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Dark_Mistress wrote:

No kidding, I think you will just love the mini adventures. If I had read them and been allowed to talk about them I would talk about how cool they are, especially the spectral "pet" hook or the... well I can't say. Not that I have read them of course mind you. But if only you knew how cool they was, you would wear your finger to a nub hitting F5 waiting on word they have been uploaded. :)

You're not helping :-)

Ok it's been two weeks tell those artists to draw faster. :-) I need the mini adventures for my Carron Crown game that starts Friday. This is a great idea by the way I look forward to see where it goes.

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The Water Child race option (from the APG) gives you the option to pick Aquan as a bonus language something by my reading a half-elves can already do (See spoilers below). I checked the errata and the FAQ but this doesn't seem to be listed. I'm looking at just house ruling it be Aquan for free but I thought I check with the world to see if I'm missing something.

Both from PRD

Water Child:
Water Child: Some half-elves are born of elves adapted to life on or near the water. These half-elves gain a +4 racial bonus on Swim checks, can always take 10 while swimming, and may choose Aquan as a bonus language. This racial trait replaces the half-elf's adaptability and multitalented racial traits.

Half-Elf Languages:
Languages: Half-elves begin play speaking Common and Elven. Half-elves with high Intelligence scores can choose any languages they want (except secret languages, such as Druidic).

You should checkout the Paizo Community Use for the rules on what, and how you are allowed to use Paizo art on the web. You should probably take down this down from the web as I don't believe the art you used is in the blog or the community use package. If I'm wrong and it is covered you need to have have the Paizo usage statement on the sheets.

Aureus wrote:

The subject line says it all. Or perhaps any suggestions for Paper Mini sets in the CC direction?

And if yes could they also be released soon, so I can use them for my game starting in August?

Looks interesting but where did your text and map in the "Ustalav Primer" come from? I don't think that map is covered by Paizo's Community Use Policy. At least some of the text seem to be copied and pasted from "Rule of Fear" and "The Campaign Setting" book's. When making a public website for your campaign you should checkout the Community Use Policy.
to make sure your not running afoul of Paizo's use policy.

Grick wrote:

Because you're taking your attention away from the fight. You're fussing around with your gear, bandoleer or no.

But what about drawing weapons, you might ask. You can only do that with combat training (BAB +1) and drawing a weapon is a fairly offensive/hostile act. There are swordfighting moves that start as part of drawing the weapon (Samurai movies, fencing, etc.) so drawing your weapon is ingrained and part of combat, drawing a beaker isn't.

Drawing material components is a free action as part of the spellcasting, which does provoke, it's just part of provoking in general. And innate spellcasting should be more powerful than drinking a potion.

Drawing your weapon for free while moving can only be done with a BAB +1. Just drawing your weapon can be done by anyone and is a move action that does not provoke an AoO. Sheathing a weapon is a move that does provoke.

See the giant AoO table in the PDR.

Wraithcannon your best bet for this may be to delay and have someone else provoke the targets AoO in that round, and then drink your potion while praying the bad guy doesn't have Combat Reflexes. :-)

Thrall of Orcus wrote:
SkyGuard wrote:
Wraithcannon wrote:
You option is pretty much full-round action Acrobatics to roll 5ft.

Except you ony get a standard or move action when disabled...that's why I missed that part with my first post. ;)

That is why the Restricted Withdrawl might be better - at least you can move your full speed with no skill checks and not have that first square's movement suffer an AoO.

I had forgotten that about that with disabled.

I would say that if your prone you have a speed of 5ft so you could use a restricted withdraw at that speed. I don't see why you should get to move your full movement.

Wraithcannon wrote:

Looking at Feint, it denies your opponent his Dex bonus on your next attack.

Looking at Attacks of Opportunity, you can't make them while flat footed.

So it almost works RAW, just not quite.

I'm just trying to figure out a way my fighter can somehow get himself back into the fight on his own after being disabled.

Don't forget you take a Attack of Opportunity for retrieving that stored potion too. :-)

Really when it comes down to it if your disabled at 0HP* and prone in melee combat range of someone your pretty much out of the fight. You option is pretty much full-round action Acrobatics to roll 5ft. Or hope they miss the AO. Or delay and hope your friends bullrush the guys back off you.

