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But I will persevere

Man I ALWAYS die!


Emperor7 wrote:
Spring Sapling wrote:
Spring Sapling falls to the trampled earth. Her elk mount nuzzles her prostrate form

E7 pauses in his approach, just before reaching his target.


E7 feels a presence around him

Grandfather. The harlequin cursed me to die again. But he only plays his part in the Green's plan. My spirit has one more task to accomplish...

A long shaft of willow wood tipped with an green glowing spearhead appears in E7's hands

You know what you must do Grandfather. Farewell until the next cycle...

Spring Sapling falls to the trampled earth. Her elk mount nuzzles her prostrate form

Emperor7 wrote:
E7 blasts IB's undead army with lances of pure sunlight, as Marsh Shadow lets loose with gouts of acid.

A dim voice sounds in E7's mind

Grandfather ...

Djuhah the Djinn wrote:

Dhuhah casts cure critical wounds on her.

Blood still drips from the young dryad

A curse. The harlequin. I need the dagger ...

Spring Sapling faints

Djuhah the Djinn wrote:

"Lady are you alright?" Djuhah, asks concerned as he floats alongside the injured girl.
"Here, let me help you," he says, casting a cure serious wounds on her.

Spring Sapling groans

My stomach ... It burns ...

Spring Sapling has stopped moving forward, and collapses on her steed. The dire elk brings her close to a thorny grove with a large twisted tree looming over it ..

Spring Sapling doubles over as she rides forward, screaming in pain. A gout of blood spurts from her midsection.

Spring Sapling, on the back of a dire elk, races alongside E7 and Marsh Shadow

FOR THE GREEN! She shrieks, a vision of wildness incarnate

Spring Sapling looks to E7

Grandfather. Perhaps we should assemble of the Plains of Roleplaying? For it is written that the Black and the Green shall have their battle thither.

A growling roar rises up from the Army of the Animals. Spring Sapling smlies and salutes Emperor7

Well met Grandfather! And well met new friends! We of the Grove stand ready to accompany you in battle!

The roar goes up again, thousands of furry fists clenched around weapons

A slender form arrayed in shining mithril armor steps forward.

I am ready to challenge the Black. Who here will ride with me?

A group of large grizzly bears emerge, clad in rough armor and with forged claws.

We will fight with you Spring Sapling.

A group of large badgers similarly accoutered emerge

As will we.

One by one, armored groups of foxes, stoats, squirrels, rabbits and all manner of woodland creatures emerge, forming a massive army of animals. A one-eyed grizzly of immense girth stands before Spring Sapling

We are yours to command.

Spring Sapling shakes her antlered head

I am not your leader, Beren Fishfinder. My Grandfather is our leader in truth, I await his coming. I am but his herald in this matter.

Spring Sapling looks up

Something dire has occured at the Grove of the Ancients ..

She jumps down from the oak and runs to the pond shouting


They were ..

Spring Sapling's voice comes from up in a tree. The slender dryad sits among the branches of an oak near them.

They had the taint of the Black upon them.

Spring Sapling stares as the raven vanishes

His bitterness is a wound. It will sap his strength when needed. The Black has its claws in his soul. He has fought it too long at it and it has warped him.

She shivers

Let's rejoin the others Devlyn.

Jay Frogskin wrote:
"The Balance will not help us. All we can do is fight. And die."

Spring Sapling looks sadly at the raven

If you believe that, why not just not fight? We are the Balance. It doesn't aid us, we aid it. If we wish to have a land free of tyranny and evil we must assume the responsibility for it. If you feel we have no hope go and hide. Do not try an disparage those who would try and preserve the Balance.

She makes shooing motions with her hands

Fly off stormcrow! Bring you evil counsel to other ears than ours!

Spring Sapling looks over at the bedraggled one-eyed crow

Why do you disparage the Balance winged herald? Can you not see that is what we fight to preserve?

The Dalesman wrote:
"No way to know for sure, but I hope so. I don't think they volunteered for this existence."

Sping Sapling frowns

It is a greatly evil deed to force others into the service of the Black. Whomever did this will suffer from their actions. It is the way of the Balance.

Emperor7 wrote:
Beware Granddaughter. Those creatures do much harm to the Green.

