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Hello everyone, I'm considering running a RotRL campaign on Roll20. Just sending out a feeler to gauge interest in this. I'm a fairly new GM but have pretty good understanding of the system. I'm an RPer first, systems/mechanics second type of GM/player so I would really be looking for other like-minded role-players.

I'm not sure when I'd like to begin or when we would play as I am also running this AP with some friends in real life; it all depends on the reaction I get here.

I'd be looking for 4-6 experienced Pathfinder players (or GM-players), especially ones interested in helping along a fledgling GM -- if you're experienced with Roll20 or other VTT's, that's a double plus. Additionally, you MUST be patient. As I said before, I'm a fairly new GM and I'm completely new to Roll20. I'm a fast learner but everyone has their limits. We don't have to voice chat, text is an option as well (some are more comfortable talking to strangers than others). That being said, here are the remaining requirements:

15 Pt buy, up to 250gp worth of starting equipment
Paizo published materials only
Core races only (willing to consider other races from Bestiary 1 that can be used as PC races with good character background)
Non-evil alignment (will reconsider with good RP/character background)
All core and APG classes except Summoner
All class archetypes are fair game
2 Traits, at least 1 must be from the RotRL Anniversary Edition Player's Guide
Must have a reason to be in Sandpoint (RotRL Anniversary Edition Player's Guide traits help with this)

I'm interested in seeing what's up as I've never played RotRL before.

I'm thinking a Human Ranger but that can change if needed.

I would be interested in playing, although I have never played in PbP or virtual table top before. I just haven't played any RPG in so long and I am really wanting to get involved in a game. I am new to Parhfinder itself but I have played D&D for years. I don't have a character in mind yet, but I can come up with something quick.

Sovereign Court

15 PB seems very under powered for an Adventure Path.

Darkfire142 wrote:
15 PB seems very under powered for an Adventure Path.

I was under the impression APs are usually designed for 15 PB...

Sovereign Court

I played it at 25 PB and it was still extremely hard. We almost had a TPK in several circumstances. Didn't get too far in the game but if this was a hint of things to come, 15 PB seems pretty low.

Like I said, I'm running this in real life with some friends, and those friends are mostly inexperienced when it comes to tabletop gaming. I had them do a 15-point buy and they're doing fine.

Sovereign Court

APs are set for 20, but all the NPCs are at 15. I think 15 is cool.

Sovereign Court

I would be interested. I'm running Shattered Star (which is kind of a sequel to RotRL). I am also very familiar with the rules and such. I would probably build a fighter based on the Aldori Swordlords.

So that makes 3 of us so far.

A melee fighter
A ranged Ranger
And something something haha

I'd be interested as well, but have one main concern. When will you run it? I'm already trying to get people for a physical game where I live, and that already is going to be hell in itself, but my schedule is busy during the week, so I only have weekends unless I work. So I'd have to know when you play to run it if you're not going to do play by post.

Like KyleS asked, when will you be wanting to run this? I would be interested, but I don't want to get too invested if it will be played on a day I could not make it (which is why I am not thinking of a character yet).

I would be interested in playing a Sorcerer in this. I use roll20 on a regular basis for a couple of other games.

This is of course assuming the Roll20 session is not at a conflicting time. What time/timezone were you planning to run it?

So it seems there is interest here to run this, and that's great. As of right now, I'm not sure when I'd like to begin, as this was kind of just a preliminary post to gauge interest. Now that I know there is some interest, I can begin to think a bit more seriously about this.

As for when we would play, it'd have to be on a weekday night, as I play weekend nights (Friday or Saturday depending on our work schedules) with my local group. I live on the east coast US, and would probably plan this for 2-3 times a month (or more, if possible) on a weeknight from probably something like 7:00PM to 11:00PM or 8:00PM to 12:00AM (all times Eastern), but this is pretty flexible. Same goes for the night of the week.

Again, keep in mind I am a fairly new GM. I have GMed other systems before and have several sessions of PF under my belt. I also have hundreds of hours of role-playing experience in RP-heavy MUDs (in particular, one with minimal, if ANY, OOC communication).

If you have patience, are willing to put in a decent role-playing effort (this is what I feel I'm lacking in my home game), and won't mind putting up with a fairly green GM, I would love to have you in my game! I'm also willing to take on players new to Pathfinder, but would prefer experienced players and especially people who have GMed before -- I'm hoping to hone my skills and having an experienced GM or two along for the ride will certainly help with that.