*You can also be disabled at negative hit points but have become stable and conscious, but I'm not sure have you could be that type of disabled in any reasonable fight scenario, as it seem from my reading of the PDR it takes an hour to become conscious once your stable at neg HP

Wraithcannon wrote:

I am wondering if it is possible to drink a potion in melee using Slight of Hand to avoid an attack of opportunity? They are small objects (despite popular artwork the description says they are a 1 oz shot) that are easy to conceal and if the enemy doesn't see what you're doing, they can't react to it.

Or if not SoH, then how about Bluff? You pretend you are about to swing with one hand and then instead quaff your potion. The enemy, being flat footed and ready to absorb a blow, misses the chance to swing at you.


By my understanding of RAW neither would work. The rules say "Drink a potion or apply an oil = Attack of Opportunity".

Now if you looking at a house rule I would say you could use the base rules and DCs of the Acrobatics-move through a threatened area part and apply which ever skill you think fits. Or you could make a feat that allows it.

However is it really worth adding new rules for this. Just take a 5ft step and drink. In most cases you're good.

Mortagon wrote:
I'm working on an extensive list on the motivations and secrets of the different villagers complete with personal quests. It's not finished yet, but if you're interested you can mail me @ mortagon@hotmail.com

Email sent. I'm looking forward to checking out your ideas.

Spacelard wrote:
Have they all seen the Player's Guide?

I believe they all have seen it, I sent them all the link and told them to check it out.

Wanda V'orcus wrote:
SkyGuard wrote:
Half-elf Rouge

I was going to resist the urge to make a smart-arse comment saying that player characters' wearing cosmetics should be up to their players and/or DMs, but then I saw the above and tanked on my Will save... ;-D

Cheers, JohnH / Wanda

I thought I checked for that most common of typos I guess I failed my perception check. :-)


Hello all,

I'm in the process of getting ready to start Haunting of Harrowstone in the next few weeks and have been working with my players to get characters decided on and created. I've currently planning on having four players using a 15 point buy, as of now we have the following class make up

Half-elf Rouge
Half-elf Summoner-Synthesist
Human Monk
Unknown race Bard

I'm a little concerned about the group makeup as Harrowstone really seem to me want you to have some type of positive energy class (oracle, cleric ,paladin, etc). Has anyone run Harrowstone with no real healers have any advice? I've seen people in some cases have ruled holy water hurts haunts, is this option the best way to make this work? Or do I try to encourage someone to play something else?

I've already asked for the players to turn in two characters to start so that they have a character waiting in the wings if someone dies or their current character just doesn't work for them. The idea being that the backup character is in the will too but is a background NPC until they are needed. Do I leave it at that, and just let them see how they do?

harmor wrote:

Wondering if its possible to create Wet Erase transfer paper onto a battle map?

My group uses a thick clear vinyl sheet we bought at I think at home depot (It was something like this). We then drew a one inch grid on it with a black sharpie, then flip it over and you can use wet erase markers on it. If you have a paper battle mat you want to use just put it under the sheet.

Ullapool wrote:

Thirded? I think it's pretty poor planning on Paizo's part that they don't have mappacks, paper minis, deals with Reaper for "real" minis, flip mats/maps. Even the item cards just recently came out.

I'm sure there are great reasons for this, but I've been chopping up the PDFs to give to my players. While I guess I don't mind, I'd rather not have to bust out the Photoshop to use on these maps.

What I'm really saying here is sounds like lost earnings potential. I'd buy all of the above. But will I when they come out in 6+ months?

As it relates to the paper minis I don't believe that they are made by Paizo, Pathfinder Paper Minis has a license to make them, so they don't come out till after the AP is out, and they had time to draw all the minis. According to Vic Wertz in this thread from yesterday they just "completed a bit of rejiggering on this license and you'll be seeing several new releases soon!"

MendedWall12 wrote:

As to the elves and sleeping, I've gone around and around with my players on this one, and I know this isn't really the thread to answer it, but I thought I'd bring it up anyway, because I'm kind of chaotic that way. Has there ever been a developer answer to whether or not elves need 8 hours of rest?

