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I just wanna say.. to the person who posted the 'review'.. You can't review something you haven't read... Jus' sayin' <.<;

Tels wrote:
SpiritWolfFenris wrote:
Does anyone know roughly how long it takes for the SRD's to get updated? Want to read stuff while waiting.. lol
The ACG will be out sometime in September.

Oh wow, so no time soon. T_T Bummer, guess I just have to wait then. Thanks for the quick response!

Does anyone know roughly how long it takes for the SRD's to get updated? Want to read stuff while waiting.. lol

What game, where? I don't see anything on the event schedule.

Hmm.. I'm very interested. I had a character made for this adventure (have yet to play though), was a Samsaran Winter Witch.. but since you have one, I suppose I need to come up with another option. lol

Here is an example. -> https://www.dropbox.com/s/00nq5fqd20dbdoc/Varen.pdf

They e-mail it to you, and you can print it out. Should answer all your questions/concerns.

EXTERMINATE! I mean yes!

I was interested but never got an answer to the race selection available. Lol it's cool though.

Like others have said, it can become a very explosive issue if people aren't spoken to about it, especially parents. It's one thing to GM with minors at a table in a public setting (ie; society), but the fact that she is in a home game can cause great distress for parents. She could be simply telling her parents "I'm out with friends" which is all nice and good till they find out the friends aren't of her own age. Talk to the people involved in the situation first and see what's going on before making a decision, but you don't want to get caught in something you don't want to deal with.

Haven't signed up yet but still interested. I have a dozen characters ranging from levels 1-6 so not really sure what to give ya lol

Kneller wrote:

Honestly, combat reflexes still isn't a bad feat if you are wearing armor with gauntlets.

Why armor with gauntlets? Though, I'll only be wearing a chain shirt, max, anyway.

Combat reflexes crossed my mind, but do you think an archer would really get a lot of use out of it?

Something I know the answer too! lol... You don't get AoO's with a ranged weapon. It sucks, but it's a 'melee' game mechanic which is why he's suggesting if you had gauntlets you could get a hit out of it.

Since this sounds like something that could start fairly quickly.. I have a Vishkanya Rogue (Burgular) who's already made for RotRL.. That is if it's allowed. I'll wait for the GM to make a final decision. I'm working on a pretty in-depth story for him, so kinda more desired towards it.

Broken? Well, I heard a story once of someone who threw all the players into a dungeon that consisted of like 100 adamantine doors. Eventually (forever later), the players got through it and ended up taking the doors with them and selling them for super geared up status. lol

From my understanding, that broke the campaign fairly quickly. XD

Haco wrote:
SpiritWolfFenris wrote:
Seriously... You should consider trying to build a character yourself. That's half the fun in tabletop. Least, a few people I know and myself seem to think so. Also it helps teach you how certain things work and gives you bonus knowledge towards any future creations.

I created an amount of characters as any of us in my roleplaying life. But I want to see some builds an ideas to select my own character, I only want options for create a better character!! This is the Advice forum I think that this is the correct place to demmand this.

Thanks to all!!

I get that, I really do.. But you've gone from advice-seeking to 'make my character for me.' At least that's how it has started to come off in your posts. It may be unintentional, but just letting you know that's how it seems.

Seriously... You should consider trying to build a character yourself. That's half the fun in tabletop. Least, a few people I know and myself seem to think so. Also it helps teach you how certain things work and gives you bonus knowledge towards any future creations.

@David; It ends up listing the spell twice. One for the level you can obtain it and another for the level from the Past Life. What did you have in mind?

Oh wow, I didn't know about the Summoner's list being like that.. o_o I'll have to ask the GM to see how he feels about it, even though it is a legal move. This is why I ask forums when I can't figure it out myself XD Cuz I was just looking at Shield... and Shield... and, had no idea.. kinda went blank since I've not played many casters past Lv4 <.>

Always open to anyone with any more ideas. I'll go through them and see what's what.

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DM Under The Bridge wrote:
snobi wrote:
It could be an act of good. He's giving her an opportunity to play, rather than just work. He's expressing his affection/love for her in a way that the rest of the party refuses to share. And he's potentially providing her sustenance in a very selfless manner, literally giving of himself.

She joins him in his tent, to play dice and card games after a day of work.

The party have dirty minds.

Right? Lol makes me think about them playing pathfinder after actually adventuring to see what could have happened. XD

Still hoping for some views. Please and thanks. =)

Hi there.

I've been messing with the concept of a Samsaran Winter Witch and while I like the boost from Shards of the Past, a bug in the back of my head makes me think I'm missing out from not using Mystic Past Life instead. It's just the list of spells you can choose from is a bit overwhelming and I'm having issues deciding.

For those that don't know;

Mystic Past Life (Su) You can add spells from another spellcasting class to the spell list of your current spellcasting class. You add a number of spells equal to 1 + your spellcasting class's key ability score bonus (Wisdom for clerics, and so on). The spells must be the same type (arcane or divine) as the spellcasting class you're adding them to. For example, you could add divine power to your druid class spell list, but not to your wizard class spell list because divine power is a divine spell. These spells do not have to be spells you can cast as a 1st-level character. The number of spells granted by this ability is set at 1st level. Changes to your ability score do not change the number of spells gained. This racial trait replaces shards of the past.