Spring Sapling smiles

They do Grandfather. But we are here to stop them.

The Dalesman wrote:
...and trying to make other folks do what they want, that such things will come faster. Makes no sense to me personally, but what do I know?"

Spring Sapling nods

You know much ... Devlyn. Sometimes it is hard for me to remember that ephemeral creatures often have a compulsion to amass power to extend their short lives.

She looks down at the ruined skeletons

Such a travesty. Using spirits for energy that shuld be progressing to their next incarnation. It can only lead to perversion and evil.

She bows her branched head and prays. A pulse of green light washes over the skeleton remains, cleansing them of their necromantic taint

Hopefully you have set them free She murmurs

Spring Sapling turns her green eyes to Devlyn

My apologies champion. I thought that prehaps I could assist you if you came into trouble. My elders have given me the power to heal and the power to abjure followers of the Black.

The Dalesman wrote:
Spring Sapling wrote:

Spring Sapling observes the others destroying the odd undead

How can people turn their backs on the Green like this? She wonders aloud

I wish Devlyn was there to offer commentary, but I doubt she followed him out into the dunes where the skeletons were...

No she would have. She's brave, just a healer not a fighter. And she has godbombing attributes as the 'herald' of the Grove

Spring Sapling observes the others destroying the odd undead

How can people turn their backs on the Green like this? She wonders aloud

Nimora Orlbereth wrote:
I is not being so sure about that, but landwalkers is having odd customs that I is not always being understand.

Spring Sapling nods

I am often confused by their antics as well She says, trailing a slender brown hand along a willow

Spring Sapling nods, then slowly walks among the willows that line the pond.

Your home is very beautiful. She calls to Nimora

Nimora Orlbereth wrote:

Oh I is sorry Ethelbert, Nimora exclaims, distressed. I was no being realize you were no healing by the water Kaelar was sending out. You must was swim too deep.

To Spring Sapling, I is very much thank you for being help him.

Spring Sapling nods

I am happy to help. I cannot fight well, but I can heal and I can carry messages. I also speak for the Grove. They watch us through me. I offer your alliance my services.

the omniportal flashes and Spring Sapling emerges. She advances to the others.

I am here to assist. I have been given the honor of speaking for the Grove.

She spots the wounded octopus and touches him. The damage is healed

There you are water brother She croons

Spring Sapling emerges from a telepathic communal with the Grove. She nods and heads to the Oasis.

Sunny Godhead wrote:

...then all is silent once more

Spring Sapling's skin looks to be a more burnished brown hue. She stands tall and straight, and the green aura is now shot through with veins of gold

"Thank you Sun God." She says

Sunny Godhead wrote:
Emperor7 wrote:

E7's face shows a smile.

Sun God, will you bestow your blessing upon my granddaughter?

I must impose three questions first. Who is your daughter? What is her dilemma? And is her faith strong as is her will to cherish life again?

A slender naked elven-looking maid with tree branches crowning her head stands forth before Sunny Godhead. She sings sweetly to the glowing manifestation

"Giver of Life
Warmer of Spring
Guardian of good

I am Spring Sapling

I am of the Earth
But I thrive with your blessing
I am of Sky
But I thrive with your blessing
I am of Water
But I thrive with your blessing
I am of Flame
But I thrive with your blessing

You are the force that binds it all
Shine down upon your supplicants."

Emperor7 wrote:

Daughter of the Earth, you are reborn to us yet again. Such is the Way of the Green. Drink of the Water of Life. Drink of the Water of Awakening. Dedicate yourself to the Green once again and She will not forsake you. Receive Her Blessings.

The life teeming in the forest falls silent in anticipation.

Spring Sapling drinks deeply of the sacred water proffered her by her grandfather. He can see through his Greensight that her aura has deepened, turning a much more vibrant green. The hateful sigul placed upon her by the Giggler seems to fade to a pale pink color.

She sings a high-swooping verse as she connects with the World Ash:

"Foundation of Life
Roots that bind a million worlds

I am singing to you
I am singing to you

Heal my spirit ancient one
Make me whole within your shade
Shelter me within your branches

I beseech you
I beseech you

Those around her feel the power of Yggdrasil and the Green pour about them in a waterfall of energy.