Per James Jacob in this thread and even more clearly stated again here in pathfinder elves need 8 hours sleep.

DMFTodd wrote:
All of this talk of rooting, replacing interfaces, updates, "can you get this to work?" is making me think that no, there's nothing better than an iPad.

It depends on what your looking for. For me the iPad didn't meet some of the things I wanted in a tablet (SD card options, cost, more open software, not having to use itunes to load stuff), and I'm comfortable doing the ROM replacements. So I jump on the option of a cheap G-tab, that like I said took me only around an hour to get up and running with the better software.

If your looking only at pickup and go you maybe better off with ipad, but you are going to give up other things. Its like 4e vs Pathfinder :-).

However remember these are other options for android tablets that are more like the iPad in there are not something you have to drop a better operation ROM on, the xoom is an option or I'm really liking what I'm hearing about the ASUS transformer. If it really does come out at $399 its got the much better IPS screen and more RAM then my G-tab.

Astralplaydoh wrote:

I'll have to play around with it some more to see if it's completely fixed.

I will keep my fingers crossed. Did you get the full market working? I just was able to over the last few days. (I did the market fix from the guide when I did the install but I was still missing a bunch of apps like pathfinder spell compendium app, adobe air, adobe flash, etc. I was able to change the model/device the gtab was reporting to the android market and am now able to see everything, see here if anyone else is having the same problem on a Tegra 2 device


I had followed those instructions exactly earlier in the week and my GTab was running great. I then didn't use it for a day or two and the battery ran out. Now, whenever I power on the device it runs into some major problems. It doesn't recognize most applications and force closes all the time.

I'm going to try and reinstall the ROM.

Not sure why it happened.

Still enjoying the GTab though.

Did you do the Repartitioning GTablet storage steps

Repartitioning GTablet storage steps:

For some reason Viewsonic used an odd partition set when they shipped the GTablet. While repartitioning the storage wasn’t totally necessary it has been recommended on the forums so I did it. Here’s how:
1) Power down the GTablet
2) Boot into Clockwork Mod recovery by holding the Volume + key down while holding the power button. Release when you see “Detecting recovery key pressed” on the screen.
3) You will be presented with a menu, this is Clockwork Mod Recovery. To navigate the menu use the volume up and down keys. To select a menu option use the home key. To go back press the back key.
4) Navigate to Advanced->Partition SD Card (FYI, SD Card refers to internal storage, not the MicroSD card).
5) Choose 2048M for EXT size on the first screen
6) Choose 0M on the second screen.
7) You have now repartitioned the GTablet

Only thing on XDA I see that might be worth a shot is this
But I think I'd try reinstalling first

Pax Veritas wrote:

I wish to thank the Customer Carebear and the Customer Service Happiness-Inducement Construct for their responses.


I started leafing through this marvelous work in the game store, and its Pathfinder goodness started popping out, so I had to put it down and immediately raced home to my front steps in anticipation.

After a few days of peeking out there, I started to grow concerned that it had been lost, damaged, or abandoned somewhere out there, in the cold, all alone. *sniff sniff*

But, to my chagrin, its my fault for assuming the "hard book" subscription extended to Campaign Guides. From what I could tell, the Inner Sea guide is a beautiful thing, so I'll just order one now.

Thanks all!

Remember you only get the included PDF if you subscript to the line. :-) (I only add this as it seem tons of people miss that)

Update on my woot G tab. I have gotten Vegan 5.1.1 running on it it was very easy. (took me less then an hour, most of which was downloading the software) I used these instructions to flash the new ROM

I just now got the Pathfinder Compendium spell app working, I had to use this fix to see it in the marketplace.

So far I'm liking it.

erian_7 wrote:
Any chance someone has the .APK for that Pathfinder Spell Compendium? I'd love to try it out on my Adam, but the device doesn't have access to Android Market as yet. I'm talking about the free app here, by the way, not the for-pay app. What I'd really love is if the developer could keep a link to the .APK on a web site...

Did you every find this .apk? I'm my ROMed g-tab has Android Market but even after applying the market fix I can't find this app to install it.

SkyGuard wrote:
So far I like it. It not great on battery but after some work with the software I got it lasting for most of the day on a charge. If you are in a 4G city it is blazing fast I'm coming from a dumb phone so its harder for me to compare it to other phones but its seems faster then my wife's Droid 2.