So, with a 20 INT, I can grab 6 potential spells from other classes to learn with my familiar later (except fire-based, can't use fire). But as I said, I really have no idea.. there is just so much out there. I look forward to hearing people's responses!

Okay! I feel I'm going to go with a Vishkanya Rogue. I have the entire premise of the story floating around in my head but unfortunately I'm at work at the moment and have plans to do stuff after. -_-
I should be able to post story latest by tomorrow. Will work on the character build as I can.

Dotting for interest ! About to go to bed so will work on character later. Lol

No need to reschedule on my account. You may find more members before the game starts.

It's just for me, the game would start at 4:00am XD. And I'd have to be out the door and on the way to work at 7:00am.. lol If I got up any sooner, I'd be a zombie at work. <.<;

So I was just more curious. I have no idea when my next day off is next week.

Been staring at this because I'd like to play and help fill out the last slot, but the time is risky for me.. Was wondering if you would be rescheduling this scenario if you don't find enough people?

Dotting my interest. I'm always available evenings. I really like your idea because I feel the same way about Pbp and would like to feel as though we are accomplishing good chunks of the story on a weekly basis.

Awww. Bummer. Ah well.

I'm also on CST and can make all of them with relative ease. The only thing is I'd need the 11am to be on a day off (this Saturday works np) since I work till 2pm at the latest. I may wanna play either a druid, paladin, or do something with my Ifrit which I forgot what it is till I get home. Lol

Hmmm. Depending on if I can play whatever you're running (and if I'm free). Id like something a Lv 5 can play please. :)

A little late to the party but in totally game. =D

I very much appreciate the response from everyone, especially Mike on the situation.

Unfortunately it seems things are straying from their original purpose and it seems perspectives of the situation are being tossed into the air, so before this becomes buried in a flurry of insults and accusations, I'd like this thread to pleased be closed. Not sure how to go about doing that, if anyone can please assist.

Thank you all for your time and effort.

Take care.

Gentle Repose is what you're looking for. :)

Also, things still happen in a bag of holding if I'm not mistaken. It just holds it in a different dimension type, sadly time doesn't stop.

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Thank you for everyone's assistance. I really did appreciate it. I ended up sending Mike a PM, kept everything anonymous. Hopefully I hear back and can let you guys know what happened (unless he posts here before me). I just feel the situation is so big locally that it'll make people who are ranged attackers with them to feel denied an 8,000 GP item. @.@

I think it's just horribly misunderstood and although I'm fairly certain if I shared the VCs name that even with everyone saying so, it would end up being more headache than it's worth on everyone's part.

That actually explains the situation very well. Thank you. Thankfully I'll be moving in a couple months, but just kinda kills some enjoyment. It's not the main focus of the this character, just sad I can't use the full potential of them.

Ah okay. I understand now and see what you're getting at. Looks like it's just at a permanent standstill until further notice or I talk to people who understand it locally that's been around long enough.

I honestly have no idea. @.@ don't want to mention another topic that makes things more icky.

Not entirely sure where you're getting at with Snap shot as I'm not using it and didn't mention it. Sorry, slightly confused.

Right. That's exactly how I interpreted it too when I bought them and it showed up that way on HL. but they're still not buying it without a staff confirmation =/

@wraith: they get the abilities on bows being transferred to arrows but they don't get the gloves being transferred into bows. That's where the line is being lost.

@james; I guess that's all I can do unless somehow a staff shows up (doubt it). I just didn't think this would come out to be so complicated, figured it was simple.

@wraith; I fully understand. It's just; I dunno lol

I tried that with the ranged weapons that have buffs, like I've played a character with a shocking longbow. How would the electricity get counted if the arrows were regular when they left? But still no go.

I'm not purposely arguing just to argue, but when it can make a difference in winning or dying based on the amount of damage added, it becomes something that needs to be figured out. And I think James is right and that's where the confusion for them gets added. I just dunno what else to do.

They're reading the book. They're just having issues with the "when you wield a weapon" partly because they think I need to be stabbing with the arrow...

He just came up to me and told me that if I could get word from a paizo staff to respond then he would take a look at it and change his decision. =/

So, I just got shot down and told to quit arguing with the GMs even though I was being polite about it and told them about this thread. =/ they say it doesn't work cuz you're not wielding the arrow, which makes no sense cuz then shocking longbows wouldn't work or anything similar. *sigh*

I know. Just kinda feh. I'll let them know after the session. Just for that one scenario it would have been a lot quicker. Just a bit difficult to discuss when people just want to get the scenario done.
And thanks for the help. It's really appreciated. If I end up in another ranged combat, I may bring it up sooner.

Er... Sorry. I typed VL. He is the VC, he is the boss for the local society. He was one of the MANY who said I was wrong. There is no one higher to bring it too unless Mike magically showed up.

I offered my GM to read it. He doesn't want to deal with it. Not much I can do except wish that magically I could've redone that last fight.

The group I'm playing in says it doesn't make sense on range weapons and that it only works for melee weapons. Like they think that from the way it reads in UE is that it only works that way. I really don't get why they don't get it, but they're preventing me from bringing it up further in the session. -_- I feel cheated.

That's what I thought too but two GMs just shot it down including the local VL. =/

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