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Warning: Terrifying!


I bought this book because it featured an old relic: Wolfs in Sheep's clothing. While the original concept of them was just a living log with a bunny, Paizo has managed to give me NIGHT TERRORS about these things. They now insert their vines into corpses, and animate them like puppets. Sure, this sounds like something not TOO bad, but that's just the beginning. I flipped through the pages, and noticed an image of the Druid Iconic, 'Lini', sitting on the WOSC. This was slightly scary, but there was something different about her. I couldn't figure out what it was. So I kept looking through the book, until I came to the last chapter, talking about these monsters. But what was truly terrifying was the image of the beast, dragging the Druid towards it, preparing to kill her. I flipped back to the first picture, and figured out what is was. Her skin was cracked and decayed, and a root attached to her back...

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Interesting Plot


I love the plot to this, and the fact that it only uses 2 maps is great!