Ok I may not have fixed the battery life as well as I thought. I just checked on my thunderbolt on the first day I've brought it into work and not turned it off. After ~6 hours off the charger the battery is dead, to the point that it turned off.

What is odd as I have actively used it for 6 hours+ with no problems, phone calls, web surfing, etc. This time it died with almost no use it was just sitting in a cell phone hold area. I may need to play with some of the standby setting some more, or it could be the building I work in is eating the battery

Evil Genius Prime wrote:

So, for those that have it.

How does it compare to the original 3.5 version?

As someone who has both I do miss the pronunciation guide thats in the 3.5 version. But other then that it's really a great book, and you can't beat the PDF price, hell the 3.5 one is still $35 for the PDF.

I know, I can just use my print up from the first book but it's not the same how will I pronounce all the new names/places that have been add since the first campaign setting? I guess I will muddle through somehow.

Maybe someday Paizo will put up a blog post or a pdf with more pronunciation goodness :-)

[threadjack]How is the Thunderbolt?[/threadjack]

So far I like it. It not great on battery but after some work with the software I got it lasting for most of the day on a charge. If you are in a 4G city it is blazing fast I'm coming from a dumb phone so its harder for me to compare it to other phones but its seems faster then my wife's Droid 2.


Bad thing is it's wrong on some accounts..

Gtab does have a light sensor

Gtab does have a accelerometer

as examples, I didn't look over every detail but caught those 2.

Also so people know most of the reviews of the Gtab on the net are of the original software from Nov 2010 (which really sucked), its has had I think two updates to the stock software since which have greatly helped it. Plus all the fun custom roms at xda.

Ice_Deep wrote:

Glad to be of help, yep the Woot deal is great and I wish I had gotten mine at that price :)

If you have any issues I check here pretty often and will help if you start a new topic, or you can always check out XDA.

Edit: Note on battery life, gameday went 11 hours without plugging in my tablet, and still had 30% battery :), how is that for battery life?

A lot better then my HTC Thunderbolt :-)

Well after reading a ton about the G-tab, and trying out a xoom at the verizon store. I'm going to give the G-tab a try. A large part due the the crazy deal on it today over at woot. Thanks Ice_deep for all you help. I will try to put a post with my impressions of using it for role playing once I get it.

Siobharek wrote:
Reckless wrote:
I'd suggest that they get +1 trust at sunset instead of -1, as the townsfolk get to know them better the longer they stay.
I thought the same. It makes sense, so much so that I wonder if it isn't a typo, that minus.

That would make a lot more sense then the -1.

GM only:
From my first reading of the AP I don't see how a group can finish the AP at the 30 day mark (which I think it says it the min number of days that the AP can go) and have more then a 3 trust score. -1 a day which they don't even know about seems to be really hard on the players. Am I missing some places where the players can get trust?

Thanks a ton Ice-Deep, I've been looking at a lot of different tablet options. How do you find the screen is on the G-Tab's? I understand the viewing angles are weak. What type of battery life are you getting with it?


Yes, I can easily read the left or right column, though I have to "scroll" up and down on the page as viewing in "Landscape" instead of portrait. Now if you want to look at it in portrait mode your going to have to zoom in, though it's not a issue if you view in landscape.

Thanks for this I've been looking for a review someone putting pathfinders PDFs on a G-tablet for awhile. Do you have any photos of using pdfs in portrait mode?

Also if you don't mind and have flash working on the tablet can you tell me how marvel digital unlimited looks on it? They have a few free comics every week you should be able to try.

My group has always required that the DM be emailed an updated character sheet a minimum of 24 hours before playing. With the penalty for not doing so being a XP penalty normally, and some type of public humiliation :-).

I don't understand why you would let someone play in your game if they will not show you their sheet. How do you know that their character is built correctly? (I had the DM reminded me I had forgotten to add a feat or ability increase so this isn't a player cheating)

I would draw a line and set a time and date that all players need to send you a sheet by and enforce it (something like 48 hours plus before playing so you can really go through the sheets, and enforce with by saying until you get copies of the sheets you don't play).

