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Thanks for all the great ideas. Please keep them coming.

Torm - I will not disagree with the railroading but I would like to make it feel more like an organic barrier. Not that they cannot ever defeat the threat but that to do so now is beyond their abilities. When they get through the dungeon if they wish to return to defeat the enemies that pushed them there that will be a choice on the table.

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To preface - I have a party of 5 that are essentially glass cannons. They have been able to put out enough damage quickly enough that they have not been super threatened even in large encounters with me not pulling punches. that begin said they have no AC, as most of them spent a large sum on good weapons, and even less hit points, offering them to roll or take the PFS advancement has resulted in lots of 1's being rolled for HP.

So I am working on an encounter that I actively want them to run from. I want to use it as a lead in to a dungeon crawl session and would like to progress something like the watcher in the water encounter to force the party to organically flee into a mine/crypt/dungeon area.

Are there any suggestions out there how to present this encounter to a party who have become over confident in their damage dealing ability? Would you suggest it to them or make it appear as if their weapons have no affect?

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So I am looking for interesting monsters for my characters to encounter. Any CR is fine but we are currently looking in the APL range of 3-5. I would like to stick to Paizo published works as I tend to shy away from 3rd party products. Please cite your source and CR as it would be a great help.

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Ranger Alisa is banned for existing in a realm of pure imagination without the direct written consent of Willie Wonka or the National Imagination League hear by violating Section of the End User Agreement regarding Imagination use.

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From experience using Mythic on a home brew i have the following statements

1) The previously stated impact on power levels is true. It took me the better part of 6 or 7 sessions to learn to balance the challenges as far as DCs and CRs especially if you are using non mythic monsters. Just give yourself some time and hopefully your players will be patient as you figure it out

2) Make sure your players know their abilities and are versed in what their classes and mythic powers do. Otherwise you have a round of combat taking way too long as players try to figure out what to do.

I think that is all I have at the moment. I may come up with some more as I think about it more.

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Drunken Brute Archetype. Just keep drinking.

Raging Drunk (Ex): While raging, the drunken brute can drink a potion, or a tankard of ale or similar quantity of alcohol, as a move action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity. A potion has its normal effect, while an alcoholic drink allows the barbarian to maintain her rage that round without expending a round of rage for the day (instead of the alcohol's normal effects). For each alcoholic drink consumed while raging, the barbarian is nauseated for 1 round when her rage expires, in addition to the normal fatigue that follows a rage. Tireless rage does not negate this nauseated condition but the internal fortitude rage power does. This ability replaces fast movement.

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+50 may be a bit high. You could give them a +2 like most background traits or a +4 which is essentially a free feat. Also I think one of the biggest conceits is that your characters may not necessarily be the best _____ in town like in a movie. Mostly because in the RP your characters have recieved some basic training and have a large amount of time to train up and become excellent over where as in a movie we have only a short amount of time to get to know the character and build up to a pay off.

think of your game more like a nice long book or a television series. In the beginning the characters may have a reputation whether earned or not but they are not the best per se. However over the course of several chapters we learn how they gain skills or hone natural abilities to become ever more amazing. Taking from the classic LoTR approach your characters are Frodo and the hobbits not the Mannish Prince Aragorn, or the renowned archer Legolas.

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I am working on a game idea and cannot seem to find conversation beyond “Man isn’t this big thing cool” regarding the tarrasque.

My hope is to build the game up around an end of the world type of scenario where the eventual big bad is the devourer of worlds, the tarrasque. I would like to use the mythic rule set as well as the additional 1st party works (ie PHB, APG, ARG, UC, etc) for my game. As I set down to draft out a general outline of the progression I would like to use I have come across a couple of questions that I was hoping I could have answered. Also I would like to ask for advice or experiences any has had using or facing the tarrasque as I have done neither.

• What level (CL/MR) would be a good point to encounter the tarrasque or to start to encounter creatures of that magnitude? I know that mythic messes up the basic APL-CR charts.
• What kind of gear is useful that should be acquirable or received during questing for such an endeavor?
• Are there any restrictions you would place on PC classes or class options to make sure the tarrasque stays a viable threat to the party? ( who wants a battle with no stakes?)
• How would you first introduce this terrible force of nature type creature to the party to let them know what is coming and at what level would you tip your hand on such a surprise?

Again any assistance or conversation is welcome. I am trying to create a difficult and hopefully memorable adventure for some rather jaded players so…

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To expand on part 2a:

Let us say I am standing 5 ft away from a 10 ft tall building with a reach weapon. Any one standing at the edge of the building is currently out of my reach (using basic math he is roughly 12 ft away). If that same character would drop to the square next to me he would pass through the square I threaten vertically. Would I then get an attack of opportunity?

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This question may already exist somewhere in the long lost annuls of this forum and if someone could like it that would be great.

If a Magus uses Still spell or the Still spell Arcana or another method for removing the somatic component of a spell can they than use a two handed weapon and still have full access to the breath of their spell combat/spell strike abilities?

Again a straight answer or link to the answer would be greatly appreciated.

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So I have been working on writing up an adventure path for several friends of mine using Golarion as the setting (I will be honest this may change to a home brew setting but for now I like using the established world) and I have been coming up with some questions that I have asked those I am working for but I would also like some feed back from the Pathfinder community as a whole!

What story elements do you look for in a(n) game/adventure paths? Specifically what kind of things do you find you tend to remember the most or do you find the most interesting/entertaining.

What kind of encounters do you enjoy or could you do without? This could be anything from monster encounters to traps to puzzles. What kind of challenges do you enjoy over coming?

What monsters or traps do you find under utilized or would you like to see more of in a game or adventure path? If there is something from a non PFRPG source (story other fantasy RPG incarnation) that would be interesting also

What do you find interesting in currently existing AP or Modules for the PFRPG brand?

As always any and all input is greatly appreciated guys. Thank you in advance for helping me create an awesome story for my friends and if fortune should smile on me and I get the chance to publish for anyone else who should play through my work.

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First Timers!! I got in this year because I actually remembered to check up on it and when it would start. Thankfully I got an email 3 days before submissions were due!I almost would have preferred the Wondrous Items task but this new task puts a lot of us new bloods on the same level as the old timers.

I hope to move one and am really excited to see what else is out there!

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I am pretty happy with what I have. It works into the larger scheme of things. Although I am unsure as to some of the math or mechanics of the item. I am super interested to see what I am up against and how many people submitted.

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Recently my gaming group has become quite enthusiastic about the Mythic Adventures suplement for PFRPG as we have been looking for something to make characters and villains feel much more powerful than the typical PC class would. As such we have begun running a pair of games (or more specifically I am running one game and playing in another)

Currently I am working on a Cleric character hoping to take the Marshal Mythic Path. My concept is that of a battlefield commander who is able to get resources where they need to be as well as be where he needs to be in order to maximize not only my own abilities but those of my allies.

I was hoping for some advice on which path abilities or feats to take along the way. I am a Level 2 CG Cleric with the War and Strength domains. Our game only uses the PHB and APHB. I have been considering taking the Mythic Selective Channeling for the boost in my Channel heals and the Decisive Strike Marshal Order. I am still unsure which path ablities to take or to plan for

Any help or feed back will be greatly appreciated.