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ChibiNyan wrote:
3Doubloons wrote:
ChibiNyan wrote:
3Doubloons wrote:
ChibiNyan wrote:
What level were these chars? I know Kyra had a +2 on STR but nothing else.
Everyone was level 1
... Valeros has a +10 to attack rolls at some point. What's the math here?
4 (18 str) + 4 (Expert in weapons) + 1 (level) + 1 (Magic Weapon) works out for the maths.
This feels... Wrong. Wtf, that's insane!! Nothing else can come close to Fighter DPT with this.

Well, the Fighter should be unrivaled in terms of melee proficiency, imho

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Playtest Rulebook 1.6 PDF

I suggest you download this PDF. Some dedicated people have been working on this throughout the Playtest.

It's basically an updated version of the Rulebook where they've been adding all the changes that have been made to the Playtest Rulebook.
They've added the changes up to and including 1.6.

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Atalius wrote:
Good advice thanks. Sorry for the noobery but what is this fighter dedication you speak of? Does that mean multiclassing into Fighter?

Kind of, yes. The way it works in the Playtest is that instead of picking a Class feat at any level AFTER level 1, you can pick up a Dedication feat instead. So at level 2, a cleric could pick up the fighter dedication feat, which grants the cleric access to fighter feats, through other fighter dedication feats, such as the fighter dedication feat "Basic Maneuver" which lets the cleric pick a level 1 or 2 fighter class feat(such as power attack, sudden charge or double slice).

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dmerceless wrote:

Yes, that's basically my point. I don't think they are a bad tank, after 1.6 they're great tanks and defenders (although I'd still like something that extended your reach for Ret Strike if your weapon doesn't have reach, so that it isn't required, something like an extention of your weapon made of holy energy)...

Well, with the Ranged Reprisal Feat at level 1, you get the extended range you wanted. :) It lets you Step towards anyone within 5ft of your reach to make a Retributive Strike.

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I have reported a mistake you've made regarding the feat "Read Lips" on your bug report page.

Currently, as of Pathfbuilder2e v1.5, the feat is listed as a General feat only. However it is a Skill feat as well, as it is listed under the Society Skill feats list on page 162 in the Pathfinder Playtest PDF.

Please let my rogue pick the feat at level 1, pretty please. :)

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Smite Evil wrote:

Verbal action

Target: One evil creature, within 100ft

Sometimes, a swift death is the only way.
Every strike you make against your target has the wrath of your deity behind it.

Benefit: Your weapon counts as if its potency was one higher than what it is, against the target of your Smite Evil. A mundane weapon would become a +1 weapon, a +1 weapon would become a +2 weapon and so on, providing all the benefits a weapon, of that potency, would provide. Furthermore, the effect of Smite Evil is not limited by the usual limit of Potency Runes, which means using a +5 weapon against the target of your Smite Evil will make it count as a +6 weapon.

Additionally, all the damage you deal to the target of your Smite Evil ability bypasses DR of any kind.

These effects last until the target is dead, unconscious or until the Paladin announces a new target.


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A food genius! The Lard. His specialty is pig fat.

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graystone wrote:
Joe M. wrote:
This thread has THE BEST news
Now if we can just murder resonance and bulk, we'll be on our way to a fun game. ;)

Definitely DO NOT get rid of Bulk, imo. Dunno about Resonance.

Mark Seifter wrote:
Shady Stranger wrote:
Cantriped wrote:
Hythlodeus wrote:

So, the bastard sword is still piercing damage only?

I was positivly sure that was an honest mistake, now it seems just like another one of the weird design choices
The 5th level Barbarian pregen indicates Bastard Swords are actually Slashing, with Versatile P and Two-Hand d12.
So is the Bastard Sword just straight up better than the Greasword then, since you can one-hand the Bastard Sword, as well?
It's supposed to have only one damage type (though seems to me probably would be slashing, would need to check notes further) to prevent it from being slightly but strictly superior to the longsword and greatsword. We could also give it versatile and make it exotic; being a bit more versatile than a martial weapon with its traits but not more damaging is kind of exactly exotic's wheelhouse.

I guess lowering the Two-handed damage to d10 could be an option, as well? And perhaps add another trait to the Longsword to make it an attractive choice to avoid picking the Bastard Sword over it, all the time. Agile, maybe? Though, I guess Agile wouldn't make very much sense on a Longsword, hmm...

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On page 180, I noticed that the Bastard Sword only deals d8 Piercing Damage, is this correct? Or is it supposed to be Versatile like the Short Sword, Longsword and Greatsword?

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For anyone not aware, by the way, this exists; Playtest Awesome stuff! Happy reading!

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Dragon78 wrote:
Also Seoni's new look is horrible.

That's not very constructive, to be honest.

