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What GTA 5 has reinforced about me.

I am NOT accurate with machine guns.

Also, it's a good thing I don't drive motorcycles.

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Sometimes, all you need is luck.

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Tis a dark day for playing video games.


Wrapped up Big MT. Everyone lived. The ending took forever. Still it was worth it to see Muggy swimming in a big pile of mugs. :-)

I like the extra strength, mo muscles, mo hoarding.

Found the toaster module, that guy cracks me up! Got a present for Veronica, all heated up.

Next time I'm going in as a laser packing science nerd, not that I didn't come in as a science nerd this time, but the lack of ammo is taxing when you specialize in guns and explosives, never got to bring out Esther tho, yet.

I am going to stomp it, if I ever get out of here, making my way to Mobius's's dome now, not necessarily leaving per se but it would be nice to have the option.

We'll see, I found a few more missiles in test building X-12 (the building with super mega harness).

Also, strangely, I never consider what happens afterwards when I'm locked in these places.

It's all about survival, and making sure I survive, one step at a time.

Maybe they shouldn't have smoked so much at Big MT, cartons of cigarettes everywhere, building up quite the bank here, too bad there's no missiles and grenades.

I brought my own, but still, it would be nice to get a bit of replenishment.

So the x-8 test subject is Roxie isn't it. Gonna leave that storyline sit for awhile, there are entirely too many Lobotomites and robot scorpions mucking about right now, tho not as many now :-D

Certainly is a big place with a lot to do, and see.

It turns out, when you have a sniper rifle, nightstalkers can't swarm you, they're too busy figuring out why their heads explode, I might feel bad about it, if I hadn't just came from Dead Money. Ha! Take that f%&~ers, the turntables have turned!!

This rampage was brought to you by Bent Tin Can. Bent Tin Cans, they're f$@%ing everywhere.

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Got the satellite dish, I need to back to that stupid school place, go thru it again to be able to sonic emit force fields I think, moving along, getting s%$! mapped out, just found the talking stealth armor, I'm not sure I care for it, I'm very careful with my Stimpak taking, I fear it will abuse them.

Turns out Fido (my k-9000) has a taste for nightstalker, so tasty in small morsels!

For science!!!

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I'm getting good at picking off Lobotomites with my sniper rifle, so much fun!

Well, I killed Gabe, found the whatever he buried (pats on the back for noticing that little tidbit after noticing the shovel, handily laying on the floor, that place is annoying, then I get attacked by a%+@~~@ robot scorpions on my way out, I'm guessing, that's just what they do.

Anyway, off to give someone their f%!+ing dog bowl, it better have been worth it.

I'm also super glad Veronica and I tracked down that Pulse Gun before I went to Big MT, that's been handy, especially against the robot dogs.

Lastly, I am now a huge fan of the puppy gun, the damage caused, oh my god! Everything is mowed down in seconds! It is fairly useless with VATS tho, but if you're just spraying it, yeah, that's some fun stuff.

For science!!!

Stupid Minecraft, why did I get my kids thee.

You had me at sappy ending.

The Rex and Robopuppies only cemented my resolve to make it happen.

For science!!

S#*$loads of melee weapons, gloves and energy weapons here, too bad it ain't my thang, still have tons of ammo myself and 116 Stimpaks tho so I think I'll be fine.

Really like the dog gun, it's a blast to just let her rip, Lobotomites drop by threes!

It's useless with VATS tho. :-)

DeathQuaker wrote:
If it's the one with the mannequins, I think that's Dala's house.

I assumed so, yes, I'd forgotten to include a winky face.

Love the houses, super funny.

I also found Christine's stealth armor, which I pretty bad ass, also the weird blue halo head gear.

So what's the best way of rampaging Big MT?

I have the Jukebox and Autodoc personalities.

Are there people I can find to tag along to absorb Lobotomite fire keep me company.

Do I get the rest of the personality files first, I went down by the plant experiment place but bit it in the courtyard (high explosive missiles wasn't my best option in enclosed spaces it turned out. :-D

Higgs village is an interesting place, I wonder who's house was the one with all the lingerie in it, hope killing the miniature Deathclaw doesn't come back to bite me in the ass.

Too late now.

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Suppressing fire!!