7-11 pm works good for me, and is when my other games take place (eastern timezone). For weekdays, I would only be available Thursdays (my available days are Thursday through Sunday).

As for character concept, probably a half-orc or dwarf, and either fighter, barbarian, or alchemist for a class. Backstory, I would have to take a look at the player's guide for the AP.

I have been playing Pathfinder since December 2012, and been using Roll20 since June of that year. I haven't successfully DMed anything since late 2nd edition/early 3rd edition of D&D. And I have no problem with new DMs. We all have to start sometime. And always a nice thing to see people taking up the mantle of DM/GM.

I should be able to meet whatever timeframe y'all set as most of my responsibilities are during the day.

I've been playing Pathfinder since my old group made the switch from 3.5 over a year ago. I've run a few non-pathfinder games and am currently running Edge of the Empire but that won't interfere with whatever you've got planned. I've been a player in a few Roll20 game's so I know a bit about the non-GM side of that as well.

Personally, I prefer novice GM's because they bring about new ideas and the sessions are relatively fresh because they're trying to get into their own grove. Count me in =D

I was thinking of the Chirurgeon archetype of alchemist, to cover some of the healing, as well as creating healing potions for the party. And probably go with human for race, instead.

need another? I was thinking of going wizard.

I would love to throw in my name. I have some experience using D20Pro, though not Roll20. I have however toyed with Roll20 a little as a DM. I have played through a large chunk of ROTRL years upon years ago, though that was not the AE version. I have been playing Pathfinder since release, and would love to play. I am an experienced roleplayer, and love creating unique and interesting characters that are more fluff than crunch, though I still make sure my characters are good at what they do.

I am also in the Eastern Time Zone in the States, and could be available 2-3 times a week. I get home from work around 8:30 most nights and could be playing by 9, though on Tuesday I can play at anytime, including 7-11pm or later.

I would be interested in playing a swashbuckling Varisian Bard who follows in the footsteps of Cayden Cailean. I would be willing to change character if need be to something a little more appropriate, or to cover a vital role lacking in the group. I also had an interesting Brawler Fighter idea that I may be interested in playing, or a Knife Fighter(not sure of Class, just the focus on Knives).

I would be interested as well. I'm fairly new to Pathfinder myself, and am a new GM as well. I have experience with maptools but have only really glanced at Roll20. I'd love to play nearly anything, as every class interests me in Pathfinder. Have only gotten to play a handful of sessions, been running a game for my friends. I'm also EST, and can play pretty much any weeknight.

Okay, I've received enough responses now that I'd like to start gathering character sheets and background info for your characters. In addition to the responses here, I've also received a few PMs from interested players, and based on responses so far, it looks like I've got more people interested than I am able to handle, so unfortunately, I am forced to choose.

This is where you come in -- as I am a sucker for good role-play, story, and fluff, well written characters will get preference over cookie cutter or over-done concepts.

I'm setting the deadline now for October 25th to submit character sheets and backgrounds. I'll also take into consideration those who responded to this thread early on, but I feel that a straight first come, first serve selection would be just as unfair as any other method, this being an open forum and all. Please don't feel bad if you are not selected! And please read my previous post about when we would be able to play before you submit to make sure we are all on the same page -- to reiterate, we will play on a weeknight (flexible but preferably early in the week), 2-3 times a month (flexible, possibly more depending on availability), and probably 3-4 hour sessions sometime between 7PM and midnight (also flexible), Eastern US time.

I suggest using Myth-Weavers for your sheet, as that is probably what I will be using to organize the AP, but dndsheets works just as well. For what it's worth, they each use a similar online sheet format. Either online sheet has plenty of text boxes for character background, description, personality, etc., for you to fill in.

Your background doesn't have to be long, no more than a paragraph, but you can write more if you'd like. Make sure your characters have a reason to be in Sandpoint for the Swallowtail Festival. Choosing one of the AP campaign traits can help with this, as well as reading the Character Tips, all of which can be found in the Rise of the Runelords AE Player's Guide, which can be downloaded from paizo.com. I have also made it available via Google Drive, here: RotRL AE Player's Guide. If you choose to download it from Paizo, make sure it's the AE version as there are some major differences between the OGL 3.5 and the PFRPG editions.

Once all submissions are in, I will make my decisions and PM those who I have chosen to participate. I'll try do this within a week of the submission date. I'm looking forward to reading all your submissions, and good luck!

Link to sheet Hope I get in!

Im thinking either Vanilla Bard or a Sound Striker. Half Elf or Human. Will have sheet up later. Character will be from Sandpoint and have background ties to ancient Thassilon.

