Pathfinder Battles Preview: Grindy High, Grindylow

Friday, March 22, 2013

This week I'm in Las Vegas for the GAMA Trade Show, an annual meeting of game manufacturers and retailers wherein game publishers show off their new stuff, hatch massive conspiracies with one another, and work with retailers to be better partners in getting our cool game products into the hands of consumers. This year's show has been a wonderful experience, and over the last few days I've spoken with hundreds of retailers with questions, comments, and criticisms about Paizo's products. That's meant a lot of chatting about the Pathfinder Battles miniatures, and I'm pleased to report that the word from folks here is that customers are really loving our figures. The trade show has been an educational experience, and it's convinced me that the next few years are going to be even more exciting for Pathfinder fans than the last few!

And while I've been away from the office, the Pathfinder Battles forces have been marshaling some amazing new figures from the upcoming Skull & Shackles set, scheduled for a summer 2013 release!

This week I'd like to show off three of these neat new minis, the insidious (and probably a little leaky) grindylows!

Grindylows play an important role in the Skull & Shackles Adventure Path, as they make great aquatic adversaries for low-level characters. Without the risk of spoilers, I think it's fair to say that your players will be seeing a lot of these guys over the course of the campaign.

With heads and upper bodies that resemble those of goblins and bottom halves more reminiscent of a greasy octopus, grindylows aren't actually goblins, but their teeth and crazy culture make them just as lovable.

But don't take my word for it. Have a look for yourself!

This little critter is the Grindylow, a rank-and-file warrior of his undersea race. Armed with a coral-studded poker and ready to bite your hand off, the Grindylow is a Small figure. Because you'll want a good number of this guy, we've slated him at the common rarity.

Here we have the evil Brinebrood Queen, an appalling grindylow matriarch. You'd better hope she's not pointing at you, because wherever she commands, a swarm of grindylows is likely soon to be!

This figure has a great sculpt and looks amazing in hand (especially the tentacles along her bottom half). She is a Small creature at the rare rarity.

And here we have The Whale, a genetic throwback to a primeval era in which grindylows could grow to any size. Grindylows like The Whale never quite stop growing, and can eventually reach size Huge. This charming gentleman is "merely" Large, and makes a great centerpiece to any grindylow-themed encounter. The Whale is a rare figure.

And that's it for this week. Stay tuned to this space next week for more piratical and aquatic beasties from the upcoming Skull & Shackles set of Pathfinder Battles prepainted figures!

Erik Mona

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Anyone else getting a Pokemon vibe coming from these three minis?


Nice! I especially love the barnacles on the Whale.

Love 'em!

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I see that first Grindylow and all I think of is: Gobosharktopus. :)

These figures are awesome. Love them.
Im embarrassed to say I though grindylows were made up creatures from Harry Potter books till now.

BTW were the final 2 minis from the We Be Goblins set ever revealed? Did I miss a preview?

My Skull & Shackles group calls these little guys Octogoblins.

Erik, thank you for the little reference there to The Whale being a genetic throwback and that others of his size (and bigger) exist. That's good to know. Time to do a little resizing of the paper miniature!

The common grindylow actually looks a little too tough. Once these little guys are cornered they go down really easily. I think dropping that on the table would actually give a player a bit more pause than the paper miniature or pawns.

I love these. I need a whole tribe of them to toss onto the table.

Love the Grindylows! <3

Grand Lodge

Fun fact: the grindylow's ability to trip people doesn't mean they don't provoke from doing so... at least as far as I can tell!

Dark Archive

I wish I had these when my group did the first book of S&S. They would have loved these minis. I can see myself ordering a handful of extras on both the regular and the whale.

Grindylows in grand fashion! I'll be wanting extras of these as well. I guess the Matriarch would be a cleric?

Erik, are you blowing all the great reveals early or is Skull & Shackles just that good?

I do hope there's a ship miniature. Or three. That would be COOL!

The Exchange

I want a nice huge shark. That would be awesome!

Shadow Lodge

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AWESOME. I love these guys, they could easily compete with the goblins for my favorite mini AND we get THREE! I expected 1, maybe 2 for variety, but all 3. I feel like a spoiled child all over again. The base aqua-goblin looks great and given the small size ponce again shows the effort that has gone into the line. The Brinebrood queen I wasn't expecting, hoping for yes, but not expecting. She looks great, look at the detail squeezed into a small mini. Hats off to Wizkids and the paizo team. Then we get the whale - wow, speechless.

I add my voice to yours Berk, looks looks we are getting the best up front, surely the set can't keep improving at this rate?

Scarab Sages

Yar!! I love the grindylow and these look marvelous!!! Really looking forward to getting some.

I think ships would be cool too, but they're way too big for a set like this. (Even a small ship has got to be Gargantuan, I'm thinking.) But a rowboat or skiff? A raft? Those are doable as Large minis.

I am extremely excited about all of these minis! AWESOME! However, it seems that the Brinebrood Queen is a different color than the rest? Is it simply the pics or is this the case for a reason?

Interesting I was thinking of a different sort of grindyhigh, like a hobgoblin version of a grindylow.

Grand Lodge

Great Grindylows Harry Potter! I must agree with the general sentiment, that the best is being revealed early. It is always nice to see a new mini never before made in PPM, but to see three! That's special.

Flip maps or Cards for the ships might work. Add them to an encounter pack.

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Berk the Black wrote:
Flip maps or Cards for the ships might work. Add them to an encounter pack.

There are already the Ship and Pirate Ship Flip-Mats, and the Waterfront, Boats & Ships, Ship's Cabins, and Vehicles Map Packs. Get the pdf, and print out as many rafts/lifeboats as you need on cardstock :)

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I have to admit: the 3 grindylows are phantastic. Congrats.

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

Jason Grubiak wrote:
BTW were the final 2 minis from the We Be Goblins set ever revealed? Did I miss a preview?

They have not yet been revealed. Some of you may know that the final paint samples for those two were returned to WizKids before we had a chance to photograph them; WizKids just dropped off new ones for us yesterday, so I think you'll be seeing them soon!

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