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Hi. I came up with this idea for the campaign my group is running. I thought it sounded neat, though I'm not saying it's the most optimized. I'd appreciate any thoughts or comments on it. Maybe something I forgot that keeps it from working? He's a two weapon fighting slayer, who uses scorpion whips to fight from the second rank.

We're fighting in a dungeon that, typically, is a 2 square wide hallway when not in larger rooms. The gang up feat lets his attacks almost always be considered sneak attacks, since the front line will be adjacent to the creatures we're fighting. I thought about going rogue, but I really like the full BAB, better saves, and flavor of the slayer class. Also, a neat aspect of this build is that the studied enemy ability of the slayer (which is basically a half strength favored enemy) works as an immediate, not move, action when doing sneak attack damage.

Rank Fighting allows you to ignore the cover provided by allies if you're attacking past them with a reach weapon. It's a 3rd party feat that's listed in the d20pfsrd, and I can't remember what book/publisher.

Maneth Lemthot
Slayer 6

Str 11
Dex 19
Con 11
Int 16
Wis 17
Cha 17

Favored Class: Human alternate 1 / 6 Slayer Talent

Skills 6+3+1 (Class, int, human)

Perception 6
Acrobatics 6
Sense Motive 6
Stealth 6
Survival 6
Bluff 6
Intimidate 6
Heal 6
Disable Device 6
Climb 2
Swim 2
Ride 2

Feats 4

H Combat Expertise
1 Gang Up
3 Exotic Weapon Proficiency Scorpion Whip
4s Weapon Finesse
5 Rank Fighting
6s Two-weapon Fighting
6s Improved Two Weapon Fighting

Slayer Talents
2 Trapfinding
4 Finesse Rogue
6 Ranger Combat TWF
6b Ranger Combat TWF

I'll chime in with my two cents. I wouldn't allow failing the critical. Accidents happen in battle. I would, as others have stated, allow you to not use your strength bonus to damage, and any feats dependent upon strength. You would also give up your strength bonus to hit though. This is, of course, just a house rule. As the GM you're welcome to do as you like.

For my group, the only time diplomacy affects a PC is voluntarily. For an example; We have a guy, a player I mean, who's not good with words. Not a great role player. Sometimes, if he's stumbling really badly on coming up with an argument to convince my character, and it's something I'm willing to do with the proper convincing, I'll tell him to just make a diplomacy roll. If he makes it the character wins the argument. If he doesn't, he lost it. But we never allow it for stuff that we're fully against.

No, I don't believe you can. You can't pick two archetypes that modify the same class features. They both modify class skills and maneuver training.

You can give it an enhancement bonus of up to +5. Then there are armor special abilities that also cost enchantment levels, like weapons have. You can have a total of +10 enchantment with, as stated earlier, a max of +5 being to the AC.

I have a player who, due to background reasons is a two weapon wielder ranger. How does he cast spells during combat while wielding the two weapons? He's asking me if there's any feat, trait, or rule that will let him cast without having to use a move action to sheath his weapon. He's not trying to cast and attack or anything. I'm inclined to say that he can hold both weapons in one hand while he casts as a free action. But I'm not sure if that's too useful or something for reasons I can't think of right now. Any advice/help as far as what the rules say about this?

He, being an intelligent undead, heals normally as does a living creature. Other than that, there are a ton of magical options others above me have listed.

Spells per Day: When a new mystic theurge level is gained, the character gains new spells per day as if he had also gained a level in any one arcane spellcasting class he belonged to before he added the prestige class and any one divine spellcasting class he belonged to previously. He does not, however, gain other benefits a character of that class would have gained. This essentially means that he adds the level of mystic theurge to the level of whatever other arcane spellcasting class and divine spellcasting class the character has, then determines spells per day, spells known, and caster level accordingly. If a character had more than one arcane spellcasting class or more than one divine spellcasting class before he became a mystic theurge, he must decide to which class he adds each level of mystic theurge for the purpose of determining spells per day.

That's the block for Mystic Theurge. It specifies exactly what you get. It says nothing about getting free spells as a wizard. So no free spells.

Theologian doesn't let you spontaneously cast domain spells, just let's you cast them in regular slots.

