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Recently my gaming group has become quite enthusiastic about the Mythic Adventures suplement for PFRPG as we have been looking for something to make characters and villains feel much more powerful than the typical PC class would. As such we have begun running a pair of games (or more specifically I am running one game and playing in another)

Currently I am working on a Cleric character hoping to take the Marshal Mythic Path. My concept is that of a battlefield commander who is able to get resources where they need to be as well as be where he needs to be in order to maximize not only my own abilities but those of my allies.

I was hoping for some advice on which path abilities or feats to take along the way. I am a Level 2 CG Cleric with the War and Strength domains. Our game only uses the PHB and APHB. I have been considering taking the Mythic Selective Channeling for the boost in my Channel heals and the Decisive Strike Marshal Order. I am still unsure which path ablities to take or to plan for

Any help or feed back will be greatly appreciated.

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Typically clerics take Heirophant path.

Marshal is the most lackluster path. It wont help your spell casting and there is very little that boosts your abilities. Marshal was designed more for the bard or evangelist cleric. Atleast they benifit the most from the path.

There is a few path abilities that use channel but that is the weakest ability on a cleric. And I always oppose channel clerics since they are totally ignoring the strength of a cleric.

Feat wise your going to need mythic spell lore so you can get mythic spells.
I recommend universal path for +ability and legendary item.

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Frankly as a marshal cleric...pick whatever strikes your fancy. You don't really benefit from a whole lot on this path. Loyalty is only good if your dm allows Leadership.

Rally or Advance are in my opinion better choices than decisive strike.

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