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So I have been working on writing up an adventure path for several friends of mine using Golarion as the setting (I will be honest this may change to a home brew setting but for now I like using the established world) and I have been coming up with some questions that I have asked those I am working for but I would also like some feed back from the Pathfinder community as a whole!

What story elements do you look for in a(n) game/adventure paths? Specifically what kind of things do you find you tend to remember the most or do you find the most interesting/entertaining.

What kind of encounters do you enjoy or could you do without? This could be anything from monster encounters to traps to puzzles. What kind of challenges do you enjoy over coming?

What monsters or traps do you find under utilized or would you like to see more of in a game or adventure path? If there is something from a non PFRPG source (story other fantasy RPG incarnation) that would be interesting also

What do you find interesting in currently existing AP or Modules for the PFRPG brand?

As always any and all input is greatly appreciated guys. Thank you in advance for helping me create an awesome story for my friends and if fortune should smile on me and I get the chance to publish for anyone else who should play through my work.

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