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Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
Salcor13 wrote:
I love that people like Own Stephens and Ki-ryn have chimed in here. I would love to see the starship rules that Ki-Ryn has come up with. Unfortunately the D20 Future starship and mecha rules were a little weak. To base SW Saga edition wasn't OGL it would solve a lot of the D20 Modern issues.

Sadly, the words "Star Wars" and "open" just don't mix. :)

What would you most like to see in a set of mecha and starship rules?

Owen K.C. Stephens,

Sorry I haven't replied been a little busy recently. With the various science fiction games running around today I think there is a big guess on home to treat vehicles. After thinking about it for a while I think what you and the SWSE team did with starships that stand out from most scifi games is that starship combat is seemless with the standard character combat. I think a lot of people are caution with starships initially because they are use to most scifi rpgs that make space combat this extremely difficult mechanic that requires a completely seperate set of skills. With that in mind, the feats and talents that most characters get are directly applicable either in personal combat or vehicular combat. I think too often scifi rpgs suffer from the iconic vehicle illness. For example, battletech has an amazingly rich fluffy background world behind it. But the universe revolves around battlemechs, which makes it difficult to say due a archeological expedition to find a lost castle brian. Everyone usually wants to be mech pilots.

So I would say have vehicles be an extension of personal level actions like combat, keeping it simple so that any character can participate.


GRC team,
I am looking forward to reading through this product, from what I have read here it soon be great. Unfortunately I am having a little trouble downloading it from RPGNow. I do have a few questions.

Is this product backwardly compatible with D20 Modern? That was one of the big points about Pathfinder, it was suppose to be compatible with the 3.5 products.

Do any of the D20 Modern Talen Trees exist in this product? I know this will be answered when I read through it, but I was just wondering.

I love that people like Own Stephens and Ki-ryn have chimed in here. I would love to see the starship rules that Ki-Ryn has come up with. Unfortunately the D20 Future starship and mecha rules were a little weak. To base SW Saga edition wasn't OGL it would solve a lot of the D20 Modern issues.


Come, get down with the sickness...... I am down for Pathfinder Modern. Just let me know when to sign on the dotted line. Dawning Star must live, and there doesn't seem to be another system out there through which it can live. For advertisement I recommend getting on the podcast circuit. Accidental Survivors, D20 Radio, the brilliant gameologist...anyone who will have you on for 15 minutes to talk about this project. Standing by to sign on.


I just saw this recently and I have to say I am in. Just need to know when and where to send the money. I have heard great things about pathfinder, just haven't purchased it yet. I liked the D20 Modern system, and its flexiability. If this comes to pass all I have to say is

Dawning Star Pathfinder.


I added Helios Rising to the order (The supplier had a print copy! I thought it was pdf only). Thanks for the advice.

Acutally is is available in both print and pdf. Justin Jacobson from Blue Devil Games is an generally will answer any questions you have. Also take a look at the terraforms at rpgnow. They add some more prestige classes, and world organizations plus at least one adventure. The Dawning Star webiste also has a few free adventures on them. Also a fan did a short run of podcasts called radio free eos. The are good for setting the mood and hooks for adventures.


Daeglin wrote:
I've been looking into this setting. Anyone know much about it? Is it just a campaign setting or is it their reworking of d20 Modern rules? If you've played using it, love to hear your opinion. Both on the quality of material, and the quality of the dead tree print product if you've seen it.

The Dawning Star world is one of the best put together Sci-fi worlds I have come across in a few years. It is well thought out and has a great unified vision. One of the other things I like is how they limited there world to not make it too large. A lot of sci fi games out there are usually on the galaxy, or multi-verse level which is just too much. With Dawning Star the main book focuses on humanities new home Eos. Then the Helios Rising book expands on the rest of the solar system, but trys to limit it to that system to tell a better story. I highly recommend it, because the campaign setting they designed allows you to play any number of sci fi game types. There are aliens that contribute to the bug hunt model, there are ancient alien ruins for the pulp/indiana jones model, there are other alien races for the diplomacy, there is a dividing of humanity that contributes to strife and espionage. If you get it I definately recommend Helios Rising. I would also take a look at the terraformer pdf releases on rpgnow.


Looking for a couple of Dark Heresy players in Albuquerque NM. Planning on playing every other Wednesday night at 6:00PM at Active Imaginations on the North East Side. Next week, February 4th to make characters and start the adventure. If you are interested please email me at salcor3052@yahoo.com


Unfortunately my availability did not overlap with saurstalker's group. I was wondering if there is any interest in playing Star Wars Saga edition, or Dark Heresy on sunday afternoons? I am willing to run the either. Although to be honest I have been kind of fiending to play star wars saga (listening to the Order 66 podcast has gotten me interested).