Here's what I went worth. Got permission to drop combat casting. Took greater Spell focus instead, then elemental focus at 5th. Then plan to do the following

7 sacred flames (3rd party makes half a spells fire damage Holy, 1 level metamag8c)
9 greater elemental focus
11 dazing spell
13 quicken spell
15 spell perfection
17 spell Penetration
19 greater Spell Penetration

With spell perfection doubling the focus feats, he'll have a heck of a dc for the dazing save.

I can't believe I missed that requirement for selective. Thank you! Argh.

As far as the other advice, thank you. I didn't know about the wayang spellhunter (though it's metamagic master in the D20PFSRD for some reason).

As far as changing elements, I'm afraid I can't. My GM ruled, and I kinda agree, that a zealot of fire like my character is wouldn't blaspheme the holy fire by changing it to something else. He's fine with using a spell that's already another element, but can't change it.

As far as the sorcerer dip, again my GM's decided that an ability like those would only work on sorcerer spells. So wouldn't help my cleric any. Besides, he's too faithful to take another class :)

One thing with the theologian archtype is he's going to be applying Intensify Spell to his fireball for free, so that'll help.

I'll take the rest of the advice an run with it though. Thank you all for the help!

Howdy. I've got a theologian fire cleric, and I'm looking at metamagic feats to apply to fireball to keep it relevant throughout the levels. It just kinda fits with my character, and I've read it's possible to keep it a decent spell for higher slots with metamagic.

I'm currently 5th level, and a human. These are the feats I've chosen so far:

1 Spell Focus (Evocation)
H Spell Specialization (Burning Hands) --- That'll obviously change when I'm able
3 Combat Casting
5 Selective Spell (We're adventuring in a small small crypt, and figure this is gonna be necessary for both fireball, and making burning hands more useful for the lower level spell slots)

I also picked Fireball as my intensified spell for the theologian ability.

Any advice on future level feats? I was thinking of the following progression.

7 - Additional traits (To get magical lineage, my DM didn't allow traits at 1st level)
9 - Burning Spell
11 - Greater Spell Focus
13 - Maximize Spell
15 - Spell Perfection (Fireball)
17 - Spell Penetration
19 - Greater Spell Penetration

We haven't played yet since leveling up, so even the level 5 choice is still up for change. Any advice on feat choices, and how to stack them onto fireball at what levels would be appreciated!

I think whether it's worth it or not depends on class, build, and concept. I love adamantine just for the sheer coolness of it. If it fits for my character to have it, and he doesn't get DR through some other unstackable means, then I go for it if he doesn't have a high DEX.

I did mention the class, it's a gestalted two-handed fighter / armiger. And yes, we're using the WBL chart. What I'm hoping for is a rough idea of what level of enhancement her armor and weapons should be at. +5? +7? And of course what level of stat boost we should be at too.

We're doing a one shot adventure this weekend. Two characters, 15th level using gestalt rules. One's a two-handed fighter/armiger. She's using a fauchard, wall shield, and full plate. I've never played a character at this level, and am curious what magic gear folks would recommend. What enhancement level for armor, weapon, and shield? As well as what rings/wondrous items? We're going on a dragon hunt, most likely against a white.

Any advice is appreciated!

Wow. I can't believe it's taken this many posts to explain Bracers of Armor. They work exactly as described in their listing. They basically put up a force field around your body. Strength of that field is determined by it's +n. You can have a maximum of +8. You can use some of that +n to apply magical armor special abilities. That's it. That is all you can do with them.

You don't really "choose" the number of spells you get at each level. You get X amount of Y level spells per day, with a bonus for a high ability score. It shows how much on the charts. The 2 new spells are spells added to your spell book. So you have a greater variety to choose from.

They mark things as answered in FAQ if it's also an obvious answer, as far as they're concerned. Maybe this is one of those things.

Acid Dart is a Spell-Like Ability. They are subject to spell resistance, so therefor have no effect on the columns.

Soften Earth says it only works on natural undressed earth or stone. It also says magical, enchanted, dressed or worked stone cannot be affected. Columns are most definitely NOT natural, and are definitely magical / enchanted. So it doesn't work either.

Find a masterwork bastard sword. I see bastard sword in the book, then the rules saying you can make a weapon masterwork.

I would think all manufactured weapons have a masterwork equivalent. Sure the only way to get this one is through magic, but still.

