Each useage is a charge. Let us assume you can use them all in same round.
Good Nova effect, but not at will. Still Nova's that big are pretty frowned upon.

Now compare to the Quarterstaff of Entwined Serpents, At will, the wielder can use the staff to cast 2 magic missiles.
Price 5,050 gp but gives more stuff. so let us say 1K for eschew materials, 4K at will 2 MM.

I think, a cool and more balanced ideaL

Gauntlet of blasting (can still be disarmed): At will, the wielder can use the gauntlet to cast 2 magic missile. Each forms as a boxing glove to the enemy face dealing 1d4+1 damage. It possesses 5 charges/day; but utilizing one charge, you can shoot a single magic missile dealing 1d4+1 damage as a swift action. The charges renew at dawn.
Price: 10K. Caster 3rd.

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Well, Swarm Monger fits if we are looking for archetypes that expand your options without restricting them in return.

It makes you better with vermin (expands Wild empathy with Vermin heart bonus feat)
Grants a familiar instead of a companion that can choose to turn into a swarm.
You do lose Woodland Stride but there are Druid spells to make that back. you get bonuses versus Disease/poison (universaly better), for losing half that bonus vs fey (interesting that the fey one was +2 while Poison is +4); in addition, eating spoiled food without issue for temp hp.

You lose ability to turn into Huge Elemental or Plant for ability to turn into a Swarm when Wild shaping.
Granted, this means a 6th level spell (which is what you are becoming) as a 12th level ability. But more times a day than you can cast 6th level spells.

You are still basically a Druid, but more focused if wish. Nothing makes it play different mostly, but you can totally be different (after all, you can actually eat disgusting stuff in character and not be hurt).