What if that first time travel event led to the creation of the T-1000?

According to the novelization of Terminator 2, the time travel timeline of the first two movies went like this. Conner and Techcom defeated skynet. To try and win skynet sent back the first terminator, conner sent back reese to defend his mother and be born, then the T-1000 crept through the human lines to the time machine, and went back shortly after reese went back. Based on that, Conner reprogramed the T-800 and sent it back to defend himself from the T-1000. From there I am not really sure how the terminator continuity continues (completely muttled by T-3). I am really looking forward to Terminator Salvation. I think the producers of the TV show are actually the producers of the movie so there is some continutiy there between the two (especially since one of the quotes from the preview was something like "The war came, but it was not the war my mother prepared me for.")

Still its a great start to a second season though!

I completely agree. I am really enjoying the show, and I think it is awesome with the addition of the T-1000 as the big baddie.


Saurstalk wrote:

If there's anyone out there who favors taking on Pathfinder (and/or 3.5 with House Rules), d20 Modern, and/or Star Wars Saga Edition, let me know.

I'm more than willing to DM, share the role of DM, or even join a group.

I'm only available for weekend play.

As for demographics - I'm a 30 something government attorney with wife, kids, dogs and cat. Gaming is essentially my sole creative outlet from the joys of defending agency actions in employment and labor litigation.

Look forward to hearing from you.


I will actually be moving to Albuquerque next month and I am definately game for some D20 Modern or Star Wars Saga, although probably not until August after I buy a house and settle in at the new unit.

demographics wise, I am 30 something, military helicopter pilot with a wife, no kids dogs or cats yet. I have been an avid gamer since I was 11. If you have availability in your group please drop me a line as salcor3052@yahoo.com


I think it is awesome that you are writing this to be so open. Are you writing it like some of the systemless settings out there now or are you changing the fluff of the adventure to meet the world's fluff? I am a huge fan of Dawning Star, and I would love to see how you are fitting this in. (In fact I posted this up on blue devil games boards.).


That would be outstanding! Sign me up.


This is awesome. Right up the alley of how I have been wanting to convert the adventure paths. Do you have any conversion notes that you are using?


It is kind of funny, last night before I went to sleep I had a small idea. For converting Savage Tides to a sci-fi adventure path one of the important things is what are the pearl, and why are they being used. Perhaps the pearls are something like the alien probe from the TV show Threshold. Instead of terraforming a planet to a races standards, the 'pearls' convert the creatures of the planet to the race trying to take over.


mearrin69 wrote:

Was doing some thinking on this because I'd like to run a D20 Modern-based sci-fi game at some point.

When I made my original post I was thinking towards hard-sci-fi because that's my tendancy but there's certainly no reason that, for instance, the black pearls in STAP couldn't be some sort of superscience alien artifact that do...something.

The halos in Halo and the Ancient box in Stargate (the thing that killed the Replicators) are great examples of artifacts that wreak havok on those currently living in the universe.

Creatures like Stargate's Ancients (ascended beings) are a possibility for representing abyssal/infernal and celestial beings that appear in the APs.

I suppose all of this is pretty obvious to most - though it wasn't really that plain to me because I tend to stay away from science-fantasy most of the time.

PS. I loves me some Gamma World too. I guess that's science-fantasy, isn't it? :)

True, progentitor races are very common in science fiction given the age of the universe. Look at the Vorlons and Shadows from Bablyon 5. They weren't even the oldest ones, just the ones that didn't decide to hope to the next plain of reality. There are always empires and races that are also long gone. So the demon princes/angelic host could easily be converted to something akin to the vorlons and shadows.


I might have to check it out. I did pick up a copy of Crime Scene Supernatureal from Hogshead at Gencon. It is pretty good too. Also the Game Mechanics Modern Magic has a section on magic and police investigation in it.


Well actually any kind of travel from one adventure site to another could be done by space travel. I heard someone had done the Return to the Temple of Elemental evil like this.The little river settlement of Nulb became a pirate moon base ect. Shackled city could work as a modern or sci-fi adventure but most of it takes place within Cauldron so theres not as much space travel happening there.

That is true. And thinking about it I am going to start working to convert Shackled City to D20 Modern for my wifes games. Since there is not town or city in the us similar to Cauldron I will have it set around Lake Tahoe.


mearrin69 wrote:

You know, that's actually not a bad idea at all. You could do it with any of the three - just have to copy the basic flow of the plot with different window dressing (i.e. no demons, no magic) and objectives. Still, I think it could work well.

In Shackled City, I could see Calderon as a space station or asteroid city and someone is trying to open up a rift to another, alien, dimension or something. Little bit of Doom-style maybe. Or, in Age of Worms the players are facing a zombie plague or similar disease bioengineered by some long-dead (or is he) scientist - now being spread by his modern-day eugenics-friendly followers who hope to achieve his aims.

