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I ordered the Pathfinder Battles—Ruins of Lastwall: Pharasma miniature and it was in this shipment. It arrived smashed. Every piece was broken off the base. I see there are no more available. Can I just get a refund or credit on my next order and I'll order one from somewhere else? If you need a picture, I'll send one by e-mail.

Can the backordered items in my shipment be sent in the next order? My card was authorized Jul 3rd and my subscription order still hasn't shipped. People who are not even subscribers have already received their order of Pathfinder 2.

Could you check and see which items are causing the backorder status on my shipment and place them in the next one. I would like to get my 2e items at the least.

My subscription Order 7916623 has not processed yet. I tried to use a new payment method, but it is still showing the old card. Can you check on this? Thanks.

Two of my cards in the PACG core set I received were stuck together. Can I get replacements? The cards were Bodyguard Ally and Gozreh's Growth blessing.

Could you remove this item from my sidecart? Thanks.

The Lord of the Rings LCG: Watcher in the Water Adventure Pack

Could you please remove this item from my sidecart? Thanks.

Arkham Horror: The Dirge of Reason Hardcover

Could you remove the 4 Starfinder miniature sets from this current order? Had some unexpected expenses and will try and order them later.

Could you check on Order 5384444? It has not processed yet. Thanks.

Could you please remove Hour of the Huntress from my sidecart? Thanks.

My August order has not shipped yet. It was generated back on Aug 14th.

Order 5294812

My July subscription order has not shipped yet.

Please remove this item from my sidecart.

Arkham Horror LCG: The Labyrinths of Lunacy Scenario Pack

This order is incorrect. Several items on it I have already received in May.

I believe it is this charge.

Thu, May 24, 2018 Shipped package Edward S Maynard
Visa **** **** 2965 $78.50

It is not showing a package number shipped with this charge, but I have already received these items (but have not got the PDF yet)

1) Pathfinder Adventure Path #130: City in the Lion's Eye (War for the Crown 4 of 6)

2) Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Ultimate Intrigue Add-On Deck

3) Pathfinder Player Companion: Blood of the Ancients

4) Pathfinder Worldscape Humble Bundle One-Shot Comics

5) Starfinder Flip-Mat: Starship, The Sunrise Maiden

6) Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Carnival

This item is showing up in my sidecart. However, I have already received my case for my subscription. Could you please remove it?

Pathfinder Battles—Jungle of Despair Case

For some reason, most of my April subscription items have been moved to my sidecart I've Received my Pathfinder Minis case, but that is all I have received of my April list. When will these items ship?

Could you please remove the following item from my sidecart? Thanks.

Arkham Horror LCG: The Path to Carcosa Expansion

When I received my Starfinder Core Rulebook, the back cover had a large rip in it. Can I get a replacement? Pictures on request.

When I try to order the items currently in my cart, the order never completes. I've been having this issue for a while. Could you complete this order and ship with my subscriptions. Thanks.

Whenever I try to place an order, it never completes. Instead, when I click Place Your Order, the boxes disappear, but the order never completes.

Could you cancel the Arkham Horror card game from my Sidecart? I got it for Christmas. Thanks.

Two of my items from this order have miscut pages.

The damaged items are:
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Villain Codex
Pathfinder Player Companion: Blood of the Beast

Photos are available on request.

Could you hold Pathfinder—Worldscape #2 to ship with my next regular order? It is silly to pay almost $4.00 shipping for 1 comic.

Could you check and see if my Pathfinder Battles Subscription is set to 1 or 2 cases? If it is 2, please set it to 1. I only wanted 2 of the last case.

Why is my current order including subscription items in my sidecart rather than in an order?

Please remove the regular edition of Curse of the Crimson Throne from my side cart. I've upgraded to the Limited Edition.

My July order still hasn't shipped. Can you see why? Since August's order will soon be up, can July and August just be combined?

This month's order has not yet shipped. Do you have an estimate of when it will?

My Pathfinder- Hollow Mountain #3 had one of the staple missing and the cover ripped where the staple was. Can I get a replacement copy?

Please return my Pathfinder Battles subscription to 1 case per Release.

Is the price on the subscription Pathfinder Battles correct? It looks like it is taking the 30% discount from the list price rather than from Paizo's price like it is supposed to. It would seem to be cheaper to cancel the subscription and order it straight.