The thin form of Spring Sapling stands a bit straighter in the Grove

Spring Sapling nods

Yes Grandfather, I'd like to see the Grove again. I feel so tired...

The Tree Emperor can sense that Spring Sapling's life essence has been stretched by the travails she has undergone. He can also see carved in her aura as clearly as it was carved in her tree-form's flesh the evil grinning sigul of the Giggler. The hateful symbol flickers red amongst the pale green of Spring Sapling's lifeforce, like a patch of beetle wormholes in an otherwise flawless trunk. The Giggler has marked her spiritually as well as physically.

E7 can also sense that Spring Sapling is being reborn before full healing has been accomplished. He feels that this is as fate requires

The glowing figure stares up at him

I am ready to emerge from my willow Grandfather. Thank you for the sunshine of your love.

E7 finds himself back in the small sacred grove he planted to ward his granddaughter. The small willow shivers and the naked form of his Spring Sapling emerges, shivering as well. Along her taut stomach a faint scar of the evil grinning sigul gleams whitely against her nut-brown skin. She takes a few colt-like steps and grasps E7.

"G-G-Grandfather. I am awake!"

The chyrsalis splits and the spirit of Spring Sapling comes out. Her form looks as if she has recovered from a long disease. Her face is drawn and her colors are a paler shade of green than Emperor7 remembers.

The slight girl hugs E7, her spirit glowing in love

Grandfather! Thank you for rescuing me!

The dreamspace of the willow is shaped like a butterfly chyrsalis. The Tree Emperor can see the shadowed form of Spring Sapling with the dim confines

Shine your love on me Grandfather. Help me emerge ..

The small willow shakes

Grandfather. Where are you? I cannot see you..

Gandfather. It is time for me to wake. Please, help me ..

The small slender willow shivers

Grandfather ..

The troll knocks the dryad aside, crushing her spine

Grandfather ...she gasps

Flame Troll of Doom wrote:


In a flash and puff of smoke, a vaguely humanoid figure at least nine feet tall appears. It bears some resemblance to a troll, but whereas a troll tends to be wiry, this thing ripples with muscles. It has an enormous maul clutched in its hands, and is surrounded by a shroud of flame.
Kill the enemy of the Candle Lighter!
It starts to smash its way towards the trweant and his allies.

The slender dryad cluthes her grandfather's bark

Ware the foe! She cries

She runs to meet the new foe, a knobbed quarterstaff wreathed in leafy growth in her slender hands.

The slender dryad stays close to her grandfather, aiding his magic with hers.

A scion of the Black! Abomination! She cries

Jack Hammer wrote:


Thank you. For that and for helping us.

Do I know you? You seem familiar.

The slender girl smiles shyly

All of Earth's Children are connected by their roots. You also know my Grandfather the Tree Emperor. Points to Emperor7

The slender dryad moves to JH

Earth Champion, let me heal you ..

She runs her hands over his wounds, sealing them with her eldritch power.

Spring Sapling uses her affinity with growing things to send waves of roots erupting from the torn ground, engulfing the Defectives as they advance.

By the World Ash we are winning Grandfather! She cries

The slender dryad shivers slightly, the few green leaves on her branch crown waving in the wind

It is time Grandfather. Destiny awaits.

Emperor7 wrote:

I cannot deny you your part in this, but you are barely into your second century...

Places a slender green-hued hand on the treant's rough bark

Grandfather if you would go, so would I. I have lived more years than many of the brave folk here.

Smiles up at him

Besides, someone has to make sure you stay out of trouble!

Emperor7 wrote:

Her greeting sinks in What?! You mean to fight?!

HEH HEH You said nut ..

The slender dryad straightens her spine and looks up at the Tree Emperor

Of course I mean to fight, Grandfather! This evil stands ready to shrivel the forest! How could I stay back?

A slender elvish looking woman with tree-branch horns on her head and a pale green skin tone shimmers into existence on the omniportal

The young woman runs to Emperor7

Grandfather I heard the call and I have come! The Grove of Ancients has sent what power they can spare with me.

Hands the ancient treant a brown seed the size of a football

Yggdrassil's Nut! She says proudly