You'd have to do a lot of manipulation to change all of the concepts into something that worked for sci-fi but it might well be worth it.

Yeah that is why I thought to start with savage tides. you could start the characters out on planet, let them get their ship from the destroyed pirates, jump to the next planet. Perhaps the 'savage tide' is actually an alien plot to destroy all the major human settlements in the system using a super gamma radiation weapon or something.


A random idea. Since we know that Paizo won't produce a Sci-fi adventure path perhaps we should work on converting one of the existing adventure paths to science fiction. Savage Tibe might be a great one to start with considering it deals with sea travel a good analogy for space tavel.


Those all sounds like good ideas. I totally understand about not having too many ideas and not enough time. I am trying to put together a campaign that starts as a normal cop investigation, then leads to the characters discovering magic, with the main bad guys being dragons. I thought converting Eyes of the Lich Queen might work out, but I need to pick it up and take a look at it. It would be nice if they would release Dark Matter as OGL.


Savage_ScreenMonkey wrote:

I think one of the main issues when it comes to modern games is that there are so many diffrent styles of modern play that trying to pin one kind of adventure or AP is difficult at best.

Lets just say Paizo released a Modern adventure, what would it be?
Weird Horror in the Call of Cthulhu vein
Hard core like the Kult rpg
Action adventure like Jason Bourne
Espionage like James Bond
Urban Arcana or Dark Matter

Sorry I haven't been around for a while, been busy with work. I have seen a number of colaberative online efforts to create a setting for people to play in. So I guess the question is what do WE want to see in a setting. Perhaps we should just start with Screenmonkey's list above an start throwing out some campaign world ideas.


I guess I should let everyone know that I just submitted an adventure to Blue Devil Games for the D20 campaign world Dawning Star, but it is pretty straight forward so you could probably use it in any gaming world. Hopefully it should be published in a month or two. It is intended to the be the first adventure in a three adventure series. Although my day job keeps me from writing two quickly so it may be another year before I can finish the next one.


Diafanus wrote:
I don't know much about the Dark Matter setting, but I used to be a big fan of Alternity's StarDrive. But again, making a generic 'future' campaign would be ideal, except as the few voices here just pointed out everyone has a different idea of what would make a good setting. So I think the best approach would be a generic AP that would work for each type of D20 Future. That may seem like asking too much from the writers, but they had to make similiar descions for D&D AP's, and then include notes on conversion to campiagn specific settings.

Sorry, I am not trying to be a nay sayer about creating a generic sci-fi adventure path. I guess what I didn't say is what do people want for the setting. For example, what PL are we looking at. Or it would be even better to say how do PLs in different areas break out. Will the setting be space opera, science fantasy, hard sci-fi, space western. Honestly I think a setting based off Peter F. Hamilton's Nights Dawn Trilogy would be awesome! It has just about everything, starship energy weapons, physical enhancement, networks, etc. Perhaps addressing some of the questions in the Ronin Arts scifi campaign planner would be good. I am definately on board to help out.


I for one think it would be a great thing since there is very little support for D20 Modern/Future right now. The only company really putting out D20 Future adventures is Blue Devil Games for Dawning Star. I really can't think of any others. On my long list of things to do is to convert the star frontier adventures and the traveller 2300 adventures to D20 Future. Everyone is so different in what they like and how they approach things I can see how it would be hard to create a generic sci-fi adventure path.

As to D20 Modern, I do agree that Dark Matter is probably the best campaign setting to create adventures for. The 3rd thing on my to-do list is to convert the Eberron 'Eyes of the lich queen' adventure to D20 Modern for my wife. The idea is based off a combination of blood and dragons and the Dark inheritance book. Magic, and dragons exist just behind the scenes, but an artifact has been discovered that would allow anyone to control them....relic hunt ensues.

If people are looking to post their own person adventures/ adventure paths I highly recommend Eruvian.com. It is a website dedicated to world creation. Perhaps we can start working on an adventure path there.


James Jacobs wrote:
If we do a D20 Modern adventure path... it'll be it's own product. Pathfinder is the swords & sorcerery D&D style version of the adventure path, and that's not gonna change.

So James are you taking submissions for D20 Modern/Future modules?


Mosaic wrote:
I've suggested it before, but I think a Gamemastery adventure or two set in a modern/future version of the Pathfinder world would be fun. All the regular Pathfinder stuff could be like ancient history. But that way no one would have to reinvent cultures or races or anything. It would be an instantly rich, history-steeped modern world other than our own.