How do I add a second case and second premium of the Rusty Dragon Inn to my Pathfinder Battles subscription? I would like two cases of this set only.

The Pathfinder Battles—2015 Promotional Figure: Red Dracolisk from this order was broken off the stem when I recieved it. I've tried to reglue it, but have been unable to.

Can you remove the miniatures from this order? They shipped with this month's items. They were still in my order list and I couldn't delete them.

I am trying to complete an order and when I get to the confirm your order page and press place your order, nothing happens. Is the site having issues?

Why is this order being split into 2 shipments? My account is supposed to ship everything in one order to save on shipping. This happened last month as well.

My order for August (Order 3636142) has not shipped yet. Is one of my items delaying the shipment?

Slaughterville is the second game from RubiOh! Games. Their first game District-Z is a Zombie Card Game that routinely gets a place in my game rotation. In Slaughterville, a horror genre card game, you are trying to prevent the villain from succeeding at his evil plans. With 12 heroes to choose from, multiple locations and 4 different villains in the base set, it has a high replayability factor.

Stretch Goals if reached include new villians, locations and special heroes such as Herbert West and Sherlock Holmes.

If all stretch goals are reached, the game will end up with over 700 cards.

Goblin Squad Member

With work hours increasing and other events taking up my time, I don't have any time left for a MMO. So I have a Pathfinder Online account for sale if anyone is interested. I'm asking $100.00.

The account has these extras.

New Player Pack 2
Destinys Twin 1 (Active)
Daily Deals 1
Alliance Pack 1
Early Enrollment 1
Soundtrack Download 1
Regional Trait Pack 1
Class Pack 1
Head Start 1
Shield Mate 1
Behind the Scenes PDF 1
Character Name Reservation 1
Twice-Marked of Pharasma 1

I have created 2 characters with Destiny's Twin so they would have the maximum experience, but neither have been trained, so they are a blank slate to train as the buyer wishes. The account is active until April 1st then would need to be extended.

Order 3421577 for February has not shipped. Will it be combined with my March order or will it ship soon?

When I opened my package, the Pathfinder- City of Secrets #6 had the cover and first few pages torn off the bottom staple. Could I get a replacement? Thanks.

Could you cancel Order 3259117 and I will reorder the CDs? The items were supposed to go in my sidecart and for some reason they did not. I also did not get the correct discount on the CDs.

I ordered the newest issue of Gygax Magazine and it was supposed to ship with my next order to save on shipping. Instead, it seems to be shipping on its own. Can that be changed to ship with my next subscription order?

Can you set these items in this order to ship with my main order rather than separately?

1x Pathfinder Module: Risen from the Sands (PFRPG) Print Edition, $4.25 (in sidecart)
1x Ultimate Battle (PFRPG) Print Edition (in sidecart)
1x Ultimate Rulership (PFRPG) Print Edition (in sidecart)
1x Pathfinder—City of Secrets #3 (paizo.com Exclusive), $3.99

I saw this new game on Kickstarter. Looks like a fun game for when you want a quick break or to relax without a lot of preparation.

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/523628817/district-z-fight-escape-surv ive

This is the creator's second attempt and it's off to a good start.

My Kickstarter Pathfinder Module: The Emerald Spire Superdungeon was originally shown to be shipping with my June order, but now it's been moved to my sidecart. Is this an error or has it been delayed for some reason?

Could you please cancel order number 3080519?
I have the items in order number 3080519 coming from my Kickstarter Pledge and don't need more copies.

I also need these items from my June subscription order cancelled.

1x Pathfinder Battles—Reign of Winter: Standard Booster Case, $279.99
1x Pathfinder Battles—Reign of Winter: Gargantuan White Dragon, $10.00

My Pathfinder Battles subscription was supposed to start with Lost Coast, not Reign of Winter.

Two missing episodes, believed to be from Troughton's era, will be made available digitally on iTunes on Wednesday according to the Radio Times. Its not been announced which series they are from except that they are from different stories. Whether BBC has more missing episodes they have chosen not to release yet is still unknown.

Cthulhu Wars

From the designer of the Call of Cthulhu RPG.

Great miniatures in 28mm scale so very useful for RPGs as well. Many of the best known Great Old Ones and servitors are already included in the base game and expansions are adding many more.

Already funded and heading for some great sketch goals. I'm looking forward to the Dreamlands expansion.

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