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I've gotten to the point where I won't buy any physical products from you anymore. Its not worth it. I wanted to buy a couple of things. One I knew should cost a bit to ship as I knew it was big though it shouldn't be that heavy as its full of foam, the Army Transport bag for minis. But when shipping was only a couple of dollars less than the price of the bag (57 vs 60) I couldn't afford it.

Then I cleared my cart and only had a small light card game expansion no bigger than my hand (Flip City Reuse Expansion). It was over $34 dollars to ship! That's not right. There's no way in hades that it costs that much to send that little light box. You guys really need to talk with your shipping supplier and shop around because those of us that are ordering physical items are getting SCREWED!

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I tried replying to Virginia's email a couple of times last week after she helped with my original issue, but haven't gotten a response yet. I'm hoping you might notice this and get it corrected.

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Ok, I had $46 in store credit that I used to get some stuff. I spent more than I had so I used my bank card. It looks like this order charged my card twice once for $7.71 and once for $15.20 and didn't use $15 something of my credit.

On another note, my subscription for chapter three of mummy's mask seems to be in limbo. For a while it showed up in my side cart for some reason and now it show pending under my subscription schedule but my account shows no pending orders...

I appreciate you looking into for me.

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Male Human Rules Lawyer 6/Venture-Lieutenant 5/Venture-Captain 6


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Male Human Rules Lawyer 6/Venture-Lieutenant 5/Venture-Captain 6


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Shadow Lodge 4/5 ** Venture-Captain, Michigan—Mt. Pleasant

We are currently seeking Players for Tavern Con 2016.

Tavern Con is a two day Pathfinder Society Event packed full with 26 hours of scheduled game play. This year we're located in a banquet room of a bowling alley and like years past alcohol will be allowed at the table. With a selection of recent content and a hand picked plethora of Aspis Consortium themed scenarios, this convention will satiate the thirst of even the most ravenous adventurer.

So join us this Fall to raise a glass, roll some dice and cry havoc!

A fee of $3 will be assessed for players each slot the day of the event. GM's play free and gain our enthusiastic gratitude.

All sign-ups are being handled through Warhorn.

Shadow Lodge 4/5 ** Venture-Captain, Michigan—Mt. Pleasant

Games for Vets @ Sheridan SpringFest, Memorial Day Weekend

Lester J Sitts Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5065
209 West Washington
Sheridan MI. 48884

Kick off the summer with VFW Sheridan as we host our Inaugural Games for Vets mini-con. Most (if not all) Tabletop events will be free. Events are open to all.

Donations will be greatly appreciated and will go towards creating a game library for weekly events at VFW 5065 throughout the summer and beyond. As we build our catalog, we also plan to provided donated games to Veterans who are inpatients/residents at hospitals, VA Centers, Grand Rapids Home for Vets and local/regional nursing homes.

PFS will be hosted by Central Michigan Venture-Captain Eric Clingenpeel. Slot schedules are ready for GM sign-up and more can be added if needed.

Out of the Box (Zeeland & Holland) has agreed to sponsor Fantasy Flight Games events; such as, Andriod: Netrunner; Star Wars: X-Wing and Armada; Warhammer 40K: Conquest; A Game of Thrones; and more.

We are going to work with other stores or individuals to sponsor even more tournaments; such as, Hero Clix, Dice Masters, and Magic the Gathering. If you have and recommendations and/or requests, see our Warhorn site for contact information.

The VFW 5065 Auxiliary are the host and coordinator for all SpringFest Events around Sheridan, the kitchen inside VFW 5065 during SpringFest, the SpringFest Queens Pageant and BINGO! On Friday & Sunday evenings.

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Ok, things are really getting wiggy with my subscriptions.

1.) In August, I added a mini to my sidecart which caused my 2 PACG decks to be shipped in separate boxes. Until then they'd always come in one box. Because of this (at least the only reason I can think of) one of my decks didn't come with the promo card, Pig From Hell. My other deck came with one, but the first deck didn't.

2.) In September I again got 2 different boxes with a deck in each, this time neither came with promos (should have had Valais Durant and Improvised Dinosaur with each). It said it was shipping them separately and the order remained pending. I also never got a shipping message from the first box and I got it almost 2 weeks before the second which I thought was weird.

3.) Now the newest order has both two of the newest decks (6-City of Locusts) and it also lists 2 deck 5's (Ivory Labyrinth) and the promos. I just wanted to catch it before you ship me two additional deck 5's, though I would still really like to get the promos I've missed as well as the newest ones.

I'm not sure what exactly went wrong, but wanted to let you know before you shipped too many decks. Thanks.