I think that the only problem with that would be that the pathfinder world is to very detailed at the moment. That is why the Greyhawk 2000 world would have worked well. We had 30 years worth of setting development that could have shown how the world would grow. Perhaps another idea would be to create a modern fantasy world, like Greyhawk 2000, and with its history open up a fantasy world as well.


Matthew Morris wrote:


While I don't have any material to contribute, ever thought about getting a group to collect, edit, and put in PDF form? Maybe sell through Paizo.

This is the main reason for this thread. I hate to say it, but everyone is probably right about a published adventure path not selling well, but we can at least start trading ideas for adventures. See what people are interested in. Perhaps even start a website where people can post open content adventures. Just trying to get the ball rolling for some synergy on the board.


Well, over the last few years a small minority of us have been posting our interest at paizo publishing good quality adventures at the same level that they publish DnD adventures. So I would like to get everyone together who is interested in that. I guess we need to figure out what we want from them, and how we want it. A number of people have mentioned that they have adventures that they wouldn't mind submitting, so I think we should start. If you have a quality adventure, start flooding paizo with you submissions. Or perhaps, since dungeon and dragon have gone online, perhaps we can submit them to WOTC for some actual D20 Modern online support. Are people interested in this? Could we accomplish it? Everyone knows the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Hmmmm, maybe is some of the paizo people are listening, perhaps we can have a little D20 Modern/future adventure writing contest. Contest winned gets an Gamemastery adventure published....what would you guys say to that?


Just wanted to let everyone know about this awesome game at Gencon Indy this year. The first ticket is for auction today here: http://cgi.ebay.com/Dawning-Star-Charity-VIP-Game-Ticket-1-Gen-Con_W0QQitem Z300128859999

And for the event description (copy of official post from Blue Devil Games)

The purpose of this post is to explain how I'll be releasing the tickets to play in the Dawning Star VIP Game to benefit the Shriners Hospitals for Children and featuring our guest-of-honor JD Wiker! Follow the link for more info about the game. Long-story short, we're going to have an awesome Dawning Star game and raise a ton of money to help some needy kids.

Here's the plan: I've got four tickets for a seat in the actual game--only four! I will auction the tickets off via Ebay one per week over a four-week period. The first ticket will go up for auction on Monday. (I'll post a reminder and a link here when it goes live.) The bidding starts at $60, but 100% of the proceeds will get donated to the hospital, so obviously I'm hoping to raise a good bit more than that. During the final week, when the fourth ticket is up for auction, I will also put 10 spectator tickets up for sale direct through my website and via One Bookshelf.com, priced at $40. (OBS has graciously agreed to waive their normal comission for the sales so all of the money will be going to the kids.)

Now, you might be saying to yourself that $40+ is a lot of money to spend for an rpg game. You'd be right. But this isn't just an rpg game, this is a once-in-a-lifetime event! For starters, everyone who comes--players and spectators alike--will enjoy free food and drink throughout the event. Everyone who comes will get a signed limited edition publication (fluff and rules usable in most any d20 sci-fi campaign, written by yours truly). Everyone who comes will get a limited edition hat or shirt (TBD, we're still working on the design). We'll also hold free raffles for some singular items (rare OOP game books, signed paraphenalia, etc.) throughout the event. That's roughly a $100 value. But that's not all!

Players in the event will get all of that and more:
A complete copy of the entire Dawning Star line signed by the authors
Future Players Companion signed by JD Wiker
Future Tiles: Starships from Fiery Dragon Productions (thanks, guys!)
Shadow War (the DS mega-adventure) in pdf format upon its release
Oh yeah, a seat at what will prove to be an rpg event they'll never forget!
Customized PC creation with lead DS designer Lee Hammock
Inclusion of their PC in a future DS publication
A custom portrait of their PC by DS artist extraordinaire Danilo Moretti
And much, much more! (We are still talking with other companies for product donations like minis and dice.)

That's on the order of a $300-400 value. And, it bears repeating, 100% of all of the money received for the player and spectator tickets will be donated to the hospital. So get ready! Next week, you might just be able to get the rarest single piece of paper in the history of RPGs:

Another interesting take on the D0 adventure could be that the characters are US National Guardsmen on deployment in either Iraq or Afghanistan. The herbalist could be a Doctor, either US military or doctors without boarders, that sends the characters to get samples to make an antidote. It so happens that Al Queda or Talaban forces are testing a sutble biological weapons on the town's people before unleashing it on the world.


I would agree. Actually an interesting setting for the adventure would be in, or near a native amarican reservation, or old indian burial ground. Might make it fun.


Jeremy Mac Donald wrote:
I don't use dawning star so I'm not really all that familiar with it. I am a little curious why you felt Shut In made a good module for a modern conversion.

