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Shadow Lodge 4/5 *** Venture-Captain, Michigan—Mt. Pleasant

Greetings! It's that time of the year when we start looking for GMs for Tavern Con 2015 in Ithaca, Michigan! TC this year is the last weekend in August, the 29th & 30th. We've got 5 slots of Pathfinder Society planned and we're hoping to be able to offer 5 full tables of the 4 star special, Serpents Rise on Sunday afternoon!

We've got plans for some nice GM gifts as well as free playing if you GM a slot. So, if you like combining Pathfinder and drinking and fancy yourself a GM, please click on the link and sign up. :)

(This is only for GM sign-ups currently, if you don't sign up to GM something, please don't bother signing up to play yet... Thanks)

Shadow Lodge 4/5 *** Venture-Captain, Michigan—Mt. Pleasant

Ok everybody, we've got 20 of our 25 GM slots filled currently for Tavern Con! We still need a 5-star GM to sign up for True Dragons of Absalom for Saturday morning's slot. If no one else signs up, you'll have to settle for me... We also need one more GM to sign up for the Special Sunday morning. We need three more 4-star GMs if we want to be able to run a full 5 tables of Serpents Rise Sunday afternoon. I'll step up to run it if no one else does, but as Serpents Rise qualifies as a special for obtaining your 5th star I'd like to allow any 4-stars that need their specials a chance to run.

Tavern Con Sign-ups

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To all of the GMs that have signed up for this year's Tavern Con. Huzzah to you! We have 90% slotted at this point. We're still looking for a special person (five star GM) to run a slot of True Dragons of Absalom for Saturday morning's slot and two four star GMs to round out our five tables of Serpent's Rise Sunday afternoon.

Players, we have a fantastic lineup for you this year. I fully expect that the excitement and energy of this year's event will be unsurpassed by your fond memories of last year. Though we are not accepting player signups as of yet, we will be announcing player signups within a few short weeks over at our Warhorn page Until then, all player signups are invalid and will be removed prior to the official signup period.

If Tavern Con is on your to do list, it's probably time to think about lodging arrangements. Regional motels are small and fill with fair rapidity. While drinking and gaming is epic fun, it's good to have a safe ride and warm bed at the end of a long day of adventuring. You can find a run down of local lodging here . A summary of cab services are here .

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With Tavern Con only 6 weeks away, the time has come for player sign-ups! We've got a selection of new and old scenarios for your consumption and have some special plans.

First off, one of Michigan's newest 5-Star GMs, Jim TInklenberg will be running True Dragons of Absalom Saturday morning. It can only be run by 5-Star GMs so this will be one of the earliest chances to play this exclusive scenario where you get to play pregenerated Kobolds!

Secondly Sunday morning we're running the Paizocon interactive special Siege of Serpents. For those of you GMing it at Grandcon this would be a chance to play it before you have to run it.

Thirdly Sunday afternoon we're flipping the tables and we're running Serpents Rise, the 4-Star GM exclusive where you get to the other side of Siege of Serpents as pregenerated Aspis Agents trying to foil the Pathfinder Society.

On top of all of that we'll have Goblin Pickles again, a Paizo employee autographed copy of Occult Adventures, and many more surprises!

So sign up on Warhorn and we'll see you at the end of August!

Sign Up Here

Shadow Lodge 4/5 *** Venture-Captain, Michigan—Mt. Pleasant

Tavern Con is just over two-and-a-half weeks away and we still have some seats to fill! We're at 94 of 150 seats for players and we have 2 GM spots that still need to be filled since we had a GM drop out.

If you've registered but you haven't signed up, don't wait! We only have 8 seats left for the interactive special Sunday morning and only 3 left for the 4-Star exclusive where you get to play Aspis Agents!

For those that have already signed up, thank you. I look forward to seeing you and gaming with you. I do have one request. If you're playing Siege of Serpents Sunday morning, could you please enter in what level character you're playing? It's simple, just click on "Your personal schedule" along the left hand side and for Sunday morning's slot click on "Edit character details". Doing this will allow me to assign the correct tiers to my GMs so they can prep the right tier and make it a better game for you. We have one player that is really wanting to play the high tier, so if you have a 10-11th level character that you'd like to play for the special I'm sure he would appreciate more players for his table.

Another thing for the special/exclusive if you have friends that you'd like to play with, let me know so I can better organize the tables. Otherwise you'll get put with a random group that is similar level to you. If you don't have a preference of who you play, please bring a selection of characters with you as that would help me make tables.

Our special gift to GMs is half done! We aren't going to spoil the surprise just yet, but they're pretty cool. And if you aren't GMing, don't worry, you'll get a chance to purchase one for yourself... ;)

Thanks for supporting Tavern Con and I look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks. Huzzah!


Taverncon was great by the way. Thank you for running, Eric!

Shadow Lodge 4/5 *** Venture-Captain, Michigan—Mt. Pleasant

Lune wrote:
Taverncon was great by the way. Thank you for running, Eric!

My pleasure. It's a great space and Tavern Con tends to attract a really good group of gamers.

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