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Hey guys,

Since I am in the process of doing all of my prep-work for Jade Regent some of my playgroup recommended that I share some of work with you guys. I sat down and whipped up some appropriately sized tokens for all of the 'scripted' encounters in the Brinewall Legacy.

I doubt I'm completely alone in being tired of looking a drab unpainted mini's on our gaming bored. I've always wanted some decent looking tokens in my past adventure instead of using generic mini's(Aka. Facesmash the Barbarian over here is a goblin in today's adventure.) to ensure your players have a nice visual when they look at the combat map. That said, I took a few hours and did a little photoshop work(that I'm not very good at) to get some easy to print token's for all the encounters in the first book. Once I got into the swing of things, it was a pretty quick process once I had all the templates laid out.

Just a note, these aren't masterpieces by any stretch, but after spending some time printing them out and gluing them to some cardstock(though just about anything you can imagine would work for this to make them sturdy), I'm impressed with the outcome so far.

One thing I wanted to ask before I posted the tokens though, is that I use a lot of pathfinder art from the adventure path as well as from the various bestiaries. I just wanted to make sure that this is okay and I wouldn't cause any problems by using them. I give full credit to all the artists who drew the stuff and have no intention use sell these. I just wanted to offer a handy reference for some DM's who are in the same boat as myself.

If this won't cause any problems, I'll gladly post links to where the files can be downloaded from.

I intend to do this throughout each book of the AP, so if the community wants something like this I'd be more than willing to share what I do for all the future books as well.

As someone who is about to run JR starting this Wednesday, I would be interested in seeing what you have done.

The Exchange

Asurasan wrote:
I had to take some liberties with Muthilda and Buttersnips(I used the Paizo Nymph head), but I figure it looks okay enough for my table :)

I might change a few others, but I am definitely going to use those two.

You should checkout the Paizo Community Use for the rules on what, and how you are allowed to use Paizo art on the web. You should probably take down this down from the web as I don't believe the art you used is in the blog or the community use package. If I'm wrong and it is covered you need to have have the Paizo usage statement on the sheets.

Thanks for the info skyguard. I will contact a mod and see if there is any way I can salvage this.

I have been using monster tokens like this for years. I simply use the art any books I own (which is most of them) and a scanner to crop a picture to a square and then re-size the image to 1"x1" or whatever it may be. Mines are square since that is simply easier to make.

For monsters that are more plentiful I put a white circle in the corner of the box so I can number them. This way when my players attack somebody they can tell me " I attack goblin 3" or something.

At one point we tried using miniatures for monster but my players said that the map looked too crowded and it was harder to see the battlefield then. With using card stock tokens you can see over other "minis" with ease.

Overall each module I run takes me about 30 minutes to make all the tokens possible for that adventure. I keep them organized by book, so if I have already printed some (Looking at you Lemure from CoT) I can just pull them back out. Well worth the time I've found.

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