Well at the moment I am playing/dabbling with Dawning Star the most right now, so that is why I based it in the campaign world. I am planning on changing it up a little.

As to why I converted it to modern. After reading the adventure it seemed to have the feel that would not be limited by time, or technology. It is a basic human storyline of greed, and vanity. Auraluna could be any older woman that was a former leader in the community that has fallen from the lime light. The adventure is a fairly basic investigation/ roleplaying scenario that the characters are placed in. Also the limited appearence of magical aspects are easy to convert. The swan street slicer could be any deranged human. The Death Dog could easily be replaces by any animal. Instead of using a wand to put people in the walls she could just as easily direct her minion in how to brink them in (or perhaps she use to make pottery so she nows how to work with clay and directs him through it.) In the final battle she does need magic to be dangerous. Maybe she has a saw-off shotgun under here bed because she is paranoid.

Of all the published dungeon adventures it seemed the easist to convert to a D20 Modern/Future setting. I will have to change it up a little for a more generic D20 Modern setting. Would people perfer non-FX, or Urban Arcana?


I have been wanting to do a conversion of this adventure to Dawning Star in a while. So here it is.


Dungeon 128 Shut In
A Dawning Star D20 Future Conversion

This conversion is set up for the D20 Future campaign world of Dawning Star. This adventure can be in any city, but for purposes of this conversion it will take place in Dawning Star City.

Adventure Background:
The background in this conversion is the same as in the adventure on page 19-20. The only difference is the references between fantasy and science fiction.

Adventure Synopsis
This is the same as the original adventure on page 20.

Adventure Hooks are the same

The Swan Street Slicer
After four months of terror, the city is abuzz with talk of the Swan Street Slicer and his recent escape. A DC 15 Gather Information or Knowledge (local) check turns up the public history of the case, as described above in the adventure background.

The Slicer’s Story

As a young velin, the child entered a forbidden ruin and encountered a swarm of genetic manipulation nanites which mutated him severely. When he returned to his tribe, they exiled him for his violation of tribal law. For years he has lived in the wilderness on his own, and causing him to forget how to speak. Happenstance led Peck to Auraluna Dromdal only weeks after her daughter’s marriage, at a time when she felt most abandoned by her daughter’s departure. (The rest of the background is the same as the original adventure)

Medium-size Male Velin
Fast Hero2 Strong Hero2
Action Points: 24
Hit Dice: (2d8)+(2d8)+12
Hit Points: 44
Initiative: +8
Speed: Walk 35 ft.
Defense: 20 (flatfooted 16, touch 20)
Attacks: *Bite +3; *Claw +3; ;
Damage: *Bite 1d6+2; *Claw 1d6+2; ;
Vision: Low-light
Face / Reach: 5 ft. by 5 ft. / 5 ft.
Special Qualities & Talents: +2 to Survival while on Eos, Damage Threshold 19, Detect Vaasi within 30 feet, +1, Improved Strong Rage, Increased Speed, Melee Smash, Strong Rage Vaasi Hatred, Wealth Bonus 2 (Current) 2 (Starting)
Saves: Fortitude: +3, Reflex: +6, Will: +1
Abilities: STR 11 (+0), DEX 18 (+4), CON 16 (+3), INT 6 (-2), WIS 12 (+1), CHA 11 (+0)
Skills: Balance 6; Barter 0; Bluff 0; Climb 3; Computer Use -2; Concentration 3; Craft (Structural) -2; Craft (Visual Art) -2; Craft (Writing) -2; Diplomacy 0; Disguise 0; Drive 4; Escape Artist 4; Forgery -2; Gamble 1; Gather Information 0; Hide 9; Intimidate 0; Jump 13; Listen 1; Move Silently 9; Navigate -2; Perform (Act) 0; Perform (Dance) 0; Perform (Keyboards) 0; Perform (Percussion Instruments) 0; Perform (Sing) 0; Perform (Stand-Up) 0; Perform (Stringed Instruments) 0; Perform (Wind Instruments) 0; Profession 1; Research -2; Ride 4; Search -2; Sense Motive 1; Spot 1; Survival 1; Swim 2; Treat Injury 1;
Feats: Acrobatic, Archaic Weapons Proficiency, Archaic Weapons Proficiency, Athletic, Improved Damage Threshold, Improved Initiative, Simple Weapons Proficiency, Stealthy, Strong Plus
Challenge Rating: 4

Starting Occupation: Hunter
Reputation: 0 (Swan Street Slicer 6)
Wealth Bonus: 2
Possessions: Bite, Claw, combat gear, high class outfit.
Mutations: Adrenaline Jolt, Blood Hunger, Claws, Fangs, Frailty, Leaper, Shock Absorber (FPC, Game Mechanics), Ultraviolet Allergy.

