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It is my honor to announce that Jim Tinklenberg has joined the ranks of 5-star GMs. For quite some time Jim has been one of my favorite GMs for Pathfinder Society, and I've tried to sit at his tables when he runs at some of the local cons and gamedays we both attend. Between his amazing use of voices that fit characters perfectly, his solid system mastery, his dedication of well over 1100 hours of running games (not counting his prep or driving time), and his willingness to travel across half the state in order to run a scenario he really likes, he is definitely deserving of being counted as one of the top GMs for PFS. His skill at GMing is one of the reasons he was at the top of my short list of GMs I wanted to run Eyes of the Ten for our local group.

Carrie wrote:
If anyone deserves recognition for awesomeness, and what better proof of awesome than a bunch of shiny stars, it is Jim Tinklenberg. It is clearly evident at Jim’s tables that he works very hard to have every player enjoy their experience and come back for more. His NPCs have life and voice of their own, whether they were given one in the written material or not, and change to fit the PCs at the table with a vast variety of boisterous accents and memorable characterization. Even the most mediocre scenario will come to life if Jim is the GM, it is always a pleasure to play at his table. Always organized, Jim can draw maps quickly on the fly, recite rules off the top of his head, make good rulings on unexpected player shenanigans, and he is humble to boot! Jim certainly has my vote for ALL THE STARS!
Matt wrote:
From the first time I played with Jim, I knew he was the type of person that I love having at the table. As a self-described "failed actor," he's constantly going the extra mile to bust out funny voices and make each NPC unique. Especially when it comes to roleplay-heavy adventures, there isn't a single GM I'd rather have behind the screen than Jim. He's one of those rare souls who seems to enjoy GMing just as much as he loves playing, and he's always driving hundreds of miles to run games for complete strangers. He spends a lot of time, energy, and money making sure that everyone has fun and he's been instrumental in building PFS in Michigan.

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Congrats Jim!

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Congrats Jim, Welcome to the Club.

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Congratulations Jim, on your well-deserved fifth star! It's always a pleasure to play at your table.

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Hooray for Jim! Three cheers and a round of beer at Urgash's bar in Absalom!

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Congrats to Jim. He is by far one of my favorite players, and one of my favorite GMs. I have spent lots of time with him, and will never forget when he had a mouthy goblin tell me something not suitable public in a Joisey accent. When I remind him about it, he still turns beat red.

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Conga rats!

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Congratulations Jim! You have been a credit to our state. You have done a great job fostering your region, as well as driving all over to help out wherever the gaps are. If they gave out stars for organizers, you'd have 5 of them without a doubt. Thank you for your support and community spirit. Welcome to The Island!

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Congrats! Welcome to the island!

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Jim is among my favorite GMs. Congratulations man!

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Congratulations on your 5th Star!

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Congratulations. Nice to see when hard work and dedication pays off. I have never had the pleasure of having you as a GM but we have played at the same table on a few occasions.

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Awesome job Jim.

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Thank you everyone for all the incredibly kind words and good wishes. I'm very honored to be part of such a friendly and flourishing campaign as the Pathfinder Society, and every convention and every game day I attend only reinforces for me what great, fun folks my fellow gamers are. I look forward to seeing you all at Gen Con!

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Way to go!

Did I hear beers at Gencon?

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CONGRATS from New Zealand!

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Edited: Very strange I can post on this one, but I can't seem to give Pirate Rob congrats also. It keeps showing me the preview of the post even when I press Submit Post. Strange.

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