So, the monks unarmed strikes are treated as a manufactured weapons. MW Transformation let's you turn a regular weapon to a MW weapon. It doesnt seem right to me but why doesn't it work?

I'd like to build a mul :)

I'm sure this has been asked before but what are the three most common energy types? I know fire is the most common but what about the other two? I am going to get resistance to at least two types, possibly three and want to know what would serve me best.

I'm sure this has been asked before but what are the three most common energy types? I know fire is the most common but what about the other two? I am going to get resistance to at least two types, possibly three and want to know what would serve me best.

I'd just like to say that ANYTIME you're not having fun, the correct answer is "Talk to your GM."

It's not 'official' but there's a feat in the Complete Advanced Feats book called lighten weapon. Let's you use a weapon as if it were one size or one category smaller for a -2 to attack. You need to have a BAB +3 to take it. Then later you can take the advanced version, which negates the -2 to attack.

Lightning bolt is fine for use against sanctuary. You don't specifically target a creature. You send it off in a line, and it hits what it hits. Sanctuary is a first level spell. It's got it's uses, but it's not all powerful.

So, to answer the questions..

No, the naga shouldn't have to try the save.

Yes, a character could be the sole target of an area effect if you don't have to target it AT the person. If you can send it off in a direction, you're good to go.

Again, as long as you're not specifically targeting the sanctuaried character.

Not sure. If you can normally target a square, as opposed to a creature, sure.

Howdy. I'm looking for a simple set of paper miniatures / tokens to use in my game. I'm fine with, and would actually prefer, if they were just flat instead of something you have to fold and glue/tape to get to stand up. A bunch of flat squares with pictures on them, with larger squares for larger critters. Anyone know where I can buy such a thing? If not, what's a good source of a variety of printable paper miniatures that do need to be glued/taped to stand up?

My group never ASSUMES they're dead. We make darn sure. We even smack the undead around extra. Just in case.

I don't think terrible conditions would be too extreme a modifier in situations like that.

Maybe it's just me, but I'm just as cautious going out of the Dungeon 'O Doom as I am going in. Or, maybe it's just I know how my GM thinks lol.

Check out the section of the book / PRD on magic item creation, or the text of the feat. It says 1 day for every $1000 in the item's PRICE.

Any time a class gives you a bonus feat in most games I play, my GM lets us just select a different feat. Sometimes he makes us pick something similar, ie a combat for a combat feat, but it just seems mean to NOT let you do something like that.

We're going to be using the mythic rules. It's one of the reasons I picked this AP to buy and use. As far as the XP problem, if you divide the XP by the table in the book, there's no difference between 4 and 5 characters. Of course, if you just use math and divide by the number of players you come up differently. So, I've realized XP isn't that big a deal. But I agree with the idea so far that action economy, having one more PC, might really skew some encounters. Since I haven't DM'd in a looong time, I think I'll do the first session or two mostly unchanged. Try to get a feel for things. Then start modding stuff just a bit here and there as needed.

Thank you for the advice so far. :)

Honestly, you have as much downtime as your GM says. Do you spend a week lounging around town between adventures? Or is your quest on a time frame, and you can barely take an hour to sell loot and restock?

Cool. I appreciate the advice. I was thinking just adding an extra critter here and there might be enough. I'll feel my way through it and see how it goes!

I'm going to be starting the Wrath of The Righteous AP tomorrow. My group may have 5 characters. Do I need to do anything to increase the challenge and XP a bit to keep them on track? Or should they be fine as is?

I would think that ability damage seems to be more specific, so overrides the dexterity description. If your dexterity is 0, you're immobile but not unconscious. Unless it's 0 from ability damage, then you're unconscious because ability damage to 0 ALWAYS makes a character unconscious.

That's just my gut speaking though.

So, what do you consider, in general, MUST HAVE gear at first level? Not weapons and armor, because that's going to vary vastly between classes and builds. I'm talking about the extra stuff. Assuming you have a GM that does require you to have food and water, what would you pick at first level, that still leaves you some coin for combat gear? 3rd-party---kobold-press/improved-caster-level

Improved Caster Level feat: Improves caster level in all spell casting classes by +4, up to character level. It doesn't help you cast higher level spells, but makes sure that the spells you are casting are hitting at the proper level.