Ambassador Auraluna ‘Luna” Dromdal
When the earth was dying and mankind was seeking an escape from their impending doom, Auraluna was there. As an actor of holographs and the big screen she captivated millions, and took a strong stance in support of the lottery for the open spaces in the evacuation fleet. He support was so strong that she was one of the first people ‘chosen’ to go with the fleet. At 55 she boarded the Orlando Cryogenic facility, and waved goodbye to her adorning public. Expecting to wake up and take a place among the new celebrities of a new colony, Auraluna was shock to find that only a fraction of humanity awaited her when she awoke, and she was treated no differently than any other colonist awakening from cryosleep. One man, Jonathan Dromdal, remembered her. A young terraformer who slaved to create a new world for mankind for the last thirty years was awestruck to see that the object of his teenage puppy love was alive and on Eos. Since the colony began he made built a large amount of wealth in the lumber business, creating the process to make Eotian Trees appropriate for housing material. Six months after the Awakening Auraluna married him because he was rich, and she had nothing better to do. Even with their age, they had one daughter, Ceselie nine months later.
Over the years, Auraluna was a fixture in the Dawning Star City social structure. She attended parties, dances, and social events. Unfortunately she was the vivaciousness that once inspired her on Earth was replaced by bitterness and jealously having been forgotten by the public. As a symptom of her unhappiness, she was a harsh mother, and a bitter and unfaithful wife.
In 2248, she had a chance to redeem herself in the public, when the tentaari arrived on Eos. Pulling some string through her social connections, she got her name of the diplomatic list for the tentaari, and was accepted by them. For the last two years she has worked with the diplomatic team, helping to improve relations with the tentaari. She was a surprisingly good diplomat to them, because they saw a reflection of their own arrogance in her. Unfortunately her tenure ended in the beginning of 2251, when she suffered from sever bone lose due advanced age and too much time in zero gee on diplomatic missions. Since then she has been confined to a wheel chair, and attempted to return to her social life, however having lost her beauty and position she imagines her aging peers and their spoiled broods laughing at her fall from the social highlife. Paranoid and concerned only with the past-and what vestiges of it she can hold on to or fake- Auraluna has employed Peck, her “little imp,” in taking revenge against all those who have supposedly wronged her. To her, this means an entire class of aging nobles and their families. (Note the rest of her background write-up is the same as on page 21 of Dungeon 128.

Auraluna Dromdal
Medium-size Male Human
Charismatic Hero4 Personality3 Ambassador1
Action Points: 60
Hit Dice: (4d6)+(3d6)+(1d6)-24
Hit Points: 24
Initiative: -1
Speed: Wheeled: 15ft
Defense: 12 (flatfooted 12, touch 12), 17vs ranged(flatfooted &touch)
Attacks: *Tentaari Disintegrator Pistol +2; ;
Damage: *Tentaari Disintegrator Pistol 5d8
Face / Reach: 5 ft. by 5 ft. / 5 ft.
Special Qualities & Talents: DR 10/-, Energy resistance (choice) 5, Charm (Male), Diplomatic Immunity, Favor, Reputation 10, Unlimited Access, Wealth Bonus 22 (Current) 12 (Starting)
Saves: Fortitude: +1, Reflex: +3, Will: +7
Abilities: STR 5 (-3), DEX 8 (-1), CON 5 (-3), INT 14 (+2), WIS 17 (+3), CHA 19 (+4)
Skills: Balance -1; Barter 4; Bluff 15; Climb -3; Computer Use 7; Concentration -3; Craft (Structural) 2; Craft (Visual Art) 2; Craft (Writing) 2; Diplomacy 15; Disguise 4; Drive -1; Escape Artist -1; Forgery 2; Gamble 3; Gather Information 13; Hide -1; Intimidate 13; Jump -3; Knowledge (Civics) 9; Knowledge (Current Events) 11; Knowledge (Popular Culture) 11; Knowledge (Theology and Philosophy) 9; Listen 3; Move Silently -1; Navigate 2; Perform (Act) 13; Perform (Dance) 4; Perform (Keyboards) 4; Perform (Percussion Instruments) 4; Perform (Sing) 4; Perform (Stand-Up) 4; Perform (Stringed Instruments) 4; Perform (Wind Instruments) 4; Profession 10; Research 2; Ride 1; Search 2; Sense Motive 3; Spot 3; Survival 3; Swim -3;
Feats: Animal Affinity, Personal Firearms Proficiency, Public Speaker, Renown, Simple Weapons Proficiency, Tentaari Approved Diplomat, Trustworthy, Windfall
Challenge Rating: 8

Starting Occupation: Celebrity
Reputation: 10
Wealth Bonus: 22
Possessions: Computer, card, Projectile Deflector, Energy Shield, Force Field, personal (DR10/-), Tentaari Disintegrator Pistol, Wheel chair, ring of keys, dogs.