Shadow Lodge 4/5 ** Venture-Captain, Michigan—Mt. Pleasant

It is my honor to announce that Jim Tinklenberg has joined the ranks of 5-star GMs. For quite some time Jim has been one of my favorite GMs for Pathfinder Society, and I've tried to sit at his tables when he runs at some of the local cons and gamedays we both attend. Between his amazing use of voices that fit characters perfectly, his solid system mastery, his dedication of well over 1100 hours of running games (not counting his prep or driving time), and his willingness to travel across half the state in order to run a scenario he really likes, he is definitely deserving of being counted as one of the top GMs for PFS. His skill at GMing is one of the reasons he was at the top of my short list of GMs I wanted to run Eyes of the Ten for our local group.

Carrie wrote:
If anyone deserves recognition for awesomeness, and what better proof of awesome than a bunch of shiny stars, it is Jim Tinklenberg. It is clearly evident at Jim’s tables that he works very hard to have every player enjoy their experience and come back for more. His NPCs have life and voice of their own, whether they were given one in the written material or not, and change to fit the PCs at the table with a vast variety of boisterous accents and memorable characterization. Even the most mediocre scenario will come to life if Jim is the GM, it is always a pleasure to play at his table. Always organized, Jim can draw maps quickly on the fly, recite rules off the top of his head, make good rulings on unexpected player shenanigans, and he is humble to boot! Jim certainly has my vote for ALL THE STARS!
Matt wrote:
From the first time I played with Jim, I knew he was the type of person that I love having at the table. As a self-described "failed actor," he's constantly going the extra mile to bust out funny voices and make each NPC unique. Especially when it comes to roleplay-heavy adventures, there isn't a single GM I'd rather have behind the screen than Jim. He's one of those rare souls who seems to enjoy GMing just as much as he loves playing, and he's always driving hundreds of miles to run games for complete strangers. He spends a lot of time, energy, and money making sure that everyone has fun and he's been instrumental in building PFS in Michigan.

Shadow Lodge 4/5 ** Venture-Captain, Michigan—Mt. Pleasant

Greetings! It's that time of the year when we start looking for GMs for Tavern Con 2015 in Ithaca, Michigan! TC this year is the last weekend in August, the 29th & 30th. We've got 5 slots of Pathfinder Society planned and we're hoping to be able to offer 5 full tables of the 4 star special, Serpents Rise on Sunday afternoon!

We've got plans for some nice GM gifts as well as free playing if you GM a slot. So, if you like combining Pathfinder and drinking and fancy yourself a GM, please click on the link and sign up. :)

(This is only for GM sign-ups currently, if you don't sign up to GM something, please don't bother signing up to play yet... Thanks)

Shadow Lodge 4/5 ** Venture-Captain, Michigan—Mt. Pleasant

They look awesome!

So... the new symbols link to the old symbols... Just FYI.

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I love the multi-tiered boon John, but if I'm honest, I feel the playtest window was too short, or at a weird part of the year. I know personally I wasn't able to devote any time to reading the playtest rules, let alone play 9 or more games with a playtest character.

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Hey guys. I mentioned on another thread earlier this week in the Card Game section that I hadn't gotten my promo cards yet and they suggested to wait until after 10 business days just in case it was held up somewhere.

I did and I still haven't gotten them. I picked up my 2 subscription sets at GenCon, but didn't get any of the promos at the time. I know some of my players would enjoy seeing them and being able to play with them, so I figured I'd go ahead and ask about them.

Thanks a bunch! We appreciate everything you guys do, I know you don't get thanked nearly enough for the fantastic service that you guys perform. So let me say again, THANK YOU!

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Hey, who turned out the lights?

Shadow Lodge 4/5 ** Venture-Captain, Michigan—Mt. Pleasant

After having covered all of Mid-Michigan for a year and a half or so on my own as a Venture-Lieutenant, I was quite happy when I got promoted to Venture-Captain as I was already basically doing everything a VC does anyway. I promoted a Venture-Lieutenant that did a great job for a few months before a certain company gave him an offer he couldn't refuse and he had to quit. I took my time watching a few people before extending the offer again. I wanted to find people that like me were either already doing the job of a Venture-Officer, or showed promise of being able to do a great job as one. I'm pleased to announce there are now three Venture-Lieutenants covering the Mid-Michigan area.

Robert Crawley - Robert has always stood out in my memory since I first met him. He makes interesting characters, roleplays them well, always has a smile on his face, and his hair is Blue... Yep, bright blue. Its always easy to pick him out of a crowd. Robert will be responsible for Lansing and the surrounding area.