Thanks for the advice. I was planning on taking the polearm talent at second. There's a feat in the advanced feats guide (or something like it) that lets you use a reach weapon on adjacent foes. Figured that would be handy. Not sure if it's worth the feat. Maybe figure out something else to do with opponents who close inside my reach.

So far my party wizard loves my character. Not only does my guy improve his characters AC when they're next to each other, but if you have cover, you don't suffer AoO's. So, he can cast to his hearts content as long as my armiger is next to him and conscious. :)

Howdy! I'm playing an armiger in a campaign, and was wondering if anyone had any advice for a cool 'build' or idea for the character. RP wise, he's a large son of a smith who has always been the protective type. Looking out for the safety of his little friends more than bashing in the heads of the guys messing with them.

His stats are (we rolled, I got lucky)
Str 18
Dex 14
Con 20
Int 12
Wis 14
Cha 11

1st level feat Endurance (So he can sleep in medium armor. Our GM has caught us unarmored many times in past campaigns, so I'm paranoid now that I'm playing a heavy armor guy)

I gave up the first feat and skill point to have another +2 to stats, which I assigned to strength. I figured I was seriously looking at weapon focus as a feat, and a +2 to strength is superior to weapon focus, except where weapon focus is a pre-req for another feat you want. Might not have been the best choice, but I just couldn't resist the opportunity to have a 18 str and 20 con.

I'd appreciate feat and talent ideas, as well as combat tactics. So far, in the one session I've played this character, I've just stood there and attacked. My biggest contribution has been the +4 to AC I've granted my adjacent allies.

I'm not the biggest min/maxer but, I feel I've already picked what some might decide is a sub-optimal class, and made a RP choice in giving up the extra feat and skill, and choosing endurance as his one feat. Now I want combat effectiveness :)

Thanks for any advice you can give!

It has to be heavy armor. There are rules showing the process to create one, and it states that.

Standard Wizard/Cleric theurge. Becomes theurge at level 7. Has three full levels of wizard, three levels of cleric, and adds 1 level to each with every level of mystic theurge, for the purposes of spells. You can, at level 20, eventually cast 9th level spells in either divine or arcane, and will be maxed out at 7th level spells in the other. Your caster level in your highest class will be 17, your lower 13th.

This oracle combination, if you add an arcane class as you stated you wish to. Becomes mystic theurge at level 8, with 6 levels of oracle, 1 level of an arcane class. If you go wizard, for highest spell level, at level 20 you'll be able to cast 8th level divine, and 6th level arcane. If you go sorcerer to stick with the non-prepared caster, you'll be casting 5th level arcane, same divine. Your divine caster level will be 19, and your arcane will be 11.

You'll have a better caster level but, you're completely giving up 9th level spells, unless I've done my figuring wrong. Or course, if you're not planning on going nearly that far, then it might be less of a bad deal.

If I play a theurge, I'll be using a 3rd party feat from a book my group likes. Improved Caster Level. It gives you a +4 to caster level, up to character level. So you wind up with full caster level for both types of spells throughout your career.

He could become mystic theurge at level 7. 6 levels of oracle, 1 of theurge. Not really sure the benefit though. I mean, would be better to just go full oracle.

Hey, thanks for the recommendation. Forgot to check back to this thread. I was hoping to find an adventure more like, entering the underdark, rather than being drow, or other natives. Should've been more specific in my request lol. I don't think there is an adventure like what I want. Oh well.

Howdy. My group plays Pathfinder in a modified Forgotten Realms setting. Does anyone know any published 3.5 adventures set in the underdark? Preferably something big. That'll start them off lower level, then advance to fairly high level. Any advice would be appreciated!

I'd allow it in my game. But you'll either have to wield the bayonet 2 handed, since it's in that category of weapon, or accept it as dagger damage, without the improved crit range.

Ask your GM. If he/she okays it, you're good to go.

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I know what happens when you mix a bag of hold, and a portable hole. But what happens if you put a bag in a bag. Or, a bag in a handy haversack (which functions like a bag)? I haven't found anything to say something bad happens. So, I'd think it just stores the bag. Now, it seems reasonable that you'd have to pull the second bag out to access anything in it but, am I missing anything that says this won't work?

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