Ceseli Tuner-Dromdal-Her description is unchanged expect she is a (Female Human Smart Ordinary 2)

Barnsworth-Instead of a halfling Barnsworth is a (Male Human Dedicated Ordinary 2). Remove all ‘halfling’ references and replace with ‘man.’

During the interview replace the references to ‘halfling’ with ‘creature’ or ‘velin.’

Improving Relations: No changes

Dromdal Manor: No major changes to the overall description. The changes will be listed below.

2: Garden – Instead of carriage, the Drombal’s own a Cretan Motors Kentaur which Peck has been using to transport people. The back of the truck has been modified with a wheel chair lift (Barnsworth normally drives the ambassador around.) Every things else is the same.
3: Office- In the Officer Mr. Dromdal has a computer sitting on the desk. The computer has a simple password system, (Computer Check DC 15) to break. Then a Research check DC 10 will reveal the receipts for the massive murcow beef orders.

5. Dining Room – in the dining room, and all other areas with the ambassador’s chair lift, the list is a normal, modern wheelchair lift. All other descriptions and skills checks are the same.

12. Ambassador Drombal’s Room – In the ambassador’s room, there is no treasure, instead in the drawer, the empty vials, and the two full ones, held bloods from her guests in the basement that she takes to feed to Peck.

14: Attic – Treasure in the attic are a masterwork Remington 700 hunting rifle with Jonathon Drombal’s family seal (which he created at Auraluna’s behest,) and old jewelry that will increase the pawner’s wealth score by +3. Everything else is the same.

15: Secret Basement – In the basement this is where the ambassador keeps here captives. She uses a nanite digging unit (it works as a wand of stone shape, no charges) to entomb her captives. Her two captives are Charter (male human strong 1/charismatic 1 ordinary) and Vivi (female human charismatic 1/smart 1 ordinary). Ritter, instead of being a death dog is a domesticated vaasi warhound. For the treasure it is all the same, except the containers, and things on the table are modern versions. All other information is the same.
Event 1: Dinner Party- The only changes to this event is to the NPCs. They are Jeb Stewardsfield (male human smart 2 ordinary), Nina Guesenholt (female human charismatic 5 ordinary), and Ned Guesenholt (male human charismatic 2 ordinary).

Event 2: Nocturnal Noises- no changes

Event 3: The Swan Street Slicer (EL 4) – The only change in the battle is what Auraluna will use. Instead of magic, music, and a wand of magic missiles, she will use her feats, talents, and her equipment.

Concluding the Adventure: No changes.

Well, if you look at most of the Eberron adventures they all have a steampunk aspect to them that would be easy to convert. (I am going to be working on converting them to Dawning Star in the next 6 months.) And Vissigoth why not send the adventures to Paizo, and see if they will release them. I couldn't hurt.


About Sam's cast, I watched the episode last night when Sam and Dean went to their mother's grave, and they hunted down the zombie chick. In the last scene Sam complained that she broke his wrist. Good to see that the kept it over the season. I love the series, especially since I am from Kansas. I would love to see then they in some of the Kansas mythology into the series (like Stull, KS). Either that or some Call of Cthulhu based episodes.
On another note, I plan on using Sam and Dean as recurring characters in the upcoming adventure I am going to be running for my wife. (She loves the show and I figured it would help lure her back into gaming.) At the moment I am thinking of running the Noctrum D20 campaign from Fantasy Flight games.
Definately looking forward to buying season 2 on DVD.


I started a short discussion about a D20 Modern adventure pathfinder, and they basically said that they will see how the support for their gamemaster and pathfinder goes first. I think an item deck like this would work well as an initial foot in the door. Perhaps a Modern/future critical hits deck.


At the moment the adventures that I am looking to convert to modern/future adventures are:

Shut In (everyone agrees that this is a great adventure and I think it is very setting neutral just replace the magic items with technology.)
Murder in Oakbridge
The airship down adventure
The adventure on the lightning rail.
(Sorry I can't remember their names)

If I was a glutton for punishment I would look to see how the convert one of the adventure paths to a sci fi adventure. It really seems to me that the Eberron adventures with the pulp flare would be pretty easy to convert to D20 Modern.


I was wondering if anyone out there has had any success converting Dungeon adventures to either D20 Modern, or D20 Future. If so which ones did you convert and what did you do?


Sean, Minister of KtSP wrote:

Well that's definitely started my gears turning -- I've run a bunch of homebrew d20 Modern stuff (because there's nothing out there). It has all been very well received by my players.


