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Ok, so I was wondering...

Titan Mauler lets a Small or Medium character wield a Large weapon, which doubles the conditional
damage you get from rage, at the cost of being 'Sluggish 1'.

At level 6 you can grab the GIANT'S STATURE Feat which says:


Prerequisites giant totem

Requirements You are Medium or smaller.
You grow to incredible size. You become Large
and increase your reach by 5 feet until you stop
raging. You have the sluggish 1 condition (see
page 324) while your size is increased.

Your equipment grows with you. If you’re using the titan
mauler ability, your weapon’s even larger size causes it to have
the same effects as normal for that ability.

Now, I was just wondering. The 'Sluggish 1' doesn't stack, right? They're just two seperate 'Sluggish' conditions that you have to keep track off, I guess?

Also, it says "...your weapon’s even larger size causes it to have the same effects as normal for that ability." Does this mean you double the already doubled conditional damage you get from using the Titan Mauler ability and wielding a Large weapon, from Rage? Or am I misunderstanding something? Perhaps you just double the BASE conditional damage you receive from Rage again and add it to the conditional damage you already have?

Also, are you able to wield a Two-handed weapon(sized for your size) in one hand as a Giant Totem Barbarian? Or is that a No-no now?

So I was just wondering...

Has anyone made any cool characters that they'd like to share? Or do you have any cool ideas or concepts for characters you'll be trying to make in PF2e? What characters have you made for Doomsday Dawn?

Hey, folks.

Don't know if this is an issue or not, but aren't most of the ancestries, besides Humans, supposed to add 2 set bonuses, 1 flaw and 1 free bonus? Right now, all I can see on the roll20 character sheet is the possibility of adding 2 bonuses and 1 flaw in the ancestry-part of the creation section. Where's the 1 free bonus?

I might be missing something entirely. And if so, my bad.