The thing is if he is dodging your phone calls why are you playing with him at all?

zombiemaster86 wrote:

No he is right a Samurai never retreated, they do tactical withdraws.

To misquote General Oliver Smith :-)

Samurai don't retreat they advance in a different direction!

After re-reading the "Surprise Spells " ability on the PRD now I'm agreeing with Maxastro idea that all magic missiles would get the sneak attack as long as they each hit different flat footed targets. As the ability say "targets" in the description, each target you hit with a "Surprise Spell" should take sneak attack damage.

However for normal sneak attacks with spells I still believe my early statement is correct.

From the PRD
Surprise Spells: At 10th level, an arcane trickster can add her sneak attack damage to any spell that deals damage, if the targets are flat-footed. This additional damage only applies to spells that deal hit point damage, and the additional damage is of the same type as the spell. If the spell allows a saving throw to negate or halve the damage, it also negates or halves the sneak attack damage.

SkyGuard wrote:

I'm pretty sure that the ruling was always that for multiple targeted spells (Scorching Ray being the one I have seen talked about the most) you only get the sneak attack on only one of targets. I can't find anything in Pathfinder that would change this, but I also can't find anything saying that this is correct in pathfinders either.

MaxAstro wrote:
Greg Donaldson wrote:
And sneak-fireball sounds like fun, but honestly probably the best spell in the game to slap Suprise Spells on is Magic Missile. One first level spell and you get to sneak attack five people with no attack roll or save for half damage. Admittedly you have to target five different targets - you can't "double-up" the sneak attack - but that's equally true of fireball.

I'm pretty sure that the ruling was always that for multiple targeted spells (Scorching Ray being the one I have seen talked about the most) you only get the sneak attack on only one of targets. I can't find anything in Pathfinder that would change this, but I also can't find anything saying that this is correct in pathfinders either.

MaxAstro wrote:
Greg Donaldson wrote:
And sneak-fireball sounds like fun, but honestly probably the best spell in the game to slap Suprise Spells on is Magic Missile. One first level spell and you get to sneak attack five people with no attack roll or save for half damage. Admittedly you have to target five different targets - you can't "double-up" the sneak attack - but that's equally true of fireball.

I don't think you can use a quickened spell like that. However there was a metapsionic feat in the 3.5 psionic handbook that let you use psionic touch powers as a AoO. Maybe you could work out a similar metamagic feat? An increase of 6 power points is the same as psionic quicken which would put the metamagic equivalent as a slot four levels higher.

Opportunity Power [Metapsionic]
You can make power-enhanced attacks of opportunity.

To use this feat, you must expend your psionic focus. When you make an attack of opportunity, you can use any power you know with a range of touch, if you have at least one hand free.

Manifesting this power is an immediate action.

You cannot use this feat with a touch power whose manifesting time is longer than 1 full-round action.

Using this feat increases the power point cost of the power by 6. The power’s total cost cannot exceed your manifester level.

Attacks of opportunity can be made only with melee weapons.

The word is q-workshop had fire at their factory in June/July and the dice are delayed till Aug/sept time frame.

see here for the info

Darius Silverbolt wrote:

The second darkness dice set still says on pre-order.

I had requested to have it shipped with next subsciption but its Aug now two months after expected release date and I see its still on pre-order.

What is happening?

You guys always know just what I want for my birthday :-)

I am amazed at some of the stories people have posted no wonder the FLGS are having such a hard time competing now. The whole point of this is to get people into the stores and to get people to try new products so they will come back and buy them if they like it.

I guess I should be thankful that my FLGS gets it (Myriad Games in Salem, NH) was only asked to please limit myself to up to 5 items with no duplicates. And for the record the idea that Free RPG day is a promotion work as it got me in the store today and I ended up buying a new board game to go with my shiny new pathfinder bestiary.

I was a little disappointed in the overall selection this year there wasn't a ton to pick as compared with past years. The bonus bestiary and the q-dice I thought were the best things I saw, and yet again as in 2007 the paizo product wins free RPG day in my opinion. I'm guess the economy play a big part in it this year,

Come on ship!!! You know you want to :-) I hope I get these before my group finishes 2nd darkness, we are just starting the the third AP this week I think, so time is slowly running out.