Do you happen to have a website where you have this stuff? I am looking for a D20 modern adventure that starts as a crime scene investigation that shifts to Urban Arcana/Horror that I want to run One on One with my wife.


I did enjoy the Greyhawk 2000 article that they did, and would have loved had they used Urban Arcana to develop it. I guess I would agree that Game Mastery would be a better place to start with Modern/Future Modules. Too bad Paizo couldn't pick up the Project Javelin series from Wizards. That seemed like a great idea that just didn't go anywhere, but I doubt WOTC would give it up.


Glad to see the interest out there. I would love to see more support for D20 Modern. Of course the next question is what 'campaign' world would you make adventures for modern arcana> Horror? Military? Science Fiction? Adventures are always better when there is a dedicated campaign world for it.


So I was wonder since you are not making an official Dungeons and Dragons magazine now, could you make a semi-annual pathfinder that is D20 Modern/Future based? I know it is a small niche, but I am sure there are people who would buy it.


I am very sad to see Dungeon and Dragon going away, much like everyone else. What is sad to me is that WOTC is talking about moving them to an electronic medium. I find this very ironic since there website support is mediocre to say the least. It seems like this is one more step in the DnD 4.0 conspiracy. To be honest I haven't seen a single ezine that can compare to the quality, continuity, and consitiency that Paizo provided every month. And on top of that, the adventure paths have been, in my opinion, the high light of DnD over the last few years. I mean a large amount of the stuff WOTC has released in the increasingly smaller books could have easily been released in Dragon at a lower production cost, and easier for the players to attain. But even though the gaming hobby is a very small and tight community, WOTC is still a business and is about making money. Unfortunately I don't think I am going to be able to justify $20 a month for adventures when I don't even have a gaming group. I wish Paizo could put together a good D2o Modern OGL magazine. Unfortunately I doubt there is enough of a support base for that.


I am planning on running XPR Gambler's Quest for my wife, and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a 1st level 1 on 1 adventure focused on the thief class, just to start off. If it works I am planning on running her through their thief based adventures as an adventure path of sorts.


I have been looking at your DnD miniatures page, and I like the critter packs. I was wondering if you have ever thought about setting up encounter packages for the adventure paths. Basically each package would have all the minitatures required to run the major battle from the adventure paths. (Although not an adventure path, I was thinking about this due to the Red Hands of Doom adventure.) Just a thought, hope it helps.


I was just wondering, with the group of people that keep looking for a D20 Modern magazine, has Paizo ever though about offering to publish Modern Dispatch from RPG Objects, maybe on by-monthly basis?


James Jacobs wrote:


2: (AKA the Main Reason): Once the PCs get halfway through the Adventure Path, they suddenly have access to spells like teleport, plane shift, sending, shadow walk, wind walk, and the like. Spells that, in one way or another, allow the PCs to easilly re-establish contact with the mainland and take away any sense of isolation. Therefore, a 20-level campaign about being stranded on a strange land either ends at 7th or 9th or 11th level (depending on what kind of spellcasters are in your group), has to be for non-spellcasters only (not an option for the magazine), or has to be set in some strange realm where these spells don't work (too much railroading).

There are ways of setting up the area to curtail this a little bit, like making major parts of the island a wild magic zone, or actually have them pass through a 'Devil's Triangle' and then they end up stranded on an island in like the river styx's. How is that for Lost, I am on the wrong freaking plane!!!!!

I also have to say that I wouldn't mind seeing a few shorter Adventure Paths (like the three aventure arc you did a year or so ago). Allows DMs to fit an adventure path into their existing campaign instead of starting a completely new campaign to particapte.


farewell2kings wrote:

Trailblazing--the characters have to survey/map/plot a new continent, all the while fighting the natives and discovering a terrible secret.

Another option for Trailblazing is that of Lewis and Clark, or the wagon trains in the old west. Perhaps the characters are from a nation that is surrounded by mountains, and the local Druids warn of an eruption that will destroy the valley. So the characters are charged with escorting caravans of civilians out of the destruction to settle in a new area.

Or another option some friends and I have tried before is the merchantile campaign/political campaign. The idea we were working with was one of the characters is from a moderately influential merchant family that an outside group (like the Zhenturm) wants to manipulate to get an in with the government. The characters are thus manipulated by said enemy until the find out what is going on. (kind of simplified from what we were working on.)

Another twist the the merchant campaign that I played in was the characters were hired by a artificer to locate and excavate a very large quantity of admantium which was located in an null magic area in the jungles of Chult. So it was lightly based of the movie "Lions in the Darkness."

There is also the idea of nation building, or the birthwright idea, where instead of a campaign that spans 1-20th for 1 groups of characters you could do a generational campaign that spans across a number of characters.


So I was wondering will these eventually include the old Star Frontier adventures?