I hear there is some debate over whether you can target the same person more than once with Wierd Words, what is your stance on it?

Here is my character, I hope it meets all the requirements. The background story is down the page under the "Other Notes" section. This link should work to let you view it.


Shadoven wrote:

Im thinking either Vanilla Bard or a Sound Striker. Half Elf or Human. Will have sheet up later. Character will be from Sandpoint and have background ties to ancient Thassilon.

I hear there is some debate over whether you can target the same person more than once with Wierd Words, what is your stance on it?

RAW says each sound affects one target. There is no requirement in the rule which says each target must be different. Seems pretty straightforward to me. :)

I would like to submit this sorceress. Details are in the profile.

Here's Kaizar Faust, the human chirurgeon alchemist, submitted for (hopefully) approval.

For your consideration the Human Ranger Hugh Tiberius Gatsby

Hope to play with y'all soon =D

Oh, and I forgot to mention, if you would end up doing this every other week (since you said 2-3 times a month), I would be available every other Tuesday, starting the 29th of October, going every other Tuesday from there.

Im going to have to bow out due to life stuff...good luck everyone!

Unfortunately, I must take my alchemist out of consideration for the game, due to real life stuff, as my weekday nights are now taken.

Good luck to the others.

Hello everyone! Time for an update: since my last post, the four characters who have been submitted in this thread are the only characters who have been submitted (aside from Adjule's character, who has withdrawn from the campaign). That being said, unless a handful of people submit characters in the remainder of this week, you're all welcome to play!

So I'd like now to take a roll call. We have so far:

NapstasInvictus - Human Ranger, Hugh Tiberius Gatsby
Bowen Fitzcairn - Human Rogue, Valentin
Zotsune - Elven Wizard, Salvador Swiftpen
Cronax - Gnomish Sorcerer, Kaloo Narvian

Is everyone still in at this point?

If Sunday was a choice, then I could be able to play.

Good luck to those four, and any other that would maybe show up. Don't forget your healing potions. :)

I'm still interested. You mentioned weekday nights at 7pm EST. I can do that on Mondays, Fridays, every other Tuesday (starting the 29th) or every other Wednesday (starting the 23rd). If none of those days work for everyone else, I can drop however.

Looks like the real life stuff that made me drop out is now a no-go. So, if possible, I would like to re-submit my alchemist for consideration. Every other Tuesday (starting the 29th) and all Thursdays are my available days (as well as Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

I'm still good with playing, My schedule's pretty flexible so I think I can work in whatever time frame we decide. I look forward to p'twanging things with y'all!

I'm still interested if the game is going to move forward.

Okay, I didn't receive any more submissions, so you're all in. Let's start in a few weeks, if that's cool with everyone? Adjule, you said every other Tuesday, beginning today? How about our first session two weeks from today, at, we'll say, 7:30 EST. How does that work for everyone?

That works fine for me. Did you want to do it through a G+ Hangout or as a standalone?

2 weeks from today sounds good to me. And the time works for me as well. All my other games are 7-11pm. I will have to take a look for a decent image to use for his token.

Got a link to the roll20 campaign, Mr El Cuervo?

Not yet, but I'll have the link available over the weekend. Don't think I have forgotten about all of you. Life has been cray. Everyone still in?

I am still in

Same here!

I'm still down for it.

Hey guys, tomorrow night at 7:30PM EST. I'll PM each of you the Roll20 campaign link.

Are you excited? I am!

Hi everyone. I'm sorry to announce that I cannot continue as GM of this campaign. Work and school have proven to be too time consuming for me to dedicate myself to running this campaign properly. I wish I had the foresight to realize this before getting you all to commit yourselves. I guess that's why they say hindsight is 20/20. With the holiday season coming soon, it becomes even more difficult to find the time to pursue leisurely activities.

I didn't want to let any of you down but it wouldn't be fair for me to continue and provide you all only a half-arsed campaign. If I were to continue, my heart wouldn't be in it, and your experience as players would be lacking, because I don't have the time I need to properly prepare for each session.

If someone else wants to take over as GM I'll gladly sign the Roll20 campaign over to anyone who is interested.

Perhaps I could pick it back up again -- maybe after the holiday season is over, though I'm not sure what my course load will look like after the new year. Once more, I'm sorry to get you all invested into this, only to drop out myself. I suppose it's a lesson learned that won't soon be forgotten.


No worries on that. Stuff happens, so it is understandable.

That's too bad. PM me if you think you try to resume next year.

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