[R20 / G+] PFS: Thornkeep: The Accursed Halls (Tier 1-2) EDT (see post for time options)

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Hello folks! I am looking for some brave adventurers to play through at least the first dungeon level of Pathfinder's Thornkeep module/dungeon, the Accursed Halls. It's a challenging dungeon-crawl for 1st or 2nd level characters that should take approximately a 4 hour session depending on play style and awards 3xp and 4prestige. Oh...and it's known to have taken a few low level lives ;)

If we have fun and players, GM, and schedules mesh, then ideally, I’d like to run this similar player group through the entire dungeon as a dungeon-crawl mini campaign (5 dungeon levels over 5+ sessions that run from level 1-2 to 6-8, but we’ll see how it goes.

Here’s the complete session info:
TIME– For this first session, I have the following availability (all times are EDT):
-one week day, approximately 11AM-4PM, as soon as players are gathered and schedules coordinated
-this Wednesday, 7/23 from 5PM-9PM
-this Friday, 7/25 from 5PM-9PM
-this Saturday, 7/26 from 11AM-4PM

WHO- Looking for players who are easygoing, mature, not rules lawyers or overly combative with other players/GM. Know that I have plenty of GMing experience with D&D/Pathfinder, but this will be my first time running an actual PFS session.

-your availability (keep in mind the potential schedule options I posted above)
-what character types you'd be interested in playing (note that for party composition, having each of the traditional roles filled in some fashion would be beneficial)
-and any other info you deem relevant.

If you are selected, I will private message you for further details.
Thanks for reading, and I hope to get the party started soon!

The Exchange

I am in Central Time zone, so the times aren't that bad, I can make any of those times easily.

I have a Barbarian/Ranger combo human hes a melee two weapon fighter.
My other option is a Assamir Clerik

I'm also in central time and I can make any of the weekdays except tomorrow, and I can make the wednesday and friday ones. I've been playing d&d and pathfinder for a long time but I've never played on R20 or G+ before and I'd love to be there for your first game of pfs.

I have a freebooter ranger who I plan to make a gunslinger later on, and I also have a brand new magus and both are 1st level.
The only other info is that I don't have a webcam or good mic setup since my internet speed is slow.


Hi all. I'm interested in joining your group. I'm an old hand with RPGs and am a very experienced player, but my focus is on making sure everyone has fun, not building a munchkin prima donna. I have played a few games on R20. My laptop has a webcam and good audio.

Availability: The following work for me:
-this Wednesday, 7/23 from 5PM-9PM (have to leave at 9 sharp though)
-this Saturday, 7/26 from 11AM-4PM

Somewhat flexible on character type, but would prefer to play an oracle/barbarian I've built, but could easily play anything as PFS rules allow us to rebuild lvl 1's. Perhaps an inquisitor or ranger (been thinking of starting one).

Please let me know if you're interested.


I'm also on CST and can make all of them with relative ease. The only thing is I'd need the 11am to be on a day off (this Saturday works np) since I work till 2pm at the latest. I may wanna play either a druid, paladin, or do something with my Ifrit which I forgot what it is till I get home. Lol


I'm interested in joining if there's space available, I have a few character ideas in mind that I'd like to put into play: either a bestial alchemist who uses her powers to enhance her physical prowess to tear her foes apart, or a slayer who revels in the thrill of the hunt and the glory of the kill.

I could alternatively throw together some form of cleric, paladin, or oracle to tend to the party's needs.

If there's space available in the group you're putting together, Wednesday evening would likely work the best from my perspective.

Hi! Was interested in joining and was wondering if you would have me!

- Availability I'm free basically every evening. So anytime would work for me!

- Classes: I would want to play a Bard of some sort. But I will play any class honestly!

- Relevant Info: You will need to know the English Language in order to read what I wrote!

I would love to join if there is still room.
I have a lvl 1 inquisitor that is tankishy. This Wednesday is the only day listed that works for me. I have experience playing on d20 but have never used G+. (vent, skype, and razor comm is all I've used)


Hi folks. I appreciate all of the interest for this one. Just wanna give you a heads up that all the spots (6 players, 2 alternates) are filled up for tonight. I do hope to run dungeon level 2: The Forgotten Laboratory (levels 2-4) sometime next week though, so look for that post soon! It also gives 3 xp and 4 prestige.


Awww. Bummer. Ah well.

ah well x2 :(

Grand Lodge 4/5 Venture-Agent, Texas—Houston

I might be interested in The Forgotten Laboratory Wednesday with either a Warpriest 2, Paladin/Swashbuckler 3 or Oracle 4.

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