Stephanie Lafayette - A year or two ago, Stephanie took over organizing her local game store's PFS as it started to struggle. With many in the community supporting her, she has helped her PFS community to flourish and grow to where they're running at least 8 tables of games a month. She'll also be assisting Venture-Lieutenant Jim Tinklenberg in organizing GrandCon in Grand Rapids this fall. Stephanie will be responsible for Greenville and the surrounding area.

Burton Schoder - As my region expended I realized I was starting to get a little worn out, like too little jam spread over too much bread. Buddy has stepped up numerous times and offered to run a second table if needed, or to run when I couldn't make it to my weekly game for one reason or another. He's given me the support I needed when I needed it. I have never heard a negative thing from him (though tonight's session with the summoner's flying kitty of death brought him close to the edge I think). Buddy started playing Pathfinder a few months ago, but jumped right in and hit the ground running. Burton will be responsible for Mt. Pleasant and the surrounding area.

So, let's give them a big Pathfinder Society welcome!

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It is my great pleasure to announce that Doug Miles has run his 500th table of Pathfinder Society this last weekend. That's well over 2000 hours of entertainment that he's provided to the PFS community.

For those that have had the pleasure to sit at Doug's tables over the years, you know that not only is he a dedicated volunteer (as the 500 tables show) but he is a great storyteller. I don't know of anyone that has walked away from a game at Doug's table that hasn't had a good time. He takes the time to carefully prep the scenarios he runs, hand drawing maps, digging into the background of the setting, and bringing NPCs to life. He can take brand new players and seasoned veterans and make both feel a sense of thrill and excitement in his games.

I'll be the first in this thread to thank Doug for the scenarios I'd have the privilege to play with him running.

My first ever con game Doug ran Midnight Mauler. I was so thrilled to get a chance to play a game run by a 5 star gm! At that time it was a big deal to me, and it was a great game. We had a party of 5, all casters. As a second level magus, I ended up being the "tank". Thankfully we had a good balance of other casters, and we succeeded at saving the Master of Swords.

My second game that Doug ran, he contacted me and asked if my home PFS group would like him to come up and run the new exclusive, Cyphermage Dilemma. I was ecstatic that he'd be willing to come up and run this special scenario for our small group. We treated him well, and had a great time fighting pirates and saving scholars.

It must be a trend, since the last game he ran for me was also the new exclusive, Day of the Demon. We got a group of Michigan venture-officers together, along with some dedicated volunteers from the region and played the exclusive before we had to run it for our respective regions. Running this slot 0 was a great blessing for me, since I very rarely get a chance to play a scenario before I run it. It was also a fun time and I got to play with other organizers and share stores that all of us could relate to.

So, I'd love for others to jump in and share their congratulations to Doug, and share a story or two about his tables. Let's see how big this thread can grow and how many lives Doug has touched by he generous offering of his time and talents!

Shadow Lodge 4/5 ** Venture-Captain, Michigan—Mt. Pleasant

For some time I've thought about what I'd do when I became Venture-Captain. What my region would consist of, who my Venture-Lieutenants would be. When asked who I thought I'd like to have as my Lieutenant, one name sprang immediately to mind.

This person took a small community of gamers and grew them into a strong enough group to support their own three day gaming convention that ran close to thirty sessions with over seventy players. He's already planning for a second one that might double or triple the previous convention.

I know he'll do a fantastic job in helping the growth of Pathfinder Society in the Mid-Michigan area.

Please help me in congratulating Mr. Alan Patrick a.k.a. Warfteiner on his promotion to Venture-Lieutenant of Fowlerville, Michigan!

Shadow Lodge 4/5 ** Venture-Captain, Michigan—Mt. Pleasant

I'm starting up a new location for PFS in Mid-Michigan. The Frozen Orc has recently opened in downtown St. Louis (Michigan, not Missouri) and its a great location for gaming.

Our inaugural game day will be a halloween special on October 26th. Doors open at 9:30, first slot will be 10 am and end at 2. Second slot will start at 2:30, ending at 6:30.

We've got space for 5+ tables and I'd love to see them all filled. We'll have drawing for door prizes and hopefully some gifts for GMs as well. It won't be big enough for Paizo prize support, but we'll treat you as well as we can. We'll be right next door to a great pizza place, and there's a grocery store kitty-corner across the street as well as a few other great local restaurants.

If you'd like to play or (even better) want to help GM, check out Michigan's forums at


Shadow Lodge 4/5 ** Venture-Captain, Michigan—Mt. Pleasant

It is my honor to announce that Mr. Daniel Luckett has (finally) earned his forth star.

Congrats Dan!

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Anyone else getting a Pokemon vibe coming from these three minis?

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