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And for future reference. I suggest you just do Point-Buy. It's much more fair that way, and this kind of stuff doesn't happen as frequently then. I remember me and my group doing rolled stats in a homemade campaign once. The point-buy ranged from something like 24 to 47 or something. It's just sad when that happens.

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Grumpus wrote:

is it possible to go below 0 Hp? Since the deadly cleave ability calls out at 0hp , and not 0 hp or below. (also i guess 0 hp is no longer staggered?)

also is taking a -4 penalty actually adding +4 since subtracting a -4 actually adds it?

I'm quite sure they've mentioned in one of their podcasts that you don't go below 0 anymore. When you get to 0HP, you go into a dying state where, each turn, you roll to save, on a failure, you go up one stage, up to "dying 4" which is to say, your character dies. There are critical successes and critical fails on these saves too, I think I remember. On a critical fail you go up two instead of one.

So you go to 0HP, your character falls over and is now dying 1.
Next turn, you roll and fail, you're now dying 2.
Next round you critically fail and go up two on the dying condition.
You're now dying 4, and dead.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong...

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Serum wrote:
Say goodbye to archer paladins, Erastil. I just hope that their innate abilities don't become shield focused, so that people don't feel punished for pursuing Two-handed or Two-weapon playstyles.

Isn't it Armor Proficiency? So two-handed Paladins should be fine, I guess. The blog didn't say anything about Shield Proficiency, though it did mention they will be able to buff their shields with the holy spirit.

*EDIT* I'm guessing the Retributive Strike can be very potent with a nice two-hander.

But wait... So since it now costs an action to take your hand off a two-handed weapon. And another action to cast lay on hands on yourself. And then another action to fix your grip again. Does that mean a Paladin wielding a two-handed weapon now has to spend all 3 actions to heal himself with LoH...? Am I way off in the wilderness now...?

This seems troublesome...

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You could check out the Pushing Assault feat. It basically makes it so that you can push people out of 5ft step range.

Let's say you walk up to a dude. Lunge for 15ft reach, and attack. He has to provoke to get to you. He walks to you and provokes. You get to attack. He gets to you after having provoked an AoO. He attacks you. You are too close to him and can't attack with a reach weapon. You 5ft step away to make room for you to attack(10ft). You attack with a power attack and use Pushing Assault to push the dude 5ft away. He's now 15ft away from you and has to provoke again in order to get to you.

Rinse and repeat. :)

Well darn... Just realized this was necro'd.

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Kevin Mack wrote:
Also seems kind of weird that both halflings and Gnomes get the exact same hp since gnomes have always been presented as more...sturdy I guess?

That's what the CON bonus represents, though, isn't it?

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Ed Reppert wrote:
Will the core rogue, barbarian, monk, and summoner be closer to the PF1 versions, or to the unchained versions?

I really hope the rogue is closer to the unchained version, tbh.

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Now, I wonder what Expert, Masterwork and Legend quality shields do.

Like for weapons you get a +1 on attack rolls with an expert quality weapon, a +2 with a masterwork quality weapon and a +3 with a legend quality weapon.

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What is your point- buy?

Zolanoteph wrote:

Oh wow, look at that.

Disregard that, I suck.

We all suck sometimes, but most of the time we rock, and kill dragons... and stuff...

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I had a friend who had his character walk out into the open, announcing he was the god of his enemies. Turned out his "enemies" were red mantis assassins. The leader of the enemies didn't believe him for a second and cast Hold Person on him.(this was in their camp) The leader then had a couple of his subordinates coup de grace him. We couldn't come to his aid in time, so he died.

Was kinda funny.

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You need the feat 'Dimensional Agility' to do anything after having used Abundant Step.

The reason they called it Abundant Step instead of Dimension Door is probably because they want to seperate the two, since one is an ability and the other is a spell.

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Feats for Reach Increase:

Lunge: As a free action(pretty much), increase reach by 5ft but you take a -2 penalty on your AC until the start of your next turn.

Combat Patrol: Full-round action to increase reach(Kinda. It's your threatened area, rather, but oh well) by 5ft per 5BAB you have. You can move up to your speed to make attacks of opportunity against anyone that provokes within the area you set up.(If I'm not entirely mistaken)

Those are the ones I know at the top of my head, at least...

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Diminuendo wrote:
Shady Stranger wrote:
Did the paladin know the dart was poisoned?

Yeah I kind of think there is a difference between "using" poison, implying intent, and poisoning someone on accident.

I mean, if my Paladin bought a round of beers for the party, and during the walk back to the table had a Rogue poison the drinks without the Paladins knowing, did the Paladin poison the party?

Mhm... I mean, if the paladin had no idea it was poisoned, should he really've fallen from grace? But then again, as long as people were okay with it, I guess it's alright.