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Leavin' fur the mountains tomorrow. Take care of mah dawg. Would ya?

Don't lets that dang hippeh pet im.


Ulthar-who? He's da won making that racket?

"Am tryin' sleep here! Now shuts thats damn Tee Vee owf!"

Aye reckon' so.



Ayup, an keeps yuir shotgun handee if it moves again.

That's shar prutty.

Git em Grue! What did I put mah Bo-Zar!?

fires Bo-Zar across the thread


I ain't a chicken.

I have sometin frum Lass Veggis. The boys at Nellus callz it a Bo-zar.


*Grabs Shot-Gunn*

CH, ya goin' silent?

Grue in the Attic wrote:
*returns, dragging an IRS branch's entire staff by their entangled shoelaces*

Haha! Dang! Grue, you're a good boy!

Gonna find mah shotgun!

Grue boy, where's ya goin?

Tax man says ah owes him money becaus ah hasn't paid encumm tax in the last ten years.

Grue has the rite ider with the goffer.

Who has a job?!

Wut? Spitz it out. Ain'ts gots all day.

Gettin' quiet around here. It's like we gots jobs or soemtin...

I reckon so.

mumbles in his sleep

Young whippersnappers....

Rolls over and goes to sleep with his shogun in curled in one arm and a large bottle of Jim bean in the other

Were's amh shotgun?

The Blood! The Blood!


with a shotgun!


Destroys Hippeh's joint

Dang Hippeh won't stand still long enough fur us to git him good. Plus he's put a hex or somesuch on Grue. Don't know why dat dog likes im. Must be somtin the hippeh smokes...

Can ya git on Old One ta chase after dat Hippeh?

Elder God. I don't know. Maybe Mammy can duh somtin about it.

He's jumpinaround too much. I'm off ta find da flamethrowa.

Mammeh. Grue brought ya sumtin.

Someone! Git the soap!

Big Mammy! We have us a hippeh! Where mah shotgun!

Ayup and ayup.

Aye reckon so.

Cause ya look good enough to eat. But you're short about 20 lbs of fat.

So, You'll be livin' to see another day.

Ah heck. I'll gonin' inside and fix me sum bacon.

where Hippeh has gone before I tell ya. I won't seein' all them hippehs beam up and take their away me swamp and shine still. Esapecially that pointy-eared fellow, talkin' like he's edjucated. Boy can't handle his own liquor from the episodes I've seen.


Ayes heards about them pirates! Theys got buried treasure chests and such!

Ye be tellin where yuir stash of gold is or I'm a callin' on of the elder gods on ya!

*fires again*

Reckin so.

{i]Levels Shot gun at Random Pirate's peg leg and fires[/i]


Iam thinkin' of loading me shotgun.

Whut in tarntion! Grue! Howd ya git so wet?!

Ah! But Mammy..,

Dang! It's that big?

Dang hippeh got the sheriff ta con-fi-scate my still. Now ayes gots to scrounge for new parts.

Ah pass mammy. My stomak ain't what it used ta be since my hooch went missin'.



BLAM! Blam-Blam!

Reckon', I guess.

He's a Hippeh! BLAM!

Dang hippehs! Where's mah shotgun?

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